World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Two – Confidence and Going All Out

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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Two – Confidence and Going All Out

“He wanted a servant? The servant is a xiuzhe?” Bie Han asked indifferently.

“Yes, Your Highness,” Fu Feng said respectfully. “Lan Tian Long did not accept the challenge to fight and gave the slave to him.”

There wasn’t any warmth in Bie Han’s cold eyes. The golden jinzhi which had been etched all over his body had been completely erased. What replaced them was a snowy-white mo matrix. On the black skin, the exquisite white mo matrix carried an almost unusual seductive beauty.

“Could this person also be a xiuzhe?” Bie Han suddenly asked.

Bo Feng stilled and reflexively shook his head. “Xiuzhe? Probably not. Lan Tian Long would have recognized that.”

“Like me, can Lan Tian Long recognize this?” Bie Han shook his head.

“Your Highness, you … …” Fu Feng hurriedly said.

Bie Han said indifferently, “In the future, do not call me Your Highness.”

Bie Han’s words called Fu Feng to pale. He hurriedly said, “No! No! Your Highness, your identity is noble … …”

Bie Han raised a hand and stopped Fu Feng from speaking. His expression was cold. “Father’s properties will end up being Elder Brother’s. I have spent so many years on the outside and have not seen Father from a very young age. The clan does not like me, and that is normal. I am already satisfied that we have managed to remove the jinzhi from my body.”

Thinking about the cold treatment that Bie Han had received in this period of time, Bo Heng was sorrowful. “Your Highness … … no matter what identity Your Highness has, in Fu Feng’s heart, you are still the Little Highness that was in Mistress’ arms!”

Bie Han’s gaze softened slightly.

A moment later, he suddenly asked, “Fu Feng, you followed my mother for many years, how old am I now?”

“Your Highness is twenty five this year!” Fu Feng had an expression of remembrance. “If Mistress is in heaven and learned that Your Highness has returned home, she would definitely be happy.”

“Twenty five.” Bie Han murmured. A dazed expression flashed by and his face became cold and indifferent again. “Go tell my brother if he can erase the jinzhi on Sin Battalion, I will make a request to the clan to set up my own household.”

“Your Highness, no!” Fu Feng paled dramatically. Setting up one’s own household meant leaving the clan. One didn’t just lose their place in succession, they would not receive any more help from the family. In the mo territories, this was a very severe punishment.

At this time, his tears flowed. When he thought of the mistress that had passed away long ago, sorrow rose.

“Go.” Bie Han’s expression was indifferent and he did not speak further.

Looking at Bie Han’s cold and stubborn figure, in a flash, it merged with the beautiful figure who had passed. Fu Feng stopped his tears and said firmly, “Yes!”


The contents of the Mo Skill Steles were arranged based on difficulty of their contents, from shallow to deep. There were more people huddled around the steles in the outer regions, and fewer as one went deeper.

Zuo Mo started to pretend to read starting from the first stone stele.

How was he to act as though he was immersed? Uh, how could he appear immersed?

Zuo Mo had been worried but after his first glance, he was unconsciously attracted by the content on the mo skill stele.

The content on this stone stele was very simple and was a rough explanation, but for Zuo Mo who had never received a systematic training in mo skills cultivation, it filled in his insufficiencies causing many areas that he was lacking in to instantly become clear.

Zuo Mo’s starting point was very high. He had cultivated the Great Day mo physique very early on. It was enough to show that his talent was outstanding. But he was very unfamiliar with these basic cultivation practices. When he had been in Shattered Stone Town, he had benefited greatly from Uncle An Ya’s teachings. But Uncle An Ya’s skill was limited, and what he cultivated was very crude.

But this Shi Zi Ming was really a great genius. There were hundreds of basic cultivation methods he described, and every basic method would have a corresponding description that was worthy of deep thought.

Zuo Mo read stele by stele like he was possessed.

Shu Long stood guard warily at his side.

What no one had expected was that just like how Zuo Mo was enchanted, A Wen was also enchanted.


“I know.” Jiang Zhe’s tone was calm as though he already knew this information.

The shock and fury that was expected did not appear. The subordinate that was reporting was slightly surprised but he released a breath inside. Jiang Zhe Daren was harmonious usually but when he was angry, he was extremely scary. Everyone was afraid of him.

Feng Yu Daren had suddenly left taking one thousand combat xiu with her. Rationally, Jiang Zhe should not tolerate this kind of conduct.

These thoughts flashed through the mind of this xiuzhe before disappearing. Feng Yue Daren was beloved by them. No one wanted Feng Yue Daren to be punished because of this.

After the subordinate left, Jiang Zhe sighed, worry flashing through his eyes.

A moment later, he suddenly raised his head and shouted, “Someone come!”

A guard hurried in. “Daren!”

“Have Gao Xuan come see me!” Jiang Zhe’s expression was calm.

A tall well-built battle general quickly came in and bowed. “Daren!”

“Take five hundred people from the Jiangzi Battalion and go support Feng Yu.”

