World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty – Ink Jade Bones

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Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty – Ink Jade Bones

In the deathly silence, there was only the rustling as the mist person moved.

“Hey hey hey, let’s talk peacefully, let’s talk peacefully.” Zuo Mo’s heart was shaking but he still pushed a smile on his face. The other’s power was unfathomable to him. Of course, it was possible that this patch of ice mist had unusual qualities.

“Give it!” Like her appearance, her voice was unusually icy.

“Give what?” Zuo Mo’s face was bewildered, “Give what?”

“I smell the scent of my clansmen on you.” The mist person’s crystal-like eyes stared at Zuo Mo. Her voice was glacial and emotionless.

“The smell of your clansmen?” Zuo Mo was confused. There was a scent of mist people on his body?

However, out of the corner of his eyes he saw a flash of purple energy in A Gui’s eyes. A Gui’s body had been gradually recovering, the purple energy that had almost disappeared from her body had seemed to recover some vitality.

Also, the mist person seemed to feel that A Gui was not very strong and the ice mist flows that restrained her were the weakest.

Ever since A Gui had begun somewhat recovering, she had never used her strange power again. But when he saw the purple energy in A Gui’s eyes, a thread of hope suddenly rose!

His mind spun furiously as he hurriedly said, “Ah ah ah, is it that I am a mist person? I’m really sorry, my memory has been erased. Ah, am I really a mist person?”

His intention had been to distract and buy time, but when he finished speaking, even he felt it was possible that he really was a mist person. His birth had always been a mystery, so … …

A rare thread of excitement rose in his mind.

“You are not,” the mist person coldly replied.

The thread of excitement calmed. What rose was a thread of disappointment.

“Then I do not know.”

A thread of puzzlement flashed through the mist person’s sapphire eyes. Her head bowed, she sank into thought.

Suddenly, an unique vibration came from his ring. Zuo Mo couldn’t help but make a sound of surprise.

The mist person was attracted by Zuo Mo’s exclamation and raised her head.

At this time, the ice mist chains on the silent A Gui, suddenly shattered without warning! Pia, the ice mist flows shattered into a light blue icy mist!

A Gui’s right hand was slightly raised as her body twisted strangely on the spot. She was like a puppet that was pulled into a strange position as the purple light in her eyes brightened!

There was no sound, no light. The mist person in front of Zuo Mo seemed to be robbed of strength, her body softening as she fainted on the ground.

The ice mist flows around Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng and Zong Ru instantly dissipated.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru seemed to be relieved of a great burden. Their eyes were shocked as they stared at A Gui. A Gui did not detect their stares as though she had not done a thing and stood quietly next to Zuo Mo.

Wei Sheng asked Zuo Mo, “Has A Gui recovered?”

“I don’t know.” Zuo Mo spread his hand with a grimace.

The shock he was feeling far surpassed Wei Sheng and Zong Ru. It was like a tsunami occurring in his mind. He almost didn’t dare to believe his eyes! This was not the first time he saw A Gui fight but before this, Zuo Mo had been like other people, and did not know the method A Gui fought with.

But this time, he recognized it!

Shen power!

What A Gui was using was shen power!

A kind of shen power that was completely different from his sun shen power but it was undoubtedly shen power!

In the past, Zuo Mo had cultivated the three powers but knew nothing about shen power so he hadn’t recognized that what A Gui used was shen power. Now that what he was cultivating was shen power, he could immediately see that A Gui was using shen power.

There were no words that could describe the shock Zuo Mo was feeling at this moment. A Gui actually cultivated shen power! At this time, countless questions flooded his mind.

All the clues pointed to the fact that he and A Gui had an unknown connection. It was very probable that she knew of his past. Even the five element glass bead inside his body seemed to have a certain connection to A Gui.

He could cultivate ling power, he was able to cultivate mo physique, he was even able to enter the Ten Finger Prison. These clues that had been ignored in the past suddenly became so clear!

Then there was the Soul Setting Divine Light, and the sun shen power that were also of the same mold!

His birth definitely had a close connection to shen power!

But … …

Zuo Mo bit down on his lips, his expression changing.

Shen power had disappeared a long time ago!

Suddenly recalling that the Four Realms hunted the descendants of ancient tribes, Zuo Mo unconsciously shuddered!

Then thinking about how someone had changed his appearance and erased his mind, a dark and dangerous presence suddenly rose as though it was a figure barely discernable in the thick mist.

Was it … …

Zuo Mo’s heart shook and he did not dare to keep thinking.

He remembered all of his questions. He definitely was going to get to the bottom of all of them! His gaze landed on A Gui standing quietly by him and his gaze softened.

The image of A Gui blocking attacks for him with her own body was still clear in his mind, as though it was yesterday.

No matter what, he had to find a water cloud embryo!

Resuming his normal composure, Zuo Mo’s gaze became determine again. Wei Sheng and Zong Ru who had been paying attention to Zuo Mo all this time finally released a breath. Seeing the two’s expressions, Zuo Mo did not want them to worry and smiled.

