World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Six – Familiarity Caused by Inspecting The Spoils

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Six – Familiarity Caused by Inspecting The Spoils

Little Mo Ge needed a long time to calm his excitement before he started to carefully examine his spoils.

Naturally, the first prize he took as the [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle]. Zuo Mo was curious about the supposed greatest shen device raiment of Tian Huan. While he was the inventor of shen device raiments, he was still very curious about the shen device raiments from other factions.

Tian Huan and Kun Lun were many times richer than he was.

Zuo Mo never thought that he was the most ingenious person in the world. Those as powerful as Lin Qian were the ones that really dazzled the eyes. Even the deceased Shi Zi Ming was someone he could only look up to.

He flipped the [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle] and looked carefully.

He was a professional. After examining for a few moments, he had to sigh at the cleverness in the design of the [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle]. The [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle] was made from countless formations of various sizes. Tian Huan had pushed seal formations to its limits.

The design reminded Zuo Mo of the formation forts that Mo Cloud Sea frequently used.

They were made from seal formations criss-crossed and interlinked together.

Yet the skill needed to shove the same seals from the forts into the little [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle] was astounding. Even someone as skilled in formations as Zuo Mo thought he would not be able to accomplish such a task.

Yet at the core of [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle] was a shen glyph.

It was the first time Zuo Mo saw shen glyphs and seal formations merged together so perfectly. One wrapped around another, as exquisite as it could be.

As expected of Tian Huan!

Zuo Mo sighed repeated as he inspected the pseudo shen device. It had been very long since something had shocked him so greatly. The forging skill in the [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle] was extremely high, and the forger’s understanding of seal formation was almost incomprehensible.

“Who forged the [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle]?” Zuo Mo suddenly raised his head to ask Li Xian Er.

Li Xian Er cooperatively answered, “Chief Elder.”

She had a clear understanding of her situation. At this time, being proud and uncooperative would only bring her trouble. What eased her worries slightly was that Zuo Mo did not seem to be interested in her.

As expected, Zuo Mo made a sound of acknowledgement and turned his head back to study the [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle]. Zuo Mo was familiar with the core members of Tian Huan, an enemy of Mo Cloud Sea.

Chief Elder’s status in Tian Huan was unsurpassable. Before he discovered shen glyphs, many disciples didn’t even know he existed. It was rare to see someone enter seclusion for decades in a restless and warring era.

So it was that old guy!

Zuo Mo realized. His eyes became even more heated and he looked even more closely.

Li Xian Er suddenly had a feeling that Zuo Mo was extremely similar to those people from Tian Huan that were obsessed with forging.

Her gaze turned to land on A Gui.

A Gui noticed Li Xian Er’s gaze and only glanced once before shifting back to focus completely on Zuo Mo.

Li Xian Er knew that while A Gui didn’t even look at her, if she tried to make a move at all, A Gui would unhesitatingly kill her where she stood. The rainbow light that Zuo Mo had put into her body had froze almost all of her shen power.

She thought for a long time. This light seemed to be similar to the legendary Soul Setting Divine Light.

She found this was hard to believe. Soul Setting Divine Light, this thing of the legends actually existed and it was in Zuo Mo’s hands.

This guy … …

She remained silent and thought inside. The sect really stumbled this time. They had had too smooth of a journey recently, and this had caused all of the sect to reckless and impatient. The sect’s opinion of Mo Cloud Sea had still been too low. Including her, all of Tian Huan had the same thoughts. All of them thought that the reason that Mo Cloud Sea was so powerful was because Tian Huan had not paid attention to them. If Tian Huan paid attention, Mo Cloud Sea wouldn’t have a chance at all.

The situation developed as everyone had thought. When Tian Huan started to fight back, Mo Cloud Sea was immediately put in a reactive state. Mo Cloud Sea had too many weaknesses.

The alliance with Xi Xuan was the final blow to kill Mo Cloud Sea. If this plan was completed, Mo Cloud Sea would be dead.

Yet this time, they stumbled greatly.

Other than Zhong De’s unexpected choice to side with Mo Cloud Sea, the magnitude of Mo Cloud Sea’s explosive reaction under threat was unimaginable. She could see too many problems. She and the other sect elites were strong on paper but when they actually fought the difference in experience immediately showed.

The enemy was vicious, hardy, and fearless, all of this was beyond her imagination. In comparison, Tian Huan’s elites were like flowers grown in the greenhouse. Beautiful, but could not withstand the harsh wind.

This caused Li Xian Er to feel very uncomfortable, but when she thought of her captive state, she had to admit this was true.

Deep in thought, Zuo Mo was exceptionally focused. He seemed to have forgotten the terrible environment of the Abyss Fined Jail.

The [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle] seemed to have opened a new window for Zuo Mo.

Tian Huan had survived for thousands of years, and naturally had their unique traits. In Zuo Mo’s eyes, Chief Elder was a true grandmaster. If Kun Lun’s shen power was said to be influenced by Zuo Mo, Tian Huan’s shen power was a completely new system.

