World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy – Fire Cemetery

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy – Fire Cemetery

As the beautiful streaks of light entered every corner, the Fire Cemetery started to change.

“Quick, look at that fire pillar!” someone shouted.

Everyone reacted and they moved their gaze to the fire pillars of the Fire Cemetery.

One of the bright red fire pillars that erupted from the vent was rapidly becoming transparent and deep blue. The surging fire pillar was like a tamed beast. It was much calmer, the pillar was thinner than before, but the flames were clearly more concentrated.

Even from a long ways off, people could clearly feel that the temperature of the deep blue fire pillar had increased greatly.

Soon, another pillar of fire turned deep blue.

One after another, the fire pillars in Fire Cemetery became deep blue and clear. The temperature of the air increased greatly and those that were weaker started to feel sweat flowing down their backs.

However, no one left. They did not dare to move their eyes away. At this time, almost everyone knew Zuo Mo’s intentions.

Grandmaster was purifying the fire pillars of Fire Cemetery!

Materials flowed like water through the flames in Grandmaster’s hand and became bright rays of various colors lit up on Grandmaster’s right hand, as the hand made all kinds of profound movements. His movements flowed easily, were pleasing to see, and so beautiful that people were unconsciously entranced.

The entire process continued for about two hours.

The Fire Cemetery was now completely transformed. Pillars of blue flame burned silently. The hissing of the flames, the snap and pop, the roar of the lava, all of those sounds disappeared completely.

The ground of the Fire Cemetery was covered in a spiderweb of beautiful glowing lines. The pillars of fire were erupting from the holes in the web.

Zuo Mo looked with satisfaction at the modified Fire Cemetery.

Fire Cemetery was the best fire forging venue he had ever seen. This place was filled with abundant and high level earth fire. It was a pity that this was the Nether Realm. If this was Mo Cloud Sea, Gold Crow Camp would have started to use it a long time ago.

It was really a waste to have this be used by these unskilled people to forge!

A large fire forging venue like the Fire Cemetery was actually best suited for large scale forging. It only needed one expert to be in charge and numerous capable assistants. The efficiency would be high.

Zuo Mo suddenly shook his head and laughed. Why was he worrying for other people? He turned back to look at the Fire Cemetery. He had reforged all of Fire Cemetery. The Fire Cemetery was good, but there were shortcomings. The earth fire here was of high grade but had too many impurities. If he wanted to use it, he first had to purify the earth fire.

Zuo Mo was experienced in this. He had designed a fire element seal formation so that before the earth fire erupted out of the ground, the impurities would be filtered out. He based this seal formation on some shen glyphs and the effects were outstanding.

There were three hundred fire pillars in Fire Cemetery.

Three hundred deep blue pillars of fire stood in rows. While they were not as astoundingly loud as before, they caused people to feel an indescribable power.

The forgers that were watching from the mountains were overcome with excitement. Where had they ever seen such incomprehensible forging before?

Low level forging like this was almost effortless for Zuo Mo.

While he had forged for two hours, he was not tired at all. He did not pause. He waved his hand, and the mountain of materials behind him floated into the air as though they were held by an invisible hand.

Zuo Mo shouted, “Go!”


The materials that had floated up turned into three hundred slender flows, each of which entered a pillar of fire.

Zuo Mo did not stop or hesitate. He waved his hand again. Another pile of materials flew into the air, split into three hundred portions and then entered the three hundred pillars of fire.

When the materials entered the pillar of fire, they would quickly melt and turn into liquid.

Mountain after mountain of materials disappeared into the pillars of fire at astounding speeds.

In a flash, half of the materials around Zuo Mo had disappeared.

The pillars of fire were clear and blue. People could clearly see the liquid floating inside the pillars. Inside every pillar of fire was a ball of liquid that was about the size of a basket. The ones that floated in three hundred pillars were exactly the same.

If people had been entranced before, now they had stopped breathing. Everyone had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

Did … … Grandmaster want to forge three hundred articles at once … …

While they still didn’t know what Grandmaster wanted to forge, but the balls of liquid in each pillar were the same. It was clear that Grandmaster wanted to forge en masse.

This was not possible!

Many people unconsciously stopped breathing. They had never heard of someone that could forge three hundred of the exact same thing in one go. Not even the most powerful forging masters could do it.

They looked at the white-haired figure beside the Fire Cemetery.

What was Grandmaster’s true identity?

Zuo Mo’s attention was focused. While these pillars of fire had been purified, they were not his sun shen fire and was not as easy to control. He did not need great effort to use sun shen fire. He could only use these pillars of fire as cauldrons. Zuo Mo had only used cauldrons a long time ago back on Wu Kong Mountain when he used them to forge dan.

But for Zuo Mo at present, the one method was applicable to all. This was not the problem.

However, he currently had no shen power in his body and was forced to use other methods.

He sat down, coiled his legs and closed his eyes to rest.

