World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Two – Extreme Joy To Sorrow”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Two – Extreme Joy To Sorrow”

Zuo Mo carefully advanced.

It was hard to feel safe in this ghastly place. Even though the Burning Shen Realm’s flames had been extinguished for many years, the atmosphere of hopelessness and pressure that had formed over countless years pressed on Zuo Mo’s heart like a rock.

Zuo Mo’s nerves were tightly tensed.

Just now, he had seemed to see something out of the corner of his eye. Under this murderous environment, Zuo Mo’s heart couldn’t help but jump. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, and managed to suppress it and calm himself down. This ghastly place! He really could not imagine how the people that had been imprisoned in the Burning Shen Realm had lived and wished for death!

When he walked forward, Zuo Mo finally saw what that pile of things were.

It was a pile of bones. Frightened for nothing, Zuo Mo instantly released a breath.

It was most likely the bones left behind from a person imprisoned in the Burning Shen Realm, one burned to death. Zuo Mo shook his head. It seemed that there wasn’t anything good left in here.

He bent down and started to collect out of habit.

When his hand came into contact with the bones, he instantly felt it was strange. His expression changed as he hurriedly picked up a piece of bone. He held it out in front of himself and started to examine it closely.

This bone should be a bone in the arm. It was not different in size compared than normal bones but when he held it, he felt a clear difference. It was extremely heavy, four to five times as heavy as normal arm bones. The bone was not the stark white of normal bones but a rare dark green. There were threads of dark red patterns on the surface and the bone felt as though it was made from jade.

Zuo Mo picked up another bone and lightly tapped the two of them together.


A clear sound.

Without any warning, an invisible wave of sound suddenly exploded and headed at him! Zuo Mo was unable to react in time and felt golden light flash, so bright it blinded him. It was the Sun Crystal Seed above his head that was stimulated and automatically protected its owner.

Alarmed, Zuo Mo almost threw the two bones in his hands away!

Fortunately, his second reaction was also extremely fast and he managed to stop!

When his mood settled, his eyes became eerily green as though he wanted to eat these bones.


Definitely treasure!

Zuo Mo didn’t know how many times he shouted these words mentally!

Common! So common!

But he still couldn’t help but shout. There was a glow that was called jingshi on his face. He caressed the green jade bones on his hands and was filled with emotion!

Great ones were really great ones. Even the bones of great ones after death were this extraordinary, this powerful!

Zuo Mo carefully picked up the ink jade bones one by one, picking them up gently and putting them down gently. After picking up the ink jade bones on the top, Zuo Mo’s gaze was suddenly attracted by an object.

What was that?

His mind alert, Zuo Mo instantly swept away the dirt and dust to pick it up.

A bronze mask!

“Really ugly!” Zuo Mo muttered. The mask was cold in his hand. What was most startling was the two empty eye sockets on the face. The mouth engraved on the mask gaped wildly as though it held viciousness and disdain. It revealed two rows of sharp fangs like that of a wild beast and was biting on a broken arrow. The broken arrow seemed to have been dyed by some unknown material that was red and appeared as though it was dripping blood.

The craftsmanship style was very crude, but it held the flavor of savagery.

This should be a treasure?

Zuo Mo wasn’t sure.

Compared to the inky jade bones, the bronze mask did not seem very attention-catching. It seemed to be a normal bronze mask. Zuo Mo was even unable to feel any power ripples from it.

But since it was able to survive for so many years, it should have some value.

In such a heated Burning Shen Realm, the coldness that the mask radiated caused Zuo Mo to feel very comfortable. Without another word, he put the mask on.

A wave of coolness passed over. Zuo Mo felt unspeakably comfortable. His body instantly felt lighter, and the pressure that had been covering his mind seemed to decrease.

Good thing!

Zuo Mo instantly felt affection for this mask.

This wave of coolness was not thick but it seemed to seep into his bones. His mind instantly became clearer. Talismans that could clear the mind were very popular on the market. It wasn’t just beneficial for daily cultivation, they were also extremely practical in battle. They could decrease the power of the enemy’s illusory spells and could help the wearer cast spells.

This mask was able to subdue the effects of the Burning Shen Realm. Just this one quality was enough for Zuo Mo to hold on to it and not let go.

What kind of place was the Burning Shen Realm?

The effect that normal talismans could have in this place was so small it was insignificant!

Good treasure, good treasure!

Zuo Mo smiled and searched the entire Burning Shen Realm but did not have any more discoveries. The ground of the Burning Shen Temple was as hard as metal. Zuo Mo could only sigh. It would be hard to even leave a mark on the ground, much less dig down.

Content, Zuo Mo did not notice that the power of the shen temple was decreasing at an astounding rate.


The xiuzhe that were fighting noticed immediately. No matter if it was the realm guardians or the traps, their power decreased dramatically!

All of these people were old-timers and instantly understood what had happened.

