World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Four – Tian Huan’s Charge

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Four – Tian Huan’s Charge

Wei Sheng seemed to feel something

Almost at the same time, the sound of battle sounded at the perimeter of the camp. Abyss Fiend Battalion was heavily guarded. They hadn’t just set up a great amount of jinzhi in the surroundings, everyone slept with their weapons in preparation of battle at any time. The patrols also passed by frequently.

Shi Pei’s expression was calm, and he still had an unaffected expression.

Once a battalion was prepared, it was not easy for the enemy to charge in easily, much less on a hardened battalion like the Abyss Fiend Jail Battalion.

Wei Sheng moved his gaze away and glanced at Shi Pei.

Shi Pei still seemed to be made of stone but he was still courteous towards Wei Sheng. “Mister Wei, do not worry, it is not so easy for the enemy to defeat our boys.”

Wei Sheng saw the other’s politeness. He nodded and said, “If you need me, just ask, no need to be polite.”

Usually, this was the case as long as not many of the enemy had come.

Shi Pei squeezed out a smile, “Alright!”

The two were both people not skilled in speech. After this exchange, the atmosphere cooled again. Wei Sheng closed his eyes and meditated. The God-Killing Blood Sword floated in front of him with a bloody aura.

Shi Pei’s attention moved back to the perimeter.

Soon, a warning came from the front.

Shi Pei was slightly surprised. Abyss Jail Battalion had guarded the worst jail, the Abyss Fiend Jail, they could be called a battalion of iron. Every member thought nothing of life and death, they were powerful. Zhong De had created this iron troop himself. Every soldier would unhesitatingly use their body to take an attack for Zhong De!

All of the army knew that Tian Huan’s target was Zhong De Daren.

The battalion’s morale did not need any urging. Everyone’s spirits burned.

They were fighting on home territory, they had enough time to set up defences, they had the advantage of the land. According to Shi Pei’s predictions, they should have been able to stop all of the enemy attacks.

He hadn’t thought that the front lines would not be able to stop the other’s attacks. It could be seen just how much pressure the front lines were under.

Surprised, Shi Pei immediately realized that the enemy’s experts were probably much stronger than they had predicted! The situation was more severe than they had imagined.


Mi Wu moved quickly, two ring masters following him closely to protect his flanks. The three of them charged towards the camp like a drill. Mi Wu felt as though there was a fire burning in his chest. His attacks were fiery, the shen glyph in his body constantly providing him with surging power. He seemed to have endless power that would never be used up.

The surroundings were full of enemies, but he felt no fear.

His body moved like lightning, the light in his hand like a sharp blade that flashed through the air. It had to be said that combat was the best teacher. Last time, he had just fought one round with Zuo Mo yet Mi Wu had learned a lot. He had gradually become experienced.


The shen equipment of the enemy flashed and blocked his attack. Yet Mi Wu seemed to have predicted it. Abyss Jail Battalion wore the shen equipment that Mo Cloud Sea had designed for them. Mo Cloud Sea’s shen equipment was not below Tian Huan’s level, and their defense was outstanding.

A succession of attacks came.

A silent light appeared behind the enemy’s neck.

The moment that the light shield of the shen equipment disappeared, that silent light sliced across the other’s neck.

A line of blood appeared on the enemy’s neck, and they froze.

Mi Wu smashed onto this person with his remaining momentum. Bam, the head and the body separated, the sprouting pillar of blood turning into bloody mist in the air. The headless corpse smashed towards the enemy charging at him like a sandbag.

Using the timing of this block, the shen glyph under Mi Wu’s feet lit up. Seven figures that were exactly the same appeared at the same time along with fourteen blade-like lights. Each figure striking at one of the seven new comers.

Yet he had not killed the seven people as he had predicted.

Only one person died, the other two had only been killed with the help of the two ring masters.

Abyss Jail Battalion was as the rumors said!

Mi Wu felt his heart tremble. His strength was multiple times that of these soldiers, but when he charged into the formation, he still felt a great force.

This strong repulsion and pressure was invisible just like air, but it was truly present. Those soldiers did not fear death as though they did not care for their lives. The rivers of blood could not affect them at all. The scar-covered faces were indifferent as they charged towards him. Even when they died, their expressions were aloof. Mi Wu felt chills up his spine.

He had seen elite forces before. The battalion under Mi Nan, the true leader of the Mi Family in this generation, was famed in the world, a top rank elite force. He had entered the camp many times, but they had never given him a feeling like this.

Mi Wu was not attacking at full power. His mission was to draw the attention of the enemy, control the expenditure of his shen power, and prepare to fight for along time.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw another small team of seven people charge over. He hurriedly turned and charged in another direction. After charging around for a while, Mi Wu had some experience. Once the enemy gathered more than five people, their offensive power would increase dramatically. The three of them could win, but it was easy for them to be delayed.

