World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred – Rather Than Miss, Kill Wrongly

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Chapter Five Hundred – Rather Than Miss, Kill Wrongly

The little sun’s radiance reached a peak, the blinding light chasing away the dark of night. It seemed like daytime in a radius of five hundred li around the temple.

Just as people were deeply shocked by this scene, the little sun suddenly exploded without warning. Countless streaks of fire, each drew out long tails as they pounded down like a storm of rain.

The entire Sun Shen Temple became covered in this shower of fire.

The crowd couldn’t help but exclaim in shock!

The streams of fire were astoundingly powerful. Even looking from a distance, it was possible to feel their destructive and terrifying presence! If they were hit by these flames, not even ashes would be left!

Boom boom boom!

Explosions drummed rapidly as the ground rocked violently. The xiuzhe who were on the ground all escaped into the sky, and at this moment a shock wave hit them. They felt their bodies tighten as though someone pushed them hard. They were unable to stabilize their body. Their expression changed as they tried to control their figures, but like leaves in the wind, they were carried dozens of zhang away!

Shocked, everyone looked at the shen temple and inhaled sharply. The shen temple that had been so bright before was now completely swallowed in the dust. Explosions rang out from within and the dust would not settle!

What … … what happened?

The people looked at each other cluelessly.


Zuo Mo released a long breath. His body felt soft and sore. He had just manipulated the power of the shen temple and the task was enough to consume all the shen power in his body.

However, when he saw everyone panicking and moving fruitlessly in the flames, he instantly felt good. Especially that Masked Assassin who was in the Aged Gold Secret Realm. He was being chased by a golden figure and was left extremely disheveled. Zuo Mo felt good.

Masked Boy, enjoy this!

Zuo Mo snickered and sprinted off.

After the energy of the temple was used over tens of thousands of years and unable to replenish itself, the power of the shen temple was almost depleted. Many areas had become ineffective due to being abandoned for too long. Zuo Mo had activated the last vestiges of power in the shen temple but he did not dare guarantee that he could trap those people.

Especially the three yuanying. When they attacked, the power was enough to make Zuo Mo’s scalp prickle.

The most powerful of the three yuanying was the old man in the Overflowing Earth Secret Realm. He had almost torn apart the entire Overflowing Earth Secret Realm! The person that guarded the Overflowing Earth Secret Realm was called Zhu Gui, and was enormously powerful but this old man was completely subduing him. This old man seemed to be very clear to the defensive setup inside the secret realm and his attacks were extremely specific.

This gave Zuo Mo a strong feeling of danger.

He must find the treasures sealed in the shen temple before he got caught by these people and then secretly escape. Otherwise, it would be a problem of escape, not just getting the treasures.

However, he had his advantages. After being recognized by the shen temple, everything inside the shen temple was imprinted in his mind. He knew exactly where the treasures were hidden.

He did not have any hesitance as he sprinted at full power. Ling dan were pushed into his mouth to replenish his ling power as though they did not cost jingshi. He was hungry like a desert parched after the dry season. When the medicinal power of the ling dan entered his throat, they turned to threads of ling power, and permeated every part of his body.

The ling power quickly turned to the mo physique and spiritual consciousness in his body. The power inside his body was quickly recovering.

His sprinting speed increased. A short while later, Zuo Mo who recovered his mo physique summoned the Light Void Wings. His speed suddenly increased and he was like a golden bolt of lightning.

The inside of the shen temple was larger than it looked from the outside. Zuo Mo ran for a whole hour before he reached his destination.

In front of him was a door nine zhang tall. The door was forged from copper and was astonishingly thick. At the middle of the door was a bright sun and around the sun, ten golden birds flew with wings stretched.

Excitement showed on Zuo Mo’s face.


Elder Shen was extremely rushed.

When the sun in the sky had exploded, his heart had jumped. The worse case scenario had occurred! Descendants of the Sun Tribe! There really were descendants of the Sun Tribe still alive in the world!

If it had just been a speculation before, then what was happening now proved it.

If one wasn’t a descendant of the Sun Tribe, they definitely could not control the Sun Shen Temple. Also the other was highly likely to possess the direct bloodline of the Sun tribe!

If this new passed out, it would create a great ruckus!

The descendants of ancient tribes were always targets those from the large sects were extremely wary of. If they were found, they would immediately be eliminated. On this point, Kun Lun and the other sects of Four Realm Heaven had come to a consensus. The bloodlines of the ancients had long disappeared due to this persecution over thousands of years.

The Sun Tribe, formerly the strongest tribe, was one of those pursued the most. How could a fish have slipped the net?

Seeing the sand puppet reform once again, Elder Shen’s expression was dark. This was the sixth time he had dispersed its body.

The guardian of the Overflowing Earth Secret Realm, Zhu Gui, came from the Sand Earth Tribe, one of the nine earth tribes. Even though the sect leader and the others had given him a solution to deal with him, but it was not an easy matter to completely take the other apart quickly. Maybe in the ancient era Zhu Gui had not been a strong individual, but at present, he could definitely enter the top level! Also, this was the Overflowing Secret Realm and Zhu Gui’s power could be used to its fullest.

