World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Seven – Shattered Stone

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Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Seven – Shattered Stone

Bing Yao’s brow had not relaxed in the past few days. It was hard for him to accept Zuo Mo’s disappearance.

He bowed respectfully towards Lan. After the constant worship from the mist people in the last two weeks, Lan’s power was gradually recovering. Lan passed on the long-lost Ice Mist Shen power cultivation method to the mist people, the power of the tribe increased daily. The shadow that had hung over the tribe for tens of thousands of years was swept away. Lan received the sincere reverence of all the mist people.

“What question do you have?” Lan’s faint yet authoritative voice sounded in Bing Yao’s mind.

“Lan, what are the restricted lands?” Bing Yao raised his head and asked.

Lan hadn’t thought that Bing Yao would ask this. He remained silent.

“Ever since we moved here, we have guarded the restricted lands for more than ten thousand years. No one ever knew what the restricted lands are or why we guard it.” Bing Yao’s speaking speed was neither slow nor excited. It was filled with bewilderment.

A moment later, Lan slowly said, “The time has not come.”

“Xuan Kong Temple has already discovered this place. They definitely have a goal or they know something,” Bing Yao said straightforwardly.

“Become strong as fast as possible.” Lan’s sigh echoed in the air.

The surroundings sank into silence. No matter how Bing Yao called out, Lan no longer replied.

Disappointment flashed through Bing Yao’s eyes but he did not probe more. For him, or rather, for the great majority of the mist people, protecting and disallowing entry to the restricted lands was a tradition they had adhered to for tens of thousands of years. If it wasn’t that Zuo Mo might be stranded in the restricted lands, Bing Yao would not think to question this. Even if Ding Zhen had really entered the restricted lands, they would not have followed.

All the signs pointed to the fact that the restricted lands held an unknown secret.

Even something as powerful as Xuan Kong Temple desired this secret. What was inside the restricted lands? In order to become the sect leader Bing Yao had some skill and intelligence. Lan’s words had been sparse but he still managed to deduce a lot of information.

To enter the restricted lands, they were not strong enough … …

Bing Yao’s gaze became determined as he left the altar in silence.


They advanced day and night.

Zuo Mo dared to swear that he probably would never have another chance in this life where he would walk so far-that wasn’t right- carried so far. A Gui’s body was on the verge of falling apart, but seemed to contain astounding power. One day, one night, four hours rest, she did not know exhaustion.

Zuo Mo was like a chatterbox and continued to talk. In the past, he definitely never would have imagined there would be a day when he spoke so much.

Lying on A Gui’s back, the bare feet that he had sighed countless times over were trembling and straining with each step. He could clearly feel it. With every step, Zuo Mo’s heart shook. An indescribable feeling spread in his heart to the point he felt he wanted to be silent but he knew that he could not be silent. He kept on telling himself he had to do something.

Other than these meaningless words, he could not do anything.

There had never been a time, Zuo Mo had never hoped and wished like this, wished that he could use the shen power that dominated his body to exchange for one thread of ling power. Just one thread of ling power—and he could create a paper crane.

But there wasn’t one iota.

“Ah, A Gui, I’ve found that you are undefeatable, the more you fight, the stronger you get, the more you are wounded, the stronger you get.” Zuo Mo talked in a heartless tone, “Have you been hiding your power in the past? I’ve always found it strange about why you are so good to me. Did you owe me jingshi in the past? Hey, do you really owing me jingshi … …”

“This ghastly place doesn’t even have any birds pooping here. Did we come to another ancient battlefield? No no no, that was careless of me, I didn’t mean to say that! A Gui, you didn’t hear a thing … …”

“We’ve walked for twenty days and didn’t even see a stalk of grass, this is so depressing … …”

With only Zuo Mo’s nattering as company, they walked for another ten days.

When Zuo Mo saw the streak of green on the horizon, Zuo Mo was euphoric.

“A Gui A Gui! Look! Look! There, there! Oh, Heavens, hahahaha, we’re saved! We’re saved! A Gui! Can you see? Can you see?”

Zuo Mo was extremely excited and his exhales blew up A Gui’s hair.

A Gui did not respond and walked forward.

“A Gui, you are a genius! Oh oh oh ! A great genius! Such a great distance and you could find the direction, you are really a genius! Hahahaha, we need to find someone and then heal. Once I recover, I will take you to find a water cloud embryo again, I will … …”

“You are too excited.”

A rough voice came from behind him.

Zuo Mo’s voice abruptly halted and his heart shook. The inside of his body was a mess to the point that he didn’t even detect someone was so close to him! He was unable to turn his neck and could not see the person behind him.

“I’m very sorry, my body is unwell and I cannot turn my head.” Zuo Mo tried to keep his tone normal.

“En?” The other was slightly surprised. A figure flashed in front of Zuo Mo that said with astonishment, “So sickly! I pity you, little girl, you don’t have it easy!”

Zuo Mo finally saw the other’s appearance.

The other was of large stature and about twice Zuo Mo’s height. His skin was a sandy yellow, and a pair of faintly red eyes were sharp. Zuo Mo’s gaze landed on the other’s arm. From his wrist to the elbow, it was wrapped in a layer of brown scales.


Zuo Mo was so shocked he almost shouted. Had he come to a mo territory?

