World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixty One Yin Tomb Ghost Lord

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixty One Yin Tomb Ghost Lord

This shen equipment was a faded grey and nondescript.

Yet when she held it, Zhu Nan Yue could not keep her calm. Her eyes widened and she said in disbelief, “This shen equipment is another system!”

The two shen equipment were of completely different styles and systems.

Any forger who was able to forge in two completely different styles of shen equipment would have great skill.

“Not just so. I saw those Wu Clan members cultivating. This shen equipment was designed for them.” Lan Bing’s expression was excited. “If a forger like this will work for the Northern Plains Ice Mansion, who can stop us?”

Zhu Nan Yue’s beautiful pupils suddenly lit up like an layer of icy flame. Lan Bing’s words struck at her heart. The difference between the four Nether Lords was very slim. If they could get such a grandmaster forger, than Northern Plains Ice Mansion would immediately leap ahead of the others.

Suddenly, faint rumbling sounded in the sky as though thunder was roiling in the thick clouds.

“Daren! Elder’s chariot charged into the clouds!” the subordinate urgently said.

The two paused and couldn’t resist but raise their heads to look at the thick clouds.

“Not good!” Zhu Nan Yue’s expression changed slightly. The thick clouds were a good spot for an ambush. Hai Xin Bing had sent her just to guard against the retribution of the Yin Tomb Guards.

At this time, the sound of the thunder suddenly rose abruptly.

Zhu Nan Yue, Lan Bing and the others saw a soul-shaking sight.

The thick and endless clouds seemed to suddenly boil. Silver lightning of various sizes streaked through the clouds. The tiny bots of lightning gathered and formed into thick bolts of lightning, and the thick bolts of lightning formed into even brighter lightning.

The wild presence of the lightning and thunder could be clearly felt even from the ground.

That was a power that was able to tear and destroy everything!

Suddenly, the lightning in the cloud suddenly started to contract back towards the center of the clouds. There seemed to be something within the clouds that was absorbing this lightning.

In reality, when Zuo Mo saw such thick clouds, he was unable to stop himself. The thicker the clouds, the more lightning energy it held.

Even Zuo Mo felt such thick clouds were rare. This was a good chance to replenished his body and Zuo Mo naturally would not pass it by. He did not hesitate to drive the sun chariot into the cloud layer.

The shen formations on the chariot suddenly lit up.

Zuo Mo seemed to have thrown a spark into dry tinder, and the abundant lightning energy was ignited.

Lightning of astounding numbers were created in the clouds.

Boom boom boom!

The sound of the thunder echoed in the clouds.

Zuo Mo only saw countless silver snakes fly towards him from all directions to crash onto the chariot. The abundant lightning energy was turned by the shen formations into shen power, and the shen power flowed into his body and the five coffins.

Zuo Mo immediately sat down with his legs crossed. He focused on guiding the shen power into his body. Once the shen power entered Zuo Mo’s body, it was like water draining into dry sand. The shen power sank into his parched flesh and blood.

As Zuo Mo breathed, the brimming shen power in the shen formations was almost immediately sucked dry. The absorption force of the shen formation increased greatly. Even lightning in the distance was attracted.

The thick lightning bolts hit the chariot like sharp and blinding silver swords.

The chariot was surrounded by an astounding amount of lightning and appeared like a silver hedgehog.

With the chariot as the center, the black clouds were collapsing at an astounding rate.

Plat plat!

Bean-sized droplets of rain smashed down from the sky. The world was immediately filled with moisture and mist. Zhu Nan Yue and Lan Bing gaped as they watched the clouds recede like an avalanche from the sky.

And that chariot that flashed with lightning like a hedgehog!

Zuo Mo hadn’t expected to make such a big disturbance this time. The shen power that came from the shen formations were more than usual. Soon, all of the clouds turned into rain. When the last bit of lightning energy was sucked into the chariot, the sky was as clear and the sunlight was bright.

Zuo Mo’s mind suddenly shifted. He turned and looked into the distance. There was someone peeking in from far away! This person was very far away. Zuo Mo could not see their figure but could feel their existence.

He moved his gaze away and controlled the chariot to fly towards the ground.

When the chariot that was shrouded in lightning landed on the ground, the lightning was completely absorbed and the illusion on the chariot broke showing its original appearance.


Inhaled sounded.

Lan Bing gaped at this grand chariot. She was Hai Xin Bing’s right and left hand. She had seen luxury in food and dress from childhood but never seen such a grand chariot before!

Oh, grandness was not enough to describe this chariot. The layers of scripts, like seal scripts and mo matrices. She didn’t recognize any of them. But that was not important. These complex patterns were filled with beauty. She didn’t know what the chariot was made from. There wasn’t any mark of the crafting process on the chariot. The golden flames were domineering and masculine as they flew with the wheels.

Lan Bing did not recognize seal formations or did not know forging methods, but she recognized the gems.

The chariot was inlaid all over with jewels. Those clear and flawless gems flashed with enchanting ripples. If she took these gems, they were enough to buy a jie!

Zhu Nan Yue was also shocked. However, it was not due to the grandness of the chariot, but the strong vibrations it gave off. The lightning had shattered Zuo Mo’s disguise on the chariot and showed its true appearance.

A domineering and heated presence like that of fire which one could not look directly at.

Lan Bing and Zhu Nan Yue were silent.

Lan Bing found that the situation was not as simple as she had imagined. In her transaction with Zuo Mo, she had this feeling that Zuo Mo was very poor. If she gave a good price, it was almost certain to succeed. Yet when this chariot showed its true appearance, she found that she was wrong, and terribly wrong.

