World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Six – That Herd of White Lambs!

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Chapter Five Hundred and Six – That Herd of White Lambs!


A deep rhythmic sound came from the depths of the shen temple. This sound was very strange and burrowed into people’s hearts. Everywhere the sound passed, the flesh and blood of the people as well as their muscles suddenly shook uncontrollably.

Everyone became deathly silent.

All movement, all sound, after this sound arrived had disappeared.

Everyone unconsciously stopped what they were doing and turn their gazes towards the depths of the shen temple. Everyone was frightened by this strange and sudden sound. The three yuanying that were in a life-and-death battle had shocked expressions.

A vast power was carried along with this sound, coming from the shen temple.

Their complexions paled.

This power was vast and burning like rampaging lava, like a violent sea of fire.

Someone suddenly shouted in shock and broke through this deathly silence.

Hearing the shout, everyone turned their faces and they saw a shocking scene.

A golden ray came from above their heads like a golden sword breaking through darkness.

The lights of all the spells and formations being cast were dim in comparison to this ray of golden light. It was so scorching, so dazzling that people could not look at it directly.

Underneath the ray of light, Zuo Mo’s arms were spread as though he was going to embrace this ray of light. Bathing in this golden light, there was a layer of gold energy flowing around Zuo Mo’s body. Under the scorching light, the bronze mask was unusually dark and stood as a stark contrast to the light, as though it was a bottomless shadow.

The thick golden light landed on Zuo Mo’s spread arms and flowed along his arms as though it was sticky golden liquid.

The golden light gathered at Zuo Mo’s fingertips. It slowly gathered, grew, and formed a large drop of golden liquid that finally fell. As the golden liquid left his fingers, the outer layers of the golden liquid continuously dissipated into dots of golden energy that seemed like stars.

Large amounts of golden liquid fell from Zuo Mo’s arms and created hundreds of golden streaks of fragmented energy. They were in rows like golden features and beautiful to look at.

Everyone was gaping.

From beginning to end, no one ever looked twice at Zuo Mo who was surrounded other than the first glance when he appeared before them. From every angle, this guy was the fish in the net, the lamb washed and waiting on the chopping block for slaughter. Depending on circumstances the person who raised the knife would be different, but the lamb would still suffer the same fate.

Zuo Mo had been dismissed, everyone had dismissed him.

Only when this ray of light came from the sky did people suddenly realize that this incident was not as simple as they imagined.

Shen Wu Hai was the first to react. He said angrily, “Kill him!”


Another sound that shook people’s bones interrupted Shen Wu Hai’s angry shout. It passed through the layers of protection and struck on the deepest part of their hearts.

The temperature of the shen temple rose dramatically. The air was burning so hot that it seemed the air would burn.

Dong … … dong … … dong … …

The beats followed each other, and accelerated in frequency.

Everyone found to their shock that they seemed to be restrained by an invisible power. No matter how they channeled ling power, they were unable to move a finger. With every beat, their energies and blood would uncontrollably vibrate. After several beats, everyone’s energies and blood was roiling, and their faces turned red and black in turn.

Their eyes turned from shock into terror.

Shen Wu Hai never thought such a thing could happen. He deeply regretted not having killed this mask-wearing guy at the beginning, this decision led him to such a desperate situation.

If there had been a thread of doubt before that this mask-wearing guy was a descendant of the Sun Tribe, he was completely sure of the other’s identity now.

The beat, the ray of light, the restraining power, they were all powered by the shen temple.

This power was so strong it caused people to feel hopeless!

But Shen Wu Hai was not robbed of hope. He was still struggling. Of all the people, he knew the most about the shen temple. This power was peerless and great, filled with domination, and burned without any disguise.

It was like the burning sun in the sky that people were unable to look at directly.

But Shen Wu Hai was not willing to wait to be captured. This scorching power was hard to resist but under this vast dominance, he detected a thread of burning without regard for consequences.

This shen temple that was reaching its end was burning its last vestiges of power.

As long … … if he could resist until it finished burning … …

He would be able to have a thread of a chance!

Just one chance, he was confident he could reverse the situation. Even if the other was a Sun descendant, he didn’t believe the other could master this shen temple.

Because of the requirement for shen power!

Even if he was a Sun descendent, he could not cultivate shen power. At present, there were no more lands with shen power, all methods of cultivating shen power had been lost in the dust of history. Without shen power, he could receive recognition of the shen temple, but he definitely could not control the shen temple.

This was just the last dying struggles of the shen temple.

Shen Wu Hai suddenly calmed down.

His gaze suddenly stopped and his body froze.

The person with the bronze mask suddenly moved. Under the mask hidden in shadow came raw and simple sounds. His body twisted like a snake taking a strange position.

The golden feathers constructed from fragmented golden energies drew out cryptic tracks in the air as Zuo Mo’s fingers moved.

An extremely unfamiliar power suddenly spread in waves.

Shen Wu Hai that just calmed down look at Zuo Mo as though he was seeing a ghost.

This … … this … … this … …

Shen power!

