World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Nineteen – On The Same Path

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Chapter Five Hundred and Nineteen – On The Same Path

Complete silence!

A complete and deathly silence .

Everyone started to recover from the initial shock, especially Shu Long and his group. Even though this incident had occurred so suddenly and was so implausible, it had happened in front of him!

Everyone looked at Zuo Mo. Many people couldn’t help but sigh inside—as expected of Daren!

Zuo Mo could not pay attention to them so much. His spirit was suppressed almost to the point of causing an internal injury, it took great effort to calm the energies roiling inside of him.

But as more and more gazes looked at him, he felt he needed to give, oh, display more of the mannerisms of a boss.

He straightened and coughed lightly. In the silence, it was unusually clear. He frightened himself.

Ye Ling and the other’s suddenly became alert, their expressions even more respectful.

“I say, this … …” When Zuo Mo started to speak, the presence of a boss instantly dissipated, “you guys want to pledge allegiance to me?”

“Yes, Daren!” Ye Ling’s response was clean and crisp.

“Why?” Zuo Mo asked curiously. His question attracted everyone’s attention. Truthfully, no one understood what was going on.

“Daren has the potential to become king,” Ye Ling unhesitatingly replied.

Everyone liked hearing flattery. Zuo Mo was not an exception. He instantly gave a smile. “You have pretty good eyes, you managed to find me when I am hiding so deeply?”

Gu Ming Gong who just recovered suddenly had a strange expression. But when he glanced around and saw the seriousness on Shu Long and the other people’s faces, he intelligently suppressed his impulse to laugh.

Shu Long, A Wen, and the others threw gazes of praise at Ye Ling. As Zuo Mo’s core troop and most loyal subordinates, Guard Camp was completely loyal to Zuo Mo. They originated as xiuzhe slaves. Compared to the old-timers of Vermillion Bird Camp, they were less skilled in the ways of social interaction and did not understand the customs of the xiuzhe world. Their thinking was simpler and even purer.

In their minds, Zuo Mo was the most outstanding, powerful, and wisest Daren in the world!

Even if Zuo Mo told them to jump into a fire pit, they would jump in together without any hesitation.

In their minds, they only existed for Zuo Mo.

Gu Ming Gong felt Ye Ling was only giving platitudes but Shu Long and the others did not think so. To be able to recognize Daren’s strength in such a short amount of time, this guy had pretty good eyes!

Unconsciously, Guard Camp’s collective opinion of Ye Ling shot up.

Ye Ling’s words caused Zuo Mo to float and feel as though he was an immortal. The incident of almost getting internal injury just now was forgotten immediately.

He grinned to the point his eyes were narrow lines. His face bloomed like a flower. “Potential to become king? Ohoh, tell me, slowly, in detail!”

“Yes! Daren!” Ye Ling thought that Zuo Mo was testing his abilities. He collected his thought with the utmost seriousness before he opened, “Daren is young and has cultivated the Great Day mo physique. In all of the mo world, Daren could be called a genius. Situated in such a dangerous place, Daren was able to create such a powerful army and create such a situation. Daren has the signs of being a wise leader that can survive these troubled times. Only Daren who is strong, has talent, a resilient personality, and also one with great foresight, might become king!”

Shu Long and the others nodded and exchanged looks. As they communicated through their eyes, they showed expressions of agreement.

Shrunken in the corner, Gu Ming Gong was gaping. As he looked at the smug Zuo Mo, he felt this was impossible. The person speaking was serious, the person being praised was also serious. There was no flattery, no insincerity. It was terribly sincere and honest conversation.

But … …

The clever Gu Ming Gong opened his mouth a few times, but could not produce a word.

Oh, it was a pity that Eldest Shixiong and Gongsun Shidi were not present … … ah, he had forgotten, forgotten, he should have recorded it with a jade scroll.

Extremely happy, Zuo Mo instantly felt regret. This was one of those rare chances to grow face. He wanted everyone to see this.

Finally struggling out of his regret, Zuo Mo smacked his lips with lingering hunger and coughed pretentiously. “Oh, alright! However, we need to be low-key, low-key!”

No wonder Daren was able to survive in the xiuzhe world until now and had even amassed such a group. He really understood the way of concealment!

Ye Ling said with sincere reverence, “Yes, Daren!”

Having heard the flattery and having enjoyed it, Zuo Mo felt that leaving like this was not fair. He thought and then said, “Oh, since you have such sincerity, then from today onwards, you are Grey Camp. Shu Long will temporarily lead the camp, you will be the vice commander.”

Ye Ling was overjoyed. “Thank you Daren for bestowing the name!”

“But from today onwards, you have to take note and not reveal your identity as mo,” Zuo Mo reminded Ye Ling.

“Yes!” Ye Ling was full of admiration. Daren was extremely meticulous.

He turned his head and spoke a few words. The entire mo army changed their expressions. The mo that could enter the mo military all was of relatively strong strength and changing appearances were not hard for them. However, the mo sense of beauty was far different than xiuzhe. They preferred more rough and powerful appearances.

Then Ye Long greeted Shu Long.

Shu Long and the others had been xiuzhe slaves and oppressed by xiuzhe for a long time. They did not like xiuzhe but did not have any bad feelings about mo. Ye Ling’s words just now had won their good opinion. Shu Long and the others felt as though Ye Ling spoke what they all thought!

A feeling of walking on the same path rose.

Shu Long said solemnly, “I will treat Grey Camp fairly, everyone work hard!”

“Yes!” Ye Ling was full of excitement.

Accidentally recruiting Grey Camp caused Zuo Mo’s sneak attack journey to end in a strange manner but in all, he had still accomplished his objectives.

