World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty One – Good that Came With the Bad

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Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty One – Good that Came With the Bad

The power inside his hand was furiously growing at a rate multiple times compared to before!

The power whirlpool seemed to be expanding at a visible rate. The increasing power caused the presence of the whirlpool to become even more terrifying, the ferocity of the power collisions was rapidly increasing. The waves of power pushed outward and caused this compressed whirlpool of power to become even more chaotic.

No wonder Zuo Mo’s expression changed. If the rate continued to increase like this, even the Ten Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie would not be able to tolerate the power whirlpool inside his hand for very long!

Zuo Mo had never expected that guiding the power flows into his hand would cause their rate of growth to increase so greatly!

This also meant that the time Zuo Mo had left had shrunk dramatically.

Zuo Mo’s expression became stern. He reflexively moved his body. He was slightly unaccustomed to this empty body.

Suddenly, he had an idea. If he could pull out and process power from his hand and move it into his body … ..

He did it as he thought about it. He tried to pull out a small amount of power from the power whirlpool in his palm. However, what depressed him was that no matter if he used spells, yao arts, or mo skills, he was unable to obtain one thread of power from the power whirlpool.

The power whirlpool spun at a high speed and all the chaotic power flows were tightly sucked into the power whirlpool.

Zuo Mo was not demotivated. He patiently pondered it.

As he thought, he suddenly found that each of the chaotic flows in the power whirlpool were usually three powers tangled together, and it was very difficult to extract just one power.

Three powers … … three powers tangled together, wasn’t that just shen power?

Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The power whirlpool seemed to suddenly slow down. Those chaotic power flows magnified in front of his eyes and gradually became clear.

When the three powers merged, it was shen power!

Zuo Mo murmured to himself as he stared unblinkingly.

Suddenly, he moved into a strange posture, the beginning position for shen power cultivation that was recorded on the golden leaf. Almost the instant he got into position, a thread of gold light floated out of the power whirlpool.

Zuo Mo’s mind was completely clear. Without any pause, he moved through the following positions. Gold threads continued to flow out of the power whirlpool. These threads did not seem to be affected by the suction of the whirlpool at all.

These golden threads were as thin as hair as they slowly floated in the air above the whirlpool. This was shen power.

At this time, the ray of Soul Setting Divine Light inside Zuo Mo’s body suddenly lit up.

The shen power threads that were flowing suddenly stopped. With a flash of the divine light, the shen power seemed to be pulled by an unseen force, suddenly breaking out of the attraction to the whirlpool and flowing from the middle of his palm into his arm!

These hair-thin shen power strands quickly merged into Zuo Mo’s body when they left his palm.

A feeling of swelling power rose!

It was as though his parched body had suddenly became replenished by the rain. Every bit of his blood and flesh was greedily absorbing these strands of shen power.

The moves that had been raw before seemed to have merged into Zuo Mo’s bones. His movements flowed and felt simple yet enlightened.

Threads of shen power continuously flew out of Zuo Mo’s palm into every part of Zuo Mo’s body.

The Soul Setting Divine Light dimmed and brightened as though it was the lighthouse guiding the ships in the dark. If Zuo Mo looked carefully at the Soul Setting Divine Light at this time, he would find to his shock that the Soul Setting Divine Light was much brighter than in the past.


“Is he actually a genius?” Wei suddenly said.

His expression was extremely complex. There was shock, disbelief, dazedness, suspicious, but when he said this, his tone was certain.

“Otherwise, why would I take him as a student?” Pu Yao could not disguise the smugness in his expression, but his bloody pupil still exposed his own shock.

“I’m very curious about his origins now,” Wei said lightly, “He is able to cultivate the mo physique, able to cultivate yao arts, able to cultivate spells, able to cultivate shen power, able to comprehend the Soul Setting Divine Light, it really is … …”

Wei almost didn’t know how to describe it.

The smugness on Pu Yao’s’ face retreated and his usual indifference came back. “No matter what his birth is, my student is my student.”

“Do not be so nervous.” Wei smiled slightly. “I will not have malicious aims on him. This kind of genius will never lack for enemies. I don’t need to increase their numbers, I just anticipate it!”

A light flashed through Pu Yao’s bloody pupil. “What do you want to do?”

“Do you remember why we were defeated in the past?”

Wei smiled slightly but that smile was without any warmth.


“What? Mountain Dragon Corps is this embarrassing?” an one-eyed mo wolf shouted. His gaze was vicious, his face set in a snarl, scars crisscrossed his face and caused him to appear intimidating.

In this Eminent Mountain Jie, this one-eyed mo wolf’s reputation was feared. He wasn’t just the leader of the biggest group of bandits, he was also the boss that was most famous in Eminent Mountain Jie.

