World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Nine – Bodhisattva’s Raging Lotus

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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Nine – Bodhisattva’s Raging Lotus

Their battlefield spanned hundreds of li.Blinding balls of light in various colors lit up the sky. The sound of explosions and sharp howls continued constantly.

Sword energies, spells, talismans,, lights of various colors were like rainbows as countless figures in battle formations flashed between the waves of light, chasing, fighting, all kinds of moves.

People were occasionally crushed into dust, or fell from the sky into the Cloud Sea.

This was especially with with the fighting between the jindan of both sides where one full-powered attack could create balls of light that were dozens of mu in size. They were like miniature suns. The rampaging wave of air spreading into all directions.

One side wanted to end as soon as possible. The other pressed the offense as their defense. From the beginning, the fighting was at a high intensity level.


Feng Yue quickly felt the pressure of the enemy attack.

They had expected a quick collapse of the other’s forces shortly after initial contact. The other was like a glue that stayed on them. The other’s strength was not high and their fighting methods were not outstanding. In her view, they were scattered and disorganized.

But such a chaotic troop had fought them them here for an hour and were not at a disadvantage.

Why was it like this?

She knew that her combat xiu were exhausted from their trip and knew that the other had more people, but in her view these factors should not have been enough to delay their progress. Their collective strength was a whole level higher, they were better trained, and they had more combat experience. In her experience, they should be cleaning up the battlefield right now rather than fighting at a standstill.

Feng Yue forced herself to calm down. She felt unused to Jiang Zhe’s absence but her training and experience quickly showed itself.

She examined the battlefield.


Lei Peng’s eyes were bloodshot from bloodlust. He was the sharpest blade of Black Turtle Camp. That door size gold crystal sword caused all talismans to shatter wherever it passed. In this moment, he seemed undefeatable.

They were like a burning hot rod of metal piercing through a piece of butter.

The two sides had fought to a battle of attrition.

Ma Fan’s eyes were not relaxed like usual but were as sharp as an eagle. The situation right now was very beneficial for them. Black Turtle Camp was at full strength and they had the advantage of numbers. Choosing a battle of attrition was very appropriate for them. The longer they managed to drag out the fight, the more beneficial it would be for them.

Black Turtle Camp had just been created. It was fine when the momentum of the fighting was in their favor. But if the other’s presence was too strong, their morale, in all likelihood, would crumble.

A chaotic battle like this suited their utilization of micro-tactics.

As expected, after the panic of their first battle passed, Black Turtle Camp quickly adjusted. The tactics that Ma Fan had designed had a clear speciality. That is, each little team’s tactic was designed around a core member.

Those that were the core members were either members of Sky Peak Platoon or very experienced combat xiu. As long as the tactical core of each team was not panicked, the entire team would be stabilized.

These cores members did not fail Ma Fan’s trust. They quickly steadied their team, their members found their resolve, and they became even stronger.

On the chaotic battlefield, the xiuzhe of the Black Turtle Camp were becoming more and more at ease.

In the past, the combat xiu of Sky Peak Platoon had been handpicked by Lil’ Miss. The great majority of them were in now jindan, and their daily training regimen was much harder than normal combat xiu.

For a very long time in the past, Sky Peak Platoon had been the sharpest knife in Lil’ Miss’ hand!

Each of them were elite members that had been through many battles. Even when facing the jindan of the other camp, they were not at a disadvantage.


Feng Yui quickly discovered Ma Fan’s plan to draw her into a battle of attrition. Her brow creased and she said in a cold voice, “Do not linger in battle! Reorganize for a charge using a battle formation!”

The Xuan Kong Temple combat xiu systematically disengaged from their opponents.

Their speed was extremely fast and the combat xiu of Black Turtle Camp could not keep up. The talismans that Turtle Island combat xiu had were good but that was only in comparison with an average faction. When compared with a great entity like Xuan Kong Temple, they were very lacking.

Feng Yue swept the enemy with a glance. In such a short amount of time, she had lost about a hundred people. Even though the other side’s had definitely suffered more losses, she still felt fury.

She had been forced into a standstill against a troop like this. This could not be forgiven!

Feng Yue’s eyes turned icy.

The combat xiu gathered around her. Everyone looked at her and waited for her orders.

Feng Yue took a deep breath and raised her right hand.

“Bodhisattva’s Raging Lotus Battle Formation!”

The eyes of the combat xiu lit up. They moved closer to each other and their low morale quickly rose.

Bodhisattva’s Raging Lotus Battle Formation!

One of the classic battle formations of Xuan Kong Temple which possessed shocking power in its charge!

In the battle over Cold Mountain Jie, The formation that Jiang Zhe had used the most was the Bodhisattva’s Raging Lotus Battle Formation. Under the Bodhisattva’s Raging Lotus Battle Formation, even the domineering mo had turned to ash!

The fire lotus was unparalleled!

