World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixty Two – Base Shen Power

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixty Two – Base Shen Power

“In terms of accumulated wealth, the Yin Tomb Guards could not compete with the other factions, but when it came to death energy and nether materials none were greater than the Yin Tomb Guards.” Hei Wu’s dark voice was filled with temptation.

“Elder … …” Lan Bing couldn’t help but call. At this time, an extremely dark and cold presence rolled over her and she found to her shock that she was unable to speak.

Zuo Mo did not pay attention to Lan Bing. He did not care who he did business with. What he cared about was healing his body as quickly as possible and awakening everyone.

The death energy pools were very attractive to Zuo Mo.

“Fifty high quality pieces of Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood,” Zuo Mo did not hesitate and said directly, “Tomb Ghost Bone Crystal, Rotten Life Wood, Yellow Springs Lotus, they all work but they have to be of similarly high level.”

The black-robed zombie said, “Alright!”

Lan Bing had an expression of anger. Her eyes were wide and her face flushed red as she stared at Zuo Mo but she could not make a sound.

Zuo Mo did not spare her any attention. He had no relationship to the Northern Plains Ice Mansion, the two were just doing business. Zuo Mo did not care who he did business with. What he cared about was repairing his body. In comparison, Zhu Nan Yue was much calmer. Her dispiritedness had been swept away and she recovered her calm.

This girl was pretty good!

A bit like Tang Fei!

Tang Fei was also a person that did not admit defeat like this!

When he thought of this, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but wander into his thoughts. He wondered how Mo Cloud Sea was. The Nether Realm was closed down tightly and there was not much information on the outside world.

Suddenly, Gu Wu Shuang asked, “Is Grandmaster willing to sell this chariot?”

Zuo Mo shook his head. “Apologies, not for sale.”

It did not take much effort to forge this chariot, but he did not want any of the shen formations on the chariot to leak out.

Gu Wu Shuang laughed. It was the first time Zuo Mo saw a skeleton laughing eerily in front of him.

Zuo Mo did not want to waste time. “Since the negotiation has concluded, let’s go.”

He then said to Old Man Wu. “Have everyone prepare.”

Old Man Wu seemed to wake up from a dream and hurriedly nodded. “Yes!” He went to organize the group as he lamented inside, the world changed too quickly! Just now, they had been fighting to the death to the Yin Tomb Guards and now they were working together.

Lan Bing opened her mouth and was about to speak when Zhu Nan Yue pulled her and indicated for her not to. In front of absolute power, speech was never as effective as fists. Unless the Nether Lord arrived with a group of experts at this time, anything said was meaningless.

The black-robed zombie admired Zuo Mo’s briskness. He said expressionlessly, “Good.”

“Boss, should we kill them?” Bu Ru Mia’s voice came from behind the thick cloth wrappings in an unusually muffled manner.

Zhu Nan Yue’s eyes widened. She did not fall back. She gripped the large black in her hand like a panther about to pounce. Lan Bing also displayed great fighting spirit.

The black-robed zombie said woodenly, “Let’s go!”

Then the group was covered in smoke.

When the smoke cleared, the Yin Tomb Guards and Zuo Mo’s group had disappeared.

Zuo Mo opened his eyes. He finally had absorbed all of the Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood he had. His body had been repaired to the eleventh level, and was almost one-third recovered. Zuo Mo was content was this level of progress.

Rising, he looked at the dark sky outside.

The sun would never appear in the sky above the Ten Thousand Tombs of the Netherworld. This place was filled with death energy and there was not one hint of green to be seen. There were bleached bones everywhere, the rivers were as black as ink. There were countless tombs which covered every visible mountain.

Qing Xiao did not like this place. He liked places that were sunny and bright. The Wu Clan members did not like this place. The nether energy here was filled with the flavor of death.

Zuo Mo liked this place a lot because he found that the death energy here was very useful to Wei Sheng and the others.

He walked out of the room.

Qing Xiao was teaching the Wu Clan members how to cultivate. The Yin Tomb Guards were very polite towards them and fulfilled all their needs. The Yin Tomb Guards, on average, had better temperments than Tuoba Yu and this made everyone feel much better.

Zuo Mo did not disturb Qing Xiao. He walked towards the neighbouring yard along the corridor. In the yard, five little pools roiled with grey mist. These were the death energy pools.

The five coffins were laid out in the death energy pool. It was possible to see grey mist burrow into the coffins at a visible rate.

These five coffins were not ordinary. Zuo Mo had made them of a wondrous tree that grew in the eye of shen spring he had stumbled upon in the endless void. Zuo Mo had never seen something with so much vitality. When he saw it, he immediately decided to turn it into coffins. The benefits of everyone being nourished by such strong vitality did not need to be stated.

But in the process of making the coffins, Zuo Mo encountered great difficulties. This tree was unusually hard and it was also difficult to cut. Another unexpected quality was that its regeneration ability was unimaginable. All the wounds on the tree trunk would heal in almost an instant. While cutting the tree and before he managed to withdraw his blade, a flying sword forged from flowing gold sand had been sucked in by the tree.

Zuo Mo tried all kinds of methods. In the end, he used flame knives formed from sun shen fire to slowly carve away. The process had been as slow as a snail.

To make these five coffins, Zuo Mo had spent a whole year.