Chief Elder’s focused study of shen glyphs for decades had developed a completely new system on top of Tian Huan’s original system.

This system was extremely valuable as reference.

A long time later, Zuo Mo finally broke free of the sea of seal formations. His face had a rare expression of tiredness. The packed seal formations, and the core shen glyphs were exquisite and clever. Zuo Mo spent great energy to understand them.

Even as powerful as he was, he felt tired.

However, his eyes were as bright as stars as they flashed with a bright light. He finally understood the secret of the [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle].

He was filled with respect towards by the Chief Elder of Tian Huan who he had never met before.

Shen glyph!

Tian Huan cultivated using shen glyphs. He had heard this before, but he had never understood how their system worked. Only after seeing the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle did he completely understand.

Tian Huan’s shen power came from shen glyphs.

A shen glyph that could produce shen power!

There was such a shen glyph on the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle that would constantly produce shen power. One portion of the shen power was stored, and another seemed to be used for Li Xian Er’s daily cultivation. Li Xian Er definitely had a similar shen glyph inside her body. The two glyphs resonated with each other, and could create wondrous effects.

Of course, the construction of Weaving Girl’s Shuttle was more clever than stated, but there was nothing different in terms of the fundamental principle.

Zuo Mo suddenly went forward and grabbed Li Xian Er’s hand.

Li Xian Er was startled. Her expression changed slightly. Was he … …

A smile suddenly rose on Zuo Mo’s lips. The smile grew and grew until it turned into roaring laughter.

“So it’s like this … … so it’s like this … …”

Hearing Zuo Mo’s words to himself, Li Xian Er’s heart landed back on ground yet she seemed to realize the meaning of Zuo Mo’s words and her expression changed!

No, it was not so simple, Li Xian Er comforted herself.

Gradually, she gradually calmed down. It was not so easy. There were so many disciples in the sect, but how many saw the meaning? Even she who was peerless in talent spent so much time to understand shen glyphs.

When she thought of Chief Elder, she immediately calmed.

Chief Elder would definitely have a solution!

Zuo Mo sank into ecstasy. He didn’t just finally understand why Li Xian Er’s shen power was stronger than his, this completely new system created by Chief Elder gave him sparks of inspiration.

He even had quite a few good ideas that he could use in further forging.

More importantly, he thought of a wondrous idea.

This shen glyph was not something that average materials could withstand. It could be seen from the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle that all of it was made up of valuable materials.

Also, the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle only had this one shen glyph. It could not hold a second one. Also, the reason that a portion of shen power was channeled into Li Xian Er’s body wasn’t just to help Li Xian Er cultivate but because the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle could not tolerate the full amount of shen power that the shen glyph produced.

But Zuo Mo had a perfect medium –the sun crystal seed!

It could definitely hold this shen glyph. Zuo Mo suspected that there could be similar shen glyph inside the sun crystal seed, but he had just not discovered it yet.

But no matter what, Zuo Mo was excited by today’s discoveries.

Coming out of the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle, Zuo Mo did not continue to study it. This was not a good place to study.

He carefully put the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle back into his ring. A treasure like this could not be lost.

He started to inspect his other spoils of war.

Li Xian Er was the first of the four seats and what she had was naturally valuable. Zuo Mo was kept in a state of excitement.

Treasures flowed through his hand, each one causing his eyes to flash with the light of jingshi.

Suddenly, something at the corner of the ring attracted Zuo Mo’s attention.

Zuo Mo curiously picked it up.

It was a very common-looking paper crane, a pink little thousand paper crane. Paper cranes like this were commonly used for wishes, however … …

Zuo Mo suddenly felt that this paper crane seemed familiar to the eye. He was puzzled. Why would he have this strange sense of familiarity?

So strange!

Zuo Mo muttered inside as he unconsciously unfolded the thousand paper crane.

Three twisted words entered his eyes.

“Ye’ll wait for you!”

Zuo Mo immediately turned to stone. He finally remembered why he found this thing familiar.

Little Mo Ge froze where he stood. The three words made him feel unusually awkward. A distant memory floated out of his mind. He had never thought that he, and that horrid paper crane girl would meet once again!

And that malicious and spoiled paper crane girl was Li Xian Er!

His expression became strange.

“Hey! How can you touch other people’s things?” Li Xian Er’s expression became slightly panicked. For the first time, she was not calm.

Seeing Zuo Mo motionless as though he was focused, Li Xian Er suppress her panic and said with deliberate calmness, “It is a private message, there is nothing secret there.”

Private message? Whose private message!

Thinking of what he endured in the past, Zuo Mo was actually not angry. While the paper crane girl had been horrid and he had been very unhappy back then, he had experienced many things since and forgotten this minor matter. It was just the prank of a bored little girl.

If he hadn’t seen this paper crane from the past, he would not have remembered at all.

But it was still very awkward!

Editor’s note:

Shi Zi Ming – Sage of Great Peace City. First mentioned in chapter 568, Shi Zi Ming is a sage from an ancient era that helped advance mo society. Great Peace City was built as tribute to him.

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