Each of the four great sects had their own unique battle tactics that formed their own systems. But in terms of offensive charge strength, Kun Lun’s Transverse Leap Sword Battle Formation, Tian Huan’s Celestial Wheel Battle Formation, Xi Xuan’s Flowing Gold Battle Formation, and Xuan Kong Temple’s Bodhisattva’s Raging Lotus Battle Formation were the strongest!

Red snakes of fire burned and coiled around the arms of every Xuan Kong Temple combat xiu.

The other side was shrinking back. This movement caused them to feel excited.


When Ma Fan saw the other side’s combat xiu withdraw from their battles, he knew the other had discovered his intentions. However, he had expected this. He used Lei Peng’s charge to push into the other’s troops in order to force them into a battle of attrition. As long as the other side’s battle general was not stupid, he believed the other would eventually respond to this tactic.

Would a battle general from Xuan Kong Temple be stupid? He did not believe it.

However, he was slightly shocked at the other’s quick response. He knew that the true battle had just begun. The greenhorns of Black Turtle Camp had started to adjust to the rhythm of the battlefield. After this, they would be able to tolerate more pressure and their morale would not crumble so easily.

“They are going to charge. It should be the Bodhisattva’s Raging Lotus!” Nian Lu’s eyes narrowed as he panted lightly. He had been fighting intensely with a jindan just now.

Ma Fan nodded. He also recognized it. Ever since they had learned they would fight against Xuan Kong Temple, they had collected intelligence on the battle tactics of Xuan Kong Temple. Naturally, Ma Fan had read them.

He licked his lips and a cold light flashed through his eyes.

“Have everyone prepare. I hadn’t thought that this great gift would be for them. They are really lucky!”

Nian Lu snickered and went back to prepare.

Black Turtle Camp quickly formed a circular formation that looked just the same as the average defensive formation.

“Pay attention! All of you, pay attention!”

“Listen! Do not panic! Just do what we usually practice!”

“Don’t look at them, they are trying to scare you, there’s nothing big, didn’t we just kill a hundred of them just now?”

Every experienced combat xiu was trying to raise the morale of their fellows. They had only ever practiced this battle formation in training and had never used it in real battle.

This battle formation was something that Ma Fan had spent great time and effort to create. His initial goal was to be able to stop the three section wave killing charge of Vermillion Bird Camp. Even though it could theoretically stop it, because he never used it outside of practice, Ma Fan was not very confident.

However, since the other was using an offensive formation, then this battle formation was the most suited to be used against it.

All of this is for you!

Ma Fan stared hard at the other side. His expression when he licked his lips was like a wolf in the middle of a hunt! He was slightly anxious but his expression revealed he was more excited!

At this moment, the other moved!


In the sky, thousands of lines of fire appeared like a storm of fire!

The howls rumbled and the Cloud Sea shook!

The snakes of fire wrapped around the arms of every Xuan Kong Temple combat xiu suddenly grew multiple times. What was most shocking were those jindan xiuzhe. Their right arms were completely enveloped under the burning flames. The color of their fire was deeper than normal combat xiu and the sound caused by their flames was not loud, but extremely deep and stunning to the mind.

They accelerated, accelerated, accelerated!

The roar increased. The terrifying wave of air was like a huge axe that cleaved apart the Cloud Sea under them, forming an stunning sight as the fire cut an expanding wave through the Cloud Sea!

The jindan xiuzhe at the very front had a completely red face. A long tail streaked off the flames on his arms!

His pupils suddenly contracted as he shouted angrily, “Rage!”

His right fist that was pulled behind his body punched forward with all of his power!


The combat xiu behind him shouted and punched in unison!

Almost a thousand fiery red fist energies left their hands. Like fire dragons charging out of the cage, they howled and leapt forward!

The closer to the rear the fist energies were, the faster the energies were. Starting from the last fiery fist energy, they continued to collide into the flames ahead of them and then into the ones further ahead.

The layers of collisions formed a bigger and bigger fiery fist energy. It was like a flame monster that continuously cannibalized its fellows to grow larger!

In a flash, the fiery fist energies formed into one enormous fireball!

The surface of the fire ball constantly shifted. It was possible to faintly discern an enormous figure that was trailing a long tail of flame.

Inside the ball of fire, the enormous figure grew clearer. Its features sharpened, the flames on the surface melting like ice. A furious face appeared in front of everyone’s eyes!

There seemed to be an invisible hand that was sculpting these scorching flames!


Like the crack of glass, the flames outside the ball of fire dispersed to sparks and dissipated in the wind.

Among the spray of sparks, an angrily bodhisattva thirty zhang tall shot into the air. His right hand was holding a bright red fire lotus that was multiple times larger than his body. Like a meteor, it shot towards Black Turtle Camp that had shrunk into a circle!

In this moment, the sky seemed to turn red from the burning flames.

The Cloud Sea underneath their feet drastically crumbled.

The angry eyes of the flame lotus bodhisattva were indifferent as though he was staring down at ants.

Ma Fan did not dare to breathe. He started hard at the charging fire lotus bodhisattva, a crazy expression rising in his eyes.

Suddenly, his pupils expanded. His flying sword which had already been raised sliced down with all his might.


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