At this time, he suddenly recalled the strange vibration that had come from his ring.

He hurriedly started to rummage through his ring.

It was this!

Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly contracted!

At some unknown time, the pile of bones in the corner of the ring had become a bright red like burning hot metal!

Ink jade bones!

The strange vibration just now had come from the ink jade bones!

Shocked, Zuo Mo took out all the ink jade bones. As the dark red ink jade bones were taken out, the ice mist that flooded the surroundings suddenly rushed towards the ink jade bones like sharks scenting blood.

This pile of ink jade bones in front of Zuo Mo seemed to be a powerful whirlpool or a bottomless hole that kept on consuming ice mist.

Sss sss sss!

The ice mist that was being pulled in turned to slender flows that howled.

Zuo Mo and the others were amazed.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru were alright. Even though they were astounded, they did not know about all the events of the Sun Shen Temple and just thought the ink jade bones were a treasure. Zuo Mo truly jumped in fright. No one knew better than him about the origins of the ink jade bones. That was something he had found in the Burning Shen Realm of the Sun Shen Temple. At that time, he had seen the ink jade bones were of a good color and special quality. He had thought it was a treasure since it was not rotted after tens of thousands of years so he kept them until now.

Thinking about the “presence of clansmen” that the mist person had just mentioned, and then looking at this spectacular scene, Zuo Mo instantly understood. The ink jade bones were most likely an ancestor of the mist person. Then they had been captured by the Sun Shen Temple and jailed in the Burning Shen Realm.

The mist person who had been unconscious suddenly woke up with a moan.

The trio’s expressions suddenly changed and the realized that they had forgotten to check if the mist person was dead or alive! It might have been that A Gui had not completely recovered or that the mist person was too strong that this was the first time Zuo Mo had seen someone survive A Gui’s attack!

A Gui’s eyes were completely dim now and had reverted back to the usual woodenness. She did not react at all to the awakening mist person!

Damn it!

The three were just going to act, especially Zuo Mo. He was preparing to use shen power!

Yet the next scene stunned them!

They could see tears on the mist person’s face, they were like the pearls dropping off a broken necklace and fell down. The faint blue teardrops became faint blue beads once they left her eyes. When they landed on the ground, they caused a clatter.

It was the first time Zuo Mo and the others had seen someone cry like this. All of them were stuck to their spot.

“Tears of a mist person! I don’t know how a brat like you can have such good luck!” In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao shook his head and sighed.

“Luck?” Zuo Mo didn’t quite understand. Everything that was happening right now did not seem to have a connection with luck.

“The mist people have cold personalities and the majority of them would not cry once in their life. The beads formed from the tears of the mist people are called mist people tears, and was an ultimate water element treasure! Even more importantly, once a mist person cries in front of someone, the person will receive their friendship!”

Pu Yao had great knowledge and described the lore.

“Really?” Zuo Mo didn’t quite believe it. If this woman suddenly went crazy, they wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

“It is true,” Wei said solemnly. His voice carried a strange emotion. He felt a mixture of feelings upon seeing the descendants of ancient tribes.

Zuo Mo finally calmed his racing heart. Pu Yao and Wei usually were at odds. If both sides agreed it was true, then it should be true.

He gave a look to Wei Sheng and Zong Ru to stop them from fighting. The two did not understand but refrained from taking action.

The mist person only cried for a while before stopping.

Standing to the side Zuo Mo didn’t know how much ice mist the bones had absorbed. The color of the bones had gone from the burning red to a faint blue. The bones became a wondrous glowing blue, transparent like crystal.

Rustling suddenly sounded in the surroundings. The figures of numerous mist people flickered in and out of the ice mist.

Zuo Mo and the others changed expression!

The mist people came from all directions like the tide, surrounding Zuo Mo’s group in the middle

Zuo Mo was furiously replaying that what Pu Yao said, “receiving the friendship of the mist person” and hoping it was true, otherwise … …

The dense crowd of mist people appearing caused Zuo Mo’s scalp to prickle!

The next action of the mist people caused Zuo Mo to be shocked and also sigh in relief! The mist people orderly knelt down like the tide washing over the crowd. There was excitement on all of their faces.

Zuo Mo understood his own weight and knew that the mist people were not kneeling to him. As expected, what they were kneeling to was the pile of crystal bones!

He hurriedly pulled Wei Sheng and Zong Ru to hurry to the side. At this time, it was good to be perceptive.

Crack, crack!

As he moved away wave of strange sounds came from behind Zuo Mo. Turning around Zuo Mo, he was stunned as though he was struck by lightning.

The crystal bones were moving, all of them standing up. One bone flew on top of another bone, and a skeleton gradually formed. There seemed to be an invisible hand that was piecing the bones back together.

A hair-raising fear that was hard to describe rose in Zuo Mo’s mind. His hair all stood on end!

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