World of Cultivation - Chapter Five hundred and Forty Five – Shattered Stone Chop

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Chapter Five hundred and Forty Five – Shattered Stone Chop

Xuan Kong Temple had conquered the mo controlled territory, Cold Mountain Jie!

This news was quickly spread throughout the Four Realms with the sound tablets. The Four Realms that had been in a state of chaos was lifted by the news. This was the first mo jie that Four Realm Heaven had taken and the news was unexpected. Originally, people had thought the first one would be conquered by Kun Lun or Tian Huan. No one had expected that it would be Xuan Kong Temple.

Xuan Kong Temple was unexpectedly attention-catching in contrast to its usual low-key conduct.

Jiang Zhe who had obtained this victory became one of the most popular battle generals in the Four Realms with this victory!


Dong Zi’s entire body was immersed in the black liquid of the medicinal pool. The medicinal fluid gave off a strange fragrance. Ka Zhuo was putting the materials that had been prepared into the medicinal pool one by one.

Shattered Stone Town was remote and poor so there weren’t a lot of good materials on hand. Many materials were not available in Shattered Stone Jie, Zuo Mo carefully picked carefully and found some common materials to substitute for the rarer ingredients. Ka Zhuo had then made a trip in order to go purchase these items.

It had to be said that the medicinal fluid that Zuo Mo created was very effective. The medicinal power boiled and dark green mo matrixes appeared on Dong Zi’s body, especially his arms that were almost entirely covered by the mo matrix. The mo matrix on his arms was the most detailed and clear, large amounts of hair-thin mo matrixes formed an eerie and complex diagram. Looking from a distance, it looked like tattoos.

“Alpine Gorilla matrix, this is the Alpine Gorilla matrix?” Ka Zhuo looked with intoxication at the tattoos on Dong Zi’s body. As a matrix awakening master, his obsession with mo matrixes was almost an instinct. Even though Zuo Mo had passed the Alpine Gorilla matrix to him, and he was completely familiar with it, but when he saw the real thing, he couldn’t help but be enchanted.

Zuo Mo did not speak, as it would disturb Ka Zhuo. He actually admired Ka Zhuo’s ability. In the past, Ka Zhuo’s education did not include any profound content. The reason that he had the skills he did now was, in part, because of his enthusiasm for mo matrixes.

Turning his gaze to Dong Zi in the medicinal pool, Zuo Mo’s expression was relaxed.

“The situation looks pretty good,” Zuo Mo said in a small voice in his sea of consciousness.

“It is a pity that the materials are lacking,” Wei said faintly. Pu Yao snorted coldly from the side.

Zuo Mo knew that Wei was being extremely conservative in his judgement. The materials were not just a bit lacking. These materials were basically the lowest level of materials, and even so, it had taken all the mo bei that Ka Zhuo had.

“There is no solution for this,” Zuo Mo spread his hand and said helplessly.

Zuo Mo’s daring idea had received Wei’s support. Wei had also guided him in making this medicinal pool.Supposedly, it was a kind of ancient sacrificial ceremony.

Pu Yao gave a cold snort from the side.

“Boy, you better spend some more effort on your body. Otherwise, even we will be affected,” Pu Yao said coldly.

Wei was silent. On this, he was on the same side as Pu Yao.

“The situation is much better than before. I can even move my arm now,” Zuo Mo purposefully showed off smugly.

“Ha, dying from exploding is a very tragic death.” Pu Yao’s face was disdainful. “It is useless even if you can move your entire body. Your body right now is like a volcano, the inside which is becoming more and more restless. Either you cool it down, or vent it.”

Zuo Mo raised an eyebrow. “What idea do you have?”

Pu Yao was silent for a moment before he said, “If you can vent all of the power outside your body, your life will not be in danger. I know a yao art that can do this.”

“And then? Ge will become completely weak?” Zuo Mo twisted his mouth. “Ge won’t do that. Ge still has to heal A Gui, has to find ge’s history, ge still has many things to do.”

“You do not have much time,” Pu Yao’s tone was emotionless. “Based on the present state inside your body, you cannot support it for a long time.”

Zuo Mo’s brow furrowed. “How much longer?”

“One month.”

The sea of consciousness became deathly silent. None of the three were interested in chatting further.

Zuo Mo sat dazed in A Gui’s embrace. He hadn’t thought that the situation was this dire, it was worse than he had imagined.

“Teacher, can we begin?” Ka Zhuo’s voice interrupted Zuo Mo’s thinking.

Zuo Mo refocused and glanced at the medicinal pool. Seeing the water in the medicinal pool was now clear and he could see the bottom, he became alert. “Start.”

Ka Zhuo took out the matrix awakening needle that he had made recently. His expression became serious and focused.

Zuo Mo’s understanding of mo matrixes far surpassed Ka Zhuo, but in terms of actual practical skill, he could not compare to Ka Zhuo. It was the first time that Ka Zhuo was engraving the Alpine Gorilla matrix but his movements were not raw, flowing with an unique rhythm and extremely elegant.

The process continued for a whole day.

Dong Zi was covered in fine and complex mo matrixes that looked like eerie tattoos.

Ka Zhuo disregarded his tiredness and a thread of nervousness appeared in his eyes. He closed his eyes and twenty breaths later, he opened them, his faint brown eyes were completely still.

The matrix awakening needle on his hand suddenly gave off a serene black energy. The black energy shrouded the matrix awakening needle and made it appear as though Ka Zhuo was holding a black bolt of energy.

The black energy suddenly entered between Dong Zi’s brows.

