World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Five – Tian Huan Chief Elder

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Five – Tian Huan Chief Elder

Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly contracted.

An extremely brief pause occurred in the battle. Everyone was stunned by the sudden burst of light that swallowed the camp.


Countless balls of fire rose from the camp and shrouded the enormous camp in a sea of fire. Many soldiers were thrown into the air, caught off guard by the shockwave from the explosion. The entire battlefield was in chaos.

Zuo Mo inhaled sharply. He knew who the old man was.

The chief elder of Tian Huan!

Other than that almost mythically old man of Tian Huan that had peerless skill in seal formations, who else could cause all the jinzhi of an enemy camp to explode in one moment?

The chief elder’s move scared Zuo Mo. Xi Xuan was not skilled at seal formations, and the level of jinzhi set up around the camp was not high. However, how terrifying was the skill needed to ignite all the jinzhi at once!

As expected of the foremost shen glyph expert!

Even Zuo Mo admitted that he would not be able to do this.

The Abyss Jail Battalion was not skilled at jinzhi, and the ones they set up were not high level. As a result, there were not many fatalities. If this was Mo Cloud Sea, and the jinzhi of the camp were ignited … …

Zuo Mo shuddered!

The sea of fire caused by the explosion of jinzhi threw the Abyss Jail Battalion into complete chaos. The camp was a sea of fire.

Someone shouted angrily at the top of their lungs from inside the fire, “Protect Daren!”

Soon, shouts rose from every corner of the camp.

“Protect Daren!”

“Protect Daren!”

In the sea of flames, those hardy figures gave off slight light. Their shen equipment stopped the heat from the flames. They did not hesitate as they charged to the center of the camp.

As they sprinted, ran in the flames, their faces became covered in smoke, their hair started to burn, but there was no fear on their scarred faces. They formed ranks quickly. Even at this time, their training showed itself.

The soldiers that had been thrown about by the explosion climbed back up on their feet and did not hesitate to charge into the flames.

Everyone was moved by this scene. Abyss Jail Battalion was truly elite!

At this time, something suddenly happened.


Among the flames, a blinding bloody red pillar of light as straight as a sword shot into the sky. The pillar was a zhang thick and reached into the clouds. Even the flames could not disguise its light.

Sword essence!

Such strong sword essence!

Sang Dong stopped moving. He raised his face, and his bestial face couldn’t help but show some threads of fear.

The bloody red pillar of light was like a great sword with all of its edges. It seemed as though it was about to pierce through the sky. A powerful sword essence that caused everything to lose color!

Countless blinding sword energies roamed around the pillar of flight. Even the flames were cut into pieces by the terrifying sharp sword energies.

That person … …

Sang Dong had never thought that someone else would make him feel such a terrifying pressure in this world. He had only experienced pressure of this level from Chief Elder.

Inside the pillar of light, a figure holding a sword floated out.

Wei Sheng!

For the great majority of people, they had heard of this name a long time ago but never met him in person. Mo Cloud Sea’s Wei Sheng, one of the strongest people in the world, the strongest sword xiu outside of Kun Lun! He was a legend.

Only someone as strong as him would have such a presence!

Yet at this time, the members of Tian Huan did not have the time to savor this. They all changed expression. Every person had a feeling that Wei Sheng was looking at them.

Those that were slightly weak thought that they had been locked onto by a mountainous presence.

Only Sang Dong and the others knew that this was an illusory feeling caused by the pressure the other gave off. Yet their expressions were still ugly. This showed just how terrifying a level Wei Sheng’s strength reached!

Among the pillar of bloody light, Wei Sheng slowly lifted the God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand.

Almost instantly, the sharp red pillar of light started to gather towards Wei Sheng’s sword. It gave onlookers the feeling that the pillar of light was contracting and collapsing.

When the last bit of light was absorbed into the sword, the bloody sword seemed to glow a fiery red, and gave off eerie bright light.

So bright people could not look directly at it.

The strong killing essence that had been roaming through the air seemed to have been sucked into the sword in Wei Sheng’s hand. However, this did not lessen the pressure people felt. The eerie feeling of emptiness gave people a sense the next attack would be like a storm!

In the air, Wei Sheng suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes that were like bloody glass reflected the world.

His wrist shook lightly, and he made a strike.

A blinding bloody red sword energy suddenly lit up in people’s vision.

All the light in the world seemed to be stolen by this stroke.

The flames that were burning fiercely in the camp silently extinguished under this strike. The majority of the Abyss Jail Battalion that were standing in the flames had wide eyes. They were unable to react.

The target of Wei Sheng’s strike was Chief Elder.

Chief Elder raised his head, his expression as aloof as usual. He pointed a finger and drew in the air.

Bright rays of light that were as slender as spider-webs exploded from his fingertip. The packed rays of light grew like vines and expanded rapidly in all directions.

