World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Seven – On The Island

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Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Seven – On The Island

Zuo Mo inspected A Gui and showed a hint of joy. The vitality in A Gui’s eyes had grown a bit. She no longer looked dead. Compared to the recent past, the purple energy inside her body had doubled.

A Gui’s change was wonderful, Zuo Mo was happy.

Staring at this still wooden face, for some unknown reason, Zuo Mo felt slight heartache. If she hadn’t had to save him, A Gui wouldn’t be in an abnormal condition like this, not human or ghost. Even though Zuo Mo did not know why A Gui would make such a sacrifice for him, but no matter what, the debt of saving his life was significant enough for Zuo Mo to be willing to repay it with his own death.

It would only be another half a year, then they would find the Water Cloud Embryo and A Gui’s wounds would heal. Thinking about this, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but be filled with hope towards the future.

Now that they had Turtle Island, he could truly be considered to have his own property. Just that ten and some odd thousand mu of ling fields was enough for him to support all this people.

They had pretty much settled down on the island. What was left was to manage all this. This had to be slowly worked on. Everyone, including himself, was born poor, and it was their first time to managing such an enormous place. However, Zuo Mo was not afraid. Ge had marched through the storm of blood, and wasn’t afraid of a little matter like this.

Zuo Mo’s heart felt very sweet.


After Chun Yu Cheng finished visiting the last ling spring, he couldn’t help but sigh, “This really is a good place!”

Gazing at the serene and cold ling spring, he felt happy inside. This ling spring was a fourth-grade ling spring. Most likely due to its proximity to the Snow Silkworm Cave, the water was unusually cold. When he put his hand into the spring, his entire arm had almost frozen instantly. It was the first time Chun Yu Cheng had seen such a good quality ling spring and his happiness could be imagined.

This was the third fourth-grade ling spring he had visited and the other ling springs were third-grade. Even though the quality of each ling spring was different, but all of them were clean and high quality ling springs. There were many uses for good ling springs. They were especially suitable for raising some water element ling beasts, or planting some special ling grass. All water methods required good ling springs.

In those secret paradises, ling springs were something that could not be absent.

With these ling springs, he had enough confidence to raise excellent ling beasts. His knowledge of the beast pool was far deeper than when he first started, but there had been many ideas that he could not test due to the lack of conditions. He had never imagined there would be a day that he would truly have the conditions to study just because he wanted to.

So when he knew that there were many ling springs on the island, he hurriedly ran over to inspect them one by one.

The results left him overjoyed!

The conditions on the island and the quality of these ling spring surpassed their imagination. He had never thought there would really be a day that he could have this kind of conditions.

He felt as though he was dreaming!

Please don’t wake up from this dream!

Chun Yu Cheng murmured to himself.


“So is this the Snow Silkworm Cave?” Ji Cheng Wei poked his head into the cave and looked curiously.

“Yes, Daren.” The one leading the way was a supervisor. The flowing cloud silk that the Snow Silkworm Cave produced was the primary source of income from the island. The Ren Family had placed great important on it due to this and hired a supervisor specifically to be responsible for managing the Snow Silkworm Cave.

The deep cave was completely black. A gust of wind suddenly blew inside the cave and the people passing by all shuddered.

“So cold!”

“My heavens!”

“What place is this!”

The group of Golden Crow Camp exclaimed. This gust of wind was biting to the bone. Even at the entrance of the cave, they felt it was unbearable.

The supervisor was used to seeing this and was not shocked. He explained, “The Snow Silkworm Cave is extremely deep. The place that the snow silkworms live is about two hundred zhang from the cave entrance and no one has gone any deeper. After three hundred zhang, it really is too cold, ningmai that go in there would become ice cubes after ten breaths. We will not go to those deep places when we harvest the silk.”

Everyone’s faces were slightly pale. Ningmai would become ice cubes in ten breathes, how cold would that be!

They were all users of fire and did not like this type of extreme coldness the most. After taking a look around, everyone retreated in unison.

“Are there fire caves nearby?” Master Sun Bao asked.

“Yes!” The supervisor hurriedly nodded. His attitude was very respectful. With the change of the employer, many things would likely change, like his position as supervisor. He did not want to lose this job.

“Where?” Ji Wei’s eyes lit up as he asked.

The Golden Crow Camp was most skilled in forging. Even though they all had Golden Crow Fire now, but fire caves were still of great help to them.

“It is a place that Third Master cultivated in before, called Fierce Yang Cave!” the supervisor said.

“Take us there.”

The procession quickly reached the entrance to the Fierce Yang Cave. Compared to the other caves, this cave appeared much cleaner. There was a layer of fire clasts. The red-black fire clasts were not high-grade, just second-grade, and were a kind of commonly seen fire lava rock.

The air at the entrance twisted under the high temperature as waves of heat erupted from inside the cave. Everyone felt the pressuring heat from a long way off.

Their eyes instantly lit up.

Xiuzhe that practiced fire techniques liked all kinds of fire. They were not afraid of the fire’s high temperature, but rather were afraid that the temperature wasn’t high enough.

When they saw the scene at the entrance of the Fiery Yang Cave, everyone knew the temperature inside this Fiery Yang Cave was extremely high.