“The power of the shen temple has weakened!” Li Shu looked at the sky and said lightly.

Elder Shen snorted coldly, his voice carrying deep urgency and murderousness. “He got it!”

Their speed suddenly increased!


At the same time, the Masked Assassin suddenly erupted and defeated the Aged Gold Secret Realm.

At this point, the middle-aged male was urgent and impatient. “Faster, faster! That Sun Tribe descendant got it!”

Without another word, the Masked Assassin picked up the middle-aged male and disappeared as he used his movement method.


In the other places, several groups coincided. However, they maintained a safe distance from each other with their gazes filled with thick enmity. However, they did not fight. Up until now, no one had gained anything.

Everyone had come in search of wealth. Before there was anything profitable appeared, no one would move rashly.

Everyone used their own movement methods to increase their speed, all moving towards the mask.

Along the way, they could see traces that things had been moved. There clearly had been people that reached these places first. This caused everyone’s expressions to become terrible.

“Damn it! If ye knows who has these things, ye’ll cut off his hands!” one of the people said hatefully.

“Is it those yuanying?” someone asked.

“So what if it is the yuanying? Yuanying means they can take it all? Do they not know the rules? If they eat the meat, they have to leave soup for us!” someone shouted out in discontent.

No one verbally agreed but many had expressions of agreement. Those that were able to enter were famous people on the rankings of Cloud Sea Jie. Many of the top ten had come. Those that did not were either on a distant trip or in seclusion so they were unable to get here in time. Otherwise, they would have definitely come.

These experts usually had their eyes pointed at the sky and were very proud. They all came with great expectations into the shen temple.

But they worked so hard and took such a great risk yet ended up with nothing.

Several places that looked as though they had treasure seemed to have been searched by someone already. In the most exaggerated place, even the soil had been upturned.

This caused many people to stare in shock. What kind of person was this? Searching for treasure like this? This attitude of turning the earth caused many people to feel deep shock.

But more people had black faces, their eyes flashing with the sparks of anger as blood rushed into their throats. Was there anything more depressing than this?

They could only furiously channel their ling power and did not stop along the way.

If you’re lucky, don’t let ye catch you!

Otherwise … …

Spit out everything that you ate!

Everyone’s mental thought was unusually similar. These people were extremely outstanding in strength and with their anger boiling, their wrath could be imagined. Adding on that the power of the shen temple had weakened, they were unstoppable on their path!

If one looked from the sky, they could see all the xiuzhe in the Sun Shen Temple was furiously gathering in the direction that Zuo Mo was at.

At the very front was the trio of Elder SHen!


Contented, Zuo Mo came out of the Burning Shen Realm. He had originally went in with the thought of exploring and had not expected to get something. The joy in his heart could be imagined.

Extremely content!

“Bastard! This old man finally found you! Do not run!”

A dark and furious voice suddenly came from behind him. Zuo Mo’s expression changed dramatically!

Damn it!

This was fatal!

His reaction was extremely rapid. Seeing the situation, he prepared to activate the Light Void Wings to escape but found to his shock that the three powers in his body had transformed back to shen power!

This suddenly change instantly caused Zuo Mo’s soul to fly out!

It did not require a long time for shen power to turn to the three powers, but at this critical time, the delay was fatal!

In this blink, Elder Shen and the other two surrounded him.

Elder Shen felt very good. His gaze landed on the Sun Crystal Seed on top of Zuo Mo’s head and his eyes narrowed. He could not stop the greed in his eyes from showing as he said darkly, “So it is the Sun Crystal Seed! I was saying, how could there be Sun descendants. Your luck is pretty good to get such a great treasure!”

Li Shu and Lu Zhen also had excited expressions. They were high on their guard and were wary of letting the other escape. Li Shu was more detail-minded. His gaze landed on the bronze mask on the other’s face. For some unknown reason, he felt a thread of fear.

This thread of fear came out of nowhere. He hurriedly focused. With Elder present, the other definitely could not escape!

Elde Shen said lightly, “Be good and give the treasures, I’ll spare your life!”

Zuo Mo’s heart sank and a bitter smile came onto his mouth!

As expected, people died for wealth, birds died for food!

The pressure of the yuanying was like a mountain. Zuo Mo felt he couldn’t breath as the mountain-like pressure came onto him! What was even worse was that the Sun Crystal Seed shrank back. It did not react at all against the pressure that came at him!

The last life-saving straw was ineffective. Zuo Mo’s heart reached rock-bottom.

At this moment, Elder Shen’s expression changed.

“Leaving the treasures is a given, but I think that the life doesn’t need to be spared.” A middle-aged person dressed in Taoist robes slowly appeared in Zuo Mo’s vision. His appearance was extremely sudden as it seemed to be out of thin air.

“I agree with Brother Ye’s words!”

An old person with a bamboo staff came out of the corner.

Zuo Mo’s face was ashen.

Yuanying! Two more yuanying!

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