World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Forty – Change Position!

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Chapter Five Hundred and Forty – Change Position!

Hearing the news that Shu Long and Ye Ling were coming to help him came to Zuo Mo through Pu Yao via the Ten Finger Prison, so Zuo Mo was in even less of a hurry to leave. He decided to stay in Shattered Stone Town to wait for Shu Long and Ye Ling. With his and A Gui’s present states, running around was the same as seeking death. It was safer to stay in Shattered Stone Town.

“A Gui, Shu Long and the others will soon come. By that time, we will be safe,” Zuo Mo said excitedly to A Gui. He hadn’t wanted to tell Lil’ Miss and the others because he didn’t want them to worry and also because he felt there wasn’t any way that they could help him solve this problem even if he told them. He hadn’t expected Lil’ Miss to actually send people to get them in a long-distance journey.

This was a true long distance journey. He didn’t know how many jie they would have to pass through from Cloud Sea Jie to Shattered Stone Jie!

Truthfully, he still didn’t know why he had A Gui had suddenly appeared here. Even Pu Yao and Wei didn’t know what happened after he lost consciousness, much less A Gui.

Cloud Sea Jie … … Shattered Stone Jie … …

Was there a connection between these two? Zuo Mo definitely did not believe this was a coincidence. A transportation formation that could travel such a long distance certainly was not an average transportation formation.

At the beginning, he had thought it was a chaos rift but Pu Yao and Wei rejected this speculation with confidence.

Pu Yao and Wei were not reliable but when the two of them had the same opinion, then it was a reliable conclusion.

Then what was it? Zuo Mo sank into deep thought.

Suddenly, a light flashed through Zuo Mo’s mind. All the clues were strung together like pearls in his mind.

He remembered the words on the golden leaf had said that the Sun Tribe had set up a shen temple in Cloud Sea Jie to look for a certain object. Zuo Mo at the beginning had thought that Lan had been imprisoned in the Burning Shen Realm because of the Sun Tribe’s war-like nature but looking at it now, this definitely was not a coincidence.

The thieving baldy from Xuan Kong Temple had talked about “that object”. It seemed that that guy knew something. Was the “object” that the thieving baldy spoke of and the “object” that the golden leaf mentioned the same one?

The restricted landed of the mist people!

That object was most likely in the restricted grounds of the mist people!

This was why Lan was in the Burning Shen Realm and why the thieving baldies had appeared was explainable.

But why did he and A Gui appear in Shattered Stone JIe? What was the connection between Shattered Stone Jie and the restricted grounds of the mist people? Was “that object” in Shattered Stone Jie?

Zuo Mo shook his head and threw this absurd thought to the back of his mind. In the period of time he had stayed in Uncle An Ya’s home, he generally understood the situation of Shattered Stone Jie. Shattered Stone Jie was an average little jie among the many in the mo realm. There was nothing worthy of attention here. What was most plentiful were the sand and rocks of the Gobi Desert.

According to Uncle An Ya, the Gobi Desert was so large it spanned over three quarters of Shattered Stone Jie and was at its most central part. The other mo settlements were mostly like Shattered Stone Town and scattered around the borders of the Gobi Desert.

From every perspective, Shattered Stone Jie was a desolate place, even more lifeless than Cloud Sea Jie. The number of xiuzhe in Cloud Sea Jie was far more than the number of mo living in Shattered Stone Jie.

Then why had he and A Gui been transported here? Was this a coincidence?

Zuo Mo did not understand.

He quickly threw these speculations to the back of his mind. Even if there was treasure, it had nothing to do with him. He was worried about Lil’ Miss and the others. Since Shu Long and A Wen were coming, Guard Camp now lacked a leader, and Turtle Island had one less troop that could fight.

Xuan Kong Temple would not remain passive.

He didn’t know if Gongsun Shidi would be able to withstand their advances. Fortunately, Xuan Kong Temple was very far from Cloud Sea Jie and they could not sent many battalions over. They were also unable to maintain a long campaign because their primary enemy was yaomo, not him.

If they could stop the first wave, then it would be easy!

He did not speak of his worries. He believed that Gongsun Shidi would think of his.

Alright, he should first take care of himself. This weak and inhuman state was hurtful to look at.

A Gui was probably tired as well … …

Zuo Mo was lying on A Gui’s back and her loose hair covered his face. After so many days of wind and sand, A Gui’s hair was so clean there wasn’t any dust and carried a heart-shaking black sheen. It felt slightly eerie.

It was a pity he could not see A Gui’s face … …

“Hey, A Gui, can we change the carrying position?” Zuo Mo muttered.

He clearly felt that A Gui stilled. Hm, did A Gui understand?

Zuo Mo was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “A Gui, A Gui, change position, come come come, let’s change position … …”

Before he finished speaking, he felt a great force and he spun.

He finally changed position … … it had been a few weeks since he was placed on A Gui’s back … … A Gui, you were great!

Zuo Mo almost cried.


“A Gui, can we change a position again?” Zuo Mo said weakly.