Sun Bao was relatively composed. He shouted to call back those xiuzhe that were eager and did not allow them to charge in on their own. The Fiery Yang Cave was their territory, they did not need to hurry and could progress slowly and cautiously, taking proper precautions to avoid any accidents happening.

When they learned that there was only one fire cave on this island, even Sun Bao lost interest in the other caves.

The Fiery Yang Cave was the existence they were the most interested in!


The island was very busy, and it was not quite in Xu Ling City either.

The killing of the three Ren Family elders had come people clapping and naturally had others who were discontent. As xiuzhe came in from the outside, the tensions between local and immigrating xiuzhe rose daily. The death of the three Ren Family Elders caused this conflict to increase, especially when the local xiuzhe found that Xu Ling Sect did not listen or inquire about the matter. This caused them to become even more discontent.

No matter how wrong the three Ren Family elders were in the matter, they were still xiuzhe of Xu Ling City. Many local xiu became angry when they discussed how the Ren Family was destroyed, that Xu Ling Sect did not respond, and had allowed the Ren Cloud Island to be occupied.

Some placed their hopes on the Cloud Pavilion. Everyone knew the background of the Cloud Pavilion. This time, the entire store had been destroyed, and the losses were very great as there were many talismans that were damaged or lost.

According to the conduct of the Cloud Pavilion, no one believed that the Cloud Pavilion would not make a sound.

Compared to the Cloud Pavilion, the Ren Family was just a little ant. Many people said if it wasn’t for the fact that the Ren Family produced flowing cloud silk, the shopkeeper of the Xu Ling City Cloud Pavilion wouldn’t even look at the Ren Family. This shopkeeper hoped to get more flowing cloud silk from the Ren Family to raise his own contributions. Who would have known that in showing favoritism he offended such a ruthless group of brutes and almost lost his little life!

The counter-attack from the Cloud Pavilion would definitely be very strong!

Just a few jindan and they wanted to face the Cloud Pavilion, that was daydreaming.

Some local families also moved in the dark. The cloud island of the Ren Family was very rich!

In this time, turbulence flowed under the surface.


The large formation of Turtle Island was the [Yinyang Cloud Thunder Formation]. The defensive power of this large formation was outstanding and especially suited to a large island like Turtle Island. The Ren Family had spent a great sum to invite an expert to set up this [Yinyang Cloud Thunder Formation.

But in the eyes of Zuo Mo who liked to make sneak attacks, this large formation was not so safe.

People that like to make sneak attacks usually were the ones that guarded against sneak attacks the most, Zuo Mo patiently examined the defensive formation of Turtle Island. Bases and patrols were the territory of Lil’ Miss, but formations, only Zuo Mo could do this.

In Zuo Mo’s eyes, this [Yinyang Cloud Thunder Formation] was grandiose but was not useful, and only had a good appearance. It seemed to appear powerful, but if it encountered a strong enemy, it would likely collapse. The person who had set up the formation clearly did not have good intentions. He had left a few backdoors inside the formation. The muddle-headed Ren Family had not detected it, but how could it escape the fiery eyes of Zuo Mo?

Zuo Mo did not erase the backdoors, and instead used them as bait. He slightly modified the formation scripts near the dark doors. The dark doors did not look any different than before, but if the other entered through the backdoor, hee hee … …

Zuo Mo had an evil smile.

Of course, this wasn’t enough. In his eyes, the [Yinyang Cloud Thunder Formation] could only act as a thin shell, and was far from a sturdy turtle shell.

They had to live up to the name!

With this thought, Zuo Mo started a major project.

To increase the power of the [Yinyang Cloud Thunder Formation], Zuo Mo planted that

Sonic Lightning Walnut tree at the heart of the formation. The fourth-grade Sonic Lightning Walnut tree was not as valuable as it was in the past, but it was a lightning wood element material. Placed in the center of the formation, it could greatly increase the power of the large formation.

Other than this, Golden Crow Camp that was targeting the Fiery Yang Cave was pulled over by Zuo Mo to be manual laborers.

Golden Crow Fire took over the island. The burning flames illuminated half of the sky, causing the nearby cloud islands to become nervous. Without exception, they all raised their island formations in fear they would be attacked.

The xiuzhe that had remained on the island were dumbstruck upon seeing such a scene. The ling plant farmers that had started to formed plans to leave and became slightly restless ending those thoughts of leaving.

There was only one thought in their minds.

People with knowledge were everywhere. Someone instantly recognized the fourth-grade Golden Crow Fire. When the news spread, everyone was filled with motivation!

——Holy, how many pieces of jingshi would this be!

That number of jingshi would be enough to buy all of Xu Ling City. The production xiuzhe on the island were mostly local xiuzhe. How could they not know what was going on in Xu Ling City? They had been worried before that this group would not be able to establish themselves, and lose against those factions, that were waiting in the wings, but now they did not worry at all.

So many jingshi, oh, Heavens!

A rich family!

A powerful family!

A tycoon!

Lacking imagination, they could only think of these scant phrases, but this could not stop the enthusiasm that came out of their hearts.

Boss, buy an!

Everyone’s eyes became as red as rabbits.

Translator Ramblings: Okay, yes the island is on the small side but they got it for FREE! Can you imagine ge shelling out jingshi to buy a bigger island when he can one for free?