World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Two – Zuo Mo’s Epiphany

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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Two – Zuo Mo’s Epiphany

Zuo Mo suddenly felt the surrounding scenery greatly change, and the furious bellow that resounded in the air, instantly, allowed him to understand what had happened.

His gaze instantly landed on Gu Xiang Tian, whose figure appeared fifty zhang from him.

In that brief moment, their eyes met!

From this, it was possible to see the difference in reaction between Gu Xiang Tian and Zuo Mo.

Even though his entire body was almost out of strength, Zuo Mo did not hesitate and charged at Gu Xiang Tian!

The common phrase was, a seal xiu at close quarters was like a chicken plucked of its feathers!

When Gu Xiang Tian saw Zuo Mo dash over with lightning fast speed, his face suddenly turned white. He panickedly retreated, and the black gold seal soldier tried to rush over.

Watching from above, one could see two figures furiously charging at Gu Xiang Tian like two bolts of lightning!

Zuo Mo sensed a strong feeling of danger came from behind him. He did not need to turn his head back to know that the black gold seal soldier was close behind him. Even though he had been a fraction faster in starting, but that Midday Blade Strike had used up too much of his strength. He was truly at the end of his power. But if he hesitated a bit, he would waste this rare opportunity!

If he was dragged back into fighting with that undying black gold seal soldier, with his present state, there was only death.

Zuo Mo grunted and gathered together the last threads of his power. A thin gold light appeared on his feet.

Golden Crow Feet!

His foot pushed off the ground, Zuo Mo’s body suddenly became a blurry shadow!


Furiously retreating, Gu Xiang Tian’s feet suddenly paused. He tightly covered his mouth, his eyes bulging like that of a dead fish!


With his last thread of strength used up, Zuo Mo’s body lost its balance in the sky. Like a sandbag reaching the apex of its arc, he had fell and smashed down into the ground.

So mother***ing painful!

Heavily falling on the ground, Zuo Mo bared his teeth in pain, his skeleton feeling like it was going to break apart. He laid on the ground as he greedily breathed, not even willing to move a finger.

When the trio saw Zuo Mo lying on the ground, their expressions greatly changed.

However, when they walked forward and found that Daren was only exhausted and nothing else had happened, they hurriedly propped Zuo Mo up, gathered their spoils, and left.

When Turtle Island saw Zuo Mo being carried back, it instantly exploded!

Everyone’s expressions were peerlessly ugly. Without a second word, Gongsun Cha ordered everyone to gather! Even the one who always had a good temper, Wei Sheng, drew his black sword, his face murderous!

Zuo Mo hurriedly stopped the group.

If they charge over like this, it would actually be harder to find the person.

Zuo Mo pulled everyone and hid in the little back room as they conversed and maliciously planned something.

This matter was not finished!


“They have not acted?” Tian Yong Qing asked with a creased brow.

Tian Heng Bo was also puzzled. He shook his head, “No, have they admitted defeat and gave up?”

It had been the Tian Family manipulating this event from the shadows. It had been they who had told the news of the Ren Family’s death to Gu Xiang Tian, and their shadow was behind every step of the plan.

“Impossible!” Tian Yong Qing shook his head. “They do not seem like people who would give up easily, otherwise, they would not have gotten into conflict with the Ren Family in the first place.”

“Then what are they doing?” Tian Heng Bo asked in puzzlement.

Tian Yong Qing thought of something and hurriedly asked, “Where is Qing Xu Saren?”

“In hiding!” Tian Heng Bao said, “Gave him a sum of jingshi and told him to go and hide for a while.”

“That’s good.” A rock in Tian Yong Qing’s heart landed. He smiled and said, “Then we shall sit and see what they do.”

“If it was up to me, I would just steal it,” Tian Heng Bo muttered.

“Steal? I want to too, but there has to be a reason.” Tian Yong Qing said amusedly, “Without a reason, how can we steal it?”

“What reason do we need? Just steal it!” Tian Heng Bo said. “Let Tian Ye Battalion go, they can steal it in a snap, do we need to waste this much effort?”

“Stupid!” Tian Yong Qing stared at Tian Heng Bo. “Our Tian Family is not this group of outsiders. If we do this, what would the other families think? Hmph, don’t think I don’t know what you think. Don’t you just feel that your fist is bigger?”

“Yes!” Tian Heng Bo was righteous. “The one with the bigger fist makes the rules!”

“Then is our Tian Family’s fist bigger than Xu Ling Sect’s?” Tian Yong Qing said with a cold smile, “Based on your philosophy, there should only be one sect in this area, Xu Ling Sect! Who is a match for them?”

Tian Heng Bo instantly was speechless.

“Don’t be stupid!” Tian Yong Qing said in a heartfelt tone, “Every family has their own territory. Xu Ling City is the place where everyone does business together. Our Tian Family cannot mess around, even Xu Ling Sect would not mess around! No one will care if you mess around on your home territory, but if you mess around in Xu Ling City, everyone will not agree.”

Tian Heng Bo did not speak this time. Thinking back, this was the truth. A while later, he hesitantly spoke, “Then how long do we have to wait for the reason?”

“Don’t be impatient, it will be soon.” Tian Yong Qing was confident.


“He ran?” Zuo Mo paused where he stood. He hadn’t thought that Qing Xu Saren had ran away. This caused all of his plans fail.

Everyone’s faces were slightly ugly. They had prepared, and planned for a long time, waiting to make trouble for the other. It was like a punch that had been preparing for a long time that missed its mark. The feeling was uncomfortable.

