World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Eight – Incurable

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Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Eight – Incurable

The almond-yellow pupils were clearly harmless but Zuo Mo felt as though their stare was gripping him by the throat and he was unable to breathe.

Was this the difference in their strength? Zuo Mo was shocked.

Just as Zuo Mo was going to suffocate, the restless power inside his body suddenly exploded!

Countless streams rampaged and charged in Zuo Mo’s body like a flood.

The invisible pressure pushing down on him disappeared with a pop.

Zuo Mo felt his body lighten. His breathing started again. The powers inside of his body lost their target and gradually calmed.

From beginning to end, Zuo Mo did not move. No one knew of such a violent change inside of his body.

Ceng Yi’s eyes were thoughtful and then he smiled slightly. “This one has a favour to ask of Mister Zuo.”


Ka Zhuo carefully inspected the unconscious young female on the bed. The features of the young female were similar to Ceng Yi and should be Ceng Yi’s daughter or someone close. The young female’s features were exquisite, the warm and soft red lips slightly open, the delicate brow slightly creased as though she was enduring pain.

A short time later, Ka Zhuo started to sweat. It had taken him a long time to understand what had happened after he was woke up. After the initial panic, he quickly calmed down. If he encountered something as dangerous as this by himself, he would have started trembling long ago, but since his teacher was behind him, he didn’t worry so much.

Zuo Mo’s endless bag of tricks had completely persuaded Ka Zhuo. Ka Zhuo even felt that if it was about mo matrixes, there was nothing that would be a problem for Teacher.

As Ka Zhuo continued his inspection, the mo matrix on the young females body gradually floated to the surface.

The ivory white mo matrix was hard to detect on the pale skin if one did not look closely. Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. This was the first time he saw ivory-colored mo matrixes.

“This isn’t simple.” Wei’s expression was grave. “The white fang snake mo’s greatest barrier in life is breaking through to general level. If they can, they will form the white fang mo physique, if they fail, they will end up like this. Ivory white mo matrixes is an immature mo matrix.”

“An immature mo matrix?” It was the first time Zuo Mo heard this term.

Wei flicked a look at Pu Yao. Pu Yao snorted and then spoke, “The mo matrix on the body is not unchanging. When you reach a new level, the mo matrix on your body will change as well, and becomes more mature, more perfect, this is what maturation is. However, if something happens during the process and the mo matrix’s maturation is interrupted, it will become like this.”

“So that is how it is!” Zuo Mo’s understanding of mo matrixes increased by the day. He instantly understood when Pu Yao pointed it out.

He quickly found this was a troublesome problem.

This kind of problem was not easy to solve.

As expected, Wei said helplessly, “This kind of state, in the mo world, is incurable!”

Pu Yao was also silent. He might study mo matrixes but this kind of state wasn’t in the scope of his study.

Zuo Mo felt his head swell.

Ka Zhuo finished his last test and retreated with his forehead full of sweat. He looked hopefully at Zuo Mo. He felt there wasn’t anything that could stop Teacher.

“Mister Zuo, how is it?” Ceng Yi asked. His almond-yellow snake pupils looked coldly at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo felt his scalp prickle. He knew if he didn’t have anything, he would not be able to walk alive out of here today.

“Jie Master is a White Fang Snake mo!” Zuo Mo suddenly said.

“Mister Zuo is knowledgeable.” A hint of surprise flashed across Ceng Yi’s eyes. White Fang Snake mo was a rare kind of mo and not many people knew of them. Ceng Yi felt some hope that the other was able to recognize it at a glance and the implied skill and knowledge behind it.

“White Fang Snake mo will reach the White Fang mo physique when they enter general level. I had thought it was a rumor and not that it is actually so.” As Zuo Mo talked, his mind whirled furiously.

Ka Zhuo’s mouth was gaping widely. For him, this was extremely new.

Ceng Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly and then he laughed lightly. “Mister Zuo is very knowledgeable, this one feels respect. Then Mister Zuo should have some explanation about Daughter’s situation. Mister Zuo, please explain.”

Zuo Mo said indifferently, “Honored Miss has failed in the breakthrough, the maturation of her mo physique has been interrupted. Right now, her body is probably in chaos, and her life in danger.”

A light flashed across Ceng Yi’s eyes. Zuo Mo felt as though Ceng Yi suddenly turn into a giant, the great pressure almost making him unable to breathe.

This time, the chaotic turbulence inside his body did not move.

Ceng Yi instantly realized that this reaction was not beneficial and restrained his presence. Zuo Mo felt his body relax and he could breathe again.

General level and having a mo physique, the power was terrifying!

Zuo Mo was shocked inside. He heard Ceng Yi say in a low voice, “This one has found more than one hundred matrix awakening masters and only Mister Zuo could identify the ailment. This one feels admiration. Since Mister Zuo can correctly diagnose it, then Mister Zuo must have a solution.”

Zuo Mo said through his teeth, “Truthfully, it is the first time this one has seen such a situation. Even though the cause is known, this one doesn’t have a good grasp on the solution.”

