World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Nine – A Reason To Fight

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Nine – A Reason To Fight

“I’m the king of Mo Cloud Sea!”

“I’m the king of Mo Cloud Sea!”

Chief Elder did not hear the echoing voice.

Chief Elder was extremely excited. He had stepped into the level of a god, it was hard to describe the feeling of mastering everything in the world. This filled his mind.

But what drew his attention was not the joy at stepping into god-level but shen power! Because Chief Elder suddenly found that everything in the world was in his control, even the burning shen power inside his body was in his control

The mysteries that had been hard to comprehend were clear in his mind, countless rules of he world flowed through his mind. Many mysteries he had had been puzzled by were now clear.

A completely new level, a completely new vision.

His mind suddenly shifted and he once again reviewed his body.

Countless new sensations appeared in his mind. His mind moved and the shen glyph inside his body silently changed. The furiously burning shen power stabilized quickly.

Yes, stabilize!

Moments ago his shen power had been uncontrollably burning, it was now stable without any of the previous feeling of being out of control. As the shen glyph stabilized, his wounded body was repaired. At the same time, the impurities in his blood and flesh were quickly refined by his burning shen power. His blood, flesh, sinews were recombined again to form a strange shen glyph.

A glyph using his body!

An unprecedented feeling of strength filled every part of his body.

So this was how it was! So this was how it was!

If Chief Elder didn’t know what was going on now, then he wasn’t the Chief Elder! Great joy spread through his mind. He looked at the world that had completely changed, he cried in joy.

Who would have thought that the key to entering god-level was burning shen power!

He had searched for this crucial step for so many years. He had managed to stumble onto this after deciding to sacrifice himself. Only by burning shen power could he break through the restraints of power and step into god-level.

There had only been fragmented records of god-level. Most of them spoke about how powerful and strong those warriors were, but never anything tangible. Chief Elder didn’t know what god-level was like. As the only remaining top fighter from the era of ling power, the foundations he had accumulated were so deep that few could compare. He was only one step away from god-level.

Yet that step had seemed so far away.

Only when he truly stepped into god-level did he understand the great power of god-level and the feeling of everything in the world in his control.

In this brief while, all of the damage caused by burning his shen power had been repaired. His cultivation quickly stabilized. His body became even stronger. He only needed a bit more time and he would become even more powerful!

Because he knew how to have his shen power grow quickly.

God-level, this was a dividing line.

Only god-level experts could count as the top tier shen power experts!

No wonder Chief Elder cried in joy. He had already prepared himself for sacrifice. He hadn’t expected that he didn’t need to sacrifice himself, he had become the first god-level expert in ten thousand years.

Tian Huan!

Tian Huan was now the top power!

Entering god-level, his longevity would greatly increase and could be more than three thousand years.

He could protect Tian Huan for three thousand years!

For the present, shen power experts were the strongest strategic fighters. As long as he did not die, even Kun Lun would not dare to act against Tian Huan. A god-level expert could restrain and destroy a jie on their own! The difference between god-level and those below god-level was an abyss that was uncrossable. It could not be made up by sheer numbers.

Just he alone could slaughter this group from Mo Cloud Sea.


Even a person as serene as Chief Elder couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

Suddenly, Chief Elder made a surprise sound. His gaze moved from Wei Sheng to Zuo Mo, his pupils expanding.

Zuo Mo’s eyes were empty as though his soul was sucked away.

Not good!

Chief Elder’s expression changed slightly. A strong feeling of danger rose. Before he could react, his vision lit up.


A burning pillar of fire shot into the sky from where Zuo Mo stood. The entire sky seemed to light up, the thick black clouds in the sky igniting like cotton and were quickly burned away by the golden fire.

The black night was driven away, and a sun slowly rose.

Birdsong suddenly came from within the golden pillar of light. Nine three-footed golden crows flew around the pillar of fire.

Inside the pillar of fire, Zuo Mo’s clothing was torn, his body that seemed to be made from golden liquid floating in the pillar. That pair of empty eyes stared at Chief Elder.

Astounding fire exploded out of Zuo Mo’s body. All of the fire in this pillar of fire had come from Zuo Mo’s body.

Such a domineering flame!

Such powerful shen power!

Chief Elder’s expression changed. The pillar of fire seemed to be like a sun! If it went out of control, this jie would turn into a sea of fire no one would be able to escape!

But then Chief Elder’s expression recovered. He did not care if this jie existed or not.

