World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight – Counterattack

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight – Counterattack

The grey mist started to spread.

Two shadows silently approached the people lying on the ground with a chilling smugness on their faces. This plan had been carefully executed. They had targeted the death energy pools after discovering that the forging grandmaster was interested in the death energy pools. They thought of the Sea of Ten Thousand Boiling Pools and speculated that the forging grandmaster would definitely go into the Death Eye.

“So successful,” a male voice sounded near Zuo Mo.

“Ha, our luck is very good this time. This person’s expert guard is not with him today. Otherwise, we will have to put more effort.” This time, the one that spoke was a female.

“That will not take much effort,” the male said unconcernedly. “The rumors are always exaggerated. How powerful can a little child be?”

“Let’s carefully abduct this forging guy, careful, this person is very precious. Do not hurt him. Kill the others,” the female said easily.

“A Leng will probably take a while. That disgusting Bu Ru Mian is still strong. It will not be easy for A Leng to win. Pity that we cannot watch such a spectacular battle,” the male said with regret.

“Stop chatting and work!” the female said impatiently. She bent down and prepared to pick up Zuo Mo.

Just as her hand was about to touch Zuo Mo, she had a feeling of danger. Her expression changed dramatically and she moved back!

A bloody sword light suddenly lit up from under Zuo Mo’s arm!

A bloodthirsty and savage sword essence shot out like a hiding vicious beast. The blood light charged straight at her face.

The female felt as though her head was compressed by the pressure. There seemed to be a sea of blood in front of her. Bloody shadows flew out of the bloody sea. These bloody shadows started to twist, viciously and savagely.

Not good!

The female knew the danger. She suddenly spewed out grey mist. The grey mist looked soft but it managed to stop this bloody sword energy!

The female felt regret as she retreated.

She had been too careless! How could a forging grandmaster not have a treasure up his sleeve!

The dying throes of a forging grandmaster was as powerful as expected!

That grey mist was the Ten Thousand Sand Mist that she had expended great effort to gather and forge. They looked soft and weak, but it was actually made from hundreds of specks of Thousand Nether Sand that looked miniscule but were extremely heavy.

This was her life-saving treasure. She never used this unless it was a matter of life and death.

One hundred and eight beads of Thousand Nether Sand. It had taken her countless amounts of shen power and repeated refining to form this [Nether Sand Breath Mist].

To stop this vicious sword blow at this dangerous moment.

Suddenly, a ray of white light shot through the grey mist.

The grey mist immediately rippled and changed. Shen glyphs flickered in and out of view of the grey mist. The female was almost stunned by the following scene. The lights flashed with grey, red, purple, blue light and other colors like a rainbows as they shot through the grey mist.

The shen glyph light in the grey mist fluctuated and rippled like something had passed through it. The shen glyph became extremely unstable. When the tenth ray of light shot through the grey mist, the shen glyph within the grey mist was unable withstand it and shattered.

The female’s body shook as though she was struck by lightning.

The [Nether Sand Breath Mist] was defeated!

But at this time, she did not have time to grieve. Now free of the grey mist, the blood colored sword essence headed towards her like a wave of blood!

The sound of wails and cries filled her eyes!

The female knew it was time to fight for her life. She gathered her shen power and prepared to counterattack before her death.

However, this sword light was stronger than she had imagined. Countless figures formed and dissipated in front of her. She found to her shock that she was unable to move.

She was experience in combat. All of her shen power exploded. The pressure eased and the bloody shadows immediately disappeared.

She straightened her arms and covered her face.


The sword light flashed through her wrists. Her wrists broke and her two hands flew into the sky.

The female showed a hint of pain, but viciousness flashed through her eyes. Her hands that were in the air suddenly scattered into a handful of sand

The black sand turned into sand arrows that shot towards Zuo Mo on the ground.

Shen glyphs could be seen within every sand arrow.

Her body quickly turned into a puddle of black flowing sand at a visible rate. Her eyes stared hatefully at Zuo Mo.

Snap snap snap!

A small and exquisite shield of light appeared in front of Zuo Mo. The transparent light shield was filled with exquisite and packed shen glyphs. The shield of light was unexpectedly hard. When the black sand arrows hit it, it was like rain hitting banana leaves. Ripples formed on the surface of the light shield.

Sunlight’s body appeared by Zuo Mo’s shoulder.

Tenth Grade howled, his body spinning, and the crescent blade drew out two spinning lights of blood.

The flowing sand on the ground was like water. It started to sink into the soil at a visible rate.

Zuo Mo opened his eyes. Where was signs of his affliction?

Seeing the other intending to flee, Zuo Mo’s expression was cold. He pressed his hand down. The surrounding death energy flowed faster into the ground and the ground became as hard as metal.

Zuo Mo did not have any shen power in his body. He could not fight against the other, but with his god-level cultivation, he could easily make escape difficult for the other.

Tenth Grade flew into the sky had reached his peak state.

His murderous little face became unusually dignified. His eyes suddenly glared as his arms came down towards the sand on the ground. He shouted, “Kill!”

