World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Seventeen Who … … Who Is The Mo Here … …

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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventeen Who … … Who Is The Mo Here … …

Ye Ling’s position was quartermaster, it was his primary duty, but he was not unfamiliar with battle. In truth, in the mo military, people who could not fight were unable to survive.

The mo respected power. From childhood, they were taught the philosophy of fighting and its unparalleled and ultimate status. Status, wealth, mo skills, the hopes of the clan and others, all of them had to be earned through fighting prowess. This was a long battle that began in youth, a life that was cruel and filled with blood. Those that could survive this battle and achieve something were the elite of the mo.

Ye Ling was that kind of elite. Even if he was just a quartermaster, even if it had been many years since he last fought, this kind of instinct would not degrade.

The other’s mo-esque style of fighting shocked him but he quickly recovered his calmness. His years of experience in the military allowed him to face anything calmly.

His preferred position as he commanded differed from Zuo Mo. His position was at the center of the battle formation.

For mo this was a rare position to stand in.

Mo revered directness and brute force. Their battle generals usually stood at the front of the battle formation, as the tip of the blade! This could maximize the amount of strength they gathered from the entire battalion to unleash the strongest attack!

That was where Zuo Mo was standing.

Ye Ling couldn’t help but feel slight strangeness. As a true-blooded mo, his position was not like the mo but more similar to the yao and the xiuzhe. The enemy was clearly a xiuzhe but what he used was a conventional mo battle style.

Who really was the mo here?

This absurd thought flashed through his mind.

He quickly refocused his attention. Threads of power responded to him. Everything in the surroundings suddenly became unprecedentedly clear. A feeling of strength grew quickly in his mind!

Such a familiar feeling!

Strangely, he felt emotional. The battle spirit in his blood had remained cold for many years, but now the excitement of his youth was reawakened. His eyes became misty black.

Like a ball of mist, his figure disappeared in the air.

Almost at the same time, every mo soldier under his command had their eyes turn red as though they were dyed in fresh blood.

Silently, murderousness grew!


“[Mist Hand Seat]!” The holy smile on Wei’s face suddenly froze and he showed shock.

“What is that?”

Zuo Mo didn’t dare to be careless. In a flash, the enemy troop suddenly seemed to inflate. The murderousness made him feel great pressure.

“A very interesting mo skill.” Pu Yao’s voice suddenly inserted but his tone was full of undisguised schadenfreude. “I and Little Wei encountered this in the past. Tsk tsk, I really miss that time!”

Pu Yao dragged out the sound as he smacked his lips. He really appeared to be reminiscing about the past.

Little Wei … …

Wei’s smile became increasingly forced.

Hearing Pu Yao’s words, Zuo Mo suddenly had a bad feeling. “It’s very powerful?”

“Powerful?” The corners of Pu Yao’s lips rose slightly as he shook his head. “No no no! It isn’t powerful, but it is very interesting. Haha … …”

As though he seemed to recall something, Pu Yao roared with laughter. The laugher that was furious and as sharp as blades echoed in Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness.

Wei’s expression became increasingly terrible.

Zuo Mo’s bad feeling grew. Had they encountered a difficult enemy!


“I wonder how Ye Ling Daren is right now?” The vice commander was full of worry. “The other has gambled on Ye Ling Daren, and the troop they sent definitely would not be weak … …”

The vice commander’s nagging had caused Shi Dong’s patient to finally reach its end. He impatiently interrupted, “You don’t need to worry for Ye Ling!”

“But … …”

Seeing the worry on his vice commander’s face, Shi Dong thought and decided to say something. “Do not underestimate Ye Ling. What he cultivates is the [Mist Hand Seat.]”

“Ah!” The vice commander was shocked and his mouth was gaped so wide an egg could be shoved through it. After a long while, his mind refocused. He stammered out a question. “[Mist Hand Sea]? Heavens! Ye Ling Daren actually cultivates [Mist Hand Seat]!”

A military officer that was the quartermaster who cultivated the [Mist Hand Seat,] this was insane!

Shi Dong was silent for a moment. He suddenly said nonsensically, “It is a pity, if only he also cultivated the Mist mo physique … …”

The vice commander paused again but this time, he understood.

Shi Dong suddenly raised his head. His blue eyes narrowed slightly and his hand went to the mantis blade at his waist.

Looking down from the sky, the entire mo army seemed to stop without any warning. The entire process was carried out like clockwork, in sync and unified without any confusion.

In front of them, a troop was silently floating in the air.

Shi Dong gripped the handle of the mantis blade, his expression was icy and his back straight as he slowly walked towards the front.

With every step, his presence increased. When he reached to the front of the formation, he was like an unsheathed sword, the sharp edges exposed to the air without any reservation.

The mantis blade was unsheathed!

Pointing forward!


When Gongsun Cha saw Shi Dong’s action, his lips couldn’t help but curl up. Without any warning, his peaceful eyes suddenly began to boil.

The shy and bashful smile suddenly held a thread of craziness and undisguised admiration.

