World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Seven Chief Elder Burning

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Seven Chief Elder Burning

Zuo Mo gaped as he looked up towards the super-sized Lil’ Fire that had expanded exponentially.

That was Void Sky Li Fire!

The Void Sky Li Fire that was said to burn for tens of thousands of years in the depths of space! Even Zuo Mo didn’t dare to carelessly touch the Void Sky Li Fire.

The shen fire of the sun was powerful and dominant. If one cultivated it to a high level, maybe the shen fire at the heart of the sun could be stronger than the Void Sky Li Fire. After all didn’t the sun burn for longer then tens of thousands of years?

But the sun shen fire inside Zuo Mo’s body at the moment was not as strong as these Void Sky Li flames.

Yet Lil’ Fire was able to consume Void Sky Li Fire!

While Zuo Mo had a feeling after hearing Pu Yao’s words, seeing this with his own eyes still gave him a fright. Goodness, it seemed that none of his sons were lacking!

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but feel proud.

Chief Elder’s gaze became one of disbelief. This balloon like thing was able to swallow Void Sky Li Fire?

Other people may not know the power of the Void Sky Li Fire, but how could he not? When he was able to summon the Void Sky Li Fire out of the depths of space, he spent great energy in the hopes that he could tame the Void Sky Li Fire for his own use.

The Void Sky Li Fire came from the deepest parts of the void and was one of the few shen fires in the universe.

Yet no matter how he tried, he could not tame the Void Sky Li Fire. The Void Sky Li Fire had many traits of the void, yet its fire was extremely fierce. He had tested it. No matter what he used, anything that touched even the tiniest bit of Void Sky Li Fire would be burned into ash and then into emptiness.

Chief Elder thought of all the different ways to tame it, but came up with no solution. He could only use it as a killing move.

So when he saw the round Lil’ Fire was able to consume thousands of wisps of Void Sky Li Fire, he was dumbstruck.

Because Lil’ Fire was too fat, and round, Chief Elder did not recognize what Lil’ Fire was. However, one thing was undoubtedly true, a beast that was able to swallow Void Sky Li Fire was definitely a rare beast!

As expected, Zuo Mo had countless trump cards!

Chief Elder’s gaze landed unconsciously on Zuo Mo. This youth that did not look very special became even harder to measure in his eyes.

Yet he had no time to think. Without the Void Sky Li Fire, Wei Sheng’s strike had now arrived in front of him.

Chief Elder’s study of shen glyphs had reached the peak. While something unexpected had occurred, he was still confident in blocking this attack.

The void on top of his head disappeared to become the thick cloud layer again.


Hiss-crack, the entire cloud layer seemed to be woken up. Countless silver snakes danced and the sky became a bright white.

The shen glyphs around the chief elder suddenly lit up.


A bolt of lightning the thickness of an arm came from the sky and accurately landed on Wei Sheng’s sword energy!


In a flash, dozens of bolts of lightning landed on Wei Sheng’s sword energy.

Wei Sheng’s sword energy was destroyed with a snap by the dozen bolts of lightning.

Chief Elder sighed in relief. The sword energy had been a hundred zhang away from him, but it was still extremely dangerous. Truthfully, he had not underestimated Wei Sheng which was why he had started off with Void Sky Li Fire, but he hadn’t expected the move to be defeated so easily.

While the lightning had blocked the sword energy, Chief Elder knew he had lost the initiative.

As expected, Wei Sheng’s second sword energy had already reached him.

A sword energy seemed exactly the same as the one before gave off a heart-shaking light hum. But this was clearly stronger than before, and the blood colored sword energy was even more tangible!

Chief Elder’s pupils suddenly contracted, and his gaze became serious.

There was a thin layer of darkness on the edges of the blood red sword. Those that were slightly careless would have a hard time finding it. However, Chief Elder knew the feeling of this thin layer of darkness too well!

The endless void!

Wei Sheng had manifested the endless void in his sword essence!

He was astounded.


The lightning in the clouds landed constantly on the sword energy. Yet these powerful lightning bolts disappeared without a trace when they touched the sword energy. The sword energy was unharmed.

That thin layer of darkness was like a bottomless hole. All of the lightning was sucked inside.

As expected

Chief Elder knew that his guess had been right. This youth shocked him. This was a strong person to reach such a level at such a young age!

Chief Elder was full of emotion. Mo Cloud Sea was so full of vitality that Kun Lun was probably the only one that could rival it.

He felt slight envy.

This thread of envy only swirled in his mind for a moment before disappearing to be replaced by great murderousness!

If these genius youths really grew their wings, it would be the end of Tian Huan. Only now, when these youths had not finished their transformation, killing them would guarantee Tian Huan’s future.

The chief elder did not feel any more affection for that youthful talent, only tangible killing intent!

He grew up in Tian Huan from childhood, and his love for Tian Huan was deep in his bones.

