World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Eight – Action

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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Eight – Action

“You went out robbing?” Zuo Mo looked at the little mountain of ling plants and grains and felt dizzy.

“Rob?” Pu Yao snorted. “Is just this little bit of stuff is worth robbing?”

Zuo Mo might have had some wealth before but when had he ever seen so much ling grasses and grains? His eyes were bright as he walked around the little mountain, his lips trembling, “How much jingshi would this be!”

Pu Yao was speechless. He suddenly found this slightly embarrassing. His student, the student of an honored Sky Yao was like this! Just this little bit was enough to make the other speechless, so embarrassing! It was very embarrassing! If people knew that his student was so weak … …

Even Pu Yao who had skin as thick as city walls felt his face burn.

“From the Tian Family?” Zuo Mo’s reaction was not slow. He suddenly looked with enthusiasm at Pu Yao, “Let’s go on a trip again!”

Amidst Wei’s roaring laughter, Pu Yao turned and left with a black face.

Having gotten a great sum of wealth, Zuo Mo felt very good and was not angry. The direction of the cultivation classes was also very good, each cultivation class growing from fifty people per class to two hundred. Adding on that the classes overflowed with students who listened, they were so popular that even Zuo Mo found it hard to believe.

What caused Zuo Mo to feel a headache was that the number was still growing at a rapid rate but the number of teachers was limited. Cheng Shidi had come over to complain to him multiple times that his normal cultivation and livestock raising was affected by the high numbers.

There was only Cheng Shidi for the animal husbandry classes, and for sword cultivation, no one could help with Xie Shan and Eldest Shixiong’s classes. The same was true for Zong Ru and Yi Zheng’s cultivation class as they were the only two dhyana xiu on the island. It was also the same for his ling plant farming class, there was only him.

Seeing so many pleading and hunger, oh no, so many jingshi that was lining up outside the door but could not enter his wallet, that feeling … …

Really wasn’t good!

What to do?

Zuo Mo rubbed his chin and started to think.


The shocking amount of ling grasses and grains caused all of Golden Crow Camp to turn out in smiles. Nothing was liked more by the Golden Crow group other than a large supply of raw materials. Most of them were skilled in forging and were not experts in dan-making or cooking but so what? Each of them had Golden Crow Fire, and there were jade scrolls among their collection. As long as they had the materials, they could naturally practice their skills. Even more, although their fire-manipulation techniques could not be said to be masterful, they were still very practiced.

Many people were interested in learning another processing method.

Zuo Mo did not care about their failures since they had gotten these things for free.

Also, if even half of these ling grasses could be processed in ling dan then the profit would also be astounding.

However, not everyone was happy. The two masters Sun Bao and Ji Wei had furrowed their brows at this moment. Compared to the heartless joy of the young people, the two of them had more pressure.

They knew the state of the island very well. That day, when Daren gathered everyone together to discuss how to make jingshi, they understood their precarious state. In order to use the abundant ling fields on the island, that required ling plant farming talismans. Plant farming talismans were not difficult to make, and the two masters were familiar with the talismans on the market. But if what was used were the ling plant farming talismans from the market, the ling fields on the island would not be completely used.

There was only one way if they wanted to use all the ling fields on the island.

That was to forge enough outstanding ling plant farming talismans, to forge talismans that could replace ling plant farmers!

In simple words, the two masters looked down on the ling plant farming talismans on the market!


“After twenty more days, these mo weapons will gradually take form,” Shu Long’s steady voice echoed in the cave. The cave they had dug was not large. Presently, all of Guard Camp had moved into this deep cave called the Yin Spirit Cave. This cave was extremely heavy with yin energy which be came denser the deeper they dug, and was very beneficial for the cultivation of Shu Long and the others.

A Wen looked eagerly at the mo weapons floating in the pool and asked, “Long ge, do you think that the power of the mo weapons is really that great?”

“Wouldn’t you know when it is time?” Shu Long said with a smile. He was very soft towards A Wen.

“Daren really bled this time!” A Wen said in shock, “Just the materials cost ten pieces of fifth-grade jingshi! It’s amazing!”

The surface of the inky black pool did not ripple, and if one smelled from a distance, there was the scent of medicine. This was a pool that Shu Long had set up according to the directions of the mysterious daren. As to the effects, he did not have any confidence. When he thought about the jingshi that passed through his hands, he felt a thread of warmth. He was no longer that xiu slave that didn’t understand the value of jingshi any longer. Ten pieces of fifth-grade jingshi, if that was used to buy xiu slaves, it would be a vast number.

Daren was really good to everyone!

Thinking about this and the present Guard Camp, he felt a thread of guilt. Of the entire Guard Camp, other than he and A Wen who could be considered experts, all others were just average.