The other dared to advance alone after detecting his intentions and aimed straight at Turtle Island. Just this action was enough to win Lil’ Miss’ respect.

When the opponent realized Vermillion Bird Camp’s advantage in speed, the other advanced at full speed without holding anything in reserve. This action that seemed reckless had greatly weakened Vermillion Bird Camp’s advantage of fighting on home ground. It forced Vermillion Bird Camp into an early battle with him.

This was a pretty good opponent!

The wind blew the fine bangs at his forehead. Under the excitement and pleasure of facing a matching opponent, Gongsun Cha’s neck turned red.

His consciousness spread like a net.

“Let’s start!”


Mist Hand Seat?

Zuo Mo didn’t have the time to ask further when Ye Ling had started to attack.


A ball of mist exploded within the mo army and grew rapidly. In a flash, it spread out and covered the sky. Thousands of mo soldiers were quickly swallowed by the grey mist and disappeared without a trace.

The grey mist roiled restlessly as though an enormous monster was moving inside.

Zuo Mo was on his guard. Pu Yao and Wei’s reactions right now proved that the enemy was powerful.

But as the battle began, Zuo Mo threw all other thoughts to the back of his head.

He stared at the grey mist as though he was staring at prey. Viciousness shone in Zuo Mo’s eyes. Focused on fighting, Zuo Mo did not have any more terror or hesitation.

It might have been the stimulation from Pu Yao and Wei that Zuo Mo’s attention was exceedingly focused. The power of the Great Day mo physique was yearning to go inside his body while his ling power and consciousness were circulating on their own.

After cultivating shen power, the connection between the three powers grew closer and moving one would activate and pull everything along.

But Zuo Mo’s attention was not on his own body. His attention was focused all behind him!

He seemed to be standing inside a void with two thousand candle flames behind him each was a star.

Every hardship guard was like wisp of candle flame. They pulsed along with the rhythm of his own heart! The two brightest flames should be Shu Long and A Wen. Zuo Mo seemed thoughtful.

Two thousand candle flames pulsed to the same beat.

The threads of power gathered between them.

Power and killing essence was continuously added. Zuo Mo felt his body was like an inflated balloon filled with dark killing intent and destructive power. They continuously beat against his mind.


Zuo Mo’s roar carried a thread of pain as he slapped towards the ball of black mist!


The hardship guards shouted angrily and attacked at the same time!

The black smoke condensed from killing essence gathered at Zuo Mo’s right pal as though it was the rivers flowing into the ocean.

The Day Script on Zuo Mo’s right palm suddenly activated.

It wasn’t the usual blinding golden light but a terrifying dark red!

Day Script Palm!


The sharp howl sounded in all directions!


The moment the dark red Day Script left Zuo Mo’s hand, it furiously pulled at the air and all the ling power within ten li. The air seemed to be dyed with a layer of red and the temperature of the air shot up.

“Day Script Palm! Great Day mo physique!”

Ye Ling was so shocked he almost shouted. Zuo Mo was completely ignorant of mo skills and mo physiques but as a true-blood mo, Ye Ling was familiar with all kinds of famous mo physiques.

When he saw this dark red Day Script , he almost went insane.

The Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation, standing in the position of that mo would standing, people unaffected by the mo grass seed, these all shocked him.

But when he saw this Day Script , he completely turned into chaos.

All Hail The King!

Day Script Palm … … this … … this really was the Day Script Palm … …

Great Day mo physique, ranking second in colonel mo physiques!

Day Scrip Palm, one of the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique!

But … … wasn’t the Great Day mo physique something only mo with the highest of bloodlines could cultivate?

When were even xiuzhe able to cultivate the Great Day mo physique? Was it now fashionable for xiuzhe to cultivate mo physiques?

Who really was the mo here … …


Mo … … unless the other was mo as well!

Ye Ling was astounded at this daring and crazy idea that popped up. He seemed to be struck by lightning!


Yes, the opponent was a mo!

Only mo could cultivate the mo physique. Ye Ling always paid attention to news from the front lines. They had never discovered any xiuzhe that cultivated the mo physique. The only thing similar to the mo physique were the dhyana xiu of the xiuzhe but the two had innate differences.

He was ten thousand percent sure this was the Great Day mo physique, and this Great Day mo physique that had been cultivated to an extremely high level! The cultivation difficulty of the Great Day mo physique was just as famous and terrifying as its ranking among colonel level mo physiques. Its six transformations were even harder to cultivate!

This definitely was not any dhayna technique!

The dark red Day Script pulled at all kinds of energies within ten li!

Even fine black smoke that were like razors were layered by the purest of mo killing essence.

Yes, he had not seen it wrong!

Ye Ling was frightened by his own thinking.


A mo that had been lost in xiuzhe territories?

Lost in the xiuzhe world, possessing the highest bloodline, a mo that tried to create a mo army!

Oh, All Hail The King!

Translator Ramblings: Mo culture dump. Mo skills – anyone can cultivate them with hard work, mo physique, something to do with bloodlines. This is why Pu Yao and Wei found it weird Zuo Mo could have a physique.