World of Cultivation - Chapter Five Hundred and Eighteen – All Hail The King!

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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighteen – All Hail The King!

The dark red Day Script howled as it reached him almost instantaneously.

It really was the Day Script Palm!

At such a crucial time, Ye Ling did not feel any fear from being hit but instead felt extremely excited.

Day Script Palm!

Great Day mo physique!

All Hail The King!

His vision sudden became slightly blurred as a daring and insane idea revolved in his mind. He was extremely excited but his strong mind had been tempered through many battles showed in his unwavering spirit. He tightly gritted his teeth and channeled his mo skill to its limits.

The other’s skill in the Day Script Palm was very profound but in his view, the other’s battle formation was still slightly lacking.

This was his chance, and the only opportunity he could exploit!

Otherwise, with the Great Day mo physique working with the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation, his Mist Hand Seat and the Skynet Combat Formation had no chance of victory.

In his view, it was logical that a descendant of a noble mo lineage lost in the xiuzhe world to be lacking in their understanding of mo battle formations.

The cultivation of the mo physique could be reached through talent and mo skills but battle formations could only mature through experience in the military.

The grey mist suddenly shot out many thin chains made from grey mist, like tentacles.

They were sharks that smelt blood and furiously flooded towards the intimidating Day Script!

Pia pia pia!

The grey mist tentacles had not even neared the Day Script when they were crushed by the powerful presence of the Day Script and exploded!

As expected of the legendary Great Day mo physique!

Ye Ling’s eyes grew bright within the grey mist. Strangely, there was joy on his face.

The grey mist tentacles shot at the Day Script at an even faster rate. The tentacles were densely packed and seemed endless. Explosions rang out but the number of grey mist tentacles were even more numerous as though there was no end to them.

Pia pia pia!

The grey mist from every destroyed tentacle would be dispersed by the Day Script. Looking from afar, it seemed as the Day Script was continuously consuming the grey mist tentacles!

Ye Ling methodically controlled every strand of grey mist.

He quickly started to show tiredness.

He was filled with shock. He found he had underestimated the other’s skill in the Great Day mo physique. This was the deep mo layer, this was definitely the Great Day mo physique at the deep mo layer, only then could it have such domineering power!

A Great Day mo physique in the deep mo layer!

Once this idea came into his mind, he couldn’t help but shudder!

Such an outstanding mo. In any of the mo jie, he definitely would be a genius unable to be dismissed!

He was so young, so filled with talent, and had such a limitless future!

To be able to create a mo army in the xiuzhe world, he must be stubborn and resilient, determined and persistence. He couldn’t dare think of the hardships involved!

All Hail The King!

Heavens, are you trying to make it up to your servant for being unable to cultivate the Mist mo physique, by delivering such a great opportunity in front of me?

All of Ye Ling’s composure flew away.

However, he had to first deal with what was in front of him!

Ye Ling forced himself to calm down. He was unable to cultivate the Mist mo physique and he could only withstand this attack through the power of the battle formation.

Sharp howls suddenly rang out from within the grey mist.

Countless crescent-shaped mist blades suddenly flew out of the mist like a tsunami. They drew out strange curves in the air and shot at the Day Script that was incoming!

Looking down from the sky, this scene was spectacular.

Like whips, the grey mist tentacles shot out in ruler-straight lines, shooting out like spears. The deep howling as they cut through the air caused people’s minds to waver!

Boom boom boom!

But the Day Script was still unstoppable. No matter if it was the grey mist tentacles or the crescent mist blades, they exploded once they got near!

But even so, the attacks continued each like a thunderous rain drop and managed to push back the Day Script!

The grey mist tentacles and the crescent-shaped mist blades were coming increasingly close to the Day Script.

Within the grey mist, every mo soldier was releasing their own attacks at the fastest possible rate. When each attack was released, it would be shrouded in a layer of grey mist. They did not need to control the direction of the attack, they only had to release attacks at the fastest possible rate.


A crescent-shaped mist blade heavily struck the Day Script.

The attacks that came after slammed the Day Script like a storm!

The Day Script finally could not stand up and exploded!

All the energies within ten li pulsed along with this huge explosion!

Among the grey mist were sounds of panting. Every mo soldier had a face full of shock.

This was just the first round of the enemy’s attack!


Zuo Mo frowned. The other’s battle method was very strange. Was this the so-called Mist Hand Seat? However, this Mist Hand Seat was strange but he did not feel it was powerful. He was not so arrogant to think that he could defeat the other in one blow.

He felt his body was full of energy that could not be used up. He was filled with the desire to fight.

Come on, baby!

He shouted inside.

“He hasn’t cultivated the Mist mo physique, no wonder he is so weak.” Pu Yao was greatly disappointed. He had felt the other could give Wei a shock but hadn’t expected it to be damaged goods. He was full of disappointment.

In a blink, the duo’s positions had switched. Wei’s pious smile came back on. “Yes, such a pity.”

