World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Four – Stage of Yuanying

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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Four – Stage of Yuanying

Zuo Mo shoved a Ling Replenishing Dan into his mouth and chewed on it, with a relaxed expression, as though it was popcorn. His hands did not stop, one after the other, the Ling Replenishing Dan that were worth ten pieces of fourth-grade jingshi a piece were repeatedly thrown into his mouth.

There had been a huge amount of materials that they had taken from the Tian Family and from that there had been a large amount that had been forged into ling dan like the Ling Replenishing Dan. Zuo Mo had adequate wealth now and decided to allow everyone to use them to help them increase their cultivation speed. As the boss, Zuo Mo naturally had an unlimited supply. He also found that no matter how much he ate, his body would not feel any discomfort so he ate them as though they were snacks.

Fueled by this feeding frenzy, the ling power in his body continuously increased.

Each Ling Replenishing Dan turned into a stream of gentle ling power once it reached his throat and quickly spread through his organs.

Compared to absorbing ling power from the outside, the ling power in Ling Replenishing Dan was much gentler and purer so it could greatly decrease the amount of time Zuo Mo needed to process and refine it. Normal xiuzhe would have the problem of ling power blockages caused by the impurities, while Zuo Mo did not need to consider this at all. The Great Day mo physique was very powerful and he could tolerate a much greater amount than normal xiuzhe.

There was also a significant portion of the ling power that would automatically turn into spiritual power or be absorbed into the mo physique.

Even so, the rate Zuo Mo’s ling power increased was astounding.

Zuo Mo finally understood how the terrifying cultivation of the large sect disciples had formed. It formed from being fed large amounts of worldly treasures and ling dan!

He was just a little power in a remote jie and he could use so many resources to cultivate. The power that those large sect disciples could command was multiple times larger than his! How could a xiuzhe that cultivated like this not become strong?

Oh, these days were already pretty good.

Zuo Mo reflected on the world idly as he chewed the Ling Replenishing Dan.

Ling Replenishing Dan were not rare on the island. Due to the bounty of materials, everyone’s dan making skills had shot up. Even the most difficult ling dan could not stand against supply the abundant materials. The few that were the best at dan-making could make more than three hundred in one frightening go.

He thought about when he had been forging the Golden Crow Dan at Wu Kong Mountain, that really sucked!

A Gui was silent, as usual, next to Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo didn’t dare let her to eat anything like the Ling Replenishing Dan. A Gui’s body was not well, and extremely powerful substances like the Ling Replenishing Dan was akin to poison to her and could likely cause her body to collapse.

The purple energy in A Gui’s body had grown again. Even Pu Yao and Wei could not understand this strange power, much less Zuo Mo who was much less experienced. But since he knew that the purple energy was beneficial to A Gui, Zuo Mo did not concern himself with it.

“I heard that there are three yuanying in Xu Ling City now! Tsk tsk, three yuanying!”

“Three yuanying? Really? Is there even three yuanying in Cloud Sea Jie You’re joking!”

“There probably is three, it is a pretty big jie. If there isn’t even three, then it is sad.”

“So the rumors about the Sun Shen Hall ruins are real?”

“Probably, even yuanying xiuzhe have come, can it be false?”

“We’re so close, if we can’t even get one benefit, then isn’t that a great loss?”

As he listened, Zuo Mo really could not suppress it. He took off the shoe on his foot and threw it at the people who were discussing the most. He cursed, “Idiots! You want jingshi over your life? Be good and follow me, how many good days have we just had?”

At this time, a serene voice inserted into the conversation.

“It seems you are all very idle. Let’s multiply your cultivation duties for today.”

Woosh, everyone’s faces became green! Lil’ Miss!

As expected, Gongsun Lil’ Miss was staring at them from nearby, his eyes flashing with a cold light.

This group instantly scattered.

“These guys are really annoying,” Zuo Mo cursed. “Each of them has their nose pointed at the sky, they really think they are the best in the world!”

“These people are like this after having a few victories.” Gongsun Cha sat down. “I will go and have a heart-to-heart with them.”

Standing at the side, Ma Fan and the others heard the words “heart-to-heart” and their faces paled further even though they were already jindan.

“We need to be careful,” Zuo Mo said in a low voice, “so many experts are gathered here, something is definitely going to happen.”

Gongsun Cha’s heart shook. Even though Shixiong seemed laid-back, he knew that Zuo Mo was more perceptive than any of them. This quality had been proved by past events. Gongsun Cha knew his best qualities, and his shortcomings. He was a pretty good battle general, but he was not as far-sighted as Shixiong.

He nodded. “En, I will arrange for a patrol.”

At this time, a fierce ripple of ling power came from a distance!

Zuo Mo’s expression couldn’t help but change. He blurted out, “Yuanying!”

Before the he finished speaking, he flew into the air. At the same time, Wei Sheng and the others appeared next to him.

Each person looked in shock in the direction of Xu Ling City.

