World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Seven – Please Call Me Xiao Mo Ge

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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Seven – Please Call Me Xiao Mo Ge

The report had not come from Lil’ Miss Daren but from a town near the jie river.

They had originally been planning to set up the island formation near the town, when a battalion of about a thousand people suddenly appeared. They realized that this battalion was not one from Cloud Sea Jie after the xiuzhe they sent as a messenger had been killed, confirming status as an enemy.

When Ma Fan received the report, he understood the seriousness of the situation. Lil’ Miss was in Middle Granary Jie and in Cloud Sea Jie, the only camp that could fight was Black Turtle Camp.

Fortunately, in order to connect the large cloud islands together, the transportation formations inside Cloud Sea Jie were very well-developed. The area near the jie river was also a place greatly protected and the transportation formations were very convenient.

Ma Fan decided to report the news to Lil’ Miss Daren as he furiously organized his troops to rush towards the jie river.

After going through several transportation formations, Ma Fan’s Black Turtle Camp reached the jie river at their fastest possible speed!

To his surprise, when he arrived, the other side was resting. With a moment of thought, Ma Fan understood. The other probably had travelled a long-distance and needed to recover.

The xiuzhe that had went to meet them had been killed. There was no need to inquire about their intentions.

“Such a powerful battalion!” Nian Lu said in surprise.

Ma Fan’s expression was slightly grave. He could also see the extraordinary skill of this battalion, fromtheir outfits equipment and their well-organized troops. They were definitely military.

“What are we afraid of? If we charge, they will fall!” Lei Peng rumbled, his expression unconcerned. Without Lil’ Miss’ control in Black Turtle Camp, Lei Peng’s bravado had grown.

“Can you see their origins?” Ma Fan asked Nian Lu.

Of the three, Nian Lu was the most detail-oriented and was a very good vice commander.

Nian Lu’s eyes narrowed and a moment later, his expression changed slightly. “It is a battalion from Xuan Kong Temple!” The insignia on their bodies flashed with light under the sun. Lil’ Miss had expected Xuan Kong Temple to come seek them long ago and paid special attention to intelligence from Xuan Kong Temple.

“Xuan Kong Temple!” Ma Fan’s expression couldn’t help but change slightly. No wonder he felt the other’s troops were extraordinary, a Xuan Kong Temple Battalion.

Having discovered the other’s origins, the trio knew there was no way to avoid this fight.

But a battalion from Xuan Kong Temple … …

Up until now, Black Turtle Camp had never had a large battle. Ma Fan knew without thinking what the result of facing this Xuan Kong Temple battalion was.

Lil’ Miss Daren had definitely received the news now. Vermillion Bird Camp was most likely on the way!

What they needed to do was delay them and wait for Vermillion Bird Camp to arrive. Ma Fan didn’t even think about facing them in real battle. Cloud Sea Jie was not a large jie, and even the outstanding disciples of local sects were lacking compared to the xiuzhe in the other’s battalion.

But no matter what, they could not let the other advance deep into Cloud Sea Jie!

The Great Thousand Island Formation was not yet complete. There was Turtle Island and Golden Crow Camp. If the other charged onto Turtle Island, than Daren’s great estate would be ruined! He definitely could not accept this!

Ma Fan looked behind him. Black Turtle Camp had departed just as training for the day had started. They were now just warmed up, and they had arrived using the transportation formations so they had not expended a great amount of energy along the way.

In other words, Black Turtle Camp’s energy and alertness were at their peak!

The other might looked disciplined but their expressions could not disguise their tiredness.

Ma Fan gritted his teeth, murderousness flashing through his eyes. This was their best chance! If the other recovered, then it would not be good!

Thinking it through, Ma Fan’s expression calmed down. He pulled over Lei Peng. “Lei Zi, you are first, let’s charge!”

Lei Peng grinned, his expression excited. He liked these words the best!

As to that Xuan Kong Temple, who was that?


Feng Yue’s expression darkened. This battalion had clearly come from another place. The other’s quick response almost surpassed her imagination.

She was very knowledgeable and instantly understood Cloud Sea Jie had built a well-developed transportation formation system. She couldn’t help but be surprised. Everyone knew the benefits of a transportation formation system, but each transportation formation was a significant expenditure. They also needed xiuzhe skilled in seal formations to build them and creating a system would take a large amount of jingshi. Not everyone would be willing to spend such a great price.

But when her gaze swept this battalion, the anxiety in her heart settled back down.

The other battalion’s skill level was very lacking compared to her battalion. She did not feel that this was strange. This was an expected situation. The regular battalions of Xuan Kong Temple were not lacking compared to the elite battalions of smaller places.

This was what it meant to be a great sect!

Even more, they were one of the great four.

They were like the titans at the top of the food chain. They could idly look down at the beings living below. With just a pinky, they could crush a whole group of little ants.

In the eyes of Feng Yue, Cloud Sea Jie was a little group of ants!

Ants could chew an elephant to death, but not a dragon!