Shen glyph!

Zuo Mo’s pupils couldn’t help but contract again. What was growing from Chief Elder’s fingertip was a shen glyph!


What was this!

It was the first time Zuo Mo saw a person able to draw out a shen glyph in the air. Zuo Mo gaped. It was hard for him to even draw it out in his mind, much less in the air!

A shen glyph manifested in the air.

The moment the shen glyph took form, thunder roared, and black clouds formed as though it was the apocalypse.

The bloody red sword energy that Wei Sheng had created clashed with the shen glyph!

The shen glyph shook lightly with a hum!

Suddenly, light rose. The sword light penetrated the thick cloud layer above. The lightning that had been moving in the clouds seemed to find a way to vent. Dozens of bolts of lightning the thickness of arms struck Wei Sheng’s sword energy.

The sword energy that flashed with eerie energy struggled for a moment before shattering!

The shen glyph was still growing!

The vine-like rays of light continued to grow. They grew along Chief Elder’s body. Rays of light continued to grow into Chief Elder’s body. There wasn’t any hint of pain on Chief Elder’s face.

In a blink, Chief Elder was wrapped in layers by the shen glyph, his figure indistinct.

The thunder in the sky was even louder, thick lightning striking the shen glyph. However, those thin rays of light seemed to be able to consume lightning and didn’t change at all.

Wei Sheng changed expression. His strike just now had almost been at his peak power after gathering his power yet it could not do anything to the enemy.

So strong!

Wei Sheng looked closely at Chief Elder wrapped up in the shen glyph. He could feel the other’s gaze had landed on him.

Wei Sheng did not feel any fear, but felt as though his spirit was burning inside his body!

How fortunate to encounter such a powerful opponent!


Zuo Mo was also greatly shocked.

He had never thought that someone’s skill with shen glyphs could reach such a terrifying level. Eldest Shixiong’s last strike which he had accumulated power for was something he was already stunned by. Yet that astounding blow could not affect the enemy at all.

The difference between the two was immediately seen!

The time did not allow him to think further.

This battle today would determine Mo Cloud Sea’s fate!

Zuo Mo took a deep breath, his fighting spirit reaching a peak. He shouted angrily, “Kill!”

He led the charge towards Chief Elder, A Gui followed close behind. Everyone else flew downwards, each of them searching for an opponent. A battle of this level was not something they could participate in. The seats and ring masters on the ground were their targets.

The battle immediately became a deadlock.

This was the largest battle of experts since the Sky-Splitting Calamity!

On this small battlefield were almost all the experts of Tian Huan and Mo Cloud Sea. The Abyss Jail Battalion were being squeezed out of this battle. Their strength was not effective in a battle of this level. The reverberations of every collision between these experts were unendurable for cultivators of their level.

It had nothing to do with resolve.

The density of experts in this little camp reached an astounding level. The battle was fierce, waves of air that were as hard as steel raking the ground repeatedly like a plough. Any large rocks were shattered and then pulverized to dust.

The constant explosions did not stop.

There was only one place in the entire camp that was so silent there was no sound.

The center of the camp!

In the sky above the camp, three figures formed a triangle that surrounded the chief elder wrapped up in the shen glyph.

The four people faced off like this without a word.

Zuo Mo’s shen power rippled. The shen equipment he worse could not tolerate sun shen power of this intensity. It turned into a drops of fire and fell from Zuo Mo’s body. Zuo Mo’s upper body was bare to the air. There seemed to be a layer of golden liquid over his body. His dark gold muscles were clearly defined and filled with strength. Dark gold sun glyphs floated up in his eyes. He seemed magnificent and indifferent.

The chain mark on A Gui’s forehead gave off faint light. The purple energy in her eyes were so dense it was almost tangible. There was a faint layer of purple flames over the grey crystal-like [Undying Ghost] wrapped around her body. The flames burned silently. She seemed to be hidden in deep darkness. She was floating there, but one was unable to lock onto her actual location.

Wei Sheng still stood just like before. The God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand was like beast with its great maw open as it panted.

Breath, hiss, breath, hiss … …

The strange breathing carried soul-shaking power.

Only Wei Sheng could clearly feel the blood sword in his hand had become excited. It was clear that the enemy in front of him made it feel interested.

A powerful bloodthirsty impulse rose from the depths of his mind and attacked Wei Sheng’s mind.

Wei Sheng’s mind did not show any weakness. His hand tightly gripped the excited and restless God-Killing Blood sword.

The great vicious sword in his hand could not affect his mind at all.

His gaze was tightly locked onto Chief Elder shrouded in the impenetrable shen glyph.

Translator Ramblings: The God-Killing Blood Sword is like a person with a cold. Just breathing loudly since there’s congestion.