World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Eight – The Azure Air Kill

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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Eight – The Azure Air Kill

Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus!

Many people’s eyes brightened. There were not many chances to see a legendary mo physique from such a close distance. There were many mo physiques, but the mo physiques that ranked in the top three of each level were extremely rare and were usually not even seen once every hundred years.

In the stands, some people hurriedly sent messages. They only discovered something so important today. When they returned, they would definitely be lectured.

“He has just achieved it,” a black-robed man said in a low voice in the corner.

“Yes, however, Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus is very rare. It has been many years since it appeared!” An ethereal voice came out of a shadow.

The mo in the surroundings did not seem to see there were two people beside them. A mo was loudly talking a few hand-spans away from them but he did not detect that there were two experts right next to him.

“Qi Diao Yu has also come to watch.” The black robed man said with a light laugh, “The others also have come. It has been very long since we all got together.”

“If he sees you, then no one will be able to peacefully watch this.” In the dark shadow, that ethereal voice was slightly teasing.

“Hm!” The black robed man suddenly seemed to detect something, a shocked expression on his face.

“What is it?” the shadow asked.

“Look over there, that beautiful woman in black clothing. She isn’t simple.” The black robed man indicated with a pursing of the lips. “One beauty and one ugly. It is a very unique combination!”

“En?” The shadow also stilled slightly. “As expected, she is not simple! There seems to be a problem with the other woman.”

The black robed man seemed to savor it with his eyes. The surprise on his face grew. “Such a strange power!”

The dark shadow suddenly said, “I remember now. These two women were with Xiao Mo Ge. Xiao Mo Ge’s origins are probably not simple as well.”

The black robed man laughed. “Let’s watch, let’s watch, this matter isn’t our headache!”



Bie Han appeared in the stands. Fu Feng stood behind him but Fu Feng’s expression was extremely angry.

“Your Highness, the Eldest Highness has said that he does not have a solution.” Fu Feng did not dare to look at Bie Han’s expression. He knew the depth of what His Highness felt towards Sin Battalion. Fu Feng had not thought that Eldest Highness would be so ruthless that he was even unaffected by His Highness’ promise to set up his own household.

He was very worried that His Highness would not be able to accept the news.

He waited for a response to the news in silence, a deathly silence.

A moment later, Bie Han coldly spoke, “En, let’s think of other ways.”

His Highness’ tones seemed normal and the same as usual but Fu Feng knew just how cruel the matter was to His Highness! He felt extremely sorrowful. If Mistress was still alive, who would dare to be so disrespectful of His Highness!

If the master was humiliated, the subject should die in loyalty. Thinking about the humiliation and pain that His Highness was receiving, Fu Feng’s heart twisted.

Bie Han suddenly said, “Uncle Bo, do not worry. This bit of trouble isn’t anything. Let’s watch the fight.”

The tone was still as indifferent as usual but Fu Feng could hear the concern in His Highness’ tone. He was even more moved. He did not waste words and secretly decided that he would definitely fulfill His Highness’ wish for him.

As Fu Feng thought about this, he unconsciously looked towards the field.

Suddenly, he stilled.

For some reason, he felt as though he knew the youth on the field.

But when he examined that face, he found it was a very unfamiliar face.

But that feeling of familiarity could not be erased!

So strange. Why would he feel familiarity towards Xiao Mo Ge?

Fu Feng was very puzzled.


Ling power and spiritual consciousness continuously permeated deeper into Zuo Mo’s body. A cool wave seemed to form inside his body. Yet the domineering flame of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus mo physique caused him to feel a layer of fire was flowing on his body.

He did not have the time to slowly experience the changes in his body. He looked attentively at Miao Jun.

Not one opening!

Miao Jun’s body was like a great and tall mountain that caused Zuo Mo to feel as though he did not know where to attack!

So strong!

Zuo Mo’s heart trembled but the fighting spirit inside did not decrease but increased instead!

A faint layer of gold appeared on his eyes. There were exquisite and complex mo matrixes that floated in his eyes. The sun mo matrix at the center of his chest was like a burning sun that caused even Zuo Mo felt a burning pain.

The Sun Crystal Seed inside his body was unusually lively. Waves of heat flowed like lava from the Sun Crystal Seed. They circulated once around his body and then entered the Sun mo matrix at his chest.

The burning pain increased but at the same time, a feeling of coolness in the deeper part of his body became even clearer!

It was a conflicting feeling.

The gold in his eyes became more dense and his presence suddenly increased again!

Miao Jun, who had been calm all this time, shifted expression slightly. Xiao Mo Ge was like a ball of burning fire that had increased in ferocity and became even more dangerous!

Miao Jun decided to attack!

The words [Celestial Azure Essence] flashed through his mind. The killing intent in his eyes increased.

A strange azure color quickly spread over his entire body. Having been unmoving as a mountain, Miao Jun suddenly turned into a gust of wind and impossible to catch!