The other was not poor. It was the opposite. He was overflowing with wealth!

The value of this chariot alone was hard to estimate.

She suddenly had no confidence in recruiting this white-haired elder.

Zhu Nan Yue’s expression was slightly ugly. She said in a low voice, “We did not bring enough people.”

“Ah!” Lan Bing stilled but then she understood Zhu Nan Yue’s meaning. Her expression changed dramatically, “You mean … …”

“He can forge shen devices!” Zhu Nan Yue’s tone was certain.

Lan Bing’s expression changed again and again. She had been doubting all this time if the white-haired elder could forge a shen device or not. She had decided that their previous welcome had been enough to show the importance they placed on this. Yet when she found that the white-haired elder had the ability to forge shen devices, their escort was too small.

“Then what to do now?” Lan Bing hurriedly asked.

“Ask for help!” Zhu Nan Yue said.

Far away from Zuo Mo’s group, several figures appeared. The one at the front was dressed in black robes. His face was stiff like that of a zombie.

“Such profit. We did not waste our effort,” a person covered in yin energy spoke. His voice was dark and malicious which caused people to feel a cold wave up their backs.

“As expected, this person can forge shen devices.” A completely white skeleton suddenly spoke, the two balls of ghost fire flickering in the two empty eye-sockets.

The black-robed zombie said woodenly, “Let’s go!”

The six figures disappeared in the air like smoke.

“En.” Inside the chariot, Zuo Mo felt something and raised his head.

Almost at the same time, Zhu Nan Yue’s shout came from outside. “Enemy attack! Formations!”

They came so quickly!

Zuo Mo was startled. He had just felt someone observing from far away and hadn’t expected them to come so quickly and so openly. This meant that the arrivals had absolute confidence in their strength.

He stepped out of the chariot and coincidentally saw six figures slowly appear out of mist.

Qing Xiao stood with a wary expression next to Zuo Mo. His expression was solemn. He could feel the incomers were of great power. People like Tuoba Yu could not compare to this.

When Zhu Nan Yue saw these six figures, her pupils suddenly contracted, “Yin Tomb Ghost Lords!”

Hearing these four words, Lan Bing’s face turned white and the guards in their formation shifted.

“Little Child has good eyes,” the black-robed zombie slowly spoke. His voice was dry and dissonant like two plants of wood rubbing together.

Zhu Nan Yue’s gaze moved around and her heart continued to sink.

That completely snowy-white skeleton was Gu Wu Shuang, one of the most famed experts of the Yin Tomb Guards. That figure completely covered in black smoke was called Hei Wu and of unfathomable power. That person covered completely in cloth and gave off great death energy which caused Zhu Nan Yue to feel waves of nausea should be Bu Ru Mian.

The one completely green was Si Du. The one dressed in red and wore a cloak and silk veil was Mo Ru.

All five Yin Tomb Ghosts were present!

The Yin Tomb Five Ghosts were the five strongest members of the Yin Tomb Guards. Each of them could rival Zhu Nan Yue. The Northern Plains Ice Mansion had had friction with the Yin Tomb Guards frequently in the past but they had never had a conflict of this level.

Zuo Mo was also surprised as well. The Yin Tomb Guards were much stronger than he had expected. These six people were stronger than even his group back in the day.

Each of these six were not weaker than Qing Xiao. Zuo Mo could feel that black-robed zombie was not far from reaching god-level.

Zuo Mo did not worry about his own safety but only worried about the five coffins on the chariot being disturbed.

Zhu Nan Yue was shocked but she forced herself to remain calm on the surface. She said gravely, “Ghost Lord, why are you blocking my path? This one, under the orders of the mansion lord, is protecting an honored guest of the Northern Plains Ice Mansion … …”

The black-robed zombie ignored her. His gaze swept across the group and then landed on Zuo Mo. He bowed slightly, “I apologize to Grandmaster on behalf of Tuoba Yu and the others.”

Zuo Mo glanced at the other and said, “Just a minor matter, you are too polite!”

“I head that Sir has been searching for the Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood.” The black-robed zombie’s voice was still as dissonant and displeasing to hear. “These five pieces of Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood represent our sincere apology. Also, I want to request Grandmaster to forge shen devices for us. Our offer will not be any lower than the Northern Plains Ice Mansion.”

Zhu Nan Yue and Lan Bing’s faces were bloodless.

“I hear that Grandmaster is also interested in corpse-forging. The death energy pools of our Yin Tomb Guards are the best.” When Hei Wu opened his mouth, the temperature of the surroundings dropped greatly and became filled with yin energy.

“Death energy pool!” Zuo Mo’s heart jumped.

Translator Notes: Gu (古) is also a homonym for bone (骨) So Gu Wu Shuang古无双 may mean “peerless bones.” Wu(雾) is a homonym for the wu in Hei Wu黑吾. Hei Wu can also mean “black fog/mist.” Bu (布) means cloth but is also a homonym for bu(不) meaning no. Bu Ru Mian could mean “wouldn’t it be better to sleep.” Si Du 司独 is also a homonym for 死毒 or death poison. Mo Ru 墨如 is also a homonym for 没入 which can mean to sink into something (ie. Death).

Editor’s note: Zuo Mo, you can’t put up with this image infringement! You and your group are the only halloween monsters allowed!

Translator Ramblings: Fang Xiang just spent all of his naming ability in this chapter.