World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Five – Smooth Talker

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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Five – Smooth Talker

Bu Heng said to the shadowed corner. “You failed.”

“The woman next to him is very powerful,” an ancient voice passed out from the pitch black corner. His voice paused slightly and then he said, “I will not act again. Both of the women beside him are very powerful!”

Bu Heng was not surprised. He said, “You are afraid.”

A moment later, the old voice in the corner said, “Yes, I am afraid.”

“Do you know why you cannot get vengeance?” Bu Heng raised an eyebrow with disdain on his face, “Because you try to attend to everything and do not dare to gamble your life to fight.”

A cold and dark killing intent tightly restrained Bu Heng. Bu Heng’s face turned pale from the killing intent but he did not retreat at all. The mocking smile on his face grew. “Just like right now. You do not dare to kill me because you are afraid of my battalion! You are afraid that my battalion will destroy your family!”

“You are weak, you cannot let go of your revenge but you are also afraid of death. You hope to break into marshal level. If you cannot enter marshal level, you will be a worm crawling in the dark, trying to scrape out a living. Marshal level? Stop dreaming! Which marshal is a weak willed man?” Bu Heng’s cold words were like a metal hammer breaking through the ice and shattering the other’s mental defenses.

A moment later, the killing intent disappeared without a trace. A tired figure walked out of the corner. The old voice carried deep exhaustion. “You are right, I cannot get to marshal level.”

“I can exact your revenge for you,” Bu Heng suddenly said.

The other was silent.

“However, in return I want your life.” Bu Heng stood up and walked away without another glance back. “When you have thought it through, come find me.”

Before Bu Heng reached the door, a hoarse voice came from behind him, “How can you exact my revenge for me?”

Bu Heng stopped and said coldly, “You forget my Heng Battalion. A battalion in the top one hundred of Hundred Savage Realm, can I not get your revenge?”

“What do you want me to do?” the voice came from behind him.

“At an appropriate time, kill him.”

“What is an appropriate time?”

“You will know when it is time.”

When he finished saying this, Bu Heng opened the door and left without a look back.


“Bu Heng left with his battalion?” Lan Tian Long was slightly shocked.

Lan Rong shrugged. “Maybe he feels that there is no hope. No matter how strong his battalion is, there is no use for it in Great Peace City. As for individual strength, he does not have anyone that can be used against Xiao Mo Ge.”

“This does not fit Bu Heng’s personality,” Lan Tian Long said as he shook his head.

“He’s left, and even took his battalion with him.” Lang Rong said unconcernedly, “What else can he do?”

“Alright, let’s not think about him further.” Lan Tian Long did not understand the situation and then threw it to one side. Suddenly, he looked with a smile at Lan Rong. “Don’t you like princess Xin? How about it? Are you unable to sleep from anticipation?”

A thread of embarrassment appeared on Lan Rong’s face but he quickly recovered. He shook his head, “She will not be attracted to me.”

Lan Tian Long became silent. He knew that his brother was right. The Lan Family had some power and the two brothers were exceptional, but in front of the ocean of suitors for the three princesses, they were not special.

He patted his brother’s shoulder and comforted, “There are opportunities everywhere. You have a better appearance than me, and you can definitely win hearts!”

The two brothers exchanged a look and then laughed.

A moment later, the two stopped. Lan Rong said with a smile, “Ha, however, they might not end up well this time. I feel that this Xiao Mo Ge is aiming for these three princesses.”

Lan Tian Long thought a moment and then said, “After you mention this, I feel very similarly. He has been so flamboyant in his conduct, so high that he is almost flying. It is so coincidental. The more I think, the more I the same.”

“I just don’t know which princess he likes. Ha, I wonder which person will be the unlucky one!” Lan Rong had some schadenfreude. “This Xiao Mo Ge is one that does not act according to convention. Those that he targets would probably have a headache! Haha!”

Hearing this, Lan Rong couldn’t help but grin.

The departure of Bu Heng and his battalion did not cause great ripples. Everyone felt that Bu Heng did not have any ways to deal with Xiao Mo Ge. Rather than keep fighting, it was better to save face and leave.

Also, as the date of arrival of the three princesses approached, and all of Great Peace City was like a great stove that kept on receiving fuel. People’s emotions became heightened and almost all topics of discussion circled around the three princesses.


Bie Han and Fu Feng were waiting silently. Tao Xing and Shu Long were at the side.

They had come to find Zuo Mo and Shu Long had received them but refused to disturb Zuo Mo. When Bie Han heard from Shu Long that Zuo Mo was saving that Sin Battalion mo, he quieted down.

He had enough confidence.

The room door suddenly opened and Zuo Mo came out.

“Zuo Mo!” Fu Feng suddenly said.

Zuo Mo had noticed long ago that there were two unfamiliar presences at the door. When he walked out and heard this name, he clearly stopped. However, when he saw Fu Feng’s face, he was very shocked. “Fu Feng!”

The two had interacted multiple times and he had a deep impression of the other.

“How is he?” Bie Han suddenly asked.

Zuo Mo glanced at Bie Han. He did not know the person so he turned towards Fu Feng.

After Fu Feng had the confirmation that Xiao Mo Ge was Zuo Mo, he was slightly excited. When he saw Zuo Mo’s inquiring gaze, he made a quick introduction, “This is His Highness Bie Han, the Sin Battalion member that was lost is His Highness’ subordinate.”

