World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Seven – Thieving Baldies!

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Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Seven – Thieving Baldies!

Only half of the Clear Cloud Python’s head was left, a portion of the cloud energy had been scattered and swirled inside the cavity. The enormous pain caused it to furiously twist its body. All of the clouds within dozens of li were pulled in and the wind cut past like blades.

Where was the wasteland beast?

Zuo Mo’s eyes were wide as he furiously looked around to search for the traces of the wasteland beast but he could not find it anywhere.

For some unknown reason, he felt a wave of sorrow.

Even though he knew that the wasteland beast was a yao beast summoned using the [Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art] and would not truly die, he still felt a thread of grief. In his mind, the wasteland beast was undefeatable. On multiple occasions, it had been the wasteland beast that had saved him at the crucial moment. In his mind, the wasteland beast was like one of his comrades.

Zuo Mo stared hard at the Clear Cloud Python that was still twisting around. In this moment, he hated himself for not being strong enough.

Silly Bird also detected danger and accelerated. The Clear Cloud Python quickly disappeared from Zuo Mo’s vision.


A rare thread of trepidation flashed through Ding Zhen’s composed eyes. He leaned back to look at the enormous body of the Clear Cloud Python and could not move his gaze away.

Eighth-grade yao beast, was something that even he feared!

Ding Zhen felt a thread of regret. He should not have brought Ming Jing and the other’s along. He had not expected the Cloud Sea was so dangerous that it had cloud beasts that were eighth-grade like the Clear Cloud Python. Even he needed to be wary against an eighth-grade yao beast. Ming Jing and the others would not even have a chance to escape. No matter where, eight-grade yao beasts were the top rank of the food chain and powerful existences that yuanying xiuzhe did not dare to provoke!

This was really fortunate this time. If they had been a bit slower when crossing the river, then it would be dangerous.

However … …

His gaze was fixed on the people that had just crossed the river, and murderousness flashed through his eyes. He clearly remembered the wavering in his heart the moment the strange beast was summoned. No one knew the shock he felt at that moment. He did not recognize the wasteland beast but the unique desolate and ancient presence on the wasteland beast attracted Ding Zhen’s attention the moment it appeared.

The suicide attack of the wasteland beast what had heavily wounded the Clear Cloud Python caused him to reassess the power of the wasteland beast.

The Clear Cloud Python was an eighth-grade yao beast!

A xiuzhe that could possess such a powerful ling beast definitely would not have a simple background.

Ding Zhen didn’t even think in the direction of yao arts. There was a distance between the two groups and the river was shrouded in cloud mist so their view was obstructed. Also, all of their attention had been focused on the Clear Cloud Python.

Eighth-grade yao beasts, even Ding Zhen had only ever seen a handful.

It was only when the wasteland beast appeared that they attracted Ding Zhen’s attention.

Ding Zhen was considering if he should act against the other. His attitude towards Zuo Mo’s group was quickly changing. He did not know Zuo Mo’s goal in entering the deep of the Cloud Sea but he felt a direct threat. He also was suspicious that Zuo Mo’s group was also going after that thing in the Cloud Sea.

He would not allow anything unexpected to happen on this mission.

But when he met the gazes of Zuo Mo’s group, he suppressed the murderousness he felt because their gazes were full of undisguised wariness.

The other was prepared against a him!

Highly experienced old-timers!

Ding Zhen instantly understood. He smiled like usual and nodded towards Zuo Mo’s group. He then turned with his three disciples and disappeared into the Cloud Sea.


Crossing the cloud river safely, they could hear the howls of the Clear Cloud Python from across the river. But for some reason, the Clear Cloud Python seemed extremely wary of the river and did not cross it. Moments later, the shouts of the Clear Cloud Python faded.

The cloud river that had been torn into pieces spread everywhere, carrying along the ice crystals

Silly Bird relaxed her claws and Zuo Mo collapsed on the ground. He was almost completely out of energy. Even Wei Sheng had an expression of trepidation on his face. Kang De’s expression was stunned. He had not recovered from the situation.

“He intended to kill us just now,” Zong Ru suddenly spoke.

Wei Sheng and Zuo Mo stilled. The two exchanged a look and their expressions became grave. They knew just how fantastically sensitive Zong Ru’s perception was.

“There is no good baldy in the baldies of Xuan Kong Temple!” Zuo Mo said hatefully.

Wei Sheng laughed.

“Alive … … I’m still alive … … am I dreaming … …” Kang De’s voice was trembling as he talked to himself.

Zuo Mo and Silly Bird rolled their eyes at the same time. Their movements were in unison and it could be seen that the two of them were about the same in virtue.

Wei Sheng patted Kang De’s back and comforted him, “It isn’t a dream.”

Kang De seemed to be crazy. Everyone knew that he had not recovered from the shock of danger just now and were understanding towards his reaction. Zuo Mo shoved a bunch of ling dan into his mouth, crossed his legs and then started to meditate. Wei Sheng and Zong Ru guarded him to prevent any accidents from occurring.

As the ling dan entered his throat, it turned to a wave of heat that spread through his entire body.

Zuo Mo was the only one that dared to consume ling dan in this manner. His channels were larger than normal people, and the paths his ling power took to circulated through his body frequently differed from normal xiu. He did not need to worry about collisions between large streams of ling power.

He manipulated the circulation of shen power according to the methods on the golden leaf.

The circulation of shen power was more complex than any of the three powers, but its effect was also larger than any spell, mo skill or yao art.