This was shen power!

Shen power … … how was it possible … … it was not possible!

Unable to move, Shen Wu Hai’s mind was completely blank. This astounding discovery exploded in his mind like lightning on a clear day!

This was his last thought.

A ray of light came from the sky and covered him. He felt his vision turn snow white and then he lost consciousness.

Dozens of rays of light shot down from the shen temple. Every person was restrained by a ray of light. The xiuzhe that were caught, no matter their cultivation level, had frozen expressions as though they were puppets.

Zuo Mo stopped moving. The golden energy on his body was much dimmer, so weak it seemed it would dissipate.

“Ha … … ss!”

Hoarse laughter came from behind the mask but it turned into sharp inhales. Zuo Mo jerked his lips with difficulty. He wanted to laugh but every piece of muscle was extremely sore. Even the muscles in his face were very sore. A slight pull and it caused heart-boring pain.

But even if his entire skeleton felt as though it was coming apart, and there was soreness everywhere, it could not diminish the pride and joy he felt.

What could make one happier than turning around the situation from a state of certain death?

Looking at the people in front of him that seemed like statues, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but let out a smug yet regretful laugh.

These rays were a defensive power of the shen temple. They could freeze the figures of the enemy and take away their consciousness. It was very powerful. When Zuo Mo felt the ripple from the sacrificial altar, he unconsciously thought about the cryptic things he received from the sacrificial altar. In a desperate situation, Zuo Mo did not have the room to pick, and charged without regard to try to communicate with the sacrificial altar.

He had not expected that he would succeed!

Having made successful contact, Zuo Mo instantly understood why the sacrificial altar was sending ripples.

After being sealed for tens of thousands of years, the shen temple’s activation had caused the remaining power to be quickly expended.

The shen temple only had one more thread of power left.

If Zuo Mo had not been involved, this last thread of power would have been used to burn the shen temple to ash. The ripples from the sacrificial altar were the warning signal before the death of the shen temple.

But Zuo Mo who was in successful communication with the sacrificial altar used the last power to strike a fatal blow!

The power of the shen power was unparalleled. Even if it was the last thread, it was not something that Shen Wu Hai and the others could withstand.

These rays of light were called “Golden Crow Restraint Lights” and the most powerful defensive attack of the shen temple. Those that were covered by the Golden Crow Restraint Lights would lose all consciousness and become puppets.

However, the Golden Crow Restraint Lights could not directly kill the enemy. Additionally, the moment the other’s body was damaged, they would wake up from the restraint. Yuanying like Shen Wu Hai would be able to kill Zuo Mo in the moment they woke up. The way the Sun Shen Temple usually dealt with enemies that were affected by the Golden Crow Restraint Lights was to throw them into the Burning Shen Realm and leave them to burn alive.

He could not kill these people … …

Zuo Mo felt slight regret but his eyes turned and he laughed strangely. Of course, inhales of pain could not be avoided.

He suppressed the soreness of his body and came in front of Shen Wu Hai.

Looking at the still Shen Wu Hai, his gaze was greedy and heated. Without hesitating, he started to search Shen Wu Hai’s body.

Ling armor, space ring, talismans … …

The excitement and joy of taking his spoils caused Zuo Mo to forget the pain of his body. With familiar movements, he crisply cleaned out Shen Wu Hai’s possessions.

Really cleanly … … Zuo Mo didn’t even leave behind the undergarments.

This cloth was pretty good!

Zuo Mo had keen eyes that instantly lit up.

So sumptuous, so sumptuous!

Woven from fifth-grade Flowing Wind as the base mixed with the feathers of the blood-weeping bird. There were three formations on it, “Nurture,” “Strengthen,” and “Endurance.” He could definitely sell this easily for two hundred pieces of fifth-grade jingshi.

Two hundred pieces of fifth-grade jingshi!

You can’t really blame ge!

Zuo Mo smiled and his hands became even quicker.

If there people were not experts, then they were leaders of local powers. Who among them wasn’t rich? Zuo Mo didn’t even look closely, but he still stripped them of clothing and armor.

Corpse Sea Bamboo, Yinyang Null Polarity Bead … …

His movements were extremely quick. It was not the first time he had done this job and his efficiency was naturally high.

Even the pitiful Masked Assassin did not avoid this fate. He had not gone far after being wounded and sneaked back closer to hide in the shadows with the intentions of dealing a fatal blow at the crucial moment.

But the shen temple had identified everyone except Zuo Mo as the enemy. The Masked Assassin had not been able to escape and was trapped in the Golden Crow Restraint Light.

Towards this guy that had almost killed him, Zuo Mo was full of hatred. Without a word, Zuo Mo stripped the other clean and did not leave the other’s trademark mask.

A short time later, there was only a pile of naked puppets left in the shen temple. They were left clean like a group of lambs that had been sheared.

“Such a spectacular sight!”

Zuo Mo ran away filled with emotion and pride. The duration of the Golden Crow Restraint Light was not long.

Everyone, goodbye!

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