World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Nine – Counter-Attack

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Nine – Counter-Attack

“Be alert!” Zou Fan scolded the guards. Looking at the sky full of snow and the howling wind, he felt slightly anxious.

The Clear Sea Storehouse that he guarded was an important resource base for Tian Huan. It had countless materials that had been transported from all over. They would be packed onto ships here, and be transported to their destinations. These were mostly mid-level and low-level materials. The types and amounts were astounding and due to this, the scale of the storehouse was also astounding.

This was Tian Huan’s material transportation hub. Its importance to Tian Huan could not be described. Due to this, there was a whole battalion stationed at Clear Sea Storehouse. Other than this, there were also many experts protecting this place. However, a few days ago, the ring master that was guarding Clear Sea Storehouse had left with three of their strongest experts, saying that they had an important mission.

The careful Zou Fan felt slightly anxious. Clear Sea Storehouse was at its weakest.

If the enemy attacked at this time … …

This thought caused his heart to shudder but he then shook his head. It was unlikely. Mo Cloud Sea was being completely suppressed by Tian Huan. They were in a panic and did not have the energy to deal with Tian Huan.

Also, in such terrible weather, it was impossible to travel.

Clear Sea Jie was a world of wind and snow. In a year, about nine-tenths of the days were filled with wind and snow. Also, the wind and snow were so strong that this place was a world of ice and death. Those that could survive here were all powerful ice-type yao beasts.

The transportation fleets also had a hard time travelling in this kind of weather. Normal xiuzhe would not be able to fly and travel in this kind of weather. The wind and snow would tear them to pieces.

But the position of Clear Sea Jie was so important that, without any other jie around, people had to pass through here.

This kind of snowstorm was rare to see, and it really helped him greatly right now.

While he thought this, Zou Fan still increased the guard patrols on the storehouse. His gaze swept across the packed jinzhi. Much of his anxiousness dissipated. There were so many jinzhi here it was a fortress.

Zou Fan was only a silver battle general, but he was careful, reliable and worthy of trust so he had been sent to guard the Clear Sea Storehouse. His battalion was much larger than normal battalions and had been built according to the standards of a gold battle general.

Suddenly, Zou Fan’s gaze focused.

There was a blue figure flickering in and out of view in the wind and snow.

Zuo Fan’s heart suddenly rose into the air. There were three defensive lines in front. How had this person come in? A strong feeling of danger filled his mind. His expression changed as he shouted, “Enemy attack!”

The storehouse immediately descended into chaos, the sounds of alarms going off and jinzhi lighting up. The entire storehouse seemed to wake up from a sleep and was covered in a pressuring light.

The guards moved into the jinzhi, each of them with nervous expressions as though they faced a great enemy!

The blue figure came closer. The furious wind and snow seemed to be nothing.

Among the snowstorm, a blue figure gradually became clear. A beautiful figure that moved with an umbrella and was filled with an ethereal beauty.

A woman!

Zou Fan’s pupils suddenly contracted, and a strong feeling of danger rose. A woman appearing out of such strong snowstorm. This was not a good sign.

The other’s level of danger did not need to be stated.

“All jinzhi, prepare to attack!” Zou Fan decisively ordered.

In the wind and snow, Lan gazed at the distant fortress, the two ice blue crystals at the eyeholes of her face mask lighting up slightly. After ten thousand years, she once again stood on the battlefield!

Her icy heart suddenly became excited.

The totem sleeping among the incense of the shen temple was so lonely.

A totem’s home should be the battlefield!

Born in the tribe, powerful, becoming the totem, experiencing countless years worship and reverence. They led the tribe in times of danger, protected the tribe, foughtfor the tribe, never abandoning the tribe, for the glory of the tribe!

The glory of a totem!

The distant and faded glory would once again spread the name of Lan!

The hand around the ice umbrella tightened and Lan’s figure disappeared from the wind and snow.

“Careful!” Zuo Fan’s pupils shrank again as he roared.


An enormous explosion, and the snow that had accumulated on the ground exploded. A wall of snow dozens of zhang tall rose and then swept towards the storehouse!

In this moment, countless beams of light sprouted out of the fortress.

Almost unconsciously, all the guards unhesitatingly activated the jinzhi. All kinds of light rained down on the wall of snow!

The snow wall immediately split into pieces. The wild flows of air and the snow mixing together causing snow to fly into the air.

It was white everywhere they looked.

Not good!

Zuo Fan’s heart jumped. Before he could respond, a blue figure flashed at the corner of his eye.

Bling bling bling!

Like hail raining down and tearing through the leaves of the banana tree, the light shield nearby shattered immediately.

Pew pew pew!

Pillars of blood shot up. Before they could land on the ground, they were frozen into droplets of ice by the cold air and was swept up with the wind and snow.

The guards widened their eyes, a chill spreading through their bodies. In a blink, they turned into people of ice.

They fell down face forward, pia, and shattered!

