World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Seven – Jie Master Ceng Yi

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Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Seven – Jie Master Ceng Yi

Colonel level.

If this was in the past, Zuo Mo had complete confidence he could destroy the man standing in front of him. At normal strength, he was also colonel level but his Great Day mo physique was ranked second among colonel level physiques and would allow him to dominate mo of the same level. Average mo that were in brigadier level wouldn’t be a match for him.

But now, Zuo Mo grimaced. A single colonel was enough to defeat everyone in Shattered Stone Town.

“I hadn’t expected to meet a colonel expert in a little place as Shattered Stone Town, it really is my honor.” Zuo Mo’s tone was light as he said, “Apologies, this one’s body has some problems and is unable to move. If there is any offense, Sir, please have tolerance.”

The other smiled slightly and said, “No matter, this one has heard long ago about Mister Zuo and knows Mister Zuo is not a normal person. Seeing you today, you are as extraordinary as expected. This one is Chao Yu, and is under the command of Ceng Yi Daren.”

His voice was deep and carried an unique resonance.

Heard long ago? Zuo Mo’s heart shook. Had the matter with Dong Zi attracted the other’s attention?

Seeing Zuo Mo remain silent, Chao Yu was not angry. His dark red eyes stared at Zuo Mo as he said directly, “Which teacher did Mister Zuo have? Matrix awakening masters that can cause their targets to level up through matrix awakenings are very rare.”

Zuo Mo did not answer and asked in response, “Does Sir have a matter to ask of me?”

Chao Yu did not pursue the topic and looked meaningfully at Zuo Mo. He said, “It seems that Mister Zuo doesn’t have simple origins.”

For some reason, Zuo Mo felt this person’s words were dark like a cold wind blowing at his back.

Chao Yu smiled and drawled, “This one wants to invite Mister Zuo to be a guest for a few days at Stone City.”

Be a guest? Stone City?

Zuo Mo was a clever person and naturally was able to hear the implied threat in the words.

Suddenly, a mo walked over holding an unconscious Ka Zhuo in his hand.

“What are you dragging on for?” the income said discontentedly. He was clearly unsatisfied with Chao Yu’s efficiency.

Zuo Mo knew that he was unable to avoid it and said in a deep voice, “I’ll go with you!”

Chao Yu laughed unconcernedly and said, “Maybe Mister Zuo will thank us in the future.”

Zuo Mo remained silent and only stared coldly at the other.

“What to do? Do you have a solution?” Zuo Mo impatiently asked Pu Yao and Wei in the sea of consciousness. A Gui was lost to the world, her shen power only working occasionally. If the other were provoked it could be disastrous. But he had no ability to fight. Zuo Mo was extremely panicked.

“With your present state, even the best solution is useless,” Pu Yao said coldly.

“Wait for a chance!” Wei said calmly, “Since they came to find you, they definitely have something to ask. Before you learn the details of the situation, do not do anything.”

Zuo Mo thought and quickly calmed down.

Wei was right, the other clearly had intentions.

“They might have come for the mo matrix.” Pu Yao’s eye narrowed and murderousness flashed through his bloody pupil. He was clearly discontent. “They are brave to act against me!”

If something happened to Zuo Mo, none of them would end up well. Acting against Zuo Mo was acting against them.

Zuo Mo felt slightly ashamed. Compared to the two old veterans, his mentality was still slightly tender. However, he was a leader, and after calming down from the initial panic, his mind started to quickly turn.

Those two people were both colonel level. After interacting with Uncle An Ya in these days, Zuo Mo knew the general situation. In Shattered Stone Jie, colonels were in the ranks of experts. It was not a small matter for two colonels to appear together. Chao Yu and the other came in the open and had no intentions of disguising themselves.

Zuo Mo was curled up in A Gui’s embrace as he continued to organize his body. Even though the effects could not be immediately seen, it was the only thing he could do now.

Chao Yu and the other had two enormous black bats as steeds. The wingspan was six zhang, and the back was broad enough to hold seven to eight people.

The black bats looked intimidating but they did not fly quickly. When they flew, a ball of black wind enveloped them which blocked the harsh winds.

After flying for two days, a black mountain appeared in Zuo Mo’s view.

The entire mountain was as black as ink, the dropoffs steep as it floated in the sky. Zuo Mo noticed that there were layers of wind around the mountain. The wind carried countless shards of rock that formed a belt of shattered rock.

When they flew near the shattered rock belt, sharp howls almost pierced people’s eardrums, the wailing causing the hearer’s scalp to prickle.

Chao Yu had been paying attention to Zuo Mo the entire journey. He couldn’t help but marvel as he saw that Zuo Mo’s gaze was still calm right now. In this shattered stone belt, the hard wind cut like blades. As the wind carried shattered rock fragments, if one was pulled in, even the strongest body would be ground into powder.

“Has Mister Zuo seen such a thing at other places?” Chao Yu couldn’t help ask.

“No,” Zuo Mo replied indifferently.

It was the first time that Zuo Mo had no agency, he was unable to take the initiative. He was like a fish on the chopping block and could only await for others to act on him. His fighting abilities were zero, his most trusted powers had disappeared. Forced to such a hopeless situation, all of the carelessness, nonchalance, and laziness had disappeared without a trace.

Because there was still A Gui.