Just an hour later, Zuo Mo opened his eyes. He had completely recovered.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru released a breath. If this was any other person, they would definitely be surprised at Zuo Mo’s quick recovery rate, but the two did not find it strange. In their view, nothing normal happened to Zuo Mo.

Kang De also gradually became calm but his face was still slightly white.

“What was the big thing just now?”

“It is the Clear Cloud Python.” Terror rose in Kang De’s eyes as he tried to keep his tone calm. “It is the most powerful cloud beast in the Cloud Sea. From long ago, people have spoken of it but no one had ever seen it with their own eyes. Many people did not believe it, I also did not think it was real. I hadn’t expected it to be true.”

“Clear Cloud Python?” Zuo Mo’s eyes were thoughtful but he didn’t have any memory of it. “What grade?”

“I don’t know.” Kang De shook his head.

“It should be eighth-grade,” Wei Sheng suddenly said.

“No wonder it was so powerful!” Zuo Mo stilled. Then he said with surprise, “No wonder it could defeat the wasteland beast!”

Just as he finished talking, Pu Yao’s cold snort sounded in his mind, “My ass!”

Zuo Mo’s expression froze.

“Passing the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art to you is a waste!”

“Ha, the honored wasteland beast was killed by an eighth-grade little fat snake, Teacher, oh Teacher, please do not climb out of your coffin!”

“Shaming you even in Cloud Sea Jie. I actually took on such trash as a student, I should poke out my own eyes!”

“The misfortune of the school!”

“The humiliation of yao world!”

Pu Yao’s disdain and mockery was thrown at Zuo Mo him with everything he was able.

Wei suddenly inserted with a smile, “You cannot completely blame Little Mo! The common saying is right, there are no stupid students, just terrible teachers.”

A deathly silence, murderousness spread in the sea of consciousness!

“Little Wei, it seems you are seeking death!” Pu Yao was full of murderousness.

“So sorry so sorry, I know, I know, the truth is slightly hurtful.” Wei’s face was full of innocence and apology but he looked extremely proud.

Bam bam bam bam … …

The two of them started to fight immediately.

Zuo Mo’s face was full of exasperation. These two were really extreme!

He turned towards Kang De. “How far until there are water cloud embryos?”

Kang De thought and then said, “Not too far, about two more days of travel and we can arrive. However … …”

He halted in speech.

“However what?” Zuo Mo asked.

Kang De gritted his teeth and said, “Daren, this subordinate doesn’t dare to guarantee that there will be water cloud embryos there. Something big definitely happened in the Cloud Sea.”

“En, this cannot be blamed on you.” Zuo Mo waved his hand and then stood up. He said, “We will go immediately to find water cloud embryos.”

Zuo Mo decided once they found a water cloud embryo, he would use the transportation seals and get everyone to leave this dangerous place.

Kang De calmly quieted down. He also knew if he secretly ran away, he would not be able to escape the Cloud Sea. If he followed Daren, he would have at least a small guarantee of safety.

The group stood and continued to advance.

After walking for an hour, Kang De’s face gradually became ugly. He suddenly stopped walking.

“Daren, the road is not right.”

“The road is not right?” Zuo Mo and the other stilled.

“This subordinate is extremely familiar with this route and did not feel it at the beginning but now, this subordinate is certain that the road is not correct! It seems … … someone has modified it.” Kang De’s expression was puzzled.

Zuo Mo and the others changed expression.

He closed his eyes and spread out his shen power. When he opened his eyes, murderousness flashed through his eyes.

“Those damned baldies!”

As he spoke, he suddenly raised his hand. A ball of light suddenly exploded in his hand. Light charged into the surroundings. It was the art used specifically to defeat illusory arts [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Flash]!

The Cloud Sea in the surroundings flashed but did not change. Zuo Mo’s expression changed.

Another [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Flash!]

Only after the third [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Flash] did the scenery change.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru had terrible expressions. They had not detected the illusory art that the other had set down at all! Zuo Mo’s face was black. He had used [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Flash] three times in a row to defeat the illusory spell the other set up. This was enough to show the difference in power between them.

The other’s move was extremely evil. It was just a little illusory spell. If they did not detect it, they would fall! If they got lost in the Cloud Sea, they would not come out alive!

Thieving baldies!

Kang De looked around and then his eyes suddenly lit up. “I know where we are!”

Finishing, he hurriedly walked towards the cloud mist on the right.

Zuo Mo and the others quickly followed.

“The Xuan Kong Temple baldies really do want to deal with us,” Zuo Mo gritted out.

“Rationally we are not in conflict with them unless they have a target? Are they afraid that we will interfere?” Wei Sheng showed a ponderous expression.

Zuo Mo said with a snicker, “They definitely have something they are after. Otherwise, why would they come to the Cloud Sea? Something that can attract a yuanying baldy of Xuan Kong Temple definitely would not be a normal treasure! Since they have involved us, hee hee … …”

He smirked coldly. Originally the two sides were only travelling in the same direction, you search for your treasure, and I’ll search for my water cloud embryo. He hadn’t expected the other to be so malicious and sneakily to move against them in secret.

Xiao Mo Ge’s personality was to settle all scores. There was no reason to slight himself.

So what if they were yuanying? Zuo Mo could not fight him for the treasure but in terms of setting down traps, if Zuo Mo did not have ten thousand ideas, he had at least a few thousand.

Don’t let ge encounter you … …

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and cursed inside.

Translator Ramblings: I think Fang Xiang has something against bald people … … or a fear of going bald. Also, Pu Yao is a drama queen.