World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Six – Summer Palace

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Six – Summer Palace

The burning bright sun, the blooming sea of flowers, the vibrantly growing plants, the thunderstorms that came and left suddenly … …

It really was summer!

Zuo Mo and the others tried to find a way out of the sea of flowers and the forest. Occasionally, rain would pour down on them and soak them completely. However, with their strength, this was like taking a sight-seeing tour.

The bright sun, the scent of fragrant flowers, the babbling flow of water … …

There was no danger. They didn’t even encounter one large animal, much less any poison miasma or mist.

Yet after twenty hours had passed and they still hadn’t found a way out, everyone understood that this sea of flowers and trees were not as wonderful as imagined.

“So hot!” someone couldn’t help but complain.

The sun was bright like fire. Even though the branches of the trees, the burning heat still made people feel uncomfortable.

Zuo Mo’s mind moved. He also felt a wave of relentless heat. He had not noticed it and he only realized a problem when he heard someone complain. With their strength, they should not feel cold or heat. Why would they feel hot?

There was something strange!

Raising his head to look at the sun in the sky, Zuo Mo frowned and called everyone to a stop.

“This is not right. We have walked for twenty hours, covering at least seven hundred li but there are still no signs we are getting out. This sun is also very strange. Everyone feels the heat. Let’s talk and see if we can find anything?” Zuo Mo threw out the problem.

Zong Ru suddenly opened his eyes. “The sun is problematic.”

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned towards Zong Ru. Zong Ru’s sixth sense was unparalleled in its sensitivity. If he said there was a problem, then there was a problem.

Zong Ru’s expression was grave as he slowly said, “Within the light of the sun, there is a kind of power similar to wish power.”

“Wish power!”

Everyone changed expressions in fear. Just the term was enough to make their hairs stand on end. The wish power of the Dhyana xiu had always been a very mysterious power. The descriptions of wish power were usually along the lines of “malicious.” Among the many methods of the Dhyana xiu that admired righteousness and honesty, wish power was special. It was innately a malicious power.

In the understanding of many people, wish power was like a toxin.

Zong Ru cultivated wish power, and the rare “Buddha Abandoning Death Wish” at that. This was not a secret in Mo Cloud Sea, but usually, people did not see Zong Ru use wish power.

When they heard Zong Ru say that the sunlight contained a power similar to wish power, everyone’s expressions changed. No one wanted to touch that strange power.

Zong Ru continued, “However, this power is very weak and hard to detect.”

Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng, and the others closed their eyes to feel it. Zuo Mo quickly found it. As expected, there was a very weak wisp of a strange power within the strong sunlight. This wisp of power was unique. It could ignore the defenses of shen equipment and permeate the body.

Zuo Mo sank his mind into his body. A short while later, he found that weak wish power inside his body. The wish power was extremely weak. If he was not focused on finding it, it most likely would be hard to discover. And it was this weak wish power that made him feel relentless heat.

So strong!

Zuo Mo was alarmed. The danger of wish power could be seen from how it had penetrated his body without him knowing it. He channeled shen power and tried to force the wish power inside his body out. But unexpectedly, no matter how he channeled wish power, that thin thread did not move. It sat motionlessly in his body.

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth. The sun shen power inside his body wrapped around the wish power. When the sun shen power twisted with the wish power, it was unable to immediately burn away the wish power. The burning process was extremely slow.

It took twenty breaths before that hair-thin strand of wish power in his body was burned away.

Zuo Mo was shocked. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Wei Sheng SHixiong’s expression was similarly grave. A Gui, Ceng Lian’er and Luo Li were alright, the little ones were fine, but the guards were helpless against the wish power.

“Let me try.” Zong Ru’s expression was grave.

His wish power was unlike the wish power from the sun. Zong Ru’s wish power was grey, and the wish power in the sunlight was a flaming red.

Zong Ru’s wish power entered the body of a guard and rapidly charged towards the red wish power to quickly consume it.

Very soon, the wish power in each of the guard’s body was completely eliminated and the red lotus flower on Zong Ru’s forehead became even brighter.

“How do you feel?” Zuo Mo asked in concern.

Zong Ru gave a warm smile. “With the similarities to wish power it is of great benefit to me. Daren, do not worry.”

Zuo Mo’s worries were eased. Since Zong Ru was here, then this wish power was not a problem. He thought and then said, “We will fly rather than walk. This way, it will not be easy to get lost.”

Before, they had been worried that flight would attract powerful monsters so they had walked. After walking for more than twenty hours, they didn’t know where they were anymore. This made Zuo Mo decide to fly.

The group flew into the sky. There was a vibrant forest under them that stretched out endlessly in their view.

What made Zuo Mo feel safe was that they had not encountered any strong monsters. But after flying for more than eighty hours, and travelling for almost ten thousand li, there was still no end to the flowers and forests.