Gao Xuan was slightly surprised at Jiang Zhe’s order. His expression was filled with surprise. Everyone knew that Feng Yue Daren had secretly taken the battalion to take revenge for Ding Zhen Shishu. Originally, everyone thought that Feng Yue Daren would not be able to escape punishment this time. Daren looked easy-going usually, but his adherence to military law was strict and no one dared to break them.

It seemed that Daren also wanted revenge for Ding Zhen Shishu!

Gao Xuan couldn’t help but feel excited. He was not eye-catching in the temple and his strength was average, but Ding Zhen Shishu had also once taught him. However, he was not as brave as Feng Yue and did not dare disobey orders.

“Yes!” Gao Xuan said loudly.

“I’m not worried with Feng Yue’s skill level,” Jiang Zhe’s expression was stern. “But her personality is rushed and she likes to be risky. You are much steadier, and you can make up for what she lacks.”

Jiang Zhe looked at Gao Xuan and said, ‘You do not have much time. You need to quickly fight and resolve it. The battle for Cold Mountain Jie is not finished. I speculate that after some more time, the mo will mount a counter-attack. It is best for you to come back before then.”

“How long?” Gao Xuan said cautiously.

“Do not go take more than two months!” Jiang Zhe said decisively.

Yes!” Gao Xuan said in a deep voice, his expression filled with confidence.

The battalion under Jiang Zhe’s command had followed Jiang Zhe for many years. Jiang Zhe had almost gathered all of them from all the major sects. There was one jindan among every twenty people.

The Jiangzi Battlion was one of the core battalions of Xuan Kong Temple.

The battle of Cold Mountain Jie had turned this battalion, that Jiang Zhe had spent so long creating, into an even sharper blade. Due to this battle, Jiangzi Battalion had become famous, and became one of the top four battalions in the Four Realms.

Just these five hundred Jiangzhi Battalion soldiers were enough to give Gao Xuan the confidence he could take over a jie.

Also, the one thousand person battalion that Feng Yue Shijie had taken were not decorative. Their selection was not as stringent as the Jiangzi Battalion but they had also gone through many tests. Each of them were accomplished disciples from the outer sects. In any jie, they were able to become elite. It was just that they were from Xuan Kong Temple and the competition was so fierce that they did qualify for the Jiangzi Battalion.

A Cloud Sea Jie that was an unknown force, how strong could it be?

Even a person as steady as Gao Xuan did not think the other could make any waves. If they were careful and did not fall into traps, the other wouldn’t have a chance.

Jiang Zhe finally got a matter off his mind and smiled slightly. “Go, do not waste time.”

Gao Xuan saluted Jiang Zhe and turned to leave.

A five hundred person battalion quickly left without a sound.


Lil’ Miss had been very busy.

Golden Crow Camp’s study of the mo matrixes had been outstanding, especially on those mo with good bloodlines. Their power would frequently increase by a whole level. Little Savage Jie was a small and remote jie but it still had many colonel level mo. Most of them had some special bloodline. It was not pure, but this wasn’t a problem for Golden Crow Camp.

Shi Dong’s reputation in Little Savage Jie was not bad, and the benefits he provided was very good. Adding on that the legend about the king quickly spread in Little Savage Jie, it attracted many mo with potential

These mo with potential were quickly delivered to Golden Crow Camp at Turtle Island for mo matrixes to be engraved.

In this short time, there were sixty brigadier level mo!

The insanity of Golden Crow Camp infected Lil’ Miss. With unprecedented speed, he started to think of how he could use the strength of these mo to their greatest potential. In the end, he decided to merge these brigadier mo into Vermillion Bird Camp.

Mo battalions were not difficult for him. In reality, he was much more familiar with the soldier types and battalions of yaomo than the types of xiuzhe soldiers and their battalions.

He decided to plan out new tactics. The addition of these brigadier mo caused Vermillion Bird Camp to grow more versatile and even stronger. They had the power to finish even more complex and difficult tactics!

Lil’ Miss could not swallow the result of his battle against A Zha Ge.

He was clear if they wanted to help Zuo Shixiong, they had to become stronger!

These brigadier mo were extremely resistant to Vermillion Bird Camp and disdained them, but after Wei Ran led a single troop that was comprised of half jindan and half ningmai to defeat a battalion composed entirely of brigadier mo, these brigadier mo were won over.

Mo emphasized strength the most. The right of speech depended on their strength. If they submitted, they never played tricks. Also, they were not stupid. Even though it was hard for them to accept living together with xiuzhe, as the power of Turtle Island was gradually exposed to them, and Turtle Island treated mo the same as others, they gradually threw away their opinions.

Most importantly, all the mo believed this was the estate that their king had conquered.

Our king, that was a true mo!

The mo that gradually acclimatized to Turtle Island displayed very good control, their persistence and endurance. The sword xiu of Vermillion Bird Camp felt admiration.

The sword xiu of Vermillion Bird Camp were also unwilling. All of them were working as hard as they could.

Under this kind of atmosphere, a brand new Vermillion Bird Camp with brand new tactics gradually formed.

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