World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Forty One – Matrix Awakening Master

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Chapter Five Hundred and Forty One – Matrix Awakening Master

An imperceptible light suddenly lit up at the tip of this matrix awakening master’s hand. His wrist trembled slightly and the long needle was like a streak of silver light that suddenly entered the skin of the youth!

The youth’s body shook slightly as he gave a muffled grunt.

At the same time, the faint mo matrix suddenly appeared. It was not very distinct but the structure of the mo matrix was clear.

The matrix awakening master released a breath and lightly patted the mo matrix. The long needle seemed to be jerked out of the youth’s body by an invisible thread. Putting away the long needle, the matrix awakening master stood up and said with a smile, “Pretty good luck, it is a success.”

The youth was instantly excited and his parents all released a long breath and gave happy expressions. With the mo matrix awakened, as long as he did not stop cultivating, he would welcome a new rapid period of improvement after a while.

No matter where, strength was the most important assurance, especially in the mo territories.

Dong Zi looked with admiration at that youth. The other’s talent was not as high as his, but how high he would go depended on whether the awakening was a success.

Zuo Mo stared thoughtfully at the matrix awakening master’s long needle.

When he had seen the long needle enter the body of the youth, he had jumped in fight. But when the mo matrix appeared, he instantly identified the reason.

Zuo Mo had once thoroughly studied mo matrices and had his own understanding about the mo matrices. In his view, the mo matrix was a natural formation formed from the blood, flesh, and body’s energies. The complexity of this was much higher than the seal formations of the xiuzhe. Other than the complexity of its structure, there was also an important cause, the blood, flesh, energy, they were not dead.

The mo had a saying, ‘there were no mo matrices that were exactly the same’.

Because the energies and flesh of every mo were not completely the same, the mo matrices were not the same.

After seeing the entire process, he had a directly experience of how to awaken the mo matrix. The matrix awakening masters made a certain repairs to the incomplete mo matrices, no, more accurately, it was an adjustment. They made minor adjustments to the flesh and energies. Even though they could not repair the mo matrix, they could get the mo matrix to be effective to a certain degree.

Therefore ’awakening the mo matrix’, this saying was extremely accurate.

As Zuo Mo pondered this, he stared at the long needle in the hand of the matrix awakening master. He was very interested in that needle.

The spectating mo gradually left. There were not unfamiliar with this matter. A group of young mo remained behind and asked the matrix awakening master all kinds of questions. This middle-aged matrix awakening master was very harmonious in personality and patiently answered the questions of the youth.

Zuo Mo listened for a while and instantly had a new opinion of the matrix awakening master. The other was knowledgeable.

“Mister Matrix Awakening Master, may I see your needle?”

Zuo Mo suddenly said. His tone did not seem any different than the other innocent youths that were full of curiosity.

“En?” The matrix awakening master turned his face. When he saw Zuo Mo and A Gui, a teasing expression came onto his face, “Haha, little boy, starting to eat soft rice at such a young age. This is not a good habit!”

Eating soft rice?

Zuo Mo stilled. For some unknown reason, the feeling of fullness and softness that came from his arm instantly became crystal clear and the tingly feeling … ..

The illusory spell had come again!

So soft … … was this … … was this what eating soft rice meant?

Zuo Mo instantly understood.

The taste was actually … … pretty good … …

Zuo Mo was dazed but he quickly focused. “Mister, I’m very sorry. I cannot move.”

At this time, he was like a harmless youth, and there was not one hint of the presence of the person who had taken over a jie.

“Mister Matrix Awakening Master, A Zuo’s body is not well and he cannot move. A Gui cannot hear nor speak,” the kind Dong Zi explained to the matrix awakening master.

“Oh!” The middle-aged matrix awakening master showed slight shock. He examined the two of them and said to himself, “Is there a strange ailment, let me see.”

He didn’t wait for Zuo Mo to respond, walked forward, and grabbed one of Zuo Mo’s hands.

Zuo Mo was shocked and instantly regretted his choice to interact. He shouldn’t have called attention to himself so early. If the other detected something when inspecting his body, it would be dangerous!

But before he could refuse, the middle-aged matrix awakening master started his inspection with one hand on Zuo Mo’s arm.

A warm wave of power followed his finger into Zuo Mo’s arm.

This wave of power was instantly dismembered by the rampaging powers that were fighting in Zuo Mo’s body!

The middle-aged matrix awakening master’s face turned white!

Zuo Mo sighed sorrowfully inside. It was over!

The middle-aged matrix awakening master took back his arm. His face was ashen. Even though he tried to maintain calmness on his face, Zuo Mo still noticed the barely discernable shock in his eyes.

“What is the result of Sire’s inspection?” Zuo Mo’s voice was smiling and it sounded like an innocent youth waiting for an answer. Since he had been found out, if he came on strongly, the other would have a harder time determining his true origins.

