World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Five – Fire Crow Attacking the Formation

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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Five – Fire Crow Attacking the Formation

“So this is Turtle Island?” The large man at the front looked at the roiling clouds, his eyes flashing. “A good place as rumors say!”

“Yes, yes!” A small-framed xiuzhe with a pinched mouth and round cheeks hurried to agree, “Daren is wise! This island does not expose itself, this location is the best next to Xu Ling Sect.”

He suddenly lowered his voice. “This subordinate used the Hemp Garment Divination Method to divine multiple times and, increasingly, I feel that this Turtle Island is in a good position. It is not far from the ruins so if the ruins appear, we will definitely be able to detect the disturbance here.”

“Oh, are you sure?” The large male who was the leader changed expression for the first time.

“It is accurate from the divination.” The man with the pinched mouth knew he could not put a guarantee on this kind of matter and said cautiously, “However, the ruins were built in the ancient era and there are many uncertain variables so this subordinate does not guarantee it. There have been several groups that have been circling around Turtle Island recently and must also be targeting Turtle Island.”

The large man showed a satisfied expression. “En, you have done well! Hmph! They want to compete with me? They don’t want to live!”

When he spoke the last words, his expression became vicious and full of murderousness.

The pinched-mouth male was touched by the murderousness and his expression changed slightly.

Daren’s murderous intent was unrivaled, no wonder he was called “The Butcher!”

The leading male was a famous expert with the name of the “Butcher”, Wei Li Tian! Wei Li Tian had become famed twenty years ago, the most merciless and cruel person, and his hands were painted in blood. His ranking was even higher than Ning Yi, in the top ten of Cloud Sea Jie. He also gathered a group of fellows that were also cruel experts, and there were five of them that were in the top one hundred. The other people, though not as famous, all had jindan cultivation.

They travelled the wilds, killing people and taking their treasures, the most famous outlaws of Cloud Sea Jie.

Their numbers were always maintained at forty nine people. Being the fiftieth person meant being eliminated from the group with only one outcome, death!

Forty nine people, all of them jindan, all of them with their unique techniques!

Many powers wanted to destroy them but Wei Li Tian’s group wasn’t just merciless in their conduct, but also cunning and malicious. There were many battalions that had fallen at their hands, many of them with great fame.

Wei LI Tian knew the advantages and shortcomings of his own troop. He never faced his opponents in open combat, always running around the enemy like a cunning wolf pack, charging when he saw the chance and then biting a piece off!

They had also come this time for the Sun Shen Hall ruins.

Wei Li Tian knew much more about it than other people because he had a xiuzhe in his group that was skilled in divination. Qiu Ling was the weakest of all the people in his group but was one of the most crucial members. This unknown jindan was skilled in all sorts of divination and Wei Li Tian’s most trusted assistant.

It had also been Qiu Ling who had persuaded Wei Li Tian. He hadn’t just calculated the position of the ruins but also divine many details that people did not know. For example, only xiuzhe with jindan cultivation could enter the ruins. This caused Wei Li Tian’s heart to move.

They had forty nine people that were all jindan!

In other words, all of them could enter the ruins!

Other factions could also send in jindan but they would not be as in sync and cooperate as well as Wei Li Tian’s group. It could be said that Wei Li Tian had a natural advantage. In terms of collective strength, other than the three yuanying, their group was undoubtedly fourth!

Qiu Ling also divined the origins of this shen hall. It was the the shen temple of a large tribe in the ancient era and contained almost the entire treasure trove of this tribe.

This was a treasure trove almost unimaginable!

Even if he did not compete with the three yuanying, just the little bit of leftovers was enough to satisfy them and they would not need to steal for a few years! If they were lucky, they wouldn’t need to worry about their entire lifespan!

As to the danger, people in their profession were always in danger.

They sneaked near Xu Ling City but after seeing that fight between yuanying, even this group of vicious people couldn’t help but feel fear and hurriedly left Xu Ling City.

But they did not plan on departing and moved their eyes towards the well-positioned Turtle Island.

“We can’t force ourselves in, the island formation isn’t ordinary and we might not have enough people to charge though.” Wei Li Tian’s eyes were keen and instantly saw the exceptional quality of the formation. He turned around and asked a subordinate, “A Xin, do you recognize what formation this is?”

The xiuzhe called A Xin had greyish white eyes that gave people the feeling of darkness and death.

“There is a Yinyang Thunder Cloud Formation, this isn’t a big problem and not difficult to resolve. But it is hiding another formation, and I have not seen this formation before. It isn’t simple, we need to be careful.”

When the words were spoken, many people had shocked expressions. A Xin was naturally born with a pair of grey pupils that were able to see through many things. He was from a seal cultivating sect and skilled in all kinds of formations. It was the first time they heard A Xin saw he did not recognize a formation.

Wei Li Tian’s expression became serious. He had expected before that this would be a hard bone to chew but he had been confident in having A Xin as the ultimate weapon. He hadn’t expected that even A Xin did not recognize it.