Hearing the exchange between the two, Zuo Mo twisted his lips. The power of the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation filled every corner of his body. His excitement activated the Great Day mo physique to its limits, his excitement caused him to turn into a battle maniac. He was like a lion with bloodshot eyes that wanted to charge and tear the enemy into pieces.

Come on, baby!

Overexcited, a strange blade that seemed to burn in flame appeared in Zuo Mo’s hand!

Vast power flowed through his arm into the Midday Blade in his hand. Woosh, the golden flames suddenly jumped up high. At the same time, the Great Day Banded Flame inside Zuo Mo’s body uncontrollably sprouted out.

Shrouded completely in golden flames, Zuo Mo held a blade that was also covered in golden flames!

Zuo Mo was immersed into excitement!

The Midday Blade was raised up high. Behind him, all the hardship guards raised up the mo weapons in their hands. Each mo weapon was shrouded in black mist!

If this strike landed, it could tear apart the sky!

Zuo Mo was like a bloodthirsty lion that stared at the roiling grey mist.

“Sire, please wait a moment!”

Within the mist, a hurried voice suddenly passed out.

Zuo Mo stilled.

A middle-aged person dressed in grey robes walked out of the grey mist. He possessed a pair of grey eyes that looked extremely deep.

He walked along to the front of the formation and bowed to Zuo Mo.

“Sir, I am the commander of this troop. We surrender!”

What! Surrender?

What sort of interjie joke was this?

Zuo Mo felt as though he was having problems with his hearing. Surrender? Hadn’t the fight just begun?

The person in front had a respectful expression and was extremely polite. He looked very normal!

Mo military surrendering to xiuzhe?

Was there something wrong with his brain?

The suddenly surrender, or rather, the battle general’s polite, respectful and sincere surrender forced every bit of Zuo Mo’s burning battle spirit back inside!

“Sir, please allow us to surrender to you. We are willing to swear our allegiance to Daren!” Ye Ling’s voice was deep and hoarse, carrying sincerity that even an idiot could detect.

The mo soldiers behind him shifted.

I … … I … … I … …

Forced back, Zuo Mo felt as though something was blocking him from to speaking. In reality, he still held the Midday Blade up ready to strike. It was only his thoughts that seemed to be frozen in wax.

“To surrender to someone that cultivates the Great Day mo physique, this is our honor! Please allow us to follow behind Daren, we are willing to burn our lives for Daren to command. Daren’s commands are our honor!”

Ye Ling humbly bowed deeply.

“All Hail The King!”

Hearing the words “Great Day mo physique,” the restless mo army suddenly stilled. Immediately after, uncontrolled joy shone on many of their faces.

Moments later, all the mo soldiers bowed and shouted in unison.

“All Hail The King!”

Everyone behind Zuo Mo was stunned by this scene. Even the mature and composed Shu Long looked on with a dazed stare at the mo army and was unable to make a sound. The lively A Wen’s mouth was gaping. He looked as though he had seen a ghost.

The worst off was Gu Ming Gong. He was in complete chaos as he murmured to himself, “Illusion … … this must be an illusion … … is this a trick? Has Daren sent someone to pretend to be mo? Was this a trick from the start … … this old man … … which mother***ing jie is this … …”

Everyone behind Zuo Mo turned to stone. Even Pu Yao and Wei were almost driven slightly insane by the scene in front of them.

“Are they really mo? When did the mo become this spineless?” Pu Yao looked at Ye Ling as though he wanted to pluck out Ye Ling’s soul and examine it.

“Degeneration! This is degeneration!” Wei howled. He felt discomfort as though he swallowed a fly.

This guy was a neat freak.

But the one feeling the most discomfort was Zuo Mo.

His spirit had never burned like this before, never had such fighting spirit, never had been as impulsive as this … …

It all stopped and he had to suppress it!

Zuo Mo’s frozen face first turned pale and turn red. Energy flowed up, and his face was so red as though blood could start dripping out at any moment.

Big Bro, you’re messing with me!

A moment later, Zuo Mo could only wail inside helplessly.

But the other’s attitude was sincere, humble, and the tone as well as polite. No matter how suppressed the fighting spirit was, he could not vent it. Face flushed from suppressing it, Zuo Mo could not swallow the breath or breath out. He didn’t manage to say a word at all.

The exciting battlefield suddenly sank into a strange silence.

Ye Ling’s battalion still maintained their bows motionlessly. They were like a group of statues. Not one mo soldier moved.

A light of unusual determination flashed on everyone’s face.

Great Day mo physique!

That was the Great Day mo physique of legend!

Only mo that had the most noble bloodlines and unparalleled talent could cultivate this kind of mo physique! This kind of mo possessed the potential to become king!

Every mo soldier seemed to see the great path shining in front of them!

All Hail The King!

Translator Ramblings: Okay, first clarification, no, Zuo Mo is not of any “royal” bloodline relating to any mo king. Second, Ye Ling is slightly overexcited and working with the knowledge he has which is high bloodline=possibility of being king. He’s not exactly Pu Yao and Wei in terms of knowledge and pretty much has no idea of what goes on. Basically, Zuo Mo is not going to magically become king.

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