World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Five – An Unusual Breakthrough

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Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Five – An Unusual Breakthrough

“What did you say?” shouted the one-eyed wolf mo as he suddenly jumped out of his seat wearing an expression of shock.

“Boss! They all died! All of them! No one survived!” His subordinate’s face was ashen and bloodless. He had been flailing and stumbling when he charged in and still appeared weak in the knees.

“All dead? Be clearer! How did they all die?” the one-eyed wolf mo quickly recovered his calm and asked calmly.

“The people from all seven groups died! More than three thousand people! Not one … left alive!” the subordinate stammered. His eyes were thick with terror as though there was something chasing him. He was filled with hopelessness. He said tremblingly, “They … … they, on Black Dragon Peak, they killed everyone!”

“Impossible!” The one-eyed mo wolf was filled with disbelief as he shook his head. “More than three thousand people, how many people do they have? One hundred! One hundred killing three thousand, do you think they are killing chickens?”

“Boss! It’s the truth!” The subordinate was almost crying, “You can go to Black Dragon Peak and see! It’s corpses everywhere, from the peak to the base of the mountain, all corpses!”

The one-eyed mo wolf suddenly froze. Hearing the subordinate speak like this, he finally believed it! Black Dragon Peak was not far from their base, his subordinate wouldn’t easily make a mistake like this, and definitely would not lie to him about a matter like this.

How was it possible? That was three thousand people!

How could one hundred people kill three thousand people, and not one survive?

The one-eyed wolf mo’s extremities felt cold, his throat dry. “Did you find any of their corpses?”


Coldness rose up in the one-eyed wolf mo. How many years had it been, he had become so unfamiliar with the feeling of terror! Yet it was this unfamiliar terror that came like the tide and almost swallowed him.

They had kicked a metal board!

And it was a metal board that was the hardest there could be!

One hundred people were enough to massacre three thousand people, those were the elites of an extraordinary battalion! In the one-eyed wolf mo’s career of raiding, he had never seen nor heard of such a powerful battalion.

If it hadn’t happened to him, he would definitely not believe it. Right now, he only felt terror. Such a terrifying battalion was something only those enormous factions could possess.

Was this the personal battalion of a mo marshal?

The one-eyed wolf mo tried to maintain his calm but his legs uncontrollably trembled.

Any mo marshal in the entire Hundred Savage was the warlord of an area, marshal was a title that meant power. There were no mo marshals that lived alone except the ones that existed in legend.

He might be able to dominate Eminent Mountain Jie, but in the eyes of those mo marshals, he was a small character who could be killed at any time like an ant. Which mo marshal didn’t have many powerful generals, and jie masters under them?

The one-eyed wolf mo looked vicious and arrogant but he was very smart. He never provoked any factions. He could not afford to.

The power represented by a mo marshal… it was an existence he could not afford to provoke!

Damn it! How had he done something so stupid?

The one-eyed wolf mo was full of regret. The only good news was that the other didn’t seem to have sustained any serious injuries or fatalities. He was familiar with the mentality of those personages. For those personages, their time was unusually the most precious. As long as there wasn’t great trouble, they were not willing to waste time on ants.

“Where are they?” the one-eyed wolf mo asked in a trembling voice.

“Go-gone!” the subordinate stammered out, “no-no one dared to block them.”

The one-eyed wolf mo released a breath. “They are gone, good! Good!”

It was good if these kind of death gods were gone!

Shu Long and the others who only desired to keep travelling did not pay attention to the other bandits. The other bandits were frightened out of their wits. Which one of them dared to continue and harass the caravan? The news that a battalion of one hundred people killed three thousand bandits quickly spread.

Many people expressed their disbelief when they heard the news.

This news only exploded when the mirage of the hellish state of Black Dragon Peak was spread.

Everyone speculated to which faction this terrifying battalion belonged to. One hundred killing three thousand, this amazing result caused the reputation of this mysterious battalion to rise. Because they did not know the name of this battalion, many mo called this the Butcher Battalion.

Shu Long and the others only tried to travel faster. They didn’t know that the battle of Black Dragon Peak had attracted the attention of many factions!

However, even if they knew, they would not have cared.

Because they received Zuo Mo’s order, to reach Shattered Stone Jie at the fastest speed!


Zuo Mo furiously absorbed shen power from his hand.

The threads of shen power continuously merged into his flesh and blood.

After the breakthrough, Zuo Mo seemed to have broken all the chains holding him back and his cultivation increased at amazing speeds.

It was strange to speak of: Zuo Mo’s ling power had finished core formation, his consciousness had formed the yin spirit, but it was his mo physique that was lacking. Zuo Mo could not understand this. Of the three powers, the mo physique was the one he was most familiar and most skilled with. Rationally, the first breakthrough should have been his mo physique.

But Zuo Mo was not in a hurry.

At this time, he was in a stage where his power was steadily increasing. Every time he drew shen power from his palm, he could feel a clear improvement. Zuo Mo did not have the time to cultivate any of the three powers and processed shen power. The palm of his right hand was akin to a bomb that could explode at any moment.