Suddenly, her expression stilled. Disbelief came onto her face. The other battalion was charging at them!

Feng Yue had followed Jiang Zhe though numerous battles. Other than the mo, no battalion had ever attacked them first.

Where these people crazy?

Feng Yue stood up, her eyes becoming icy. She was going to let these ants know that even the spark of anger from a dragon was enough to burn them to the point that not even ash would remain!

The other xiuzhe also stood up. The laughable actions of the other side provoke these proud combat xiu!


Gao Xuan was feeling panicked. He had not expected Feng Yue to be in such a rush. He had sprinted with five hundred people but he still could not catch up to the other.

The reply that Feng Yue had given him was that she would finish the battle as quickly as possible.

Thinking about this, Gao Xuan couldn’t help but grimace. He was trying his best to hurry and catch up but the girl was not grateful. However, he did not doubt Feng Yue’s confidence. Feng Yue was a better battle general than he was, and the one thousand combat xiu in her command were experienced and had been tempered in battle. Even though they could not compare to the Jiangzi Battalion, they would dominate in any normal jie.

But he still did not dare to linger and sprinted on.


“Hem hem hem!” Zuo Mo pretentiously coughed.

Everyone, including Tao Xing, Tang Fei and Shou Ping were pulled over. Everyone looked in puzzlement at Zuo Mo. Looking at him, it seemed he had something to announce.

“Starting from today, everyone, call me Xiao Mo Ge!” Zuo Mo bowed.

The people stared at each other and did not understand what Zuo Mo was doing. Tao Xing was the first to react. His eyes lit up. “Is Mister Zuo worried that someone will figure out your background?”

“It is Mister Xiao!” Zuo Mo seriously corrected Tao Xing.

Tang Fei’s expression shifted. Inside, she thought, was this guy’s background really extraordinary? Otherwise, why would he use an alias?

Zuo Mo’s reaction was evidence for Tao Xing’s speculation. Tao Xing said unconcernedly, “Even though I feel that this will not work, but if you insist, this isn’t a problem.”

“Very good!” Zuo Mo clapped and turned to look at the other people.

Tang Fei nodded. “Alright!”

Shou Ping obediently nodded. “Not a problem, Xiao Daren!” After he had been admonished by Ceng Lian’er, Shou Ping became much more obedient.

Zuo Mo automatically ignored Ceng Lian’er. Zuo Mo was not changing his name due to an impulse. The name Zuo Mo would easily catch the attention of Kun Lun. Who would know if there were Kun Lun spies here?

“Even though you are not part of my battalion, I still have to remind you that the challenge this time is not an accident. Someone is acting against us,” Zuo Mo said calmly.

Tao Xing nodded. “It is Bu Heng!”

He had stayed in Great Peace City before and knew what went on behind the scenes. He explained, “Bu Heng and his battalion have entered Great Peace City. He should be the culprit this time.”

“This guy just won’t go away,” Zuo Mo muttered. He had completely forgotten how he had killed a few hundred of the other’s people. However, when he thought, he instantly became happy.

Bu Heng would not rest and would definitely send more people to test him out.

Wouldn’t they be delivering themselves to him?

He wouldn’t have to go find time to make challenges.

However, before this, he had to make a few more trips to the Mo Skills Steles. The content on the steles were very useful. What he had comprehended from the Mo Skill Steles had been crucial in dealing the fatal strike to Pang Chen.

This filled him with anticipation about the other content on the Mo Skill Steles.

A Wen had been scolded heavily by Shu Long after his epiphany passed, protecting Daren would be his first responsibility. Thinking how Daren had left someone to guard him so he would not be disturbed during his epiphany, A Wen was both moved and ashamed.

Yet what he had not expected was that Daren had given him an unexpected order. Daren requested that he had to read every mo skill stele.

Even if A Wen was stupid, he understood that Daren’s orders were to benefit him. He swore inside he would always follow Daren!

Zuo Mo did not think so much. He was still feeling the longing for the Mo Skill Steles.

Yet what he did not expect was when he walked out of the yard, someone shouted, “He’s come out!”

Woosh, a big group of people surrounded him.

Zuo Mo was shocked and almost attacked but he quickly found that while these people were excited, they did not hold enmity.

“Daren! Please accept me as your student!”

“Daren! Please accept me as your student!”

The tide of people crowded around Zuo Mo and cut off all paths of exit. Zuo Mo’s face was confused and he clearly did not understand what was going on. Only when Tao Xing came out of the compound, squeezing through the crowd to stand next to him and explain, did Zuo Mo finally understand.

They wanted to become his students!

These people had come in search of a teacher. This was caused by Zuo Mo’s victory of Pang Chen.

The crowd was packed and looked extremely spectacular.

After a rough glance, Zuo Mo estimated there were at least one hundred people, all of them looking pleadingly at Zuo Mo.

“Do not agree.” Tao Xing said in a low voice by his year, “These people are not strong enough and do not have any potential. If you agree, they will be a burden.”

Zuo Mo was silent.

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