Were they going to be unable to settle the score this time?

Never the generous one, Zuo Mo naturally did not feel good about this, and his hair almost broke as he pulled on it. But Qing Xu Sanren had ran, and he could do nothing. He needed a target to make trouble for. They had thought of the fact that someone was the mastermind behind the scenes and planned on squeezing some information from Qing Xu Saren’s mouth, but this guy had ran away!

This guy had thrown down some heavy words, but he was an impotent one!

Zuo Mo furiously cursed this impotent guy, one hundred times, one hundred times!

Qing Xu Sanren had ran away, they could not find the mastermind. There was no way around it, the strong dragon could not suppress the local snakehead. Zuo Mo only had Shang Wei Ming. He was methodical when carrying out his normal duties, but in terms of finding information, his resources were very limited.

He quickly did not think further on the matter. The other had not succeeded this time, and would definitely jump out next time. If he waited for a chance, he could grab the other’s weakness!

Wait for ye, ye’ll settle all the debts at that time!

Zuo Mo could only comfort himself like this.

But the gains this time were a source of joy for Zuo Mo. Gu Xiang Tian was very rich, and what cheered him up the most was the sixth-grade black gold seal soldier!

Having experienced its power for himself, Zuo Mo held it as though it was a precious treasure. What made his heart hurt was the damage his blow had made. It was clear that a section of the seal scripts on the seal paper had been damaged.

Other than the black gold seal soldier, there were many jade scrolls for seal xiu cultivation. Coincidentally, Zuo Mo had a group of seal xiu. This group had been troubled for a long time by the lack of jade scrolls to cultivate, and this time, they were overjoyed.

Their cultivation level was too low and could not produce higher grade paper seals. Low grade paper seals did not have much use to the comparatively strong Vermillion Bird Camp. Gongsun Cha who had high hopes for them could only transfer them to Golden Crow Camp and they only did work like engraving seals and formations. No one was interested in their paper seals and they were always depressed over this.

Gu Xiang Tian’s power wasn’t very high, but his skill in making paper seals was very good.

Desiring the power of seal soldiers, Zuo Mo invested even more resources on the seal xiu. He would instantly provide any materials they wanted. However, Zuo Mo also knew that even if there were jade scrolls, his batch of seal xiu would need a long time to reach the level he hoped for.

However, this was still a good event.

In this battle, what Zuo Mo hadn’t expected the most was not the black gold seal soldier, but the Thousand Gem Illusory Disk!

It could trap someone inside it!

Zuo Mo remembered it clearly. He had not been on his guard at all when he was attacked. In his view, that Thousand Gem Illusory Disk was a great weapon to make sneak attacks! Stay in the shadows, come out and suck the enemy in, that was a move hard to defend against.

This event also rang an alarm for Zuo Mo.

Until now, Zuo Mo had relied on brute power to fight after cultivating the Great Day mo physique and lost interest in other moves. This ambush reminded him about the power of talismans, especially good talismans, they were too powerful!

No wonder the yaomo had lost so badly to the xiu back then, wasn’t this the cause?

He had entered a wrong path!

He instantly recalled the armaments of his subordinates, and Zuo Mo felt extremely regretful.

The golden crystal swords could be considered top-notch, but other than that, there was nothing else that was acceptable to be seen. Their ling armors were varied, and most of them were taken from their enemies in Little Mountain Jie, and were only third-grade. Due to numerous battles, many of them were barely held together, and on the verge of falling apart.

Theirs was a beggar troop!

Looking at the troop decorated in various colors, Zuo Mo came to this conclusion.

And then he made a decision!


There only ever was I, Xiao Mo Ge, using talismans to smash other people, when was it other people’s turns to use talismans to smash ge?

Talismans? Wasn’t that just competing on who had the most jingshi?

Did you not know that ge is the true jingshi madman?

Zuo Mo ran over to Bao Yi and asked abruptly, “How many pieces of jingshi do we still have?”

Bao Yi stilled, but he held the accounts inside his heart. “One piece of sixth-grade jingshi, twenty six pieces of fifth-grade jingshi; fourteen thousand pieces of fourth-grade jingshi; one million two hundred and twenty four thousand, nine hundred and sixty three pieces of third-grade jingshi!

Zuo Mo was shocked. “This much?”

Shocked, he couldn’t help but feel proud. Ge really is a jingshi madman, hearing this, just the number instills safety!

One fourth-grade jingshi was equal to five hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi, and one fifth-grade jingshi was one thousand fourth-grade jingshi.

One million two hundred and twenty four thousand, nine hundred and sixty three pieces of third-grade jingshi was equal to more than two thousand and four hundred pieces of jingshi or two and a half pieces of fifth-grade jingshi.

From a certain perspective, xiuzhe possessed increasingly more jingshi with increasing cultivation, but the desire for jingshi also increased because they had to use more of them.

Of course, for the present Zuo Mo, this number was enough for him to feel satisfied.

Content, Zuo Mo patted his tummy, his eyes smiling into lines.

Ge is finally a rich man!

Translator Ramblings: Yes, jingshi do not increase linearly in value per grade. I’m just trying to imagine the amount of space that more than a million pieces of jingshi take up. Even if spatial rings … …

Also, to clarify, there were two people in that attack. Gu Xiang Tian controlled the black gold seal soldier while Qing Xu Saren was the one with the high grade disk and the illusions.