“He is a lizard mo.” In the sea of consciousness, Wei destroyed Zuo Mo’s last hopes. However, Wei’s tone held a thread of excitement. “Oh, faintly red eyes, he probably has the blood of flame lizards.”

“Lizard mo Big Brother, good day!” Zuo Mo wanted to put a smile on his face but his face was paralyzed.

“Hmph, silvery tongued boy, you don’t look like a good person.” The wariness in the eyes of the lizard mo dissipated. The two in front of him didn’t look like a threat at all. His brow suddenly creased. “Where did you come from?”

“The direction we came from.” Zuo Mo’s tone was joyful. “We walked more than thirty days, I almost went crazy!”

“Thirty days?” A hint of suspicion flashed across the eyes of Uncle Lizard Mo. “You mean you two passed through the Shattered Stone Desert?”

“Shattered Stone Desert?” I don’t know. We were exploring some ruins and might have accidentally activated something. As a result, we were transported to this damned place.” Zuo Mo found an explanation that seemed extremely reasonable. His paralyzed face was the best disguise.

The last hint of suspicion in the eyes of Uncle Lizard Mo left and he said with a snort, “You look half-dead, and you explore ruins. You are very lucky to not have died in the Gobi Desert.”

Zuo Mo’s heart eased slightly. This Uncle Lizard Mo’s tone was bold but he could hear the friendliness.

“Let’s go, I’ll count this as doing an act of kindness.” Uncle Lizard Mo glanced at A Gui and complimented, “You, Boy, are really fortunate!”

Finishing, he walked at the front.

A Gui seemed to understand and walked behind Uncle Lizard Mo.

“Uncle, what is this place?” Zuo Mo asked familiarly. Anyone that had talked to themselves for thirty days couldn’t help but be enthusiastic.

“Shattered Stone Town,” Uncle Lizard Mo replied without turning his head.

“Shattered Stone Town … … uh, what jie does this belong to?” Zuo Mo asked in puzzlement.

“Shattered Stone Jie.” Uncle Lizard Mo did not turn his head.

In the sea of consciousness.

“Wei, you were among the mo before. Do you know where Shattered Stone Jie is?” Zuo Mo asked Wei, full of anticipation.

Wei coughed and said, “You know, my masters are usually mo of high status and were nobility, this kind of small place … …”

“Hahahaha!” Pu Yao’s laugh echoed in the sea of consciousness.

We’s skin was clearly thicker than the average as he looked at Zuo Mo with composure.

Zuo Mo had lost control of his body but this did not affect his ability to make expressions in the sea of consciousness.


Yes, it was disdain, disdain as he looked down, deep disdain!

Pu Yao laughed even more freely as the red-black yao fire danced.

“You two, one of you boasts every day you are a sky yao, arrogant and domineering, one of you acts like a seer, ask me! Ask me! Ask me! You don’t even know where Shattered Stone Jie is, how can you not know the answer to such a simple question?” Old and new grievances combining, Zuo Mo pointed at the pair and swore, “I should have seen the truth about you both a long time ago! One used a stupid bead in the past and preyed on my youth and inexperience, telling me how much jingshi I can make with it, but I didn’t get any jingshi at all! Now the other comes in. Not even speaking of the rent, you always talk about that oath and that noble status. Ha, a person that doesn’t even know Shattered Stone Jie has the qualifications to talk about status?”

Pu Yao’s laugh stopped. Wei’s smile froze on his face. Even the yao fire stopped pulsing.

After he finished scolding, Zuo Mo instantly felt much better. With a snort, he left the sea of consciousness.

Uncle Lizard Mo was not very powerful and did not cultivate a mo physique. However, his body was strong and he strode forward. He noticed that it took A Gui great effort to walk and stopped. “Hey, Little Girl, let me carry him!”

A Gui did not seem to hear him and continued to walk forward.

Zuo Mo hurriedly apologized to Uncle Lizard Mo, “Uncle, sorry, she cannot hear.”

Uncle Lizard Mo’s gaze instantly gentled greatly. He seemed to think of something and was slightly inattentive but he quickly raised his head. He walked together with A Gui and snorted, “You two, one sick and the other crippled. You don’t stay at home but come out to run around, you don’t want to live, right?”

Zuo Mo could only smile weakly. He didn’t know how to respond.

“You guys, fine, you won’t listen even if I talk.” Uncle Lizard Mo shook his head and then said, “You can first stay at my place. Since I live alone, the space isn’t used.”

Finishing, he didn’t listen to Zuo Mo’s words of gratefulness and walked forward.

When they reached Shattered Stone Town, Zuo Mo saw some other mo. It could be seen that these mo were respectful towards Uncle Lizard Mo, and their gazes were full of curiosity as they looked at A Gui and Zuo Mo. However, several female mo looked at Zuo Mo with disdain and unfriendliness.

Contrary to what Zuo Mo had imagined, not all of these mo were lizard mo or one type of mo. This seemed to be a place where all kinds of mo lived together.

Shattered Stone Jie, Shattered Stone Town … … where was this … … ge was going to shatter soon … ….

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo, it’s not those two’s fault that you weren’t strong enough to defeat Ding Zhen and escape away untouched. Little bit of undeserved blame there.