The vast shen power in it was truly enchanting!

Zuo Mo didn’t waste one iota of time and threw himself into furious cultivation.

In this time, he had investigated Nether Spring Jie.

Just like the xiuzhe world was called Four Realms, the mo world had another name, the Dark of Hundred Savage. It was divided into two realms, one was Hundred Savage Realm, the other was the Dark Realm. Nether Spring Jie was located at the deepest regions of the Dark Realm, no one knew much about the Dark Realm. They only knew that that was the darkest and most chaotic place of all of Dark of Hundred Savage.

It wasn’t easy to even reach that place. One had to pass through the territories of many great factions. The journey would be filled with danger and bandits. In the Dark Realm, there were vicious and savage mo that even those large factions were wary off.

This branch of mo was infamous. They were born as berserkers. They were cruel, bloodthirsty and without any emotion.

Zuo Mo knew if he wanted to eliminate A Gui’s shen power, if he wanted to know everything, if he wanted to find the Reverse Shadow Spirit Silkgrass, he had to become even more powerful!

By himself, his power was not enough, he needed helpers. He decided to wait for Shu Long’s group at Shattered Stone Jie. He used all his time to cultivate day and night. He had never been as motivated as he was now!

A Gui was sitting silently beside him.

Just like normal, Zuo Mo started to cultivate, but he quickly detected an unusual shift inside his body.

The Sun Crystal Seed was spinning rapidly, the flames shifting in layers. The Greenvine Mystical Water released faint light that was warm yet cool. What surprised Zuo Mo was the even the Soul Setting Divine Light had become restless like a rainbow fish that swam nimbly without stopping inside his body.

All the signs signaled that something unusual was happening.

Was he having a breakthrough?

Zuo Mo knew, if this was the time, it would require him to be even calmer and maintain a clear mind.

He slowly channeled shen power. The shen power merged into his flesh and blood, turning to the three powers, and then turning back to shen power. It repeated this in an endless cycle.

The mo matrix on his body slowly lit up. The faint gold mo matrix was complex. The mo matrix brightened and dimmed as though it was breathing, but each time it flashed, the intensity of the brightness would increase.

When the golden mo matrix reached a peak brightness, the blinding golden light was piercing.

At this time, the Sun Crystal Seed suddenly released a flood of scorching flame. It was like burning lava that covered the shen power eating at his body. The Greenvine Mystical Water’s presence also increased, and the moisture sank into Zuo Mo’s blood and flesh. The blood and flesh that had just been burnt by the Sun Crystal Seed was instantly restored like nothing had happened.

The mo matrix on Zuo Mo’s body instantly had new changes.

The golden mo matrix seemed to come alive and move along Zuo Mo’s body, transforming!

Gradually, the mo matrix that was extremely packed started to divide into many areas. The mo matrix gathered in these areas, and as it’s movement grew slower, ten clear marks formed.

Suddenly, the Sun Crystal Seed inside Zuo Mo’s body brightened and released golden light from his chest!

An astounding scene happened.

The ten marks, that were formed by the mo matrix shrinking, had started to move along Zuo Mo’s body as though there was an invisible line pulling them. The largest golden mo matrix moved to the center of Zuo Mo’s chest as though it was attracted by a magnet.

The light of the Sun Crystal Seed merged with this largest mo matrix. The mo matrix seemed to turn into golden liquid and flowed along Zuo Mo’s chest as though a pen was slowly drawing out lines.

At the same time, the other nine mo matrixes lit up.

The blinding mo matrixes connected, and changed. They each became rounder, and the ten pieces of the mo matrix became ten perfect circles like ten small suns!

Ten suns were situated at different parts of Zuo Mo’s body!

The ten suns suddenly gave off great light, the dark night so bright it seemed like day, and the stars in the sky losing their light.

At this time, the swimming Soul Setting Divine Light ferociously burrowed into the Sun mo matrix at Zuo Mo’s chest. Then, like a needle, it rapidly passed through the other suns!

Ruler-straight lines spread through the ten suns and connected each sun to the other nine. In a blink, there were criss-crossing golden lines on Zuo Mo’s body that connected all ten suns.

Only now did the mo matrix’s light seem to be used up.

Zuo Mo opened his eyes. His eyes had turned a faint gold, and it was possible to discern criss-crossing golden lines inside his eyes. There was a golden Sun mo matrix on his forehead that appeared extremely domineering.

“This is … …” Zuo Mo looked dazedly at the Sun mo matrix on his palms.

This Sun mo matrix was similar to the Day Script that appeared when he used Day Script Palm but it was even more complex and beautiful.

Ten suns, the largest was on his chest, the smallest between his bows. There was one each on his hands and feet, one on his stomach, and three on his back.

Zuo Mo knew that he definitely had a breakthrough.

But … … such a strange feeling … …

Zuo Mo had a strong feeling that his breakthrough was unusual!

What had happened?

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