World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Nine – The Mist People

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Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Nine – The Mist People

The cloud mist in front of them was a faint blue. If one looked closely, they would find that each ball of mist was composed of countless tiny faint blue ice crystals. These faint blue ice crystals floated in the air and did not fall.

The blue endless mist sea was like an ocean and gave people the feeling of being immeasurable.

“This this … …” Kang De’s face was pale as he gaped. His expression seemed as though he had seen a ghost.

Zuo Mo’s heart jumped as he hurriedly asked, “What is it? Is something wrong?”

“This … … this is ice mist!” Kang De stammered out.

“Ice Mist?” Zuo Mo looked at the vast light blue mist and nodded. This name was pretty accurate. However, looking at Kang De’s expression, there definitely was something that was not right. He couldn’t help but ask, “What is it? What is wrong?”

Kang De swallowed hard, his face pale as though his face was powdered. “Daren may not know, but the ice mist is only found in one place. That is the Ice Mist Haze territory at the deepest part of the Cloud Sea. How can there be ice mist here?”

Zuo Mo recognized the situation. “You are saying there should not be ice mist here?”

Turning his face, he looked at the vast blue mist sea and shook.

Something definitely unexpected had happened!

He suddenly thought of a question and his expression changed. He hurriedly asked, “What about the road? Would the road … …”

“Daren, the road is gone!” Kang De’s expression was full of terror.

Zuo Mo’s heart sank. “Then the water cloud embryos?”

“This subordinate does not know.” Kang De shook his head. “This subordinate has never gone into the Ice Mist Haze territory. There are rarely people that go deep into the Ice Mist Haze territory. It is too dangerous! Daren, look at this ice mist, they are extremely cold. If one does not have a treasure or enough power to protect their body, then just contact with the ice mist is enough to freeze them!”

Wei Sheng raised the black sword, and the tip sand into the ice mist.

A layer of frost quickly spread on the surface of the black mist at a visible rate.

Wei Sheng shook it lightly and the frost on the black sword disappeared. He raised his face and his expression was solemn. “We need to be careful!”

Zuo Mo saw what Wei Sheng had done from beginning to end, if even Wei Sheng felt they needed to be careful then the danger the ice mist posed was clear.

But … …

Zuo Mo looked at the quiet A Gui beside him, his heart filled with unwillingness. Water cloud embryo! Only a water cloud embryo could heal A Gui!

At this moment, Zuo Mo felt extremely conflicted. No matter what, he needed to find the water cloud embryo but he did not want Wei Sheng and Zong Ru to end up in danger because of him.

Wei Sheng glanced at Zuo Mo and instantly understood Zuo Mo’s intentions. He smiled, “Just mere ice mist, Shidi, do not be nervous. Finding the water cloud embryo is important, let’s go!”

Turning around, he walked straight into the ice mist!

Zong Ru smiled slightly. “Daren, time is tight!”

Finishing, he walked into the ice mist.

Zuo Mo’s heart instantly warmed and he was moved. Seeing this, he did not hesitate and took out a transportation seal. “Your cultivation is too low, return first. This transportation formation will take you straight back to the island.”

Kang De had never gone to the Ice Mist Haze territory before and could not act as a guide any further. Kang De was also weak relative to rest of the group and the ice mist was abnormally dangerous. They did not have the attention to spare to protect him so Zuo Mo let him return.

Giving the transportation seal to Kang De, Zuo Mo took A Gui and walked into the ice mist.

Entering the ice mist, he felt the bone-boring coldness come from all directions. Even Zuo Mo, with his powerful body, couldn’t help but shudder. Suddenly, a wave of warmth wrapped around him. The Sun Crystal Seed appeared above his head and released fine light that covered Zuo Mo, A Gui, and the Little Ones.

Zuo Mo jumped in fright. The Sun Crystal Seed had always been silent in his body and never moved. Sometimes, he would almost forget the existence of the Sun Crystal Seed. He hadn’t thought that the coldness of the ice mist would have stimulated the Sun Crystal Seed out.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru raised their own defenses.

Wei Sheng was covered in thin sword essence. This layer was extremely thin and wrapped around Wei Sheng’s body like a membrane. When the ice mist came into contact with this layer of sword essence, it would disappear as though it was swallowed.

Zong Ru held the Crossed Prayer Wheel and slowly turned it. Fine golden sutra characters swam in the surroundings and flicking in and out of view. The strange cold of the ice mist could not break through this seemingly thin barrier of sutra characters.

When Zuo Mo caught up, the three silently took up positions of a triangular formation with Wei Sheng at the front.

“The world is large and has all kinds of wonders!” Wei Sheng said emotionally. “This time, my vision has been broadened by this trip to the Cloud Sea! No wonder so many elders like to travel the world!”

Zuo Mo’s head shook like a rattle drum. “If it wasn’t for the water cloud embryo, I won’t come to this ghastly place! Oh, but the cloud messengers are good … …”

Wei Sheng saw Zuo Mo’s greedy state and he laughed. A strange feeling rose.

In terms of strength, Shidi could be considered a great genius that rivaled him but his personality was completely different than any young genius he had ever seen. Of the geniuses that he had encountered, like the astounding Lin Qian or the many others, they were either had great intelligence and deep talent or they had persistent hearts. Even he himself had only focused on the sword and nothing else.

