World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy Nine – Meetup

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy Nine – Meetup

The troops flew above barren ground. This place was unpopulated and very close to the border between Nether Realm and Hundred Savage Realm.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo said, “Let’s stop here.”

An Mo unhesitatingly ordered the troops to stop. This army was not large, about a thousand people, but they were the strongest of Western Jail Mansion’s people.

Zuo Mo had been secretly observing the troops all this time. In his eyes, An Mo was very skilled. The troops were also elite. While their shen equipment was not the best, they had their unique fighting method.

An Mo was a classic style battle general that did not like fighting for power and was methodical in carrying out his methods. His men followed his style, decisive and quick in carrying out their orders.

“How is the fighting between Eastern Nether Mansion and Yin Tomb Guards?” Zuo Mo asked. Since he had taken on this business, Zuo Mo would not leave it.

“Eastern Nether Mansion has lost, Jia Man has killed himself!” An Mo said cleanly. He lamented inside, he knew that the old Nether King had plans prepared. Otherwise, how could Eastern Nether Mansion lose so quickly, with so many of their forces remaining, and without apparent cause? The Yin Tomb Guards were much weaker than Eastern Nether Mansion, and Eastern Nether Mansion also possessed stronger battle generals than the Yin Tomb Guards. While the Yin Tomb Five Ghosts matched the elite fighters of the four mansions, that was just in individual power. In terms of directing in battle, they were much weaker.

The eastern and western mansion were the two mansions that had the largest number of quality battle generals in Nether Realm.

Zuo Mo made a sound. He knew that Shi would definitely have prepared a killing move that would reverse the situation after planning something like this. He refocused and started to think. Since Shi had given the Nether Realm to him, he would not fail Shi.

He had An Mo gather all the popular topics of discussion about the new Nether King. After he finished reading them, he found that the great majority of people had a cautious attitude about his succession. Primarily because Shi’s authority was still here, there were not many that dared to publicly rebel. In private, they did not have a good outlook on him.

Zuo Mo knew that this was because they doubted his strength. Zuo Mo was familiar with mo. They revered the strong so the past kings had been the absolute strongest. Shi had been the same.

Showing muscle?

A faint smile rose on the corner of Zuo Mo’s lips.

An Mo was also observing the new king at the same time.

The new king was not of many words, experienced in action, and he could not measure the other’s power. This astounded him. An Mo was one of the four Nether Lords. Few knew that he was actually the strongest among the Nether Lords because he was the only one that received the Nether King’s guidance.

He was low-key in conduct and he did not like fighting. Even the other three nether lords did not know his true strength.

But even as strong as he was, he couldn’t see the new king’s strength!

While shocked, it also increased his confidence.

Seeing the king deep in thought, he did not make a sound as he sent out a patrol. They were just a thousand people. He knew the potential threat and many factions that would risk it.

There was no harm in being careful. An Mo ordered the scouts to increase their range.

Suddenly, his expression tense and he shouted, “Prepare to fight!”

The ranks around him immediately entered combat formation.

An Mo’s gaze looked towards the northwest. The scout from that direction had sent back an urgent report. There was a battalion that was coming in at astounding speed!

Soon, the scouts appeared in his field of view. The scout made a hand motion to indicate to prepare for battle before he entered the rear ranks.

A group of black dots appeared in the distant horizon.

The little dots came quickly. Almost in the blink of an eye, the incomers reached them!

An Mo’s gaze turned grave. Elite!

His eyes were keener than everyone else and he saw more clearly. This battalion looked loose in their ranks, but in reality, all of the people maintained an appropriate distance from each other. It was clear that this was a battalion that had been formed for a long time, and the members worked well together. Each member seemed to move positions of their own will, but their comrades would unconsciously move up to take the empty positions. This kind of instinctive movement would pass quickly through the ranks.

This battalion looked like a quicksilver flow!

The flow spilled out!

The battalion at the front had a hard expression. From far away, An mo could feel a strong and vicious presence.

An Mo suddenly felt the pressure increase. His expression turned even more serious.

If he was not seeing it with his own eyes, he would not believe that a mo battle general could create such a refined and variable battalion! The xiuzhe had organized ranks and cared greatly about battle formations. Only yao battalions would have such refined and variable ranks. The mo did not care about the shape of the ranks at all. They only had to gather the power of the men to the battle general. Due to this, mo battalions had the loosest ranks among the races.

But this battalion completely upturned An Mo’s knowledge. When did the Nether Realm have such a strange battalion?

The other did not decrease their speed as they charged over.

The closer they came, the stronger the impact of the other’s rolling ranks made. The members of the battalion that had slightly weaker mentality subconsciously prepared to attack.

An Mo’s expression turned cold. All of his stray thoughts were thrown away. If the incomers came into their attack range, he would unhesitatingly attack!

No one would be able to rampage in front of him!

