World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixteen – The Change Among The Yao

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixteen – The Change Among The Yao

It was hard to detect the secret battle between Tian Huan and Mo Cloud Sea if one did not pay attention. All of the xiuzhe world was in turbulence, yet on the surface, it appeared peaceful.

At this time, the internal conflict of the Yao Council of Elders attracted the attention of the world.

The cause of the matter was because of a speech that the youngest inner council member, Ming Yue Ye, had made at a yao art house.

Ming Yue Ye had given a fervent speech, criticizing the present yao for their relaxed attitude. She used all kinds of examples to illustrate the terrible lives of the yao jie that had ended up in the hands of the xiuzhe.

When the speech was broadcast, all of the yao realm was moved.

In the war there were victories and defeats between yao and xiuzhe. But overall, the xiuzhe had held the upper hand. There were many yao jies who had been conquered, but up until now, no one had mentioned recovering these lost territories. The Council of Elders seemed to have forgotten them.

Until Ming Yue Ye pointed to this scar.

For the yao, the successive losses had been a humiliating and painful memory. Under the strong suppression of the Council of Elders, the full impact of these realities had been forgotten.

Soon, the news that the Council of Elders had voluntarily given up these jie from the start, and their strategy of accumulating personal armies to guard their own territories was leaked.

The populace was filled with fury!

They could not imagine that the great majority of yao jie which had fallen had been voluntarily surrendered by the Council of Elders! Even now, the Council of Elders did not proactively try to take back the lost territories!

What kind of Council of Elders was this!

At a time when many clans had been forced to move due to the calamities of war, these people only wanted to protect their kinsmen, their wealth, and did not care for the life and death of the people that had been conquered!

No one could accept this cruel reality. The people used all kinds of methods to express their fury, especially those intermediate and small families. Being the first group to be abandoned. They started to move and team up.

Almost all of the yao art houses stopped classes. The young and spirited youths were almost unanimously opposed the Council of Elders.

All of the yao were pulled into an unprecedented whirlpool.

Facing all kinds of accusations, the Council of Elders remained oddly silent. All the major families also maintained their silence. The major families were connected intimately with the Council of Elders. They were beneficiaries so they helped the Council of Elders suppress the chaos occurring locally.

A tragedy occurred.

At a protest event, the battalion responsible for the local public safety had a conflict with the petitioners. Seventy six people were killed!

When this event occurred, all of the yao were shocked.

Even the slowest person realized that a bigger storm was about to come.

When Corps Commander Bing Lan stood up and said the yao should take back the lost yao jie, no matter if it was for the yao that were living there or to make up for past mistakes, it had to be done.

This was the first time the military were expressing their opinion publically!

In reality, the conflict between the military and the Council of Elders had been brewing for a long time. The military had always been discontent with the Council of Elder’s conservative and defensive strategy, especially those young battle generals that hoped the yao could also participate in this fight for the world.

The Council of Elder’s constant and continuous concessions to the xiuzhe made them feel uncomfortable.

Soon after Corps Commander Bing Lan spoke out, other corps commanders followed suit and spoke out in support of taking back lost territories. Some battle generals even mocked the Council of Elders for being useless. They thought that yao battle generals were not any bit inferior to xiuzhe battle generals. The Council of Elders were afraid without even fighting. This was distrusting the abilities of the military, and it also showed that the Council of Elders had not adjusted to this era of great change.

Past debts and grudges were brought out. The complete annihilation of Ice Frost Corps occurred under Kun Lun’s ambush yet the Council of Elders seemed to have forgotten this. More details were uncovered. The only surviving battle general of Ice Frost Corps, the hero Liang Wei who had been honored in the past, had been relieved of his duties and sent back home. The reason for this was that Liang Wei had desired to fight, and take revenge for Ice Frost Corps.

The one who had relieved Liang Wei of his duties was Corps Commander An Shi. Corps Commander An Shi was coincidentally a supporter of the Chief Elder of the Council of Elders.

The Council of Elders received another great blow!

The words of the military became the catalyst of this storm!

The yao world was about to change!

The change among the yao attracted the gaze of the world. Before this, the yao had been thought of the most united faction. The xiuzhe world had been split into the Four Realm Heaven, the mo into even more factions. Only the yao had the Council of Elders that ruled over vast lands. While many people criticized the yao for not having any ambitions to improve, no one dared to look at them.

The Council of Elders had once been seen as a strong existence that would fight Kun Lun and Tian Huan for the world.

However, the actions of the Council of Elders had caused people to lower their expectations of the yao. In terms of shen power, if it wasn’t for Ming Yue Ye, no one knew when the Council of Elders would have created the yao shen power. When Ming Yue Ye found the method to merge shen power and spiritual consciousness, she unexpectedly resisted opposition on the council and publicized the basic method.

Countless clans benefited. This earned Ming Yue Ye a great reputation. Supposedly, the Chief Elder had been shocked and angry at Ming Yue Ye’s actions. For a long time, Elder Ming Yue Ye had been suppressed.