Not long after, a figure flew from afar and landed next to Zuo Mo. It was Guard Huo. Little Huo said respectfully, “Grandmaster, I have completed it!”

He held a jade bottle in his hand

Zuo Mo opened his eyes and took the jade bottle. He said with a smile, “Thank you, Guard Huo.”

“This is my duty! Grandmaster is too polite!” Little Guard Huo said respectfully.

Zuo Mo did not waste words. He held the jade bottle and walked to the side of Fire Cemetery. With a shout, a wave of grey energy flew out of the jade bottle.

“Death energy!”

“It really is death energy!”

There were people with keen eyes on the mountains. They immediately recognized this. People in the Sea of Ten Thousand Boiling Pools were familiar with the grey death energy. Of course they recognized it. However, they were slightly puzzled. Did Grandmaster want to use death energy?

People had tried to forge using death energy in the past, but they found that when death energy was added into earth fire, if there was too little of it, it would quickly disappear, and if there was too much, it would cause an explosion.

Zuo Mo’s expression was grave as he beckoned with his right hand.

What flew out this time was a batch of bones. Ming Hong recognized them. These ashen white bones were Shrieking Bones. The Shrieking Bones were an unique product of the Ten Thousand Tombs of the Underworld. The bones were very unique. If one stepped on them, they would give off dissonant shrieks.

The reason that the shrieking bones made sounds was because they held a remnant of a fiend soul. Over time, it would form something like a bone spirit. However, the bone spirit that was produced was so weak there almost wasn’t any use to them. Due to this, the bones were not worth any money. If one wanted to train it to become a little ghost, the cost would be more than just buying a little ghost.

If this was any other place, people might still buy shrieking bones. But in the Ten Thousand Tombs of the Underworld, bones were the most worthless thing. Shrieking bones were also the same.

Daren was using shrieking bones

Everyone was astounded and their eyes went wide. Did the shrieking bones contain some secret?

No one knew that on the mountain peak, there were also a few pairs of eyes watching all of this.

“Shrieking bones? This person’s method is very strange.” Si Du who was completely green all over had an expression of puzzlement. Shrieking bones were so common. They could be seen all over the Ten Thousand Tombs of the Underworld.

Si Du’s green complexion was slightly fainter. He was one of the three that had been wounded among the six that had went to Eastern Nether Mansion.

“Interesting.” Gu Wu shuang’s eyes flashed with ghost fire. He was extremely curious.

“Death Poison, Sand Woman’s nether sand is in his possession,” Bu Ru Mian rumbled, “But be prepared to trade for it with your best treasures. Boss said that no one can touch Grandmaster.”

Bu Ru Mian and Si Du were good friends, so he called the other “Death Poison.”

“Sand Woman’s nether sand!” Si Du’s eyes lit up. The sand would be of great help to his recovery. If he could get the nether sand, his wounds wouldn’t just heal, he might grow even stronger.

Suddenly, Mo Ru said, “How did he kill Sand Woman?”

Everyone’s attention was attracted by this question. Everyone had been astounded by that battle. If it was an ambush from Sand Woman and Traveller, any one of them would not have been able to survive it. It was not the first time they fought Eastern Nether Mansion. Sand Woman and Traveller were equal in strength to them.

But the ambush by the two didn’t just fail, one of them died in the battle while one was captured alive. They were in disbelief over the result. In other words, if two of them went to sneak attack Grandmaster, it was likely the same outcome.

Everyone gaze gathered on Bu Ru Mian. He had been the closest to the ambush.

Bu Ru Mian’s muffled voice came through the cloth. “Don’t ask me, I don’t know. I was fighting with Leng Wei at the time. However, I did not feel any vibrations from their fight. Grandmaster might have used an underhanded move.”

The group could accept this explanation. They did not have any doubts that Grandmaster was a great craftsman. It was be strange if a forging grandmaster did not have some treasures up his sleeve.

“Hmph, if you have energy, focus on recover. We cut off Yuwen Hong’s head, Sand Woman and Traveller are both dead, Leng Wei was heavily injured, Eastern Nether Mansion will not accept this. They will definitely gather their forces quickly and come here,” Hei Wu said coldly.

“Leng Wei’s wounds are not light. He dared to fight against me in the Sea of Ten Thousand Boiling Pools, he is really tired of living.” Bu Ru Mian’s eyes flashed with vicious light.

“Do you think that if we asked Grandmaster to forge shen equipment for us, he would agree?” Si Du suddenly said. His eyes were murderous. “Who among us doesn’t have some treasures. If we do not use them now, should we keep them to benefit Eastern Nether mansion after they kill us?”

This was what everyone was thinking about. This battle this time would only end with the fall of one side. There was no going back. They did not say it, but they all knew it. Eastern Nether Mansion was stronger than the Yin Tomb Guards. Their chances of victory were not high.

“Let’s do this!” Bu Ru Mian said briskly.

“Alright!” Hei Wu said.

“Yes!” Gu Wu Shuang agreed.

Mo Ru suddenly said, “Look.”

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