The trio was extremely quick and slippery. Even though there were enemies constantly around that would slow them, they were unable to catch the trio.

The jinzhi set up around the camp was simplistic in the eyes of Mi Wu and those who came from Tian Huan. They effortlessly avoided the traps and jinzhi, moving constantly and not giving the enemy a chance to surround them.

The rhythm of battle was astoundingly fast.

In just a hundred breaths, the trio had killed more than forty people. Choosing to attacking in chaos was perfect for Mi Wu, who had a calm mind and a quick reactions.

Yet at such a fast pace, even if Mi Wu had saved his strength, the expenditure of energy was still astounding.

The two ring masters around him were even more tired.

The charge of the trio was evident in their effect. They were like thin and eerie blade that danced through the enemy’s flesh and bone, searching for a lethal strike.

The enemy’s formation couldn’t help but ripple.


San Dong was much more magnificent than the calm Mi Wu.

He walked alone. Everywhere he passed, there were broken limbs and bodies, blood flowing in rivers.

His shen glyph was unusual in Tian Huan, but if Zuo Mo was here, he would find to his shock that Sang Dong’s shen glyph was similar to Mo Cloud Sea’s inscription art. There seemed to be a layer of blood over his surging shen power.

He was like a wild beast that charged unreasonably.

His eyes were completely red as he snarled. He seemed to have a tangible shadow of blood. He faced the enemy and then charged into the formation like a mad bull.

Bam bam bam!

Several figures flew out like sandbags, the lights dim. If they did not die, they were wounded.

The blood on the ground was absorbed into the bloody shadow on his body. In a blink, the bloody shadow became even denser.

Sang Dong gave a great howl, his voice even stronger than before!

Sang Dong’s [Blood Devouring Shen Glyph] was the shen glyph most suited to the battlefield. It could absorb blood and turn it into shen power. On the battlefield, he was a true killing machine. He fought in an unreasonable manner, not knowing exhaustion, as long as there was blood, he could continue to fight.

Unlike the other seats, Sang Dong was a battle maniac. It was rare to see him in the sect. What he liked the most was the battlefield.

Tian Huan didn’t have any major battles in these years, but his lively figure could be seen in the small battles at the borders.

If Li Xian Er was said to be Tian Huan’s most talented and theoretically the strongest disciple, then Sang Dong was the most terrifying and damaging person of the four seats.

Sang Dong’s powerful charges gave the Abyss Jail Battalion great pressure.

He was like a tireless bull that continued to charge at the enemy formation.

Even the rock-solid Abyss Jail Battalion started to show cracks.


Zuo Mo looked at the chaotic scene and sighed in relief.

If they had come moments later, then they would really be danger.

Abyss Jail Battalion was really a well-trained and determined battalion to not have crumbled in a situation like this. If it was any other battalion facing these experts from Tian Huan, they would have collapsed long ago.

When there were enough experts, unless the battalion also had experts, the one losing would be the battalion. Outstanding individual power allowed these people to charge back and forth in enemy ranks and kill at their leisure. They had the initiative during battle. The battalion could only react. If the enemy were few in number, then if the battalion had the advantage of numbers and did not care about sacrifices, they could tire the other into death. But if there were many experts, and the battalion lacked experts, then the battalion was dangerous.

That was the situation now.

Almost all of Tian Huan’s experts had come. An elite force like the Abyss Jail Battalion was suppressed to the point that they couldn’t even form a battle formation.

Zuo Mo was shocked as he watched. In the future, he had to send Lil’ Miss and Bie Han some experts. Otherwise, it would really be dangerous if they encountered a situation like this.

The advantage of a battalion was in fighting on a large scale. In a small-scale battle like this, they could not rival the shen power experts that were nimble and had strong attacks.

The tired Abyss Jail Battalion showed an opening.

Zuo Mo’s gaze suddenly contracted!

He saw an old person.

In such a chaotic battlefield, this person advanced like he was strolling. His speed was not fast, yet no one in the surroundings could stop him.

A small group of seven people charged at the old person and the light of the battle formation was dazzling.

The old person did not seem to move and the seven-man team turned into seven balls of fire in the light of the battle formation.

He slowly moved forward, not even looking as he stepped into a jinzhi.

Just as everyone thought that the jinzhi would active, the formation scripts of the jinzhi suddenly lit up. Then, the bright light spread in astounding speed in all directions.

Everywhere it passed, all of the active or secret jinzhi and seal scripts lit up!

Countless seal scripts floated on the ground of the camp!

All of the jinzhi were activated!

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