He then explained the past events.

Zuo Mo finally realized and increasingly felt that Xuan Kong Temple was peaceful in appearance but was cruel in their bones. He instantly said in a hateful tone, “Yes! The thieving baldies of Xuan Kong Temple should die!”

When he heard that Bie Han had escaped to the mo world upon being sent to attack Cloud Sea Jie, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but roar in laughter.

Fu Feng was slightly puzzled and hurriedly asked. Zuo Mo waved his hand and did not mention that he was the master of Cloud Sea Jie.

Even though he did not receive an answer, Fu Feng’s heart relaxed. It seemed that Zuo Mo and Xuan Kong Temple were at odds. The common saying was applicable. The enemy of the enemy was a friend. Adding on their past interactions, they felt even closer.

“How is he?” Bie Han was worried about the Sin Battalion member and couldn’t help asking again.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. The Sin Battalion’s soul was not complete and was like a mo puppet. In the hands of Xuan Kong Temple, they were expendable. Bie Han was concerned for the Sin Battalion member who had an incomplete soul so Zuo Mo instantly had a better impression of him.

He said with a smile, “You’ll know when you go in and see.”

As he spoke, he walked into the room first. Bie Han and Fu Feng hurriedly followed after.

When they saw the Sin Battalion member standing silently as a puppet, light flashed through Bie Han’s eyes. He did not seem to move but the Sin Battalion member reappeared like a ghost behind his body.

A light came out of Bie Han’s eyes, his expression was shocked. “You erased the jinzhi?”

Zuo Mo was very proud. “The problematic jinzhi have to be removed, and I also perfected all the jinzhi. I made them into mo matrixes. This guy’s power should have risen two times over! Aren’t I strong!”

Bie Han’s face was filled with disbelief. His thoughts suddenly moved and the Sin Battalion member started to spin at increasing speed. When his figure was a blur, he was still accelerating!

The entire room was swept up in the gusts of wind. Everyone was caught up in the wind while Zuo Mo and a few others remained nailed to the ground.

Suddenly, the Sin Battalion member stopped moving!

There was no transition between extreme movement and extreme calm. It was so strange it was nauseating.

Bie Han’s eyes lit up even more. Zuo Mo’s words were not wrong at all. The power of the Sin Battalion member had increased by more than two times! If the entirety of Sin Battalion could improve like this, the battalion would be terrifying!

Bie Han suddenly bowed towards Zuo Mo. “I have something to ask!”

Zuo Mo paused and hurriedly pulled Bie Han up. “Just say it.”

“I am sincerely asking Sir to remove the jinzhi from my Sin Battalion brothers and engraving mo matrixes,” Bie Han said with a serious expression.

“How many people do you have?” Zuo Mo asked suspiciously.

“Two thousand six hundred and twenty three!” Bie Han said.

Zuo Mo’s head swelled up. He hurriedly shook his head. “No way, no way! This is going to tire me to death!”

“Please, sire, agree. No matter the conditions, I am willing to agree to them!” Bie Han said without hesitation.

When Fu Feng heard this, he knew it was bad! He had interacted with Zuo Mo before and this guy had carried the nickname of the Scalping Zombie in the past. Everywhere he passed, he had even dug up the ground for three chi. Would this guy have any reason to give up the opportunity His Highness had delivered up himself like this?

As expected, Zuo Mo who had been seriously refusing just a moment ago immediately started to rub his chin. “Hem hem, friendship and business should be separated. Look at how much energy it takes, this takes great mental effort to solve the layers of jinzhi, and also to use my novel mo matrix method. It has not just solving all weaknesses for your Sin Battalion, it is increasing their power up a level! How difficult this is! Brother Bie, you are a professional, you should definitely understand the difficulty involved in such a task!”

The pitiful Bie Han had never seen something like this before. He was instantly swept up in the speech. Even the experienced Fu Feng’s heart was beating rapidly. But he was unable to object because the initiative was in the other’s hands. He could only pray the other would not ask a too great of a price.

Zuo Mo’s spittle flew as he went on, “More than three thousand members! [1] Such a vast amount of labour! I’m the only one who can do this, I will have to do all the work from beginning to end. But who am I, Xiao Mo Ge? A general level, gold battle general, genius that caused the Shifting Star Sands, an expert ranked twentieth on the Great Peace Mo Rankings! I ask you, how can my fee be low?”

Tao Xing gaped on hearing this.

The more Bie Han heard, the more insecure he felt. He thought that Zuo Mo was right. He swallowed. “No, no! Go on, go on!”

“Yes! I believe that you who is logical and knowledgeable would understand!” Zuo Mo was very satisfied with Bie Han’s cooperation. He paused, and asked, “Do you have many mo bei?”

Bie Han shook his head and obediently answered, “Not much.”

Zuo Mo was slightly disappointed and then asked, “Do you have some rare treasures?”

Bie Han shook his head. “No!”

Zuo Mo’s face was filled with disappointment as he sighed. He said, “Look, you do not have mo bei, you do not have treasures, then you can only sell yourself. Normally, even signing away your life would be considered a cheap price but Brother Fu and I are old acquaintances, so I will give you a discount. I admire Brother Bie’s moral conduct and will give you a further discount. So my friend I will give you the best friendship discount!”

Everyone looked at Zuo Mo and waited for him to name his price.

[1] Fang Xiang changes the number here. He does it again later.

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