The ling power ripple had came from Xu Ling City!

There was four hour trip between Turtle Island and Xu Ling City, the distance was not close! But this powerful and domineering ling power ripple was so clear as though it was happening right next to them!

Even Wei Sheng couldn’t help but show shock!

How terrifying would the ling power collision be to produce such a strong ling power ripple? How terrifying was the ling power ripple that it could spread to such a distant place?

Yuanying! It had to be yuanying!

Even though none of them had ever seen yuanying before, they were sure! Such a terrifying ling power collision was not something a jindan could produce.

This was the first time everyone directly felt the enormous strength of a yuanying xiuzhe!

Gongsun Cha suddenly took out the Sky Ray Treasure Lens and swiped his hand on the lens. The treasure lends instantly showed the scene at Xu Ling City.

When everyone saw what was on the lens, they hall inhaled sharply.

The members which had been restless just before had ashen faces and the restlessness disappeared without a trace.

Xu Ling City which had been full of holes from the fighting between jindan in previous days was like a cake that had been bisected. The half that was near the cloud sea had flown away.

Everyone was familiar with the streets of Xu Ling City and were even able to mentally construct the streets on the other half!

What was eerier was that the entire surface that had been cut was smooth as though it had been cut with a knife and had a glass-like sheen.

Xiuzhe skilled in fire spells were able to recognize this was the glassy layer that would form after something was burned by extremely domineering flames.

The cloud sea had quickly swallowed the half that flew away and disappeared as though nothing had been there before.

There were two indistinct figures facing off in the sky.

Was this yuanying?

This question was in everyone’s minds.

After the two faced each other for a moment, they left. One of them glanced in the direction of Zuo Mo and the others. Their hearts suddenly jumped!

The other was warning them!

Fortunately, the other did not show signs of attacking and his figure disappeared from the edge of the lens.

When everyone returned to the island, many people had soulless expressions. The blow that had been dealt to them had been too strong just now. The power that the yuanying had shown was truly terrifying. Xu Ling City was five times the area of Turtle Island. In other words, if a yuanying xiuzhe was willing, they had the power to erase Turtle Island from the cloud sea.

Gongsun Cha bit down on his lips, his face slightly pale. “We are not a match.”

This sentence caused him to feel great humiliation. His face flushed red, his eyes showing great shock and unwillingness.

Zuo Mo knew that with Gongsun Cha’s pride, saying this meant they didn’t even have one-tenth a chance of victory!

He started to understand now. Experts like yuanying were not something that could be faced using tactics but could only be dealt with on a strategic level. They had the power to destroy and travel through the void. They were not people that could be killed by relying numbers.

Zuo Mo forced a smile. “No problem, we won’t enter conflict against yuanying.”

Everyone sank into silence.

They had been so confidence before. Vermillion Bird Camp had won constantly. Even many jindan had died under their charges. They had once presumed that they had become stronger. There had been people undergoing core formation successively, and their confidence had been unprecedentedly high.

At this time, no one had the interest to speak. They finally knew how stupid their confidence was, they were sitting at the bottom of the well!

Any one of the two yuanying xiuzhe in the sky was enough to destroy all of them!

Everyone lost the interest to speak.


Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness.

Wei said, “It seems that this experience has been a great blow to him.”

Pu Yao was unconcerned. “A setback isn’t a bad thing, just a yuanying.”

“You’re right, just a yuanying.” Wei nodded. He went back to his job of teaching Guard Camp. He had found great amusement from this job.

Just a yuanying.


The news about the battle quickly spread to them.

One of the participants was an elder from Xu Ling Sect named Sheng. The other was the elder of one of the biggest sects in Cloud Sea jie, Elder Yun Hai Sheng. The halving of Xu Ling City had been drawn by the zither string of Yun Hai Sheng’s Cloud Sea Jade Pillar Zither.

In this battle, other than half of Xu Ling City that had been erased, there were more than twenty jindan that did not manage to flee in time, and were either turned to powder under the zither sound attack or to ash in the fierce flames.

This caused many jindan to leave Xu Ling City of their own will after the battle ended. No one dared to go near Xu Ling City again.

The large formation of Xu Ling City was completely destroyed. If they stayed on the island, it would be dangerous if they were attack by yao beasts.

Yet Xu Ling City’s surroundings were only so big, and only had so many cloud islands were suited for habitation. There were many jindan xiuzhe that could not find appropriate places and started to fight.

Some jindan started to form groups and tried to use their numbers to get enough benefits.

Quickly, people started to target Turtle Island.

While Turtle Island Battalion was famed in Cloud Sea Jie, but Turtle Island was still an upstart in many people’s eyes. They only had one victory and it wasn’t anything significant.

Turtle Island’s wealth had long been spoken of. This caused many hearts to sway.

Several batches of xiuzhe quickly sneaked near Turtle Island.

All jindan xiuzhe!

The mood suddenly turned tense!

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