Under the efforts of Guard Camp and Grey Camp, they quickly began setting up a new base at the chaos rift. Compared to the crude base that Ye Ling had, the scale of the new base was astounding.

However, the mo grass sea was still uprooted. This was really too eye-catching.

At this time, Ye Ling suddenly came to find Zuo Mo.

“Daren,” Ye Ling said with hesitation.

“What is it?” Zuo Mo asked.

“Daren, please permit me to persuade Shi Dong Daren to surrender!” Ye Ling gritted his teeth and said with determination.

“Shi Dong?” Zuo Mo stilled and then he reacted. “You mean the other mo army?”

“Yes, Daren,” Ye Ling hurriedly said, “Shi Dong Daren was this subordinate’s previous commander.”

“Oh, tell me about him.” Zuo Mo’s interest was stirred.

“Shi Dong Daren is born from a rare branch of the mantis mo called the Sky Mantis Mo. Shi Dong Daren is the most outstanding battle general this subordinate has ever seen. He is resilient and determent, extremely perceptive in battle. If he was not limited by his birth as a mantis mo, his accomplishments would not be limited to just so!”

“How is he compared to you?” Zuo Mo asked curiously. Ye Ling’s Mist Hand Seat had left him a deep impression.

“This subordinate is inferior,” Ye Ling said seriously, “this subordinate has always served as Shi Dong Daren’s quartermaster.”

“So that’s how it is … …” Zuo Mo instantly had the feeling he was making a great profit and hurriedly nodded, “then you can try!”

Ye Ling was overjoyed. “Yes!”


Smoke wafted off Shi Dong’s body. His grand cape was no torn and dirtied, his body covered in wounds of various sizes. He also had a tired expression.

Beside him, there were only half of the organized troops that remained and all of them carried wounds.

Shi Dong had not expected the other to be so powerful! Thinking about these nightmarish days of battle, his heart couldn’t help but shudder.

The enemy battle general was too powerful!

Other than at the beginning when the two were at a standoff, Shi Dong had been forced to watch as the balance of battle slowly tilted towards the enemy.

A slow yet resolute tilt!

He had tried all the solutions he could think of but was still unable to stop the tilt.

The other had suppressed them completely and did not give them any faults to use.

He had never thought he would encounter such a terrifying opponent!

Was this the legendary Xue Dong from Kun Lun? Or Tian Huan’s Gongye Xiao Rong?

Wasn’t this Cloud Sea Jie? Wasn’t this a remote little place that Four Realm Heaven disdained to enter?

How could such a peerless battle general be here?

A golden battle general!

Only a golden battle general could suppress him to the point of hopelessness!

Shi Dong was just a step away from becoming a gold battle general. If it wasn’t for his mantis mo bloodline, maybe he would be a gold battle general already. Since a very early point in his life, he had rarely encountered a match for himself. He never lacked confidence when directing battle.

But this time.

Looking at the small groups of three and five sword xiu that were nearby in the sky, he bit down on his lips with a pale face.

Just at this moment, a gasp of shock came from his vice commander.

He suddenly turned around his face with a sword-sharp gaze.

But when he saw the black insect in the vice commander’s hand, he suddenly froze.


“A good opponent,” Lil’ Miss’ voice was full of praise.

No one dismissed his words. The hardiness of this troop far surpassed their expectations. Even though Vermillion Bird Camp had quickly gotten the advantage, the other still withstood their assault.

Even though they could not stop the rising tide, the collapse in moral that people predicted had not occurred.

Even fighting to now with only half of their battalion left, their morale was still shocking steady. If this was a normal battalion, they would have crumbled long ago.

This kind of enemy was worthy of being respected.

Ever since Lil’ Miss created his own core scripture, his consciousness expanded rapidly by the day. His last shortcoming disappeared. Lil’ Miss who had been strong to start with, had become extremely terrifying, unusually and abnormally terrifying!

The advancement in skill caused by his increase in consciousness could be seen in this battle. From the moment the battle begun, the rhythm of battle was in his hands.

From beginning to end, he didn’t give the enemy on chance. Steadily and unrushed, with a method that was almost suffocating, he pressed on the other’s space leaving them no room to maneuver.

However, Lil’ Miss still had a high opinion of Shi Dong.

If he hadn’t had a breakthrough in his consciousness recently, the other would have been significant trouble for him to defeat. If the battle was fought in those conditions, less than one third of Vermillion Bird Camp would remain, and it wouldn’t have been zero fatalities like it was now.

The other reason they had such an advantage was the enemy mo army’s level was one lower than Vermillion Bird Camp. The investments that Zuo Mo made on Vermillion Bird Camp without any consideration for the cost finally showed their effects.

Lil’ Miss was sure that the other had power that was nearing that of a gold battle general.

Of all of Turtle Island, only Gongsun Cha and Zuo Mo had the power to fight against him. Even Shu Long was lacking in comparison.

It was a pity that Shi Dong encountered Gongsun Lil‘ Miss. The terrifying Lil’ Miss that even the renowned Corps Commander Yu Heng had fallen at the feet of!

Such a hardy opponent, Gongsun Cha sighed emotionally and turned to give the order to attack.

“Prepare to attack, let’s finish this battle before sunset.”

Suddenly, Gongsun Cha’s gaze stopped. He saw the enemy battle general leave the battle formation alone. The sword xiu at the front quickly flew back and reported to Gongsun Cha.

“Daren, they are surrendering!”

Translator Ramblings: I won’t go so far to say they are fanatical, but Guard Camp has been pretty well indoctrinated. Poor Gu Ming Gong, he’s surrounded.