His gaze held slight pity, it really was a pity that a genius like this was fated to die at his hands. Burning his shen power like this was clearly beyond the limits that Zuo Mo could tolerate. There would only be one result, burning into dust. They both burned their shen power, the reason that Chief Elder could enter god-level was because he had a foundation built over centuries. Zuo Mo had not accumulated enough, and burning like this would only lead to his death.

But standing out in a time of danger, as expected of the king of Mo Cloud Sea to have such a sense of responsibility.

Chief Elder admired Zuo Mo greatly. If Tian Huan had a disciple like this, he would definitely nurture the other.

Pity, he was not a disciple of Tian Huan … …

Chief Elder completely relaxed. Zuo Mo was fated to die. The greatest threat to Tian Huan was finally resolved. Having lost Zuo Mo, even if Mo Cloud Sea didn’t have to face Tian Huan, they would still end up collapse due to internal conflicts.

Chief Elder was filled with confidence in his strength.

A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.


“Young Master!”

A Gui stared at the flaming figure and her eyes could not move away.

She did not hesitate. Purple flames climbed onto the bone armor.

Silent purple fire gave off astounding presence.

The purple fire grew stronger, the presence even more terrifying. Her gaze was locked on to Zuo Mo, her expression calm, a faint smile on her mouth.

She was not panicking, she was not sad, she was not in pain, her eyes seemed to see through the world and were as still as water.

No matter what would happen today, she would follow Young Master.

Never abandoning!

Even if they died, dying together was still a kind of good fortune.

Snap snap snap!

The purple chains that represented the Undying Shen Punishment snapped from the middle.

The snapped purple chains burrowed out of A Gui’s body and wrapped onto the flame-covered purple armor like snakes.

The space around her was slowly being swallowed by the purple flames.

Endless darkness spread from that small figure restrained and covered in purple flames.

Grey and white slowly took over the eyes, but her gaze did not leave the figure within the flames.

I’m willing to descend into darkness and be chained, just to be with you.


Ceng Lian’er looked at the sky. Shock slowly disappeared from her face. The terrifying presence of the four people above almost suffocated her.

The Tian Huan disciples could not tolerate such presence and had almost all left the battlefield.

The presence was too strong, that presence that was like the world pressing down was suffocating.

But Ceng Lian’er and the other Mo Cloud Sea experts did not retreat.

Staring at Zuo Mo within the fire, Ceng Lian’er suddenly smiled. She said to herself, “Why am I still participating? This guy is about to die, in the future, there will no longer be any paired cultivation. This battle is worthless, there is really no reason … …”

Tilting her head and thinking for a while, Ceng Lian’er spoke again, “Oh, as a mo, it is the greatest embarrassment to flee the battle, mo will fight while betting their life. Alright, for the glory of the mo, this reason is pretty good … …”

“There’s no more paired cultivation, this old man should die, oh, this is also a good reason … …”

“Mo Cloud Sea’s people aren’t bad, that guy isn’t bad, this reason is also pretty good … …”

“Oh, so hard, fine, I’m too lazy to think, these reasons are enough!”

Ceng Lian’er raised her head, and straightened her body. Her dark red dress that was slightly damaged flapped without any wind. She was like the rose in winter. Even at such a dangerous time, her beauty that could turn the world upside down was unable to be dismissed.

Ceng Lian’er’s presence continued to rise!

A cool crescent moon appeared behind her back.


The crescent moon snapped into countless pieces that flew into Ceng Lian’er’s body.

Ceng Lian’er trembled violently. Her closed eyes and her fluttering long eyelashes showed she was enduring great pain at the moment.

Moments later, her body stopped trembling and she calmed.

A seductive smile appeared on the corner of her mouth like a winter rose blooming.

She opened her eyes, and two crescent moons flashed in them.


Zong Ru looked into the sky, his gaze like warm sunlight as he smiled softly.

That voice which had been determined and grave even in the thunder and wind still seemed to echo in his mind.

“Zong Ru wishes, forsaking the path to Buddhahood, to use this body as a vajra to protect Daren.”

A Buddha Abandonment Death Wish

With the body of a vajra, protecting Daren!

This sentence had been carved into his heart.

He could not watch as Daren sacrificed himself to protect him.

Protecting Daren was his duty.

Zong Ru reached out a thin hand.

Circles of sutra characters seemed to wrap onto his arm like bandages. Starting from his fingers, to his arm, to his shoulder, and then his entire body, one circle after another that unravelled and flew out.

With the Three Manifestation Treasure Staff in hand, Zong Ru’s expression was dignified as a great presence erupted.

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