A Gui was motionless and didn’t react at all.

Zuo Mo was slightly nervous. His arm, which was in contact with a certain full and soft part of A Gui, tingled. Zuo Mo suddenly thought of the very powerful illusory art that despicable paper crane girl had used on him at Wu Kong Mountain … …

Was this … … also an illusory spell?

Such a powerful illusory spell!

Zuo Mo swallowed in difficulty and stammered, “Cough, A Gui, actually, we can change positions … … you, holding me horizontally like this, I don’t have any presence!”

A Gui was motionless.

“Hey, A Zuo A Zuo!” Shouts from Dong Zi and the others came from outside the door. Zuo Mo had been accepted into their group, especially since Zuo Mo would accidentally “teach” them. They became even warmer after that.

Not good, someone was coming!

Zuo Mo panicked.

Oh! The heavens as witness! Ge has never panicked like this! Facing yaomo, yuanying, jindan, worldly treasures, ge has never felt such panic!

Why, why so panicked … …

Zuo Mo wanted to find a crack in the ground and hide himself.

Pia, the door was pushed open.

“A Zuo A Zuo!” Dong Zi and the others rushed in excitedly but when they saw Zuo Mo, they were stunned where they stood.

Deathly silence.

“Hey … … hey, what’s with your expression?” Zuo Mo’s tone was extremely unnatural.

“Whoa, Sister A Gui is so strong! Bridal carry!” A little girl’s eyes were bright and admiring as she looked at A Gui.

Bridal carry … …

Everyone’s expressions became strange.

“Cough cough cough, speak, A Gui is very tired today!” Zuo Mo said with forced calm.

“Oh, we wanted to tell you the matrix awakening master has come. Didn’t you want to watch?” Dong Zi’s expression was very strange. Even such a honest youth as Dong Zi felt that he was embarrassed when he saw a woman holding a man in a bridal carry.

Matrix awakening master!

In the eyes of the mo, activating the mo matrix was done to awaken the sleeping mo matrix so those in this profession were called matrix awakening masters. However, being a matrix awakening master was not a very prestigious profession because only low-level mo needed help to awaken their mo matrixes. They were still deeply respected because they were extremely knowledgeable.

Zuo Mo’s mind became alert and he lost all embarrassment. He asked in a hurry, “Where, where?”

There were not many mo in the town. Zuo Mo guessed roughly that there were about fifty thousand people. If this was Xu Ling City, then they wouldn’t even fill a corner of the city. Because the location was remote and the land was not bountiful, the mo here were mostly poor. As a result, no mo would target this place and there was no fighting.

When Zuo Mo came onto the street in A Gui’s bridal carry, it instantly caused a burst of friendly laughter. The people here liked this strange pair. Zuo Mo who had become a chatterbox was warm and open in their eyes while A Gui who was silent and determined was greatly liked by those aunties full of maternal love. Everyday, someone would bring some food and attire to Uncle An Ya’s home for A Gui and Zuo Mo.

“Little Zuo Zuo, your A Gui is very domineering!

“Bridal carry! Tsk tsk such strong arm power, Little Zuo Zuo, does it feel good to lean there, ha ha!”

“Ohohoh, Elder Sister A Gui is very strong. In the future, I want to carry my man like this, so strong! So moving!”

“I like A Gui, she’s so brave, Why hadn’t I thought of this move in the past? Time is a butcher’s knife! Oh, Little Zuo Zuo must be enjoying this … …

Zuo Mo was very embarrassed. If it wasn’t that his expression was paralyzed, his face would be completely flushed at now. His finger which was the only part of his body that could move was trembling and shaking like a spring.

Ge … … ge’s image was completely ruined! This was all his own fault! Why did ge want to change positions?

Zuo Mo cried on the inside.

A Gui was silent and her expression unchanged. Her steps were not wide. As she carried Zuo Mo, her center of balance was leaning towards the front. She was not strong to being with and it was hard for her to carry him in this position.

Dong Zi and the others were chattering at the side.

Fortunately, no one came to help A Gui. All those of Shattered Stone Town knew that A Gui definitely would not let go of Zuo Mo.

The matrix awakening master was at the center of the town. He was helping a youth awaken his mo matrix. The surroundings were silent and everyone had nervous expressions.

This matrix awakening master was not very old, about thirty or forty. His body was very thin and seemed wispy. He held a long needle about the length of his forearm and had an expression of concentration as he carefully drew with the needlepoint that was dipped in an unknown black liquid.

It was the first time Zuo Mo was seeing the process of mo matrix awakening. He was filled with curiosity.

The movements of the matrix awakening master was very light and elegant. It had a certain rhythm that caused Zuo Mo to think of dancing. The expression of the matrix awakening master was very focused. Every time he lowered the needle, the black medicine liquid on the tip would drip a black dot on the black of the youth. This extremely minuscule black dot would quickly permeate the skin and disappear.

Zuo Mo’s eyes were skilled. After a few seconds, he more-or-less understood the method.


The next movements of the matrix awakening master shocked Zuo Mo!

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