If only opportunities could come from sacrifice, if only the future could come from sacrifice, if only sacrifice could awaken Tian Huan’s resolve and fighting spirit, then use his blood!

For Tian Huan!

Chief Elder raised his head, his gaze becoming steel. Age seemed to be far from him in this moment. In this moment, he thought back to the years where he had been full of spirit, when he had been together with his fellow disciples, recalling the oaths that they had all sworn to each other, to protect Tian Huan … …

Those unfamiliar yet familiar faces were a distant memory now. He was the only one still living.

The oaths of the past seemed to ring in his ear.

In the wild wind, the emaciated chief elder straightened just like when he had been young.

Surging presence spread without restraint like water coming out of a dam.

He was like a burning ball of flame, so bright people could not look straight at him!

Inside the shen glyph, Chief Elder pointed towards the sword energy flying towards him.


Three slender bright rays of light reached out of the shen glyph and furiously grew in the direction of the sword energy. They wove around each other at a lightning fast speed!

Only Zuo Mo could see clearly the structure the three rays of light wove in the air was a certain script!

The three rays of light were too fast, and looked like one ray.


The ray of light accurately hit the sword energy. What astounded Zuo Mo even more was that the ray of light quickly wrapped around the sword energy like a vine. They wove in a profound pattern hard to describe.

The endless void that could consume all was securely restrained by those slender rays.

In a blink, the rays of light had bound the sword energy.


The sword energy and the rays around the sword energy exploded in unison.

Yet the snapped rays of light did not seem to be affected, and darted towards Wei Sheng!

Wei Sheng was dazzled. Chief Elder’s attacks almost didn’t have any patterns. He used all kinds of shen glyphs and seal scripts to their limits. He had mastery of them, and the variations were profound! Before this, he had never thought that seal scripts and shen glyphs could be used like this. If he was looking at the battle as a bystander, he probably couldn’t help but sigh in praise.

Yet he was fighting the other. If this was a person that had slightly weaker resolve, they probably could not avoid feeling fear at the chief elder’s unpredictable moves.

Wei Sheng didn’t feel any fear. His personality was strong, the greater the hardship, the stronger he became.

Taking a deep breath, he lowered his eyes slightly.

He hadn’t thought that he would use this move so soon … …

He knew that Chief Elder was stronger than him, and he had been prepared for the hardship of this battle. However, he still hadn’t thought that he would have to use his ultimate move so soon.

The God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand seemed to feel Wei Sheng’s fighting spirit and became even more restless.

The thick tang of blood spread from the sword. Wei Sheng’s surroundings seemed tinged by blood. The thick and terrifying color of blood spread outwards at a rapid speed.

In a blink, everyone seemed to be inside a bloody hell.

The sky was dyed by blood, the ground was lifeless, bone-aching killing essence was mixed in the wind that completely chilled the bones.

The peerless vicious sword that had existed for tens of thousands of years finally showed its glory!

Wei Sheng’s expression became grave, his bloody glass-like eyes without the ease and calm of before, but was a blood sea that was surging!

Snap snap snap!

The blood colored wave of air exploded outwards with Wei Sheng at the center. All the rays of light that came towards them snapped along their lengths.

Chief Elder’s expression didn’t even shift at such a scene.

When the vicious bloody wave of air came in front of him, he didn’t even move a finger. The wave of air suddenly crumbled and disappeared as though it hits the beach.

Chief Elder’s gaze was burning. He was burning shen power without any regard for the price. The shen glyph around his body was truly perfect for the first time!

A perfection that only existed in theory was actually able to be realized. An unprecedented feeling of strength filled his body!

Everyone in the world was within his grasp!

He could detect the strength of Wei Sheng, he was stronger than before. The presence given off by the blood sword was like the vast and vicious presence of an ancient wasteland beast. If it had been a moment before, he would be shocked, but now, he didn’t feel any surprise.

Because he was even stronger.

Not just the power of Wei Sheng’s blood sword, even if the three fought together, even if everyone else attacked together, he did not fear them.

The entire world was in his grasp!

Shen glyphs, that was the true path of heaven!

If the shen glyph was perfect, it could control a jie, it could form a jie, it was omnipotent, it was invincible!

What he had pursued for a lifetime had finally been realized by his own hands today. A feeling of joy came from the deaths of his heart. This perfect shen glyph had reached its tentacles into every corner of this jie. Every miniscule change in this jie appeared in his mind.

In this jie, he was the true master!

The legends said that the strongest of the ancient era could destroy the word, pick moon, and move stars.

At this moment, he finally stepped into that legendary level!

He could not restrain his laughter at the joy in his heart.

“Hahaha … …”

His laughter was not loud, yet it passed into every corner of this jie in a moment. The entire jie could hear it.

Zuo Mo and Ceng Lian’er’s expression changed at the same time.

The two had complete shen power inheritances. They knew what this was. Even among the ancients, there were not many that had reached this level.

The level of a god!

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