The crescent blade that spun around him suddenly disappeared.


A clear metallic ringing sound occurred in the air.

The flowing sand on the ground seemed to detect danger. It suddenly flew out of the ground and went to engulf Zuo Mo like a net!

The crescent blade struck into the flowing sand. The sand shield stilled in the air and was pinned to the ground.

The bloody shadow that trailed behind the crescent blade smashed onto the flowing sand without any finesse!

An extremely harsh scream!

The flowing sand suddenly lit aflame. The figure of the female appeared into the flames. She twisted her body in pain, screams coming out. Gradually, the screams gradually weakened. The body of the female gradually faded until it disappeared.

The female’s figure disappeared. The black flowing sand was dim as they floated around Zuo Mo.

The Ghost Mist Child silently came out of Zuo Mo’s ring. He turned into threads of mist. Hiding within the grey mist, he slowly flowed and crept towards the enemy.

While the two enemies spoke, he sneaked up behind the male.

After being together with Little Mo Ge for so long, even the ferocious and domineering mist giant showed signs of corruption.

The moment Tenth Grade moved, he also unhesitatingly struck.

The mist energy suddenly wrapped around the enemy like chains. At the same time, the mist giant shouted, “Mist!”

The mist suddenly tightened around the male. At the same time, mist erupted out of the Mist Eye Tablet like a dam that was opened. The mist swallowed the male.

The moment the mist tightened, the male detected danger. He shouted. A grey glyph lit up on his right hand. His body suddenly expanded, his skin visibly hardening and turning into grey scales. His body, muscles, and bones continued to move and change.

As his body continued to change, his presence increased in power.

The white mist around him was repelled by an unseen force.

Suddenly, the scream of a female sounded. His body shook but then his presence erupted.

His body was more than a zhang tall, his entire body covered in grey scales. There were packed shen glyphs on every scale. Sharp bone spikes grew out of his hands and feet. His eyes became yellow snake-like pupils, cold and emotionless.

His presence became five times stronger.

Zuo Mo was curious. It was the first time he saw a shen methodology like this. He was not surprised that mo would use shen power to refine their body. However, the transformation still caused Zuo Mo’s eyes to light up.

Zuo Mo’s eyes darted up and down as he studied the other’s body like he was watching a beautiful female.

Such an unique cultivation method!

Such unique shen glyphs!

Under Zuo Mo’s god-level gaze, everything was seen. However, Zuo Mo was still filled with surprise. This world never lacked for intelligent people.

Someone was able to create such an unique shen glyph and unique cultivation method.

The mist giant’s fight with the other was intense.

The mist giant’s roars boomed. Among the flooding mist, its enormous body was like a mountain. While the enemy was only one zhang tall, his presence was a match for the mist giant. He was wrapped in terrifying presence, and his cold eyes stared unyieldingly as he faced the attacks of the mist giant.

The two’s fighting was completely physical, a contest of strength.

The enormous axe of the mist giant was ferocious as though it was cleaving the world open.

The male that had transformed was like a prehistoric mo beast. Its body was stronger than steel. The shen glyph on his scales occasionally flashed, and the power in his movements could upturn mountains.

Boom boom boom!

The sounds echoed in the mist sea. With every collision of savage power, countless ripples spread into the surroundings with every collision.

Zuo Mo quickly found that the mist giant was gradually losing.

The enemy was as fast as lightning, and his ability to dodge was great. Even Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. His body seemed to contain endless power as though he did not know exhaustion.

The mist giant’s rain of mist balls was being suppressed by the other with their greater speed and power!

While Zuo Mo knew that as long as the mist sea was present, the mist giant would be fine, he was still surprised by the present situation.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier’s blood boiled at his battle and his eyes were bright. “Big Brother, let me go!”

Zuo Mo shook his head. “Let’s wait and see.”

Zuo Mo had never seen this new cultivation method. He was very curious. He wanted to see what the other would do. Bu Ru Miao was fighting intensely with the enemy and all of the Sea of Ten Thousand Boiling Pools was shaking. Everyone was attracted by that battle. On Zuo Mo’s side, the mist giant’s mist sea formed a barrier. All of the vibrations of the battle rippled in the mist sea but the noise outside was not large enough to attract attention.

The mist giant was being suppressed but he was not in danger. Also, the mist giant was used to suppressing enemies with brute force. Of all of Zuo Mo’s “sidekicks”, the mist giant was the one-track minded brute.

If it was the Black Gold Seal Soldier, he would have changed tactics a long time ago.

The mist giant watched as his mist balls would be smashed by the other just as it flew up. The rate that the mist balls that flew out could not match the enemy’s rate at smashing them.

At this time, he had to admit the other was stronger than he was.

The suppressed mist giant could only change his style of attacking.

The mist giant’s attacking methods were actually very basic. However, he had some very depraved experts around him. Therefore, he had learned some moves from them.

He disdained using these moves but when he found that his power was being suppressed, he panicked.

When a honest person was forced to panic, they would be devious as well.

He could only use that move!

A thread of embarrassment flashed through the mist giant’s mind, but his movements were not slowed.

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