With Zuo Mo’s present skill, he wouldn’t need one year to even forge a shen device. The strength of the wood could be seen from this. The shen tree had vitality so thick it almost crystallized. Through the shen formations, it constantly nourished the bodies of Eldest Shixiong, A Gui and the others.

Everyone’s recovery relied on the shen wood coffins.

When Zuo Mo heard the Yin Tomb Ghost Lord speak of the death energy pools, his attention was attracted. The Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood had given him inspiration. The vitality formed from thick death energy was pure.

The Yin Tomb Ghost Lord and the others knew Zuo Mo’s thoughts so they specifically arranged for a yard with death energy pools.

There were tens of thousands of years of tombs accumulated under the Ten Thousand Tombs of the Underworld. The legends said that this place had been an enormous mass grave in the ancient era. The layers of tombs caused the death energy in the ground to be so abundant.

Some of the death energy would erupt from the ground and formed earth energy pools.

For mo like those that forged corpses, the death energy pools were the best places. They could endlessly absorb death energy and turn it into shen power.

The shen power that the Yin Tomb Guards cultivated were unlike the others factions. Their shen power was filled with great amounts of nether shen power and was astoundingly destructive.

Zuo Mo had originally wanted to see if he could create vitality out of death energy. The Nether Decay Reincarnation Lotus that Zuo Mo had used on A Gui had been like that. Yet what he hadn’t expected was that the shen wood coffins could directly absorb death energy.

Thesis astonished Zuo Mo.

The shen wood coffins constantly absorbed death energy. After the death energy was absorbed, it would merge with the vitality of the shen wood and form a strange new power.

The merging of life and death naturally matched yet was so unpredictable.

Zuo Mo continued to study and quickly found that the power that had formed was slightly like shen power but it did not have clear leanings of any attribute. Zuo Mo called it base shen power.

It was the first time Zuo Mo encountered shen power that did not have a type. Usually, shen power that was cultivated would have a type. For example, the sun shen power he cultivated was the classic fire type shen power.

The base shen power did not have any type but it was easily absorbed. Even though Eldest Shixiong and the others had almost no ability left in their bodies, the base shen power could easily meld into their bodies.

When the base shen power melded into the bodies of Eldest Shixiong and the others, it was of great help to their recovery.

Zuo Mo was joyfully surprised by this accidental discovery.

Even the dark and cloudy Ten Thousand Tombs of the Netherworld became much better in his eyes. His body was gradually recovering. As long as there were enough Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood, he could quickly repair his body. Once recovered, restoring his shen power was just a matter of time.

But Zuo Mo could not resolve the problem afflicting Eldest Shixiong and the others from the root.

He only saw hope when he saw the perfect merging of the death energy pool and the shen wood coffin which lead to the wondrous effects of the base shen power.

After persisting for ten years, Zuo Mo’s excitement could be imagined when he saw the light of hope.

Everyone, wake up as soon as possible!

Zuo Mo silently thought as he carefully inspected every person and then the surrounding jinzhi before he left.

He could not delay the issue of shen devices any longer.

Even Zuo Mo felt that the Yin Tomb Ghost Lord had been very good to them. At least, he had enough patience. From this, it could be seen that the Yin Tomb Ghost Lord had unusual breadth of mind.

Unlike the harmony inside the yard, the outside of the yard was heavily guarded. There was a station every five paces and a scout every ten. There were troops patrolling everywhere. Someone who was ignorant would think that this was a military base.

When Zuo Mo walked out of the yard, the guard outside immediately came over. “Grandmaster!”

Zuo Mo said politely, “Take me to see the Ghost Lord.”

The guard hurriedly said, “Yes!”

Soon, a carriage pulled by four Nightmare Fire Bone Horses appeared in front of Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo did not refuse and made his way onto the carriage.

In the yard.

Old Man Wu said urgently to Qing Xiao, “It is okay for Daren to go out alone?”

Qing Xiao glanced at Old Man Wu and smiled. “What is wrong?”

“Safety!” Old Man Wu had an expression of urgency.

Qing Xiao patted Old Man Wu. “Do you think that Big Brother doesn’t have the ability to protect himself?”

Old Man Wu stilled.

Qing Xiao waved his hand. “Do not worry for Big Brother. Someone that can defeat Big Brother, ha! Hasn’t been born yet!” His confidence was clear from his tone.

Old Man Wu still had a doubtful expression but he accepted this. If Qing Xiao was not usually reliable, he would have cursed back in response.

Qing Xiao scratched his head and said to himself, “Big Brother says that my teaching is not effective, where is it not effective?”

Old Man Wu was drawn out of his thoughts, attacked by Qing Xiao’s words. “Daren says that A Xiao’s teachings are not effective? No! The clan members have improved so much, it is all A Xiao’s work!”

Old Man Wu’s words were not flattery. Even the Wu Clan members and the servants nodded in agreement. They knew just how great their improvement in this span of time had been.

“You do not understand,” Qing Xiao said without even raising his head. “If Big Brother says that it is not effective, then it is not effective.”

“It probably is that these people do not have enough comprehension abilities, and Daren is not satisfied. .. …” Old Man Wu said.

Qing Xiao’s eyes lit up. “Comprehension! Yes! Since I don’t know how to teach, then you can comprehend on your own! Haha! Just like me!”

Old Man Wu thought that Qing Xiao was going give up on them and was going to speak to stop him.

Qing Xiao turned around with a humorous expression. “Starting from today, anyone that escapes from my hands is qualified! Come, all of you together!”

Everyone gaped.

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