Other than his little life, there was still A Gui.

Chatterbox Zuo Mo became silent once again. He wrung out his mind to try to think of anything he could do. He used every second to organize his body even though the actions did not have much meaning.

All of his stray thoughts disappeared. Zuo Mo was focused.

Chao Yu saw that Zuo Mo didn’t have the interest in talking so he smiled and closed his mouth.

The two black bats charged into the shattered stone wind belt without any hesitation. A light shield lit up around the bodies of the black bats. The piercing howls instantly disappeared. Zuo Mo felt his vision blur and the scenery change.

The floating black pieces of stone formed a path that appeared in front of them and stretched into the distance.

The black bats flew above the stone path. Soon after, they flew in front of a black palace.

There were two mo guarding the palace gates. One of them saw Chao Yu and his fellow, smiled and said, “You have just returned? Jie Master has almost run out of patience.”

Chao Yu grimaced. “We didn’t dare to rest for a moment on the road, we didn’t even take break to drink water until now.”

Zuo Mo’s gaze focused slightly. Jie master! Shattered Stone Jie only had one jie master. Zuo Mo remembered Uncle An Ya had said the jie master of Shattered Stone Jie was called Ceng Yi.

“Don’t complain to me,” the mo guarding the door laughed and said. He then examined Zuo Mo and tsked, “This little boy is the matrix awakening master you found? Are you sure! He’s so sick! This girl is also so ugly!”

Hearing this, murderousness rose inside Zuo Mo.

He looked deeply at the other and memorized the other’s appearance.


In the sea of consciousness.

“Zuo Mo’s killing energies are much heavier than before,” Wei said lightly.

Pu Yao said unconcernedly, “This is good, the boy lacked motivation, and was too content with what he had.”

“He treats A Gui very differently,” Wei said meaningfully.

“Women are the most effective!” Pu Yao felt slight regret. “If I’d known sooner, I would have shoved a few women towards him before!”

“A Gui isn’t bad.” Wei seemed to think of something, his tone reminiscing.

“How about shoving a few more women at the boy … …” Pu Yao spoke to himself.


“This is the matrix awakening master you found?” a man slowly asked.

Zuo Mo examined the jie master of Shattered Stone Jie.

Ceng Yi’s figure was not tall nor brawny. His body was actually very thin, a thinness that felt abnormal to Zuo Mo. He was wearing pure white robes. What surprised Zuo Mo the most was that he couldn’t feel any killing energy from the other.

Ceng Yi’s chin was pointy, his face exquisite. What was most eye-catching was his almond-yellow eyes that were extremely similar to snake pupils.

But if one underestimated him because of this, they would die a tragic death!


This jie master that looked as though he could be blown away by the wind was the first general mo that Zuo Mo had ever encountered!~

As expected from the master of a jie!

The general rank of mo was equivalent to the yuanying of xiuzhe. Even if Zuo Mo was fully recovered, he would not be a match for Ceng Yi.

“Is he a snake mo?” Zuo Mo asked Wei.

‘En, a rare white fanged snake mo!” Wei’s tone carried a rare thread of seriousness.

“White fanged snake mo?”

“En, this branch of snake mo is an ancient snake mo. Their succession is a very unique kind of mo physique, the white fang mo physique.” Wei talked rapidly, “If they break into general rank, they can cultivate the white fang mo physique. The White Fang mo physique is a general rank mo physique.”

Zuo Mo’s heart dropped. His Great Day mo physique was a colonel level mo physique which was two ranks lower than the other’s White Fang mo physique. Even if Wei didn’t say it, Zuo Mo knew that the difference between the two of them was insurmountable.

Now even Pu Yao did not talk. The Great Day mo physique was ranked second in colonel rank. If he encountered normal brigadier level mo physiques, he might have a chance, but facing a general, there was no chance.

“En, we’ll think of something else.” Zuo Mo recovered his calm.

Pu Yao and Wei exchanged a look and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. They hadn’t expected that Zuo Mo would still have such motivation and spirit under such a disadvantageous and unbalanced situation.

Chao Yu’s voice interrupted the communication between Zuo Mo, Pu Yao and Wei.

“Jie Master! This subordinate encountered Mister Zuo coincidentally in Shattered Stone Town. This subordinate personally saw him awaken the matrix for a youth, and the youth directly level up to captain level.”

A burst of conversation instantly rose in the large hall. All the mo had disbelieving expressions. Matrix awakening was common among low level mo but directly leveling up was extremely rare.

Ceng Yi had some surprise on his face. “Oh, you are saying he caused a youth to directly level up to captain level?”

“Hes, this subordinate saw it personally,” Chao Yu said respectfully. He then pointed at the unconscious Ka Zhuo and said, “He is called Ka Zhuo, and he is Mister Zuo’s student.”

“Jie Master, this is Ka Zhuo, this subordinate has seen him before, he is not bad, but this subordinate has never heard of him having a teacher.” Among the crowd, a tall mo stood up, “Hmph! I think Chao Yu is just making things up!’

Chao Yu didn’t even look at the mo and said, “Jie Master, you can wake Ka Zhuo up and question him personally.”

Ceng Yi smiled and lightly waved his hand. “A Yu is a careful person and wouldn’t make a mistake.”

Finishing, he suddenly stood up and slowly walked in front of Zuo Mo.

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