World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy One – Three Hundred Pieces of Shen Equipment

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy One – Three Hundred Pieces of Shen Equipment

When the shrieking bones were enveloped by the death energies, terrifying shrieks sounded. There seemed to be countless ghouls moving inside. If this scene appeared anywhere else, it would frighten the spectators, but for the Yin Tomb Guards, they were immune to things like ghosts.

They widened their eyes and didn’t dare to divide their attention. They wanted to see what Grandmaster could do with the shrieking bones.

The thick death energy roiled. Zuo Mo’s jade bottle seemed to be bottomless. The death energy showed no signs of slowing.

The grey death energy was like a thick grey mist that wrapped around the shrieking bone and twisted in the air.

The death energy continued to permeate the shrieking bones. The shrieking bones trembled slightly. The shrieks became even higher pitched and dissonant to hear. Mo Ru and the others were astonished. They could clearly feel the evil power contained in the shrieks. Compared to before, the shrieking bones were at least three grades higher. Those in the surroundings that were weaker would easily become irritated by the sound. They would feel nausea, and might even feel as though they would faint.

Everyone was surprised that the death energy’s effect on the shrieking bones was so evident, especially Gu Wu Shuang. The balls of flame flickered wildly in his eye sockets. He was clearly very interested. Such a common material like the shrieking bones had such potential! If they could use it, it would be a great matter to the Yin Tomb Guards.

Zuo Mo did not know what other people were thinking. His expression was focused.

Right now, he had no shen power in his body. The only things he could rely on were his god-level cultivation and his practiced forging skill. Without shen power, he could not use many of the normal methods. He could only think of other ways. Fortunately, he had learn many things. He knew some of the xiuzhe forging, the mo weapons of the mo and even the creation of the yao cores. He even knew some things about the ancient sacrificial altar arts of the ancients which had disappeared long ago.

At this time, countless patterns quickly appeared under the death energy ball and formed a round formation.

No one observing could understand this seal formation.

Even in the xiuzhe world, not many people would understand it.

The round formation was actually a sacrificial altar.

When the the round formation lit up, the death energy also lit up, the death energy suddenly turned black and the wails increased in volume. Evil sound vibrations that could not be seen spread outwards.

The three hundred pieces of shrieking bones had changed appearance dramatically. There were eerie grey marking on the surface of the bones. The markings on each shrieking bone were different. The evil sound vibrations had been released by these grey marks.

Three hundred evil sound vibrations compounded together, the resulting power was terrifying.

“Careful! Evil Sound Ghost Thought!” someone shouted in alarm.

The expressions on every person’s face changed as they retreated.

The entire Fire Cemetery was influenced by the Evil Sound Ghost Thought. Those that were slower to react felt as though someone had hit their heads with a hammer. Their minds were stunned, and were completely blank. Their expressions were dazed as they stood motionlessly where they were.

Zuo Mo had not expected the sound vibrations would be so strong. The area that they covered surpassed his expectations.

But then he became more energized. He had just thought of this method to forge. He hadn’t expected the effects to be better than he had imagined. The Evil Sound Ghost Thoughts would cause people’s thoughts to be disrupted, and they would sink into a daze. However, they did not have any offensive power. The mo that were affected by the Evil Sound Ghost Thoughts would not be in direct danger, but in battle, this would be a great supporting move.

“Such a pure Evil Sound Ghost Thought!” Mo Ru’s voice came from behind the veil as she couldn’t resist but give praise.

The shrieks before had contained evil power, but the power was tens of times greater now that it became Evil Soul Ghost Thoughts!

When the other people heard this, they became alert and their anticipation grew. Mo Ru was the one most skilled in evil sounds among them. Any Evil Sound Ghost Thought that she praised was really something. The purer the Evil Sound Ghost Thought, the better its effect.

Zuo Mo was god-level and immune to the Evil Sound Ghost Thought. His mind was unmoved by the waves of Evil Sound Ghost Thought.

The Evil Sound Ghost Thought was useful, but it was not much in Zuo Mo’s eyes. He paid attention to the three hundred shrieking bones wrapped in death energy. The death energy became blacker and was absorbed by the shrieking bones.

When the death energy was completely absorbed, there were only three hundred shrieking bones left floating in the air

The shrieking bones had become inky black with a faint grey mark on the surface. The marks on each bone was different.

Zuo Mo was filled with joy. His thinking had been correct.

Forge vitality from death energy!

This was the most important part of his forging today. These five words were his greatest gain. Both the Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood and the shen wood coffin absorbing death energy had provided him great inspiration.

Life and death were opposites, but they could turn into each other like the yin and yang of the world.

In the past, he had enough power he did not need to extract power from life and death. But right now, facing the problem of the five sealed coffins, he had spent a decade pondering life and death.

The Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood and the shen wood coffins nourished by death energy had given him great inspiration.