The sect leader told him if he encountered Zhu Gui, he was to scatter the other’s body thirteen times and a chance to strike a fatal blow would appear!

But thirteen times … …

Was there enough time?

The darkness grew over Elder Shen’s mind.


The Massed Assassin was extremely disheveled. The person in front of him was hard to damage with flying swords. He had tried very hard and managed to leave behind a wound on the other’s body but in the blink of an eye, the other had healed.

“Careful, this guy is from the Silver Ground Tribe!” the middle-aged person shouted from behind him with a face full of urgency.

The two figures in the air were like two streaks of lightning.

“Damn it, so unfortunate!” the middle-aged male couldn’t stop himself from swearing, “Someone from the Sun Tribe managed to slip past? Scum! They are scum! They’ve cleansed for several thousand years, and didn’t manage to do it completely. What a stupid sect, they are all holes!”

As he swore, he felt extremely panicked.

How could he have expected there would truly be Sun Tribe descendants? At the beginning, that rambling guy had patted his chest to promise that there definitely was not any Sun Tribe descendants so he had run over in hopes of profiting.

Based on the guy’s history of never failing, he had believed it, and hired the Masked Assassin to come over. But now there was a Sun Tribe descendant and they were trapped in the Aged Gold Secret Realm.

What was unluckiness?

This was!

The Masked Assassin’s power was great, but it depended on the situation. This kind of face-to-face fighting was the type of fighting that the Masked Assassin was weakest in. The secret realm was also the other’s home territory, and concealment was completely ineffective in the secret realm.

How unlucky were they to have landed in such a predicament!

The middle-aged male wanted to cry!


Zuo Mo’s hand pressed against the copper door. The Sun Crystal Seed suddenly heated up. A warm flow rushed out of the Sun Crystal Seed, and entered the copper door from Zuo Mo’s arm.

The sun script on the copper door suddenly lit up.

The copper doors that had been closed for tens of thousands of years slowly opened. The world behind it slowly revealed itself

Zuo Mo took a deep breath and walked in.

The space behind the door was not large. This was the priest’s hall, the place that the priest usually resided. In the ancient era, due to the requirement for sacrificial ceremonies, the position of a priest was extremely glorious. Their status was just a step lower than the totem warriors. They also were in charge of the daily life of the tribe so they were extremely powerful.

In every shen temple, the priest hall was the most important area.

Zuo Mo did not linger and walked straight through. There were some primitive and ancient artifacts along the way but Zuo Mo did not stop. These items looked valuable but if he blew lightly, they would turn to dust and disappear. In tens of thousands of years, normal objects could not remain.

Even though the priest was of high status, the decorations of the priest hall did not feel sumptuous and only had normal objects.

Passing through the place the priest normally lived, Zuo Mo came to the deepest part of the priest hall, the sacrifice room.

The sacrifice room was not large and the decorations were unusually simple with a copper table placed in the middle. When Zuo Mo came in, he was attracted by an item on the table.

It was a golden tree leaf.

This tree leaf was the only item in the room that did not have any dust on it. It released a faint golden light that dimmed and brightened in turn like a baby’s delicate breathing.

Zuo Mo saw with a glance that it was not ordinary. He was overjoyed and hurriedly picked it up.

The gold light disappeared the moment the tree leaf entered his hand. The entire tree leaf was palm-sized and seemed to be made from gold. However, the patterns on it were life-like and it did not show any marks of craftsmanship.

Zuo Mo had an intuitive feeling that this golden leaf was not man-made but a natural object.

Even an idiot would know that this golden leaf was not ordinary. Time was tight so Zuo Mo did not examine it closely and hurriedly put it into his ring. He raised his head and glanced at the copper golden crow statues on the table that were covered in dust. Zuo Mo hesitated and then swept them into the ring.

With the attitude that he would not miss any treasure, even if he made some mistakes and took something worthless, Zuo Mo didn’t even leave the copper table and put it into the ring.

There were two copper shelves beside the copper desk that was filled with decaying objects. They should have been filled in the past. Zuo Mo did not care for the uncleanliness and started to rummage through the debris.

He felt that anything which had not decayed was something good.

Tens of thousands of years was like a butcher’s knife. Those that were not good pigs with thick skin could not survive.

He actually did have some success.

A turtle shell with scorch marks, seven sharp beast teeth, and a short wooden rod that was extremely marked up.

Zuo Mo was motivated and placed the two copper shelves into the ring as well.

It was a pity that the door was too large and could not be taken of its hinges… …

Zuo Mo smacked his lips with regret.

After scanning the surroundings to make sure he did not miss anything, Zuo Mo finally left the sacrifice room.

He searched in his mind and the next target entered Zuo Mo’s vision.

—His blood instantly started to boil!

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