Azure Air mo physique!

His body suddenly disappeared into the air!

Zuo Mo’s pupils shrank into pinpoints. He had disappeared, Miao Jun had completely disappeared! He lost all perception of Miao Jun!


“Miao Jun is really vicious. First move is [Azure Air Kill]!” A male that looked similar to Lan Tian Long said with a smile. His body was not as well-built as Lan Tian Long. However, the two were so similar in looks that people could easily recognize him as Lan Tian Long’s brother, Lan Liang Rong.

Lan Liang Rong then sighed in praise, “I have to say that Miao Jun’s [Azure Air Kill] is really unique. I don’t know how he comprehended his move. The Air Azure mo physique is not a very powerful physique. It probably is the worst mo physique on the Great Peace Mo Rankings!”

Lan Tian Long’s eyes did not move away. There was a bit of shock on his face. It was unexpected that Miao Jun would use his ultimate attack right at the start of the fight!

[Azure Air Kill] was the move that made Miao Jun famous. He could completely disappear leaving the enemy bewildered as to how they had died.

An unknown number of experts had fallen under this move. Miao Jun had stepped onto the Great Peace Mo Ranking relying on this [Azure Air Kill]!

Up until now, no one had been able to defeat this move.

So when everyone found that Miao Jun had used his ultimate move from the start, they were stunned.

Lan Tian Long also nodded and praised Miao Jun’s ultimate move, “It’s true. Even I cannot think of a way to defeat this move.”

“One move for every use!” Lan Liang Rong shook his head and smiled, “This is what is not good about watching Miao Jun’s fights. If he uses this move, then there is no need to watch.”

“Maybe there will be something unexpected today,” Lan Tian Long suddenly said. He remembered the faint sense of danger that had appeared that day at the city gates.

Lan Liang Rong was slightly shocked. He turned his face and examined his brother for a while. “It seems you have a high opinion of this Xiao Mo Ge!”

“We will see soon!” Lan Tian Long shook his head and said.

Hearing this, Lan Liang Rong could only curiously look towards Zuo Mo in the field by himself.


Ceng Lian’er stared at Zuo Mo on the field. She carefully maintained her distance with Zuo Mo. Even though there was the jinzhi barrier, the power resonance between them still existed.

She still did not understand how Zuo Mo was able to cause the Shifting Star Sand that day.

In terms of likelihood, her chances of causing the Shifting Star Sand were much higher than Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo cultivated sun shen power, his mo physique was the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus, it was a hard and yang power. It almost was impossible for him to cause Shifting Star Sand!

But the reality was completely the opposite of what she predicted.

She had originally thought that she knew everything about Zuo Mo but found that Zuo Mo was a ball of mystery shrouded in mist.

A Gui silently stood next to Ceng Lian’er. Her expression was still wooden and she was unaffected by anything in the surroundings. Her empty eyes would only stare at Zuo Mo.

Ceng Lian’er glanced at A Gui and suddenly recalled the heart-shaking memory fragments in Zuo Mo’s mind. Her gaze became even deeper.

“Hey, Miss, what is your name?” a young master came over.

Ceng Lian’er had a flawless face, and a seductive glance. She was like an orchid in a mountain valley that stood alone. For these young masters, she was a fatal attraction! A group of young masters crowded over.

Ceng Lian’er seemed to not hear them. Her gaze fixed on Zuo Mo in the field.

“There is nothing to see there. Miao Jun is using his Azure Air Kill, Xiao Mo Ge is definitely dead! So boring. After so many years, Miao Jun still only has this move. I had thought there would be something new, ye has come for nothing,” the young master muttered. Then his expression became alert. “But I really need to thank him since I now have the chance to encounter you, Miss!”

Ceng Lian’er ignored him. She stared at the field and she could feel Zuo Mo’s predicament!


The enormous battlefield appeared empty. He was the only person standing there!

Miao Jun had completely disappeared into thin air from in front of him.

He used all his skill but still could not find the other. However, a strong sense of danger caused his scalp to prickle. There seemed to be an invisible chain that was wrapped around his neck. If the other wanted to, he could tighten the noose at any moment!

The other was definitely still in the battlefield!

Zuo Mo’s right hand suddenly flipped. A string of little yao arts shot out of his hand and flashed past the entire battlefield.

But they did not hit anything at all.

The stands became even hearted and the discussion became hotter. Zuo Mo’s little yao arts were just little yao arts but they still astounded many people.

The systems of yao and mo cultivation were completely different. Mo that understood yao arts were very rare.

Xiao Mo Ge actually knew yao arts!

Zuo Mo’s little yao arts stunned many people in the stands.

The waves of noise that heightened in the stands did not affect Zuo Mo at all. His nerves were tense and he was secretly on his guard as he searched every inch of space in the battlefield.

The feeling of danger increased like the noose around his neck had already tightened.

Cold sweat dripped down the tip of Zuo Mo’s nose.

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