World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy Eight – Ten Years!

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Seventy Eight – Ten Years!

After completing his daily cultivation Fei Lei jumped out of the medicinal pool. The muscles of his refined body did not bulge out like before, but each curve was even tighter and well defined.

He put on clothes and walked out of the cultivation room.

There was a large hall outside the cultivation room. People chatted and boasted in here. Their lives were actually very dull. Other than the routine cultivation, everyone would only go out to raid when they lacked resources.

Fortunately, this was a group of not so normal cultivation maniacs. No one felt that there was anything wrong.

“Old Fei, how much money is left in the account? When are we going out again?” someone shouted.

Fei Lei glanced over and snorted, “Did you recently achieve a breakthrough? Bored?”

Fei Lei had great authority among this group, not just because he managed the accounts, but because he had travelled far and wide to find each of them in the past.

“What breakthrough, he’s been a failure recently, I’m far ahead of him!” someone added in.

“You are say I’m a failure? You’re done for! If you have balls, let’s go to the sparring field!”

“Ha! Who is afraid of you! Let’s go!”

The two ferociously walked towards the sparring field and immediately pulled away a large group of people that wanted to watch.

Fei Lei sat down and then listened to the broadcast of the Seven Star Mo Insect on recent major events. Suddenly, he stilled and listened carefully. The Seven Star Mo Insect was similar to the sound tablet of the xiuzhe.

The new Nether King was ascending to the throne!

They were stationed close to the Nether Realm but they rarely went there. Ever since the Nether Kinga appeared and the Nether Realm was united, that place was not suited for bandits to survive.


Fei Lei suddenly became restless. The blood summons of the past had allowed him to find his destiny. He had worked so hard to find these problematic youths. The name he had given them back then was the King’s Horn. He had done everything he could do in the hopes that one day, he could accomplish his mission.

He had been filled with confidence, especially after Liang Wei took over the battalion and showed outstanding talent. Fei Lei had been filled with hope towards the future. He had never seen such a powerful and talented battle general. He had believed that under Liang Wei’s training, these young and rebellious youths would achieve the glory that belonged to them just like their ancestors.

Just like the name he first gave this battalion, King’s Horn!

However, the king was not here now.

Fei Lei was filled with pain. When the news of the battle of the Central Plains reached them, when he and Liang Wei found out, it was like lightning had struck them. They immediately lost their motivation. If even the king didn’t exist, then who was the horn blown for?

As expected, Liang Wei could not find Pu.

While Liang Wei would go to Pu Pu’s Home For Battle Generals every few days, he would return with disappointment each time.

The same events repeated for ten years.

Fei Lei admired Liang Wei greatly. The predicament that this battalion had faced back then was almost unimaginable. Their connection to Mo Cloud Sea had been cut off, their materials and shen equipment cut off. Other than Youqin Lie who was occasionally able to provide them with some help, all other supplies were stopped. However, Youqin Lie was working under Ming Yue Ye and the help he could provide was limited.

Having lost the sense of belonging, the scarcity of funds and resources, the battalion looked as though it was about to collapse.

But they didn’t.

Liang Wei led them to raid like bandits to replenish their supplies. However, Liang Wei always controlled their slaughter. He did not want them to truly descend to become bandits.

They were a battalion, not bandits!

Liang Wei told them that they had received news from Mo Cloud Sea that Daren would come back. Liang Wei changed the name of the battalion back from the Wolf Head Thousand Monster Camp to King’s Horn. But Fei Lei knew that their contact with Mo Cloud Sea had stopped a long time ago.

But Fei Lei was also willing to believe this lie. He also saw a thread of hope when Mo Cloud Sea did not descend into chaos.

Maybe Daren would return!

They struggled to survive like this. Liang Wei’s viciousness allowed each of them to not fear the difficulties. Youqin Lie would occasionally send them intelligence of some rich targets. This had been of great help to them.

Few could imagine that a group of bandits like this had maintained daily battalion training for ten years. Each of their raids was like a battle, and they would design a complete battle plan.

They did not relax at all.

However, Fei Lei knew that they could not wait forever. Time would cause purpose and loyalty to slowly fade. A battalion that lacked loyalty would only fall to become bandits. At that time, they would truly become bandits.

Fei Lei’s heart was full of pain.

But he did not show it. Just like usual, he wandered off in his mind as he thought. One would never detect any worry from his stern face. He always controlled his emotions. He knew his influence on the battalion.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Liang Wei come in. Fei Lei raised his head and was about to call Liang Wei over to discuss their battle plan as Youqin Lei had sent over another message.

But when his gaze landed on Liang Wei’s face, he stilled.

It was the first time Fei Lei had seen Liang Wei with such an expression. Liang Wei’s face was flushed red as though he was drunk. His facial muscles were unconsciously twitching, his steps unsteady, Fei Lei thought he would fall at any moment. His wolf-like eyes were misty.

Had something happened?

Fei Lei’s heart jumped. Suddenly, he recalled that this was usually the time when Liang Wei went to Pu Pu’s Home for Battle Generals.

