World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Ninety Six – Have To Fight!

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Ninety Six – Have To Fight!

Zuo Mo was stunned when he received the message Lil’ Miss sent.

Zuo Mo had interacted with Li Xian Er before. In his impression, while Li Xian Er was determined she would not join Mo Cloud Sea.

After he read the entire message, he lamented.

Even the strongest faction, once it split internally, would decline. Thinking of the previous Tian Huan he sighed. That was an existence that had matched Kun Lun. When the Tian Huan of the past moved against them on the market, Mo Cloud Sea wasn’t even able to buy materials.

Who would have thought that Tian Huan would end up in such dire straits!

After he finished lamenting, Zuo Mo started to scratch his head. His original plan was to use Tian Huan to distract Kun Lun, and then they would carry out a few sneak attacks to delay the other. After he finished uniting the mo, the two sides would meet up and then defeat Kun Lun.

Now he found that his imagination had been too optimistic. He encountered a hardy resistance from Hundred Savage Realm that they had thought would be easily defeated. The five jie defense line was one that would cost countless lives to defeat in open battle.

Li Xian Er joining in also disrupted his plan.

Would they agree for Li Xian Er and North Tian Huan joining? They could only agree. Just for the numerous seal xiu of North Tian Huan and the two top battle generals, Zuo Mo had to agree. But if they agreed, North Tian Huan was then Mo Cloud Sea’s territory. That meant that the battle between Kun Lun and Mo Cloud Sea would now start on all fronts.

It wouldn’t be possible to hide behind Tian Huan and make sneak attacks like they had planned.

After thinking for a few moments, Zuo Mo found that this problem was not an issue of whether he was willing or not. It was unavoidable.

Since that’s the case, then fight!

Zuo Mo calculated the time. Eldest Shixiong and the others probably would reach Mo Cloud Sea soon.

Liao Lin looked around warily. He was the captain of the scout patrol and was responsible for leading a team of three hundred.

As an old-timer of Vermillion Bird Camp, he could not be considered to have ended up well, but he did not care. He knew how much skill he had. If he hadn’t encountered Boss, he would have just been a store clerk his entire life. He was satisfied now at being in charge of three hundred people, especially since they were an elite scout troop.

Vermillion Bird Camp had become a legendary existence in Mo Cloud Sea. The experiences brought him many benefits. For example, when he first took charge of the scout troop, the rebellious youths were extremely respectful when they heard he was from Vermillion Bird Camp.

Liao Lin’s strength was not outstanding in Vermilions Bird Camp, but he was a clever and cautious person. Also, the people that came from Vermillion Bird Camp had that aura. They had been completely trained through Lil’ Miss’ demon training in the past. They were methodical in everything they did.

He led the scout troop and seemed to roam aimlessly in the air.

Since Kun Lun started to attack North Tian Huan, Mo Cloud Sea had entered battle mode. The battalions quickly gathered. Liao Lin’s mission was to eliminate the enemy spies and scouts in the area.

The so-called enemy spies were only one kind, Kun Lun’s spies.

Liao Lin’s group had fought with Kun Lun’s spies a few times already. Kun Lun’s scouts were extremely skilled. One-on-one, they could not win. However, this was their territory. Once they found the tracks of the enemy spies, they had ways of dealing with the enemy.

Suddenly, Liao Li raised his head.

“Captain Liao, what?” his subordinate asked curiously. He looked over. There was nothing.

Liao Lin’s expression became grave. He could feel an extremely small wave of vibration. But, quickly, the vibrations was becoming strong at an astounding rate!

No! Not just one wave!

“Enemy attack!” Liao Lin said gravely.

So fast!

In the sky, several black dots were nearing at astounding speed.

At this time, everyone felt the vibrations in the air. The enemy was so fast, it was terrifying!


Five figures flew above the clouds at astounding speed. They did not conceal themselves at all. The enormous howl created by high speed flight came from far away.

The thick cloud sea under them seemed to be cut up by scissors.

Everyone was astounded by this scene. They had seen those talismans or movement methods famed for their speed, but it was the first time they saw such speed.

Liao Lin was the first to recover from the shock. His heart rose up and he was about to charge towards them. He still underestimated the others’ speed. In this instant, they reached him.

When Liao Lin saw the appearance of the person at the front, he seemed to be struck by lightning. He exclaimed, “Teacher Wei!”

The person at the front heard Liao Lin’s exclamation and his body curved. He appeared without warning in front of Liao Lin. His action immediately attracted the hostility of the scout troop. The entire troop was about to leap towards him.

“Hold!” Liao Lin seemed to wake up and hurriedly shouted.

The scout troop stopped.

Liao Lin’s gaze didn’t dare to move away from the familiar face. He was afraid that if he moved, he would find that this was just an illusion of his. His lps trembled, “Teacher Wei … … Teacher Wei, is it you?”

Wei Sheng examined Liao Lin and then he had a smile. “You are Little Liao Zi?”

He had taught Vermillion Bird Camp sword scriptures in the past and was familiar with some of them. Liao Lin was one of them.

“Teacher Wei! Teacher Wei! You have really returned!” Liao Lin’s tears could not be stopped and trailed down. He frightened his subordinates. They had never seen Captain Liao like this.

