World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Three – Sin Battalion

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Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Three – Sin Battalion

Bie Han turned his head back to look at the temple floating in the sky. The tower peaks could be faintly discerned sticking out from the top of the clouds.

By his side, a strange battalion was standing silently.

This battalion was extremely strange. Some of them had cow heads, others horse bodies, some had rhinoceros horns growing out of their foreheads. Any xiuzhe that saw this battalion would be in a for a great show. Mo, these people were all mo!

They were motionless like statues, their eyes dull and a deathly grey-white. Golden seal scripts covered their bodies like beautiful tattoos.

This battalion was one of the most famous battalions of Xuan Kong Temple. It had a strange name—Sin Battalion!

Bie Han turned his gaze away and led at the front. The entire battalion slid past like water.

“Cloud Sea Jie … …” Bie Han said lightly to himself. The surroundings were completely silent.

In Sin Battalion, there were no vice commanders.


Zuo Mo suppressed the urgency he felt and kept his expression calm as he talked about all kinds of topics with Clan Leader Bing Yao. The young people in the clan liked to crowd around the two of them and listen to the stories. After being kept in isolation for so long, they were full of curiosity about the outside world.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru woke up from their meditation. Both of their presences showed clear changes. Zuo Mo was extremely happy. It seemed that his words had been of some help to them even though he did not know how great of gains they achieved.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru saw that Zuo Mo was surrounded by many people, so they went into the corner to keep on pondering about shen power.

Fortunately, Zuo Mo had gone to many places and was comparatively experienced. Otherwise, he would have run out of topics long ago.

No matter what Zuo Mo said, the young mist people listened with great interest.

Suddenly, a figure stumbled in. On his back was an unconscious mist person. Zuo Mo’s pupils contracted. This was the individual who had been sent to harvest water cloud embryos that day!

Bing Yao’s expression suddenly darkened. With a flash, he appeared in front of the wounded mist person. A blue energy flashed on his hand as he carefully examined the other person.

Then he questioned the mist person who had carried the wounded companion with a stern tone. He was inquiring in great detail but due to the difference in language, Zuo Mo did not understand.

After finishing, Bing Yao raised his head and explained to Zuo Mo, “Someone fought and injured him. People are travelling into the restricted land.”

Zuo Mo suddenly recalled the group from Xuan Kong Temple and his heart jumped. He hurriedly asked, “Big Brother Bing, will you allow my fellow to examine this person’s injuries?”

Bing Yao nodded and retreated to the side. Zuo Mo indicated for Zong Ru to come forward. Zong Ru put his hand on the injured mist person and then after a few moments, he nodded towards Zuo Mo.

“Has Brother Zuo discovered something?” Seeing this, Bing Yao couldn’t resist asking.

Seeing Zong Ru nodded, Zuo Mo instantly understood and explained, “On our way, we encountered four dhyana xiu from Xuan Kong Temple. Based on the injuries of this brother, he was wounded by a dhyana xiu. I speculate that it could be the four dhyana xiu from Xuan Kong Temple.”

“Xuan Kong Temple!” Bing Yao’s face darkened. In the recent days, Zuo Mo had been introducing the state of the outside world to them. He had a general understanding of what Xuan Kong Temple was.

Bing Yao did not hesitate and said decisively, “No matter what, this clan will fight to the last remaining member and will not allow anyone to enter the restricted lands!”

Finishing, several mist people ran out of the conference hall. Strange howls sounded in all directions.

Hearing the howls, large numbers of mist people warriors gathered like the tide from all directions in the conference hall.

As Bing Yao spoke to them, all of the mist people had murderousness on their faces.

“Brother Zuo, your group can first stay … …” Bing Yao eased his tone as he turned to Zuo Mo to speak.

“Big Brother Bing is too polite!” Zuo Mo said with a serious expression. “This little brother has been waiting for an opportunity! Big Brother Bing does not know, but this group of thieving baldies have tried to entrap us on our way through the Cloud Sea. I have been thinking about how to get even, and this opportunity has delivered itself! Also, this brother was wounded in the pursuit of finding water cloud embryos for us. There is no honorable rationale for us to stand back and only observe!”

Bing Yao’s eyes were filled with an admiring light. He patted Zuo Mo’s shoulder heavily. “Good! I will accept you as a brother! Go! Let us go together! Hmph! Xuan Kong Temple!”


“Shishu, the person just now was so strange,” Ming Jing said with lingering shock. The blue figure had been like a ghost. If Shishu had not attacked and heavily injured the other, they would not be safe and uninjured now.

Ding Zhen whose expression was usually warm was now extremely dark. He squeezed out through his teeth, “That is a mist person!”

The three disciples were frightened by the viciousness of Ding Zhen’s face. A long while later, someone asked carefully, “Shishu, what is the mist person?”

“The remanent bastards of an ancient line!” Ding Zhen noticed the expressions of the three disciples and releaxed his expression. “Remember for the future. If you encounter members of ancient descent lines, report them to the sect!”

The three were stunned by Ding Zhen’s stern tone and nodded in compliance.

Ding Zhen suddenly closed his mouth. He had hit that mist person with his attack but had not found the corpse afterwards. He definitely had fellows that helped him escape!

Was it a mist person tribe?