Had something … …

Fei Lei’s expression suddenly turned pale and his heart almost stopped beating. His eyes were wide as he started at Liang Wei, unable to make any sound.

“He, he’s come back!” Liang Wei who was as vicious as a wolf murmured.

Fei Lei felt the blood rush to his head, his legs weakening as he fell to the ground. A long time later, like a person who had almost suffocated to death, when the air reached his lungs, his body started to tremble.

Fei Lei sobbed loudly.

Ten years of waiting!

Anticipation, longing, hope, hopelessness, pain, endurance, all of it within these ten years of waiting.

The stern man cried like a child.

Liang Wei’s eyes were rimmed in red, and tears rose but he gritted his teeth and tried to control his tears so that they would not flow down. He used so much force that his face was twitching. He didn’t dare to speak. He was afraid if he relaxed slightly, the tears would fall down.

He was like a wolf, how could he cry?

He crouched down next to Fei Lei and patted Fei Lei’s shoulder. He continued to pat.

They were the best partners!

Right now, and in the future!

He knew the emotion and effort Fei Lei had invested into his battalion. He knew just how difficult and painful this past decade had been for Fei Lei, just like he knew that the pain Fei Lei endured these ten years was far greater than his.

He was only here in order to fight, to create his own battalion. He waited in order to repay the other for giving him the opportunity. However, Fei Lei was not the same. That was his purpose, his lifelong mission. Other than this, Fei Lei had to be responsible for these youths that he had recruited personally. This feeling of responsibility had tormented this man for ten years.

Suddenly, Fei Lei stopped sobbing. He wiped his tears and said in a hoarse voice, “Where is he?”

Liang Wei recovered his calm and his eyes flashed. “In Nether Realm!”

“Nether Realm?” Fei Lei was astounded.

“He’s the new Nether King!” Liang Wei was also astounded, but at this time, he admired Fei Lei’s almost dazed expression.

Fei Lei was in a daze for a long time before he murmured, “King’s Horn! We are the King’s Horn!”

“He instructed that we travel to the Nether Realm as soon as possible, he needs guards.” Liang Wei recovered his calm.

“He’s in danger?” Fei Lei changed expression.

Liang Wei’s expression also became grave. “He did not say, but he said for us to meet up with him immediately.”

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s go!” Fei Lei unhesitatingly stood and moved quickly.

Looking as Fei Lei recovered his vitality and spirit, Liang Wei’s lips curved in a hint of a smile. His wolf-like eyes also flashed with fire and fighting spirit.

Silent for ten years, do you still remember that youth, Liang Wei, that sprinted after the enemy for ten thousand li!

Ten years had passed, the youth had become middle-aged.

And it was time for the horn to be sounded.

Liang Wei balled his fists!

The news that the a new Nether King was ascending to the throne shook the world.

Ever since the Nether King united the Nether Realm ten years ago, the Nether Realm immediately became one of the most important factions in the world. However, this Nether King had always been low-key and never communicated with the outside world. However, no one doubted the power of the Nether King. Up until now, the Nether Realm was the only place that had not been touched by large scale war.

Compared to the chaotic Hundred Savage Realm the reason Nether Realm was strong was because of the appearance of the Nether King.

The Nether Realm that was thought of the most stable suddenly had the news that a new king was ascending to the throne. How could it not be a shock?

The Nether King had just united the Nether Realm ten years ago. Why was the Nether King abdicating?

Was the Nether King’s life at end?

People knew very little about this new king. They just knew that he would be taking the throne in a month at Nether King Palace. The new Nether King was the appointed successor by the old Nether King. Theoretically, there was nothing to argue about his ascension.

However, the upcoming ascension of the new Nether King was filled with uncertainties. Would the other factions submit? The authority of the first Nether King was obtained through war. But the new Nether King lacked this authority. Of the four Nether Lords, only An Mo and You Zhe openly supported the new king. Other than this, the Yin Tomb Ghost Lord also supported the new king but they were fighting fiercely against Eastern Nether Mansion. The silence of Eastern Nether Mansion and Northern Plains Ice Mansion also caused people to have a negative outlook on the new Nether King.

Two of the four nether lords were silent. It was even harder to predict the reactions of other factions of the Nether Realm.

Would the coronation of the new Nether King become the catalyst for the division of Nether Realm? No one knew. The coronation ceremony at Nether King Palace would give the final answer.

Due to this, the coronation ceremony at Nether King Palace attracted the attention of the world.

The rumor was that there were more than ten thousand leaders that were going to attend the coronation of the new king. Adding on the guards that accompanied them, the attendance at this ceremony would surpass three million people.

This was the largest ceremony of Nether Realm in history.

The Nether Realm was one of the largest factions in the world at the moment. Its development would greatly impact the affairs of the world.

All of this, when chased back to the source, gathered on one person.

The new Nether King!

Translator Ramblings: Old people reappear again! Poor Liang Wei and Fei Lei. It’s amazing they managed to stay loyal for ten years.