Compared to Vermillion Bird Camp, this result was not very good.

To say nothing of the two jindan, Xie Shan and Zong Ru, even Ma Fan, Nian Lu, and Lei Peng were just a step away from jindan.

He definitely had to train this group well!

And not waste Daren’s efforts!

As he paced, Shu Long made the decision. He quickly came to the deepest part of the cave. What entered his eyes was a busy scene. He could occasionally see sparks flying and crisp sounds ringing out.

“What is the problem?” Shu Long asked a hardship guard.

The hardship guard showed a grimace. “It is too hard! The deeper we go, the harder it gets. I’ve dug for half a day, and just gotten a little piece out, there’s not much progress!”

Hearing this, Shu Long went forward and punched the stone. He heard a muffled sound and fine cracks appeared around his fist while a few fragments fell .He wiped away the fragments and saw there was a shallow pit on the rock.

So hard! Shu Long was shocked. With the power of his punch, he was only able to make such a small indentation!

He picked up a piece of fragmented rock and grasped it in his hand. He had an expression of realization. The rock had been immersed in this thick yin energy for tens of thousands of years, and was as hard as steel. Gripping it, he could clearly feel the pure yin energy contained inside.

“En, everyone, work harder. This is a good place. When we dig out a bigger cave , everyone can live here for the long term. This place is suited for our cultivation!” Shu Long motivated everyone.

Another hardship guard said, “If you are speaking about cultivation, digging this stuff is the best cultivation!”

Shu Long’s mind moved.

The others talked and laughed.

“Haha! That’s right! I’ve dug for a few days, and felt I’ve improved greatly!”

“I assumed that only I had had that feeling. So everyone feels it!”

“That’s nothing strange. The rock is this hard, if we do not use killing essence, we can’t dig. This isn’t digging a hole, this is fighting!”

Hearing this, Shu Long suddenly realized this was a clever way!

Having been bothered that he did not have any ways of helping everyone cultivate, Shu Long’s eyes instantly lit up.


Lu Wei was very happy. He had actually made a breakthrough on his fire spell soon after registering for his class!

He had studied this fire spell for three years and progressed quickly until half a year ago when he could not enter a higher level no matter how hard he practiced. Due to this, he had registered for many classes but there was no effect until he had gone to the present class. Just a few of the teacher’s words had made him feel his vision broadened. After listening for five days, he smoothly broke through to the fourth level of the fire spell.

This teacher was really good!

The teacher looked younger than Lu Wei, and he hadn’t expected the teacher to be so strong! It wasn’t just him, all the students admired the teacher.

The fire spell he cultivated was second-grade, but now that he cultivated it to the fourth level, the value was instantly different.

An even better job was waving its hands at him. Thinking about how his monthly wages would double in the future, Lu Wei was very happy.

He excitedly ran to a ling materials shop. This shop always was hiring year round. Second-grade fourth level was enough for him to enter the ling grass room and become a ling grass fire worker to work in ling grass.

Compared to his dan fire labor in the past, it would be much easier and the wages higher.

Hearing he was coming to apply as a ling grass fire worker, the shopkeeper instantly came out. These days, it was hard to find a good ling grass fire worker. The shopkeeper first got him to show his fire spell and was very satisfied with his second-grade fourth-level strength.

Just as Lu Wei thought the shopkeeper would agree, the shopkeeper suddenly seemed to remember something and asked him, “Where do you attend cultivation class?”

“Copper Alley, the ling plant farming cultivation class of Turtle Island,” Lu Wei said with slight pride, “I was part of the first batch!”

Right now, the everyone coveted the spots in the Turtle Island Cultivation Classes to an astonishing degree. Even though Turtle Island Cultivation Classes were generous and did not stop them from listening from outside the class, it was not possible to see the displays of the teacher and the effects of the lessons naturally decreased. So what was occurring was that it was hard to buy a Turtle Island Cultivation Class spot with a thousand jingshi.

“Sorry, we do not hire the students from Turtle Island Cultivation Class,” the storekeeper politely gave the order to leave.

Lu Wei instantly was dumbstruck, “Why don’t you hire students from Turtle Island Cultivation Class?”

The shopkeeper looked at him and said, “We do not accept you, you can try at other places.”

Finishing, the shopkeeper disregarded him and went back inside.

Feeling very angry, Lu Wei went to another store. What he had not expected was that this store also did not accept students from Turtle Island Cultivation Class! Lu Wei did not believe his bad luck. He went to eight shops and none of them accepted students from Turtle Island Cultivation Class!

Lu Wei felt hopeless!

In the afternoon, the news that all shops of Xu Ling City refused to hire those from Turtle Island Cultivation Class spread through Xu Ling City!

Translator Ramblings: This chapter can also be called “How to use your strong market position to prevent competitors from entering.”