At this time, this strange battalion seemed to go against his expectations and suddenly stop against the momentum.

That strange feeling was so uncomfortable one wanted to spit blood.

An Mo forced his hand. He had almost started an attack. His heart suddenly jumped. Such a powerful battle general! The other had clearly already estimated his attack range and just stopped at the perimeter of his attack range.

It was An Mo’s first time encountering such a powerful battle general. While the two had not fought yet, he was still amazed.

The wind was murderous, and the groups were silent.

The commander at the front suddenly dismounted his steed. Woosh, the entire battalion dismounted, their movements in unison. The ranks divided, and a yao walked out to reach the side of the general.

The two stood shoulder to should and looked in the direction of An Mo’s battalion.

What was … …

A thought flashed through An Mo’s head. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw King step out of the ranks to stand in front of the group.

The two were excited when they saw Zuo Mo but they both bowed first.

“Liang Wei!” Liang Wei took a deep breath. His voice was solemn.

“Fei Lei!” Fei Lei forced down his excitement as he said loudly.

“We have led the King’s Horn to come guard our King!” the two gravely shouted in unison.

The dignified and serious sounds that were like sworn oaths echoed in the vast wilderness.

“All Hail The King!”

The shouts of thousands of people were like thunder that caused the wilderness to tremble. Each person was trembling with excitement. Excitement, ecstasy, and exhilaration flashed through their eyes. Ten years, they could finally proclaim this phrase.

Many people had tears streaming down their faces.

They recalled how Fei Lei had found them in remote and obscure places, and told them of the past glories of their ancestors; recalled how they had travelled to their camp in their beggar-like clothing, but took on the name the King’s Horn which made them look like a joke; recalled how many layers of skin they shed in order to satisfy Liang Wei strict training; recalled the hope that had grown fainter and fainter over the past ten years as they raided to survive; maintained that they were a battalion despite their actions , and declared they were a battalion with a purpose.

They had never seen Zuo Mo before, they didn’t even know what Zuo Mo looked like.

But every one of them, starting from the first day, was told that they would fight for this person!

To fight for the king, to obtain the past glories.

That was their belief.

That illusory figure that had appeared countless times in their minds finally became clear. All of their belief suddenly became tangible.

They were not idiots, they were not bandits.

They were the King’s Horn, they were a battalion with belief!

They would possess the glory promised to them!

Zuo Mo looked at this battalion with excitement.

All he knew about Pu Yao and Wei’s plans were the names Liang Wei and Fei Lei. Originally, he hadn’t had any hopes for this battalion. Zuo Mo knew just how difficult it would be to wait for ten years without a message.

When he had encountered Liang Wei at Pu Pu’s Home For Battle Generals, his shock and emotions could be imagined.

Looking at these faces, he controlled his doubts and solemnly gave his promise, “You and I together, never abandoned or separated!”

What answered him was a tsunami of shouting, “All Hail The King!”

An Mo’s battalion gaped with wide eyes at this scene.

Suddenly, An Mo realized something that even he had missed before. King was not as powerless as the outside said! Because he wasn’t just the Nether King, he was also the king of Mo Cloud Sea!

King had his own faction that could match the Nether Realm.

An Mo suddenly understood why the old Nether King was not worried about the new king and had been so confident.

If Zuo Mo had led Mo Cloud Sea to take over the Nether Realm, he would naturally encounter resistance from all the factions of Nether Realm. However, if he took over the Nether Realm as its appointed successor, no one could fight against him!

He was too strong! Even stronger than the Nether King back then!

Those objecting to his reign were just insects. He suddenly thought with slight maliciousness how those people would react when they learned that King was also the King of Mo Cloud Sea.

He really wanted to see it.

With the King’s Horn accompanying them, An Mo’s confidence immediately increased. An Mo didn’t believe that there was anyone in the Nether Realm that could face him, Liang Wei and Fei Lei at the same time. However, he was slightly puzzled because he had never heard the names Liang Wei and Fei Lei before. He had only heard of Gongsun Cha’s Vermillion Bird Camp and Bie Han’s Sin Battalion.

Was Mo Cloud Sea so strong?

Were two people and any battalion of Mo Cloud Sea, even those that he had never heard of, this strong?

Even An Mo, as strong as he was, felt slightly shaken.

Zuo Mo did not know what An Mo thoughts were. He, Liang Wei and Fei Lei talked for a long time as he learned how difficult their years had been. With the guards they had, Zuo Mo didn’t have to worry about safety at all.

He decided to resolve another problem that he had thought about for ten years on the road during this time.

–Rescue Pu Yao and Wei!

Translator Ramblings: So if Zuo Mo starts out in his twenties, reaches mid-twenties by the seven year timeskip, he’s in his early thirties by the end of that timeskip. Then we have this 10 year timeskip so he’s around his forties now?