Pain came onto Dong Zi’s face and his entire body convulsed violently.

A deep wild roar came from Dong Zi’s throat that was filled with pain.

Zuo Mo’s heartbeat was raised as he watched Dong Zi roll on the ground. The mo matrix had been engraved and was activated, but the success would determine on whether or not Dong Zi’s body could tolerate the complete Alpine Gorilla matrix.

He had to make it … …

Zuo Mo was cheering for Dong Zi on the inside and extremely nervous.

Threads of black energy seemed to appear out of thin air and enter Dong Zi’s mo matrix. Dong Zi rolled even more violently and gave heart-wrenching howls.

But no matter how he rolled, the mo matrix on his body was not affected as all. As it absorbed more and more black energy, the mo matrix gradually became bright.

Dong Zi’s breathing was weakening as his body convulsed.

Zuo Mo was staring unblinkingly at the mo matrix, extremely nervous and held his breath.

The mo matrix that lit up gradually dimmed. After a while, it gradually lit up again and then dimmed … … pulsing as though it was breathing.

After seven to eight rounds of pulsing, the mo matrix no longer become bright again and Dong Zi was motionless on the ground.

The mo matrix dimmed and then gradually became faint, so faint that the naked eye was unable to see it. Dong Zi did not look any different than usual.

Dong Zi’s breathing sounded, long and serene as though he was sleeping.

Zuo Mo’s heart came back to ground and hurriedly stopped Ka Zhuo that was going forward. “Let him rest, do not disturb him.”

Ka Zhuo stilled and then he stammered out a question, “Suc… success?”

“Yes! Success!” Zuo Mo’s tone was filled with joy.


After four hours, Dong Zi woke up. He looked around dazedly and then looked at his hands. He asked Zuo Mo in puzzlement, “A Zuo, when are you going to work on me?”

Seeing Dong Zi acting like this, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but roar with laughter. “Haha, it’s already done!”

“Done?” Dong Zi stilled. He then raised his hands and looked for a while before shaking his head and said, “A Zuo, don’t try to fool me, it is the exact same as before!”

Zuo Mo did not explain and said with a smile, “Come, let’s go out. Uncle An Ya and the others are definitely waiting impatiently.”

It wasn’t just Uncle An Ya and Dong Zi’s parents that were waiting impatiently. All the residents of the town were filled with curiosity. There hadn’t ever been a matrix awakening that had taken such a long time. Dong Zi was the most talented youth in the town, kind and honest, and everyone liked him. They were also full of anticipation about his future.

Seeing Dong Zi walk out, Shattered Stone Town shook.

Everyone came out and surrounded him.

“Dong Zi, show us!”

“Dong Zi, show Auntie how powerful you are now!”

“Big Brother Dong Zi … …”

Dong Zi had never seen anyone shout and talk to him together like this. He instantly didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, the ones that came were people he were familiar with so he was not afraid. Dong Zi was quickly pushed by the flow of people to the training grounds. Uncle An Ya was teaching the other youths in cultivation at this time.

When Uncle Anya saw Dong Zi, he was first overjoyed, but after examining Dong Zi, he couldn’t help but have a puzzled expression. Dong Zi looked the same as before. Dong Zi’s parents were very excited.

“Dong Zi, it’s done?” Uncle An Ya’s question was very general. The matter about the repaired mo matrix was shocking, and so it was kept a secret with only Uncle An Ya and Dong Zi’s parents knowing the truth of the matter.

Uncle An Ya was highly respected in Shattered Stone Town. When he spoke, the noisy crowd instantly quieted.

Dong Zi scratched his head blankly. “A Zuo said it is done.”

Uncle An Ya’s expression did not change as he moved to make space. “En, come, try, do you remember the [Shattered Stone Strike] that I taught you?”

[Shattered Stone Strike] was Uncle An Ya’s ultimate move and this set of strikes was famous in the area. Uncle An Ya had created it based on the striking method he learned in the military and it was very strong.

“Oh,” Dong Zi responded dazedly. In reality, he still didn’t understand what was going on.

However, Uncle An Ya had taught him everything he knew. He would obey what Uncle An Ya said without any hesitation.

Zuo Mo was in A Gui’s arms and filled with anticipation while Ka Zhuo’s face was red from excitement.

Dong Zi’s legs were set apart, his arms slightly lowered with his right hand held straight like a blade.

At this time, the blankness on Dong ZI’s face had disappeared. His expression was stern, his eyes sharp, his entire person like an unsheathed blade!

Zuo Mo thought, Dong Zi was innocent in personality, and did not have stray thoughts. Just a position and it could be seen he had truly learned from Uncle An Ya.


A shout, and then his slightly lowered arm moved, his hand like a blade as he chopped forward!

Zuo Mo’s eyes were sharp and saw it clearly.

Dong Zi’s palm was shaking at a very high frequency! With every shake, there would be a thread of red energy produced from Dong Zi’s palm and the red energies would layer together.

When the vibrations reached hundreds of times, the red energy was almost tangible and covered the line of his palm!


The red blade energy left his hand!


A ruler-straight gulley stretched forward from Dong Zi’s feet, almost twenty zhang before it ended!

The surroundings were completely silent.

Translator Ramblings; Really big advancement here. While Zuo Mo carved formations into people in the past, that was just putting on tattoos. They got an extra bit of ability but what is going on here is different. First, Zuo Mo is modifying what is already within Dong Zi. The consequences for the formations failing is just getting an ugly tattoo but if the matrix awakening fails, then it is loss of power and death. It’s the difference between putting higher-grade gasoline in a car and modifying its engine completely.