World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Six – Lil’ Fire’s … …

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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Six – Lil’ Fire’s … …

“This Fire Crow Daoist’s skill isn’t bad!” Wei Li Tian’s expression changed slightly as he stared at the black fire ling crows without blinking. He was considering if he should recruit Fire Crow Daoist into his group. With the skill that the Fire Crow Daoist was displaying now, it was enough for him to earn a spot in this group.

A Xin did not speak, his eyes tightly locked on the intimidating fire crows.

The grew pupils were at full force, the fire crows in his eyes turning in balls of pulsing black flames. Each ball of black flame was pulsing at an unique rate and the ling power in the surroundings was flooding towards them!

It was truly frightening!

Yet what was completely opposite of the presence of the fire crows was the abnormal calm of Turtle Island below them.

This was an unusual calm!

There was no movement in the view of his grey pupils. Even the azure light that had been barely discernable before had disappeared now. It was too calm! The other seemed to be ignorant that someone was attacking their formation, not reacting at all.

A Xin widened his eyes and didn’t dare to blink in fear he would miss a detail.

For some reason, this unusual calm quickly spread through the crowd. The xiuzhe unconsciously stopped their breathing as though they were waiting for something.

At this time, Fire Crow Daoist cast his spell and shouted, “Go!”

The flames on the foreheads of the fire crows suddenly paused, their eyes glaring as they shot up. Their spread out wings seemed to burn, the feathers turning rapidly to flames as the bright red patterns on the feathers turned to lines of red that mixed within the flame and added a touch of eeriness.

They suddenly dove down!

The air instantly was filled with fire!

Woosh woosh woosh!

The thirty fire crows were like arrows shot out a bow, giving off a long black tail of fire as though they were meteors coming from the sky!

Just as the fire crows seemed to pass through the formation, the azure light of the formation flashed.

A thin azure shell of light that seemed like an eggshell suddenly appeared.

A Xin’s grey pupils were suddenly covered in a layer of grey mist. He almost burst out, this was it!

When he saw the Yinyang Thunder Cloud Formation, he had found that an almost indiscernible azure light existed. He had perceptively noticed this azure light, that was so easy to be missed, and quickly judged that it was in reality a very powerful formation. But this layer of weak azure light had quickly disappeared as though it was a delusion he had experienced.

But A Xin believed in his judgement and also his grey eyes!

He patiently waited. He knew that if it was a formation, it would definitely appear again. Only now when this thin azure eggshell reappeared, he finally saw its true appearance!

This transformation had occurred extremely fast that most people were unable to react in time. Among many people’s exclamations, the first fire crow hit the azure light shell!


Like a meteorite from heaven, each fire crow smashed heavily on the azure light shell.

The fire crows were like drumsticks, and the eggshell the drum!

The enormous sounds of collision beat on everyone’s hearts. The sound spread explosively and many people’s bodies froze, their expressions changing.

The azure eggshell shook, the fire crows suddenly exploded into countless wisps of flame that spread out.

Dong dong dong!

The rapid sound of collision was like a drumbeat that intimidated with every beat. Transparent air ripples spread and was like blades cutting the flesh where it passed!

No one had expected these small fire crows to be so strong!

This wave of [Fire Chief Crow] caused the spectator’s hearts to almost stop beating. Many people finally recovered at this moment and exhaled heavily.

The last ripple spread and it became peaceful again.

The flames that had exploded now spread and covered the entire shell as it burned silently.

The Fire Crow Daoist had not expected the other’s formation to be secure. The [Fire Chief Crow] he had such high hopes for had not succeeded. This caused his face to look slightly ugly. However, he was not panicked and a a smirk floated at the corner of his mouth.

The dominance and maliciousness of the [Fire Chief Crow] was not just this … …

Coming out of their shock, the spectators were puzzled. Why was the Fire Crow Daoist motionless?

If he did not have more powerful moves, then come down. There would naturally be people that would go up!

Why wasn’t he willing to come down?

Yet when their gazes landed on the formation on Turtle Island, their pupils suddenly contracted. Those black-red flames that had scattered on the eggshell had not weakened. They were still tightly glued onto the shell of light and were burning silently!

Was it … …

Many people’s eyes lit up.


Zuo Mo raised his head. That wave of [Fire Chief Crow] had also made him jump. Zuo Mo had a move called [Meteor Void Fire] in the past that had been similar to this move, but his move was weak in comparison to [Fire Chief Crow].

As the thirty fire crows dove down, there was a feeling the sky had changed color.

There was countless xiuzhe in the world and all of them had their own secret techniques. This fire crow method appeared normal but on further inspection, it was filled with unpredictable changes. That black fire wasn’t normal and if he wasn’t careful, the other would succeed in breaking through the formation.

Large amounts of black fire burned right next to the eggshell. Each bloom of fire was not large but they did not extinguish.

Zuo Mo furrowed his brow. He could detect that there were many corrosive powers continuously charging the Meridional Azure Aether Formation. The amount of ling power the Meridional Azure Aether Formation was consuming had increased greatly. Based on this speed, the Meridional Azure Aether Formation would not be defeated, but the jingshi would not be able to support it.