Ceng Yi gave a smile, “Mister Zuo is too modest.”

Even though Ceng Yi had a smile on his face, Zuo Mo felt that smile was glacial.

Zuo Mo knew that he could not refuse. His mind whirled furiously and he continued, “This one is not being modest. Even though it is the first time this one has seen such an ailment, but this one has heard that it is incurable from many sources.”

“Incurable!” Ceng Yi stilled. A hint of grief shone in his eyes but he quickly recovered.

Zuo Mo’s heart shook. This mo’s ability to control his emotions was astounding!

“This one believes Mister Zuo would have a way,” Ceng Yi said slowly.

Zuo Mo knew the crucial time has come. He said calmly, “This one has some ideas but will only know if they are plausible after trying. However, this one will first say if Jie Master wants this one to do this, you need to have enough patience. Life is important. This one’s ideas needs to carry out a lot of experimentation.”

Hearing this, Ceng Yi smiled and said, “That is to be expected. I will give the order to fully cooperate with Mister Zuo. However, in order for Mister Zuo to have better results, Mister Zuo will have to temporarily reside in Stone City.”

Zuo Mo had expected this. He nodded and said, “Alright.”

Ceng Yi was very satisfied with Zuo Mo’s perceptiveness. He believed that if Zuo Mo was restricted to this place, Zuo Mo wouldn’t dare to play any tricks.

Then Zuo Mo was taken to a nearby compound. There were two brigadier mo guarding at the door.

Only now did Zuo Mo release a breath.

He had never experienced the power suppression of higher levels on lower levels. If his mind was not this strong, he would have lost his mind facing Ceng Yi.

However, when he thought of the two brigadier mo outside the door, Zuo Mo grimaced. This time, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

Even if his power recovered, there wouldn’t be any hope.

Ceng Yi had general level strength and the White Fang mo physique, that was enough to suppress Zuo Mo.

His gaze landed on A Gui’s expressionless face. For some unknown reason, Zuo Mo suddenly thought of A Gui’s beautiful and stunning bare feet that he saw through the strands of hair blown up by the wind.

On the rough rock, the beautiful and exquisite bare feet were flawless and tempting. But this pair of feet trembled from the burden with every step in the wind and sand.

There was no stopping as she carried him step by step.

His line of sight was mostly occluded but these short glimpses made the situation clear.

Zuo Mo’s eyes flashed. The low mood flew away. He felt full of energy. He was not demotivated by the situation in front of him. He believed he could overcome this obstacle.

A Gui … … I’ll definitely take you and leave here!

Zuo Mo said to himself.

He started to ponder his present situation. Even though he was in a cage, he had a chance to breathe. In the short term, he didn’t need to worry about his safety.

This amount of time was enough for him to do something.


Ba La looked at the inventory list and felt great pain. Ever since that strange matrix awakening master came, countless materials had been taken from his place. Ba La was the housekeeper of the Jie Master. Every time, he had to give his permission for these lists. Even though the Jie Master had already ordered him to do his best to satisfy what the other needed, he still felt pain.

However, he didn’t dare to do anything about the requests. Everyone knew the love Jie Master had towards Miss. If he provoked the Jie Master because of this, it was a road leading to death.

He gritted his teeth and agreed to hand over the materials.

Ba La understood his master very well. The Jie Master wasn’t one that was easily fooled. If that damned matrix awakening master could not save Miss when the time came, he would die terribly!

In the hands of the Jie Master, dying was not an easy matter!

None of the matrix awakening masters that had come before had left alive.

Zuo Mo’s little yard was still guarded by two mo. They were only responsible for standing guard and were not concerned with what was happening inside.

“Are you familiar with the mo matrixes I taught you?” Zuo Mo asked Ka Zhuo.

“Familiar.” Ka Zhuo nodded.

“Then let’s start.” Zuo Mo did not chat. Time was extremely important for him.

Ka Zhuo carefully started to engrave the Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie mo matrix on Zuo Mo’s right palm. The mo matrix was not complex and Ka Zhuo finished in four hours.

Then Ka Zhuo picked up one of the medicinal fluids that had been prepared. These fluids were made using materials they’d gotten from Ba La with the excuse they were for experiments. Ka Zhuo dipped into the fluid and started to brush it onto the mo matrix.

A burning feeling came from his palm. Zuo Mo was joyed.

Ka Zhuo used the next medicinal fluid and brushed again and again.

The feeling of burning increased. Zuo Mo felt as though his palm was going to burn to ash, his entire palm was red like liquid metal.

Ka Zhuo took out a vial that glowed with a serene blue light, the last medicinal fluid.

The moment the medicinal fluid touched the mo matrix, a feeling of cool comfort formed. Zuo Mo almost groaned in pleasure.

When the serene blue medicinal fluid touched the mo matrix, it quickly permeated into the mo matrix.

The entire mo matrix quickly became serene blue and covered Zuo Mo’s entire palm.

When the medicinal fluid entered the last stroke of the mo matrix, something changed!

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