But Shidi was far from being considered the peak of intelligence. His personality was lively, he was business-like and greedy for money. He learned all kinds of trades, spells, sword scriptures, seals, formations, forging, he learned a little of all of these, and many strange and weird things that Wei Sheng had never even heard of.

If one saw the things that Shidi learned, he was definitely the classical example of what not to do.

But even so, Shidi’s strength had reached a level that was hard to believe.

He didn’t understand how Shidi had cultivated the way he did. Wei Sheng shook his head and laughed, throwing the question to the back of his mind.

“Does Shidi recognize the water cloud embryo?” Wei Sheng asked.

“Yes.” Zuo Mo nodded. He had made good preparations.

Wei Sheng rested his heart. He suddenly realized that while Shidi looked unreliable usually but he never made major mistakes. Thinking about this, Wei Sheng was thoughtful.

The further they walked in, the heavier the coldness of the ice mist was. The blue color of the ice mist increased and the ice crystals that formed the ice mist became bigger.

There were still remnants of cloud grasses lingering on the ground. These cloud grasses had been frozen into little ice statues. They would occasionally see corpses of cloud beasts but they had also been frozen into ice and on their surface was a strange blue layer.

The trio’s expressions became solemn. All the traces indicated that when the ice mist arrived, these cloud beasts had not had a chance to escape.

Suddenly, A Gui turned her head but no one noticed. Her empty and wooden eyes stared into the depths of the ice mist, a purple light flashed across her eyes.

Zuo Mo was slightly worried that the sudden appearance of the ice mist would have destroyed all the water cloud embryos.

Suddenly, a wave of rustling noises came from the ice mist. The three instantly showed wary expressions, stopped moving, and went on guard!

A pair of blue eyes appeared in the ice mist.

The trio felt a strong feeling of danger!

Without any hesitation, the black sword in Wei Sheng’s hands suddenly sliced forward!

The black and empty sword essence tore apart the ice mist in front of them and exposed the other’s true body!

A female whose body glowed like crystal appeared in front of them. She had a pair of deep blue eyes, her hair was a pure snowy white and her chin was sharp it had an uncanny and beautiful resemblance to work of craftsmanship. Her small lips did not hold any blush. Layer upon layer of light blue ice mist spin around her and her body that was bare flickered in and out of view.

When Zuo Mo and the others look down, they were astounded.

Countless blue ice crystals moved on the ground like quicksand. Her lower body was completely made up of this kind of blue ice.

“Mist People!” Pu Yao and Wei’s exclamations sounded in Zuo Mo’s mind at almost the same time.

Zuo Mo’s heart suddenly jumped and he rushed to ask, “What are the Mist People?”

He had a bad feeling. This was the first time that Pu Yao and Wei shouted in shock at the same matter.

“How is it possible?” Wei murmured to himself. The aloofness on his face had disappeared and what replaced it was deep disbelief as though he was seeing a ghost.

Pu Yao’s face was not much better. His expression suddenly changed as he shouted, “Quick ,run!”


Zuo Mo’s mind blanked. Not good!

Pu Yao usually looked down on everything. This was the first time Pu Yao did not hesitate in telling him to run!

This would only be one kind of circumstance—the other’s strength was such that even Pu Yao was wary!

In a flash, Zuo Mo’s mind was abnormally clear. He prepared to call Wei Sheng and Zong Ru to flee when something suddenly changed!

At some unknown time, their legs had been wrapped up in slender flows of ice mist. No matter how they struggled, they were unable to move!

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru instantly detected it and their expressions changed. Yet no matter how they channeled ling power, the slender flows of ice mist did not move at all.

The three had hopeless expressions.

None of the Little Ones were an exception and were firmly tied up as well. Silly Bird that was usually the boss had been tied until she looked like a knot.

The mist person looked indifferently at them. The ice crystals under her body supported her and slowly moved her near them.

Zuo Mo knew that they were finished. The difference in strength was too great, so great that they didn’t even have a chance to escape.

“What are the Mist People?” Zuo Mo’s expression did not change as he asked in his sea of consciousness.

Pu Yao and Wei definitely knew.

“An ancient tribe!” Wei’s tone could not recover its usual calm. “They are not too famous, but they have endured. It is possible to see traces of their presence in every era. I had not imagined they would had survived until now!”

Pu Yao’s expression was complex. He was widely read and knew what the Mist People were.

Everyone had assumed that the ancient tribes had died out long ago. Who could have thought that they would see the lucky survivors of an ancient tribe in the depth of the Cloud Sea!

Pu Yao who had received the elite education of yao knew much more about all kinds of secrets than normal yao. However, about ancient tribes, no matter if it was the xiuzhe world, the mo world, or the yao world, the conclusion was unusually in consensus.

They had died out long ago!

Ancient tribe?

This time, even Zuo Mo was shocked.

A tribe as powerful as the Sun Tribe had died out for tens of thousands of years. An ancient tribe had managed to survive?

Suddenly, the gaze of the mist person landed on Zuo Mo and they walked right up in front of him.

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