The wind and snow they had relied on had become the great boon for the enemy. Ice spikes shot out of the wind and snow. These ice spikes possessed astounding power. Even the defensive light shield of Clear Sea Storehouse could not withstand a single blow!

Several figures were rapidly moving to the third defensive position. Zuo Fan was slightly reassured. These people were usually very proud. Fortunately, they did not mess up at important times.

“Third Position!” Zuo Fan shouted. “Prepare the [Sky Lock]!

As he finished, countless seal scripts suddenly flew out of the depths of the storehouse and quickly flew into the sky. In a blink, a circle of light appeared in the sky above the storehouse. The light circle was over ten li in diameter and countless bright seal scripts flowed endlessly.

The [Sky Lock] was one of the Clear Sea Warehouse’s strongest jinzhi. It was for facing experts, especially shen power experts. The enemy’s strength was unfathomable and was definitely a shen power expert.

This definitely was not good news for Zuo Fan.

Right now, the development of jinzhi had fallen behind. The jinzhi that could match shen power experts were rare. However, due to the importance of Clear Sea Storehouse’s location, there were jinzhi set up here that could be used against shen power exerts.

This was [Sky Lock]!

If those people could delay the enemy, the [Sky Lock] would be able to restrain the enemy.

Several figures quickly engaged the enemy in battle. With Zuo Fan’s strength, he could only see several grey figures and one blue figure flashing around.

“The lock is set!” the subordinate said joyfully.

“Attack!” Zuo Fan unhesitatingly ordered.

The circle of light suddenly contracted. It descended from the sky, its target Lan!

The wind and snow seemed to suddenly stop.


This was the first time Shuang Yu was working with Gongsun Cha. It was a strange feeling. He had to admit that Gongsun Cha’s preparations had been very detailed, so detailed that it was beyond his imagination.

While they were both among the ten great battle generals, Gongsun Cha and Gu Liang Dao’s styles were completely different. Gu Liang Dao’s moves were big and open, but Gongsun Cha was more detailed. Only battle generals like Gongsun Cha would be able to do preparations to this level.

The accurate and thorough preparations allowed Shuang Yu to feel relaxed. What he needed to do was simple. He only needed to express his strength to successfully complete the mission.

His target was Thousand Sail Sect.

Thousand Sail Sect was not a large sect. Actually, it was only one of Tian Huan’s outer sects. Its status in Tian Huan was not high, but its importance was seriously underestimated.

Tian Huan had many outer sects. There were thousands of sects that had connections to Tian Huan and the Thousand Sail Sect was just one of those.

They were skilled in the forging of treasure ships, especially transportation ships. Almost seven-tenths of transportation ships in Tian Huan came from Thousand Sail Sect. For Tian Huan who made their living on forging and mercantilism, the amount of materials transported was astounding and the demand for transportation ships was high. Transportation ships were not hard to forge, but took time, and the profits were not high. Naturally, Tian Huan was not willing to invest manpower and energy into this.

They were happy that Thousand Sail Sect was willing to take over. Thousand Sail Sect jumped to become one of the relatively strong sects among Tian Huan’s outer sects.

Their transportation ships sold well based on their connection to Tian Huan.

In Gongsun Cha’s intelligence analyses, the importance of this sect was high. If it was destroyed, it would have a great effect on Tian Huan’s transportation abilities.

Transportation ships did not need high level materials or high level methods to be forged, but needed time.

If Thousand Sail Sect was destroyed, Tian Huan would have a difficult time making up their transportation ships in the short-term. Other sects could forge them, but no one could compare to Thousand Sail Sect in scale. There were confirmed reports. An enormous order had come to Thousand Sail Sect, and Tian Huan was currently facing the problem of lacking sufficient transportation ability.

Gongsun Cha’s plan targeted the enemy’s weakness. He had to admit that Gongsun Cha was someone skilled at grabbing a person’s weakness.

What made Thousand Sail Sect a tempting target was that, despite their importance, Thousand Sail Sect did not have the corresponding level of defenses. Thousand Sail Sect was in the core lands of Tian Huan and it was not easy for them to be attacked. Adding on that Tian Huan was supporting them, their competitors did not dare to scheme against them.

The situation formed gradually over time to become like this.

However, Tian Huan did have some measures. They still stationed a battalion near Thousand Sail Sect to guarantee their safety.

Yet a defense of this degree for a super expert like Shuang Yu was like there was nothing.

Especially right now when Tian Huan’s attention was attracted by Zhong De and Zuo Mo. Almost all of the top experts had been moved. This was undoubtedly the time that Tian Huan was weakest in defense. They would not encounter any experts of the same level. For Shuang Yu, this mission was so easy it was like taking a sightseeing trip.

Gongshun Cha’s move was really vicious!

Behind Shuang Yu were a few dozen elites that carried large amounts of explosive talismans.

They only had one mission, flatten Thousand Sail Sect to the ground!

Shuang Yu took a deep breath, his expression becoming cold. “Begin!”

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