World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy Seven – New King

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy Seven – New King

Zuo Mo opened his eyes. His starry-like eyes flashed with joy.

He finally recovered!

The feeling of power in his body was so intoxicating, so familiar yet strange. Ten years! Ten whole years! He had finally regained his power, and it was unbelievable power!

Confidence filled every one of Zuo Mo’s cells. All of the problems and obstacles were so insignificant in his eyes.


This was power!

Zuo Mo roared into the sky. Ten years of struggle, ten years of hardship, ten years of treading on thin ice, all of it was vented in this long howl.

Hearing Zuo Mo’s roar, the little ones and Shi all hurriedly rushed over.

“Big Brother, you’ve recovered?” The Black Gold Seal Solder asked impatiently. His eyes were wide, and his expression was both nervous and anticipatory.

Zuo Mo roared with laughter. “Recovered!”

“Hahahaha! Great! Big Brother has recovered! Big Brother has recovered!” The Black Gold Seal Soldier put his hands on his waist and laughed into the sky. “Haha! My good days are coming! I want to be a wastrel! I want to eat and wait for death, I want … …”

His wild laughter suddenly stopped as Silly Bird kicked him into the air. She clearly felt that it was not the appropriate time for this person to announce such unambitious things. Silly Bird used her wings to wipe away her tears. Her feathers were as bright and deep red as fire. Lil’ Black who was on her head furiously waved its two antennae.

Lil’ Pagoda and Lil’ Fire leapt into Zuo Mo’s arms with a cry and started to nudge and wriggle.

Tenth Grade’s cold face had a rare smile. He didn’t know what to say. Sunshine flew happily around Tenth Grade. Ghost Mist Child’s tears flowed down his face in joy. The tears were endless and sprouted out like a spring.

Shi Looked at the celebrating group and decided to not interrupt them.

A long time later, Zuo Mo and the little ones finally calmed down. Zuo Mo finally noticed Shi beside him and said bashfully, “I was too excited! Sorry!”

“No matter, the feeling is good.” Shi smiled, his gaze reminiscing. Memories so long ago he almost forgot them rose in his mind. The unfamiliar feeling caused his thoughts to wander.

Was he becoming so emotional because he was about to die?

Shi laughed in a self-mocking manner inside and then recovered his calm. “Let’s go, I have some things to tell you.”

“Alright!” Zuo Mo stood up briskly. He knew that every drop of time was valuable to Shi right now.

Following Shi, Zuo Mo came to the large hall. He saw An mo and also the shock in An Mo’s eyes.

“Sit there.” Shi pointed at the elevated throne and turned his face to say to Zuo Mo.

“Okay!” Zuo Mo did not refuse or ask why. He walked to the throne, turned and sat.

“Starting from today, you are not just the king of Mo Cloud Sea, you are also the Nether King!” Shi’s voice was calm but was filled with indescribable power.

An Mo’s mouth was wide and his expression full of disbelief. He guessed that the white-haired youth was the successor had been chosen when he saw Zuo Mo. When he saw Zuo Mo’s white hair he thought of the white-haired grandmaster who was a popular topic of discussion recently.

But this was not enough to shock him so. The greatest shock were the words that King said

–King of Mo Cloud Sea!

He was the king of Mo Cloud Sea! He was Zuo Mo!

He was still alive! He had returned!

Countless thoughts attacked An Mo’s mind and stunned him.

Shi did not seem to notice An Mo’s loss of composure. His tone did not change at all. “An Mo, starting from today, you need to assist the new king.”

An Mo shook and refocused. He could hear that King was making arrangements for after his death. His heart was filled with unvoiced sorrow. He looked seriously at Shi and said, “King’s orders, my mission!”

Then he turned and bowed to Zuo Mo. “This subordinate An Mo greets King!”

He did not know much about Zuo Mo, the most of which were those almost legendary stories. Since King had chosen Zuo Mo, then Zuo Mo was certainly the most suitable choice.

Zuo Mo smiled at An Mo. “Don’t call me king, you can call me Zuo Mo.”

Zuo Mo was at ease and did not show any wariness. An Mo could not see any traces of joy from Zuo Mo’s face. He had accepted the throne as though it was natural. Suddenly, An Mo had more confidence in King’s choice.

“In the past, I hoped to unite the Nether Realm as fast as possible so I left the four Nether Lords. It seems now that the decision was incorrect.” Shi did not avoid admitting his past mistake. “Jia Man and Hai Xin Bing will definitely rebel. You Zhe is not to be relied on. However, I have preparations and you do not need to worry too much.”

Zuo Mo listened carefully and did not interrupt.

“I have told all of Nether Realm that the new king is about to ascend to the throne. The leaders of every faction will go to the Nether King Palace to meet you.” Shi looked directly at Zuo Mo. “You go, accept the Nether Realm, you must receive the acceptance of the majority of them.”

“Alright!” Zuo Mo did not oppose this. He was steady and confident.

Shi gazed at Zuo Mo and suddenly said, “I will leave the Nether Realm to your care. I hope that you will let it recover peace and calm as soon as possible, no matter what you do in order to do so.”