The other reason the Council of Elders was not favored was because of battle generals. The xiuzhe world was full of battle generals, and the mo territories did not lack them. For both the xiuzhe and the yao, their top battle generals were very young. However, the yao were weak in this area. Most of their corps commanders had been promoted based on their experience. It was rare to see young people at the corps commander level.

The promotion and use of young battle generals had always been heavily obstructed.

And Elder Ming Yue Ye who liked to use young battle generals received the support of young generation of battle generals. Elder Ming Yue Ye daringly promoted Mu Xi to become corps commander, and this filled countless young battle generals with hope. Mu Xi had become the youngest corps commander of the yao and attracted attention.

There was not a lot of conflict over Mu Xi’s promotion. Mu Xi’s battle with Gongye Xiao Rong had increased her fame and propelled her to become one of the top yao battle generals. In reality, she had become the idol of countless young battle generals.

She was the first yao battle general that had fought with a top xiuzhe battle general and won.

What was interesting was the clan behind Mu Xi. Palace Lake Wood Clan was not a small clan. This clan had a long history and was famed for being able to make correct choices. Its unexpected support of Ming Yue Ye caused her prospects to rise.

Yet how could the fraction represented by the Chief Elder just give up?

Conflicts started to occur locally.

Tragedies started to occur!

The leaders of the protesters died quietly in their homes, being assassinated on the street, elders being ambushed … …

Public safety was continuously worsening!

Everyone was in danger!


The intelligence on the yao was the easiest to obtain for Zuo Mo. Pu Yao’s network was unimaginably strong in this area, and all kinds of intelligence gathered like streams into rivers. After Pu Yao’s organization of the details, the entire frame of the matter became clear.

On the road to Xi Xuan, Zuo Mo learned everything that was happening to the yao.

“This woman is so strong!” Zuo Mo could not help but sigh. He knew from their last meeting that Ming Yue Ye was not a friendly person, but seeing her manipulations like this, he could not help but sigh in shock.

It was clear that this entire string of events had been orchestrated by Ming Yue Ye in secret.

Zuo Mo understood Ming Yue Ye’s intentions. Ming Yue Ye wanted to use this method to break out of the endless stalemate for power.

He had seen before that Ming Yue Ye’s ambitions would not be small!

But he hadn’t thought that her ambitions were so great!

Ming Yue Ye clearly was not willing to slowly wait to be handed power. She clearly could not wait, and the reason that she couldn’t was because she saw that these next few years were the most crucial time for fighting for the world!

If this kept on getting delayed, the yao would most likely have not much to do with this fight.

Kun Lun and Tian Huan were becoming stronger by the day, Mo Cloud Sea and Gu Liang Dao was prospering, the Nether King of the mo had conquered the entire Nether Realm, the Mo Shen Temple was becoming stronger while weaker powers were being constantly destroyed. What was left were the strongest factions.

Battle generals were growing and maturing through these battles.

This caused Ming Yue Ye who had hopes of vying for the world to feel great pressure. The old age of their battle generals, the inactivity of the Council of Elders, their attitudes of enjoyment … …

If everything proceeded normally, she probably would only be able to take power in about a decade. Everyone, including the Chief Elder were in unspoken agreement that she was the successor.

But she could not wait for so long!

Such a vicious, decisive, and ambitious woman!

Zuo Mo knew there would be a great cleansing after a short yet intense full out battle between the two sides. Such an ambitious woman like Ming Yue Ye would not be able to tolerate the existence of a restraint.

She had the upper hand now.

The majority of the military were on her side, the young people were on her side, morality was on her side, fame was on her side, and the so-called righteousness was on her side as well.

After a period of cleansing, the yao would be greatly impacted, but they would be reborn and become a terrifying opponent.

And its leader was such a powerful woman!

A thought could not be suppressed from coming out of Zuo Mo’s mind: This woman had to be stopped!

If she united the yao once more … …

Zuo Mo saw the similarities to Kun Lun on those fanatical yao, a zealotry similar to Kun Lun! The appearance of a new “Kun Lun”, how terrifying would that be!


The appearance of a new “Kun Lun” … …

A light suddenly flashed through Zuo Mo’s mind. Who was the most afraid of a “New Kun Lun?” Not Mo Cloud Sea, not Tian Huan, it was Kun Lun!

Kun Lun was the most afraid of a fanatical and united a faction like them forming. No one knew better than Kun Lun themselves just how terrifying a power like them was?

Especially when both sides had large amounts of territory bordering each other. A strong yao would directly threaten Kun Lun. The one that had conquered the majority of yao territories had been Kun Lun.

It seemed that he had to find some things for Kun Lun to do!

Zuo Mo knew that right now, all of Kun Lun was focusing on this secret battle between Tian Huan and Cloud Mo Sea. Zuo Mo felt that Kun Lun would be happy to see Tian Huan kill Mo Cloud Sea.

Kun Lun, how could he let them just watch from the side? While everyone else was so busy!

A devious smirk floated at the corner of Zuo Mo’s lips.

Translator Ramblings: The setup to this yao revolution took so long to set up. Not as long as Zuo Mo’s search for his memories but still a few hundred chapters.

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