Ding Zhen became alert. If that was true, then this trip was really worth it! Even if he did not find that object, just the discovery of the mist people tribe would be enough for the sect to reward him.

He started to cast a spell and his ling power shifted slightly. A circle of golden light flashed at his fingertips. Ding Zhen opened his eyes and sighed inwardly. The ice mist was slightly strange. He was unable to deliver any message to the outside and back to the sect!

Ding Zhen became wary. These descendant of ancients most likely had a few tricks if they had managed to survive until now.

Xuan Kong Temple was full of experts and the division of responsibilities was extremely fine. Specialized matters were taken care of by specialized people. Ding Zhen had never participated in this kind of mission. Truthfully, if they had not been the closest ones to Cloud Sea Jie, they would not have received this mission.

No matter what, it was most important to finish the mission.

“Be careful, let’s go.” Ding Zhen said heavily. “The matter this time is strange. If something goes wrong, turn and run. Do not hesitate, understand?”

Ding Zhen was not a person who held power or status in the sect, otherwise, he would not have been sent out on such a low-level mission, taking disciples out to gain experience. It was not that his power was not enough, but that he was not well-liked by the main decision-makers of the sect. He did not want anything to happen to the disciples on his watch.

The protocols of the sect were strict. If there were not any orders, the punishment for fleeing was very heavy.

“Yes, Shishu!” The three hurriedly replied.


Bie Han carefully browsed the information in the jade scroll. This was the fifteenth time.

The information had been gathered by the sect, and included all kinds of information about Turtle Island. Bie Han could see that the sect had not been paying attention to Turtle Island for too long of a time. It should have just started gathering information a few days ago. Otherwise, the information would not be so sparse.

Bie Han knew the power of the sect in gathering intelligence. Given enough time, they could find almost any information that could be imagined.

There was nothing special in the report on Cloud Sea Jie. This was a remote intermediate jie and did not have a significant faction in the past.

The main point of the intelligence report was on this faction called “Turtle Island.” This faction was very strong and had defeated a mo army!

Seeing the words “mo army,” Bie Han’s pupils uncontrollably contracted even though this was the fifteenth time.

The scale of the mo army was unknown but none of the local powers were able to stop them which had caused the entire jie to flee. The situation was only improved when Turtle Island stepped up and said they were going to fight the mo army.

Cloud Sea Jie was remote and did not have many products so it had not attracted attention in the past. None of the tendrils of the Four Realms had reached this place. One of the most important reasons for this was that Cloud Sea Jie did not have a jie master. Up until now, the jie key of Cloud Sea Jie was still undiscovered. This attracted Bie Han’s attention.

The jie key was of crucial importance to every jie. For every person, this meant peerless wealth! Possessing the jie key granted the ability to see the ling veins and ores in the jie. Other than that, the jie key could also control the ling energy of the jie.

Usually, the jie key would be found soon after a jie was discovered. The xiuzhe which flooded in would crazily search for the jie key. It was wealth that could drive people insane.

Strangely, the jie key of Cloud Sea Jie had not been found yet, and the history of xiuzhe residence on Cloud Sea Jie was uncertain but definitely over one thousand years. It was impossible that no one had searched for the jie key during such a long period time. Only by possessing the jie key will one become the true master of Cloud Sea Jie.

Bie Han was speculating to the true intentions of the sect.

The sect leader said that it was to help Ding Zhen but Bie Han did not believe him at all. He knew Ding Zhen’s status in the sect. It was a joke that the sect leader would send a battalion just to help Ding Zhen.

Also, they had let him venture out.

After he had gotten his gold battle general jade medal, he had been forced into house arrest and to chant sutras everyday. No one appeared to be guarding the door but Bie Han knew that there were countless pairs of eyes staring at his little yard from the shadows.

There were elders in the sect that said he was blood-thirsty. Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but smile coldly.

Jiang Zhe appeared handsome and gentle, but he was not soft when he started to kill. He never heard of any elder calling Jiang Zhe bloodthirsty.

All of this was just because … …

He suddenly turned his head and looked at the Sin Battalion in front of him. The golden restrictive sutra characters were as blinding as sunlight in his eyes.

A beat later, he took his gaze away and thought deeply without any expression on his face.

The sect had even prepared transportation formations for him to be transported directly into Cloud Sea Jie. The expenditure for this mission was astounding, and it was possible to see how much the sect prioritized this.

To transport directly into Cloud Sea Jie… …

The sect had sent spies into Cloud Sea Jie a long time ago.

What were they planning.

Only when the light of the transportation formation entered his eyes did he break free of his thoughts.

Several dhyana xiu were standing by the transportation. The one that was the leader stepped forward and said respectfully, “Bie Han Daren, the transportation formation has been prepared. You can depart at any time.”

Bie Han did not even look at the other. He walked directly towards the transportation formation expressionlessly.

The Sin Battalion was behind him and silent as though they were dead.

Translator Ramblings: Cloud Sea Jie is a weird weird place. Of course, Zuo Mo doesn’t realize it because he went from Sky Moon, rural area where he wasn’t strong enough to know too much, to Little Mountain, rural and lawless area, to the ancient battlefield, forgotten rural area, to Bloody Sky Metropolis, frontlines and pretty much lawless.