Eminent Mountain Jie was ruled by bandits. This was a famed home of bandits and the number of bandit groups were in the thousands.

The merchants that passed by didn’t dare to travel through this region, and due to the fact there were no large factions in the surroundings, no one came to rid the area of bandits. Over time, Eminent Mountain Jie became a true den of bandits. They raided in all areas and all of the business routes in the surroundings were within their raiding area.

The more daring bandit groups would even travel to raid places further away.

In Eminent Mountain Jie, there was only one kind of mo that could survive, bandits.

Hearing that someone had come to Eminent Mountain Jie to show off, the one-eyed mo wolf couldn’t accept it.

“Boss, that group is really strong! They probably aren’t from an average battalion. There aren’t many of them, about one hundred and so,” the subordinate said cautiously. He had not seen the battle personally and all the intelligence he had had been learned from the lucky survivors of Mountain Dragon Corps.

“Mountain Dragon Corps? Those trash!” the one-eyed mo wolf said disdainfully. “They are all cowardly! This kind of trash is an embarrassment to our Eminent Mountain Jie.”

The one-eyed mo clearly was talking as though he was the master of the jie.

Viciousness flashed through his eyes as he snarled, “Even those proper battalions do not dare to come to our territory to make trouble! Just a hundred people, such daring! They really think they are something!”

The subordinate perceptively did not try to urge otherwise. He was clear about his boss’ fiery temper. The boss hated matters that lost his face the most. If he was not perceptive, he wouldn’t be able to keep his head.

“Go! Tell the other corps, I’ll give a space to whoever exterminates this group on the next trip out!” The one-eyed mo wolf narrowed his one eye and said in a deep voice.

The subordinate was filled with sympathy towards this group of people that had charged into Eminent Mountain Jie. They were finished! With Boss throwing this prize out, there wouldn’t be a speck of these one hundred people left.

The one-eyed mo wolf was the strongest in Eminent Mountain Jie. Only he dared to attack the highly defended cities. Every time he went out on a city raid, he would come back with great prizes that the other factions were deeply envious of. The rule of the one-eyed mo wolf was that whichever bandit group performed a great service would be allowed to participate in the raids. This was a great business!

These people were really pitiful.


Zuo Mo woke up from his tranquil state. When he opened his eyes, a light flashed across them.

The feeling of being filled with explosive power was so familiar that he almost assumed he had recovered to his peak! He lightly shook his head, pia pia pia, a string of pops occurred from his neck down to his tailbone.

An unprecedented feeling of comfort filled his body.

Zuo Mo’s eyes brightened and his joy was hard to disguise. The shen power inside his body had not reached his peak but his present shen power was more pure and condensed than it was in the past!

He tried to turn shen power into the three powers, and there were no hindrances. What made him happier was that at almost the same moment he thought about it, the shen power had turned into the three powers. The entire process almost didn’t have any pause, and was much greater than the process in the past.

The good that came with the bad!

He really got something good this time with the bad!

The three powers that came from the purer shen power was much purer than before. Zuo Mo had a feeling that he was just a thread away from a breakthrough.

This breakthrough wasn’t a breakthrough in a single field, but in all areas! Ling power, mo physique, spiritual consciousness, they had all reached the border of a breakthrough.

What made him even happier was that he had a strong confidence he would have a successful breakthrough.

He raised his right hand. The whirlpool of power had shrunk by only a third, and the rate of spinning was slower than before. But it was still growing and not long in the future, it would recover to its previous form.

Zuo Mo suddenly became excited. The whirlpool in his right hand was like a shen power spring that could continuously provide shen power for him. If he persisted in taking shen power from it, his shen power would keep growing.

His rate of improvement would become astounding!

Zuo Mo was filled with confidence. Looking at the wooden A Gui, he couldn’t help but go forward and ruffle A Gui’s hair. He muttered excitedly, “A Gui, A Gui, I succeeded! I really succeeded!”

A Gui’s warm and raven-black long hair was turned into a pitiful bird’s nest. However, she did not react and only looked at Zuo Mo.

That pair of dim and grey-white eyes seemed to be shrouded in mist.

Ka Zhuo was gaping. In that instant, the strong pressure that Zuo Mo exuded almost pushed him to the ground.

This … .. this world had changed too quickly … …

There wasn’t anything that could give a person more confidence than power. Having recovered the majority of his strength, Zuo Mo was even more composed and calm. He did not continue to extract shen power. He hadn’t completely absorbed the shen power he had just taken. It would probably take two to three days before the process would be complete.

He decided to look at that young female mo.

As to Ceng Yi, a hint of battle spirit flashed across Zuo Mo’s calm face. He was going to give the other a great surprise!

So what if he was at the general level!

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