Zuo Mo raised his head and gazed at the black fire burning on the eggshell above his head.

At this time, a red shadow suddenly charged at the shell of light. Zuo Mo focused and was stunned. Lil’ Fire! Almost at the same time, Lil’ Pagoda took control of the Meridional Azure Aether Formation from Zuo Mo’s hands.

What were these two doing!

Zuo Mo’s heart jumped and his expression changed slightly. These two mischievous guys could not be playful at this time!

There was a huge crowd of jindan outside. If the formation was opened now, and the others took the chance to enter the island, then it would all be over! This was different than the attack from the Tian Family last time. There were truly too many jindan, so many that not even the battalions could defeat them.

There was also a large number of low level xiuzhe on the island. They did not have any strength to protect themselves. If the enemy charged it, the outcome would not bear thinking!

Zuo Mo shook!

Yet before he could stop them, what happened stunned him!

Lil’ Fire’s round and bouncy body was like a sticky rice bun that pasted itself onto the shell of light. Its entire face seemed to be pressed to the inner wall of the shell as it looked yearningly at the flames outside the shell, as though it saw something delicious and was drooling!

Zuo Mo almost thought his eyes were not working. He rubbed his eyes heard and made sure what he saw was not an illusion.

This guy was really drooling!

The following scene once again surpassed Zuo Mo’s limits of understanding.

Blocked by the shell of light, Lil’ Fire’s body rolled and it aimed its butt at the flames on the outside. Puu, a light sound, the flames outside the shell turned to a line of fire that burrowed into the orifice of Lil’ Fire’s behind.

Zuo Mo grabbed his head with his hands and turned to stone!

Oh, heavens!

What was this!

He suddenly recalled how Lil’ Fire would sprout a thin line of fire whenever he would squeeze its round body. When he was bored, Zuo Mo would frequently do this. As he squeezed Lil’ Fire’s tender and bouncy body, bursts of flame would erupt and, being interesting, he used it to relieve his boredom.

But now he saw that Lil’ Fire’s orifice that sprouted fire, was furiously, no, crazily sucking in flames!

Zuo Mo felt his world was crumbling!

The people beside him that had been brimming with murderousness were stunned.

Such a strange scene clearly surpassed the limits of understanding for normal people.

Having absorbed one thread of fire, Lil’ Fire gave a happy sigh and then it rolled along on the inner wall of the shell to the next fire.

Everywhere Lil’ Fire passed, the flames on the outside turned into lines of fire and entered its orifice. Every time this happened, the formation would ripple lightly. This was because Lil’ Pagoda was working together with Lil’ Fire, the two were in great sync.

Turtle Island was completely silent.

Zuo Mo and the others below watched with raised faces as though they were rows of statues.


The Fire Crow Daoist’s eyes were half-lidded and seemed very confident.

He knew that the other people were also seeing the effects of his talisman. He was patiently waiting. The black fire ling crows had been forged by harvesting the black fire from the depths of the earth. This kind of black fire was called the yin granite fiend fire. He had searched through mountains, continents, and swamps to find this in a deep and poisonous cave. He had really used great effort and spent much thought on forging the talisman.

When this yin granite fiend fire burned, it would attach itself and would not extinguish until what it was burning was ash. It was extremely malicious and specialized in attacking all kinds of space and ling shields.

He had forged one hundred and eight fire crows this time. Since the ruins event happened, he had planned to make his debut and thought of using the situation to become famous.

Up until now, the development of events had not diverged from what he had predicted. The other did not know the power of the yin granite fiend fire and allowed it to keep burning. They were really stupid!

That was good!

It was time for he, the Fire Crow Daoist, to become famous!

The Fire Crow Daoist was full of ambition, waiting for the ling power of the formation to be used up and for them to charge in.

At this time, the small chatter in the surroundings entered his years. Fire Crow Daoist couldn’t help but frown. This group of people had cultivated to jindan, how could their composure be so lacking?

When he opened his eyes and his gaze landed on the shell, it was like someone hit him over the head and sparks spun in his eyes!

The shell of light that had been covered in flame just now was completely bald and empty!

Why, why was it like this?

Yin granite fiend fire? Where was the yin granite fiend fire that would not extinguish until it burned all to ash?

He looked dazedly at the mirror-smooth shell of azure light, green and red crossing on his face!

His gourd was completely empty.

He thought about how much hardship he had endured to find that yin granite fiend fire, he thought about the many years he had spent to forge the one hundred and eight black fire ling crows, he thought about his ambitions and becoming famous … …

But there was only that eggshell of azure light left in his eyes with nothing on it.

Fire Crow Daoist looked dazedly on like this for a moment, and then he suddenly sprayed a mouthful of fresh blood, dropping out of the sky like a rock.

Translator Ramblings: Kudos to the person who guessed last chapter Lil’ Fire was going to be involved. Like starfish, Lil’ Fire only has one opening. Like master, like pet, Zuo Mo now has a taste of what his elders felt like back at the Sword Test Conference.