“Alright!” Zuo Mo promised seriously.

“Go prepare, and then leave,” Shi suddenly said, “Leave those five people here. I will wake them. This is the last thing I can help you with. I cannot forge, but leave the dragon heart and the ghost fire, I’ll do it.”

Suddenly, Zuo Mo had a feeling he was going to cry.

Was it the sorrow at such a strong person about to pass away? Or the reminders of what having an elder was like? Or being moved by the deep emotion for one’s homeland?

Zuo Mo wasn’t clear.

He raised his head and tried to make himself show a smile. His tone was solemn as though he was making an oath. “I will treat the Nether Realm like I treat Mo Cloud Sea!”

Shi smiled and said gently, “Go.”

Nan Yue was practicing hard in the Ten Finger Prison.

The present Ten Finger Prison was not as popular as before. Right now, not many just focused on cultivating consciousness. This place was more a place for people to communicate.

However, Mo Cloud Sea’s shen power was built on a foundation of the three powers. Due to this, the yao of Mo Cloud Sea still had the habit of entering the Ten Finger Prison to cultivate.

Right now, the yao in Mo Cloud Sea were more common than when Daren had left. Ming Yue Ye’s purging of the yao ranks had never stopped. Many families faced calamity. The Blue Flower Family had been affected as well. At that time, they thought of Qinghua Xue. They managed to contact Qinghua Xue after great effort in hopes that their family would be allowed to move to Mo Cloud Sea.

Qinghua Xue reported this to Gongsun Cha. With Gongsun Cha’s agreement, the Blue Flower Family moved into Mo Cloud Sea.

Unexpectedly, the movement of the Blue Flower Family caused many other families to follow suit. They all requested to enter Mo Cloud Sea.

Gongsun Cha did not hesitate in agreeing.

In the past, Mo Cloud Sea’s problem had been that they had too many people but not enough land. As they expanded over the years, Mo Cloud Sea’s territories had broadened greatly. Many places had more land than people. It hadn’t been a problem to settle these families.

Due to the influence of this wave of immigrants, the number of yao in Mo Cloud Sea was much higher than before. The present Mo Cloud Sea had truly become a gathering place for the yao, mo, and xiuzhe.

Just like usual, Nan Yue sat thinking after a day of cultivating was finished. Every time at this moment, she would think of the past when Daren had taught her the South Sky Arrow Art. She had always persisted in cultivating in the place where Daren had first taught her yao arts.

She wondered how Daren was … …

She seemed to be easy-going but she was actually very sensitive.

Daren’s paper crane filled everyone with confidence in the future. Everyone was working hard and waiting for Daren to return.

However, ten years had passed!

While Lil’ Miss Daren was still dutiful, while everyone was still persisting, Nan Yue perceptively realized the change in attitudes in some people.

The lower ranks were in turbulence, especially the families that had joined Mo Cloud Sea later on. They didn’t feel any loyalty to Zuo Mo. They felt that Mo Cloud Sea’s ruler less state could not continue. Rather than waiting meaninglessly like this, it was better to choose a new master of Mo Cloud Sea first.

Lil’ Miss Daren accidentally heard this once and was enraged. He killed that group of people.

No one dared to discuss this topic openly but discussions in private did not calm. Everyone who had been with Daren to start Mo Cloud Sea was extremely angry about discussions like this. A divide gradually appeared between the old and the new factions.

Daren! Return soon!

Nan Yue felt great urgency.

Suddenly, Nan Yue stilled. She rubbed her eyes.

Did she miss Daren so much she was see a delusion? Nan Yue asked herself.

After she finished rubbing her eyes and opening them, that figure still stood there calmly and smiled at her.

Nan Yue was stunned where she was. Suddenly, tears poured down.

“Daren! It is you! Is it really you?” Nan Yue said incoherently and with great excitement.

“Yes, it’s me.” A smile spread on Zuo Mo’s face.

Nan Yue could not stop her sobs as her vision blurred.

Gongsun Cha was working hard on the desk. Of everyone, his burdens were the greatest. He was struggling to manage every day. Every matter of Mo Cloud Sea would gather at his table. He knew that he was alright at war, but he was just acceptable at other fields.

But other than him, no one could take up the position.

In military matters, Bie Han could share the burden. Ma Fan, Tang Fei, and the others had grown up, and he did not need to worry so much. But managing the people was where he wasn’t skilled, it wasn’t just tiring to deal with the matters, it was also painful.

He felt extremely uncomfortable spending everyday on these complex and petty matters.

He really wanted to just focus on leading a battalion and fighting. That would be so pleasurable!

But Shixiong was not here. Other than him, no one else would be accepted by the group. No matter how painful it was, he could only grit his teeth and continue. He could not have Shixiong come back to a mess!

Suddenly, Nan Yue charged in.

Gongsun Cha raised his head and saw Nan Yue’s tear-streaked face. He couldn’t help but laugh. “What is it? Nan Yue, who bullied you?”

“I, I saw Daren!” Nan Yue panted.


The brush in Gongsun Cha’s hand snapped landed on the ground. He seemed to be struck by lightning.

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