This caused him to smell the scent of danger.

He suddenly smiled, “Don’t rush. Since so many people are interested in Turtle Island, then we’ll let them explore first.”

The other people’s eyes lit up.


As the xiuzhe increased around Turtle Island, the mood on the island gradually became nervous.

A group of jindan xiuzhe roaming around Turtle Island produced pressure that caused everyone’s nervous to tense. This wasn’t one or two jindan, but dozens of jindan.

In reality, Zuo Mo and the others did not fear jindan. The island was strong in numbers and weapons, but after the number of jindan surpassed ten people, they started to feel enormous pressure.

A group of jindan was enough to decide the direction of the entire battle in small scale battles!

Battalions could easily defeat one or two jindan, but when the number reached ten, this was a power that was unable to be destroyed unless they were faced by a similar number of jindan!

Everyone rejoiced that Zuo Mo had spent great effort in setting up the formation. It now became the defense that they trusted the most!

The Meridional Azure Aether Formation that had been processed by azure aether was more than ten times as strong as the Yinyang Thunder Cloud Formation!

“What movements have these people made?” Zuo Mo asked Gongsun Cha.

Gongsun Cha’s Sky Ray Treasure Lens was extremely effective and they were able to clearly see the situation outside the formation.

“Restless!” Gongsun Cha’s brow creased and a thread of murderousness flashed. Lil’ Miss that had just been dealt a blow by the yuanying xiuzhe instantly felt irritated when a group of flies flew over.

Feeling the coldness in Gongsun Shidi’s words, Zuo Mo laughed soundlessly. Gongsun Shidi was proud and unwilling to admit defeat. Even if the other was yuanying, he was not willing to admit defeat. However, when he thought about it, Zuo Mo felt that he wasn’t much better. Including Eldest Shixiong, even though he didn’t say anything, but he had been even more diligent in his cultivation the past days. He probably also wasn’t giving up.

At this time, an enormous explosion came from the sky!


Fire crows charged at the island and activated the Yinyang Thunder Cloud Formation. Countless silver eels danced and smashed onto the fire crows to crush them into pieces.

Gongsun Cha swiped on the Sky Ray Treasure Lens and saw a daoist holding a gourd. There were blackish red fire crows continuously coming out of the gourd.

There were several people around the daoist that were clearly protecting him.

Gongsun Cha’s face became pot-black as he left without a word.

Those that were familiar with Lil’ Miss knew, Lil Miss was angry!


The sky above Turtle Island.

“Daoist Master’s Black Fire Ling Crows are as extraordinary as expected!” A xiuzhe’s gaze was fixed on the crows as he praised.

He didn’t know what those black fire ling crows were forged from but they were not afraid of lightning! Every time they were stuck by lightning, they would reform and continue to charge within the formation. The lightning would strike it to smithereens, and then it would reform again! The black fire ling crows seemed to be unable to die.

The shocking lightning that had been so intimidatingly thick in the formation became thinner and the sound decreased. The number of black fire ling crows increased and it seemed to become a black patch that was spectacular to see!

The Fire Crow Daoist was extremely proud. He had harvested the black fire from the deep in the earth to forge these black fire ling crows using a secret method over ten years. Today was the first time they were displayed in front of everyone. He had the intentions of amazing everyone.

He suddenly shouted, “Burn!”

The spell on his hands changed, and the fire on the fire crows grew. The black clouds were completely burned away by the fire!

The Yinyang Thunder Cloud Formation was so easy defeated!

There were cheers from the surroundings. Many people had shocked gazes and looked on with completely different attitudes towards the Fire Crow Daoist. The Fire Crow Daoist was even more proud and greed floated into his gaze. The news of Turtle Island’s wealth had spread rapidly in the past days. With his defeat of the formation in front, he would probably get some benefits.

Thinking how his purse which had been dusty for many years was finally going to be filled, the Fire Crow Daoist’s face became excited.

“Daoist is a masterful! After the formation is defeated, I will remember your service.” The leading xiuzhe gave the Fire Crow Daoist another push.

The Fire Crow Daoist became alert and said, “Many thanks, Daren! Look at my [Fire Chief Crow]!”

His expression became stern as he started to recite. An invisible ripple spread with him as the center.

The black fire ling crows spiraling in the air seemed to smell something and became restless and violent.

Pia pia pia!

Fire crows exploded into balls of black flame!

The exploding black flames merged into the bodies of the remaining black crows. The black fire ling crows expanded rapidly, their bodies becoming bigger, their claws even sharper with wisps of black smoke. The black feathers became even harder than before, the red patterns on them even brighter and clearer. On the forehead of the fire crows, a thread of black fire slowly pulsed.

The number of fire crows rapidly shrank until only thirty fire crows remained!

But the pressure given off by these thirty fire crows was even greater than the sky full of crows previously!

Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

As though it was the sound of the heart beating, the flames on the foreheads of the thirty fire crows pulsed simultaneously. The feeling of pressure spread and floated past everyone’s minds.

Each person’s heart uncontrollably tightened!

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