But in the ears of the middle-aged matrix awakening master, this was like a clap of thunder. This youth that seemed harmless and was held to the chest of this little girl instantly transformed to a dangerous youth hiding in the darkness.

A Gui who was expressionlessly holding Zuo Mo seemed like a personal guard of those high-level mo. The middle-aged matrix awakening master had once seen some high-level mo. They would frequently have one or two of those special existences by their side. Even that cold presence was the same.

These kinds of personal guards usually had great power, they killed people like they were ants, cold and emotionless … …

Was this youth actually a high-level mo?

Cold sweat instantly floated down his back.

In his eyes, the youth was staring at him sardonically. Even that tone seemed to be teasing.

“Ah ha ha, so sorry, my skill is not very good, and I really haven’t seen this ailment before.” The middle-aged matrix awakening master laughed. No matter what the other’s identity was, and why he had disguised himself like this or if A Zuo was really sick, he decided to not get involved.

After speaking, he turned and prepared to leave.

“Honorable Mister Matrix Awakening Master, you have not let me see your needle,” a seemingly innocent voice came from behind him.

The middle-aged matrix awakening master’s steps stilled and his expression froze.

The other was not afraid … … it seemed that his speculation was close … … he could not afford to offend someone this dangerous!

Turning around, his face was filled with a harmonious smile, “Aiya, I forgot this, so sorry.” Finishing, he took out the long needle.

“Mister Matrix Awakening Master, may I trouble you to put this in my hand? I’m very sorry, I cannot move,” Zuo Mo said politely.

The matrix awakening master carefully put the long needle onto Zuo Mo’s palm.

Dong Zi and the others had wide eyes. They had seen a mischievous person try to touch the long needle of the matrix awakening master and had been lectured severely by the master. The matrix awakening master was really a kind mo. He probably felt that A Zuo was pitiful so he was treating A Zuo so well!

That was what they thought.

When the long needle entered his hand, Zuo Mo instantly detected the mysteries of this long needle.

“Horizontal silver, Zero Light Black Sand, Iron Horned Rhinoceros Wood, Sunset Water … …” Zuo Mo murmured as he quickly deciphered the composition of this silver needle.

The matrix awakening master was stunned!

Immersed in his exploration, Zuo Mo did not notice that the long needle in his hand gently lit up.

The middle-aged matrix awakening master’s eyes were wide as he stared in disbelief at the silver needle in Zuo Mo’s hands that was giving off light. His expression was shocked as though he was seeing a ghost.

This … … this wasn’t possible!

Only he could use that silver needle, and only he could activate the power inside!

This youth … …

Zuo Mo did not detect anything at all. The enormous pain inside his body constantly attacked his mind. He needed to be more focused!

“Oh … … this formation, no, mo matrix. I remember now, it is a part of the Blackwater Leech mo matrix, so it can be used like this, interesting … …” Zuo Mo murmured to himself and did not detect the reactions of the people around him.

The middle-aged matrix awakening master felt his mind was blank. He felt as though he was instantaneously stripped completely naked, with everything on display! He had used secret methods to make his silver needle and the mo matrix inside the silver needle was the core secret of his teacher and the masters before him. It had … … had been so casually revealed and stated by this youth!

Zuo Mo’s mo physique was to cultivate the power of his blood and flesh. At this time, his physical power had been scattered and was mixed together with his ling power and spiritual consciousness as it rampaged through his body. The mo matrix on the silver needle instantly attracted the power of blood and flesh inside Zuo Mo’s body which was why he could explore the silver needle.

However, his body was in chaos and one thing would pull along something else. This stream of physical power was like a spark that was thrown into a pot of oil and instantly created an inferno.

The chaotic clash of the three powers furiously flowed into the silver needle!


The silver needle in Zuo Mo’s hand wasn’t able to support such a strong power and exploded into a ball of silver smoke.

This explosion frightened everyone, including Zuo Mo.

The middle-aged matrix awakening master stood like a pillar of wood with an ashen face as he looked at Zuo Mo’s empty palm. Dong Zi and the others were dumbstruck. They had not understood Zuo Mo’s mumble but they had still felt respect—A Zuo’s words sounded as though they were very powerful!

But when the needle exploded in Zuo Mo’s hand, the first reaction of Dong Zi and the other’s was, uh-oh! A Zuo had ruined the matrix awakening master’s silver needle!

“I’m sorry, sorry, to have ruined your silver needle!” Looking at the bloodless face of the middle-aged matrix awakening master, Zuo Mo really felt guilt. It had probably taken the other great effort to get this silver needle and he had ruined it!

He could understand this feeling. If someone had ruined his paper crane, Lil’ Yellow, in the past, he would put his life on the line to kill the other!

But right now, he was unable to use his ling power. Otherwise, he could just pay the other. He naturally did not lack this amount of wealth.

At present … …

The middle-aged matrix awakening master that was stunned, Dong Zi and the others with their nervous expressions and Zuo Mo that did not know what to do stared at each other.

At this time, A Gui did not look so eye-catching.

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