What shocked Zuo Mo and the others was the light of the sun was much more poisonous in the sky. Every four hours, everyone had to land and have Zong Ru help extract the wish power out of them.

The red lotus on Zong Ru’s forehead became even brighter. Accompanied by his caved-in face, it was eerie.

Zong Ru’s pupils became even deeper. Ever since he achieved wish power, his wish power had never grown. Wish power was unlike ling or shen power. It could not be cultivated and was closer to an abhinna. But in the span of these few days, after consuming the wish power in everyone’s bodies, his wish power had more than doubled.

A grey mist twisted in his sea of consciousness.

“What a ghastly place!” Zuo Mo looked around. “We’ve flown for so long and still hasn’t left this forest. Are we in an illusory formation?”

“Illusory formation?” the Ghost Mist Child asked curiously, “What is that?”

“You don’t know what an illusory formation is?” Zuo Mo examined the Ghost Mist Child with slight disbelief.

Pu Yao spoke at this time, “There were no illusory formations in the ancient era.”

“No illusory formations during the ancient era?” This time, it was Zuo Mo’s turn to be shocked. “No way!” For him, illusory formations were one of the most basic skills, a minor skill that everyone should know of. Of course, if it was a powerful illusory formation, it would be a troublesome matter.

“Illusory formations only appeared after ling power, this is common knowledge!” Pu Yao would not pass on any chance to attack Zuo Mo and said this with disdain.

The Ghost Mist Child stood in the middle with puzzlement.

Seeing this, Zuo Mo created an illusory formation as an example. The Ghost Mist Child finally realized it and then said scornfully, “Using tricks like this to fool people are useless!”

Zuo Mo was furious and then he pointed at the forest below. “Then you tell me what this forest is!”

“Ignorant!” Pu Yao couldn’t help but mock. “Your knowledge only extends to illusory formatons. Hmph! The skills of ancient warriors are those you cannot imagine. If I am not wrong, this has formed into a jie. Or, this was originally a jie and it was then modified.”

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck. He stammered out, “You are saying … … this is actually a new jie … …”

“Yes!” Pu Yao’s eyes were filled with longing. “The ancient warriors could steal the sky and snatch the sun, pluck stars and change the moon. This jie should have been changed.”

This speculation was a great blow to Zuo Mo’s mind. He had met the strange Shi in the Sealed Extinction Battlefield and thought he had a certain level of understanding of the greatness of the ancient ones. Now, he found that he had underestimated the strength of the ancient great ones.

However, the Ghost Mist Child should have more of a say in this matter. Zuo Mo immediately turned around and looked at the Ghost Mist Child. “The Summer Palace is a jie?”

The Ghost Mist Child nodded. “It should be. The previous master liked creating spectacles, and hated things that fooled others.”

He had been the warrior of a tribe before and was knowledgeable. He raised his head to look at the sun and said uncertainly. “I don’t know where Master got this sun from. If the people from the Sun Tribe saw this, they would be jealous. This forest is probably something special as well.”

Zuo Mo gaped as he listened.

With a jie as a palace, to set up a sun, to create an endless forest. This was inhuman.

In comparison, the so-called restricted grounds of the present large sects were just child’s play.

Suddenly, Lil’ Black who had been hanging of Silly Bird waved its antennae.


Zuo Mo’s eyes immediately lit up. When Lil’ black usually did this, it meant that there was treasure nearby!

As expected, Lil’ Black slid down Silly Bird’s body and then started to fly in a direction.

Zuo Mo called out and then hurriedly followed.

Lil’ Black was very fast and nimble. Zuo Mo and the others had to be alert as they followed closely behind.

After flying about twenty li, Lil’ Black finally stopped and landed on a piece of scorched wood.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised and then curiously examined the piece of wood. This wood was clearly old. Half of it was buried in the ground and half exposed to the air. The wood should have been the trunk of a large tree, about three chi in diameter. It was covered in lichen and looked very normal.

Lil’ Black was holding on tightly to the wood in intoxication.

Was there something special about the wood?

Zuo Mo was even more curious. He walked over and reached out to prepare to brush off the lichen growing on the wood.


When Zuo Mo’s hand touched the lichen, suddenly, an arch of electricity flashed and struck out at his fingertips. His hand went numb.


The green lichen contained such a great amount of lightning!

He tried to put his hand on the lichen. As expected, another arc of lightning hit his hand.


It was the first time he had encountered lichen that contained such a great amount of lightning. This was much more than what was in his Sonic Lightning Walnuts. While he did not know the use of the green lichen, he felt that this thing would definitely have wondrous uses.

He took out a jade box, and carefully gathered all the green lichen on the wood.

The wood’s appearance was gradually revealed.

Translator Ramblings: Just to put things into perspective, Pu Yao and the strongest of the yaomo sacrificed themselves to create Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie. The maker of the coliseum did it at least 4 times, most likely by himself.