In ordinary situations, if one wanted to nourish vitality, they only needed to strengthen the vitality itself. But when vitality was weak and about to die, one could not absorb vitality. At that time, one could seek life from death. When the death energy reached a concentrated level, vitality could be forged out of it.

This was forging vitality from death energy!

The marks on these three hundred shrieking bones were the bits of vitality that Zuo Mo had forged out of death energy!

The bone spirits inside the shrieking bones absorbed the bits of pure vitality and immediately changed.


After searching for so many years, he finally found the way to awaken Eldest Shixiong, A Gui, and the others.

Zuo Mo forced down his joy. He took a deep breath. There was still a step that needed to be completed.

He pointed into thin air. The three hundred shrieking bones exploded and streamed into liquid in the pillars of fire.

When the shrieking bones entered the liquid, the pillars of fire and the liquid trembled violently. The surfaces of the balls undulated vigorously, there seemed to be countless worms crawling inside them. The Evil Sound Ghost Thought suddenly became excited and shot into the surroundings.

Clear ripples even appeared in the air. The Evil Sound Ghost Thought reached an extremely strong level!

Pain appeared on the face of Little Guard Huo beside Zuo Mo. He was the closest, and inside the range covered by the Evil Sound Ghost Thought. However, he was not willing to retreat and could only endure it.

Nearby, Zuo Mo was not affected by the Evil Sound Ghost Thought at all. His body was upright. Only his snowy-white hair flew in the wind.

The liquid within the pillars constantly moved and changed shape.

“Hm! It’s taking shape!” Si Du exclaimed.

“Seems so!” Bu Ru Mian’s eyes were bright. “It appears as though it’s becoming armor!”

The changing liquid inside the pillars of fire seemed to be pinched into shape by an invisible hand. The beginnings of armor could be seen from their shape.

While it was really rough, they were in the shape of shen equipment

This invisible hand was skillful, and like an expert worksman it carved out the outline, the edges, hollowed places and carved patterns … …

The beginnings of the shen equipment inside the pillars of fire grew at a visible rate. From top to bottom, they completely transformed.

The tide of Evil Sound Ghost Thoughts gradually calmed. Those that were weaker finally felt that the world in front of them recover its original appearance.

Three hundred articles of shen equipment floated in the blue pillars of fire.

The people who had just refocused were stunned when they saw this scene.

And the Yin Tomb Five Ghosts who had seen how these three hundred pieces of shen equipment had formed from beginning to end were even more shocked. They didn’t know what words to use to describe what they had seen, and to describe the unparalleled shock that they felt right now.

Three hundred articles of shen equipment had grown on their own in front of them. Starting from when the shrieking bones entered the pillars of fire, Zuo Mo did not move. He was like a cold observer that planted the seeds and waited for them to grow.

The three hundred articles of shen equipment were all different. Some were simple and crude, others refined and grand, some were covered in spikes, some were hollow and carved, some were as soft as leather, others as hard as steel … …

Incomprehensible, uncanny technique!

The Yin Tomb Five Ghosts that were used to seeing amazing things sank into silence as they looked dazedly at the three hundred shen equipment.

Finally succeeded!

Zuo Mo showed a small smile. Forging at such a large scale had never occurred before. However, he was not excited that he had created a completely new method of forging, but that his hypothesis had been proven. If he continued, it would not be long before he would wake up Eldest Shixiong, A Gui and the others.

“Little Guard Huo,” Zuo Mo turned and said to Little Guard Huo.

Little Guard Huo was looking dazedly at the pillar of fire with a gaping mouth. He did not seem to hear Zuo Mo’s voice. Zuo Mo had to increase his volume.

Little Guard Huo shook and woke up. He stammered, “This this this … … too too too … …”

He stammered for a while but could not find the words to describe it. His face was flushed bright red.

Zuo Mo saw this and said with a smile, “The shen equipment are about done, but there is still one last step.”

Hearing that there was still one step left, Little Guard Huo immediately calmed down. “Grandmaster, please speak!”

“They need to be placed into the Sea of Ten Thousand Boiling Pools to be nourished for five days,” Zuo Mo said, “I will leave this matter to Little Guard Huo, is it acceptable?”

Little Guard Huo hurriedly said, “Yes! Is there anything to pay attention to?”

Zuo Mo said, “The greater the death energy the better. There is nothing else to pay attention to. In the five days, the guards need to be careful that the Evil Sound Ghost Thought does not permeate and harm them.”

“Yes!” Little Guard Huo hurriedly said.

Zuo Mo nodded and said, “I will not worry if Little Guard Huo is in charge. Right, these three hundred pieces of shen equipment are all ghosts with wills. They need to choose their owners. If the owners are not acceptable to them, their power would greatly decrease.”

Little Guard Huo’s eyes were bright when he listened to this. Something that was able to choose a master. This was a trait that only high grade treasures would have.

“Grandmaster, do not worry! I will not waste Grandmaster’s efforts!” Little Guard Huo said.

At this time, Gu Wu Shuang and the others flew off the peak and landed next to Zuo Mo.

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