Liao Lin wiped his face. His gaze swept across the others and his heart suddenly trembled. “Teacher Wei, what of Daren? Miss A Gui?”

Wei Sheng had a gentle smile. “They will come back after a while.”

“Daren is still alive? Miss A Gui is still alive?” Liao Lin asked in a trembling voice.

“Yes, still alive!” Wei Sheng could understand Liao lin’s excitement. His deep voice was filled with the power to make people believe.

“Great! Great … …” Liao Lin was so excited he was incoherent.

Wei Sheng had returned!

Zong Ru had returned!

Ceng Lian’er had returned!

Wo Li and Luo Li had returned!

The news swept like a gust of wind. Within the span of night, the news spread all over Mo Cloud Sea.

Mo Cloud Sea shook! The entire world shook!

Zuo Mo was still alive! Miss A Gui was still alive! They would return soon!

Shortly after North Tian Huan announced they were joining Mo Cloud Sea. The day after, the four Minor Dhyana Sects and Gu Liang Dao separately announced they were joining Mo Cloud Sea.

The world was amazed!

Another titan took form. Joining North Tian Huan, the four Minor Dhyana Sects, Gu Liang Dao and Mo Cloud Sea, they possessed over one and a half realms of territory.

In terms of land, Mo Cloud Sea was much smaller than Kun Lun’s two and a half.

But in other areas, Mo Cloud Sea was even stronger, especially in terms of battle generals. At this time, Mo Cloud Sea had six top battle generals under their command, Gongsun Cha, Bie Han, Yang Yuan Hao, Gu Liang Dao, Mu Shuang, and Gongye Xiao Rong.

Such a grand team was enough to outshine even Kun Lun’s three famed battle generals.

After absorbing North Tian Huan’s astounding number of seal xiu, Mo Cloud Sea’s forging strength would increase tangibly. The Mo Cloud Sea which was already extremely rich would become truly strong in their army with the addition of so many battle generals.

In the evaluations by all sides, for the first time, Mo Cloud Sea became a large faction on par with Kun Lun. Everyone thought that the two were evenly matched, with both sides having their advantage and disadvantages.

Kun Lun was both alarmed and angry that North Tian Huan, the four Minor Dhyana Sects, and Yang Yuan Hao joined Mo Cloud Sea at the same time. The return of Wei Sheng and the others didn’t just make up for Mo Cloud Sea’s weakness in terms of high level offensive power, it also stabilized the hearts of Mo Cloud Sea. Now, everyone knew that Zuo Mo was going to return!

The situation changed so quickly that all of Kun Lun felt they were caught off guard.

A cooked duck had just flown away, everyone felt extremely frustrated! Even a person who did not show their emotions easily like Lin Qian had a black expression.

Zuo Mo was still alive!

Lin Qian could not understand how these people had escaped from the Central Plains.

But he knew just how terrible this piece of news was. All of the changes were linked by one fact, Zuo Mo was still alive. Only with Zuo Mo being alive did people have such a hopeful outlook on Mo Cloud Sea, and these people would join Mo Cloud Sea.

Yet he didn’t have time to rage. There was an even more urgent problem to be solved.

Should they still fight North Tian Huan?

Fighting would mean that they would start their battle in full with Mo Cloud Sea. If they didn’t fight, regardless of Kun Lun being made a joke, it would not be so easy to invade North Tian Huan in the future.

Everyone in Kun Lun had dark expressions.

They knew that Kun Lun had not prepared to start a full war against Mo Cloud Sea. Their original plan was to consume and increase their morale. Kun Lun would gradually move their people, and after taking over the other factions, they would ride their wave of victory to have a final battle with Mo Cloud Sea.

This choice would decide Kun Lun’s face.

Everyone’s eyes gathered on Lin Qian. Other than Lin Qian, no one qualified to make the decision at this time.

Lin Qian’s face gradually recovered. His expression was determined. “Fight! We have not prepared, but Mo Cloud Sea has not prepared either. If we wait for them to organize, our situation would become more difficult.”

“Then fight!” Xue Dong stood up first and said, “For Kun Lun!

“For Kun Lun!”

Everyone stood up with decisiveness on their faces.

Gongye Xiao Rong looked at the wreckage on the battlefield with a heavy heart. When Li Xian Er sent him the message that they were preparing to join Mo Cloud Sea, he was silent.

He knew that Li Xian Er’s decision was right. He was not the only one, Elder Mu Shuang also knew. But Elder Mu Shuang still cried in sorrow.

Gongye Xiao Rong did not cry. He felt relieved of a burden. He was still young, and his feelings towards Tian Huan was not as deep as that of Elder Mu Shuang. He had struggled for ten years with no hope. The feeling of helplessness had hung over him for ten years.

Right now, his performance would determine the fates of everyone in the future.

He felt it was good to use his merits to win better lives for everyone. At least, he could accomplish this.

Mo Cloud Sea was stronger and better prepared than he imagined. Their supplies had already reached their destinations.

The following battle would be a cruel bloodbath.

Kun Lun had no option of retreat left.

However, neither did he.

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