World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Ninety Four Response

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Ninety Four Response

The mobilization rate of the mo was astounding. Zuo Mo was very astonished. Even Mo Cloud Sea would take longer to move people on such scale. And in the xiuzhe world, Mo Cloud Sea was considered the best.

Fighting and battle had a special place in the minds of mo. Their enthusiasm towards battle was unlike the xiuzhe and the yao. The xiuzhe did not fear battle, the yao did not like battle, while the mo were enthusiastic towards battle. In Zuo Mo’s view, this attitude was madness and unreasonable.

The decision to leave An Mo in charge had evident effects.

In a short fifteen days, all five hundred thousand Nether Realm troops had finished preparing for war. Nether Realm anticipated the impending war. The morale of the populace was high.

Just before Zuo Mo prepared to depart, the news that Kun Lun had began attacking Tian Huan was passed to Zuo Mo through Mo Cloud Sea.

Zuo Mo and Lin Qian had fought for many years and were familiar with each other. Almost instantly, Zuo Mo under what Lin Qian planned.

In these past days, Zuo Mo had been studying the situation of the xiuzhe world. Large amounts of intelligence and information had been passed over from Mo Cloud Sea. The situation of the xiuzhe world gradually became clear.

North Tian Huan who had greatly expended itself was not a match for Kun Lun.

Also, Zuo Mo speculated that Kun Lun would have Mi Nan lead at the front. Mi Nan would know the most about Tian Huan’s territories. After siding with Kun Lun, Mi Nan had been treated very well. He didn’t just lead the battalion he had before, he had received large amounts of jingshi and resources. His soldiers were strong and well-supplied.

In order to avoid suspicion, and to prove his ability, Mi Nan would fight as hard as he could.

Li Xian Er’s commanders were on par with Kun Lun’s. Mu Shuang was one of the ten top battle generals and Gongye Xiao Rong had grown into a top battle general in the past ten years. However, Tian Huan had been greatly wounded by the civil war. The internal conflict of the past years had used up most of their resources. While Mu Shuang and Gongye Xiao Rong were skilled, they were restrained by the lack of resources. The more they fought, the less manpower they had, the more resources they had spent.

Tian Huan would not be able to fight against Kun Lun’s armies.

Once they swallowed Tian Huan, Kun Lun would obtain another half of a realm. They would have a territory the size of three realms. Such a large territory was suffocatingly large.

However, Zuo Mo did not plan to let Kun Lun have it so easily.

His eyes flashed with cold light.

In terms of famous commanders, Kun Lun was nothing!

Gu Liang Dao threw the report that indicated Mu Shuang had been defeated to the table and stood up.

“Big Brother! The preparations are done!” Shuang Yu said gravely. His eyes flashed with light and were filled with fighting spirit.

Ten years ago, they had been defeated by Xue Dong. Over these ten years, Shuang Yuhad never slacked on his cultivation for a moment. Right now, his power was at pseudo god-level.

It was time to repay the enemy for that defeat!

All of the battalions under Gu Liang Dao’s command held a grudge. They had lost so much in that battle! That battle had been a serious blow to Gu Liang Dao especially, and he had been discouraged for a very long time.

Gu Liang Dao held a high place in the hearts of these people. Every person felt extremely discomforted when they saw Boss so discouraged and their hate of Kun Lun increased by the day.

Gu Liang Dao’s hair was peppered with white and his gaze was weary.

However, today he gave off a great presence just like he did in the past, as though he was looking down on the world. There seemed to be fire burning in his eyes.

Gu Liang Dao nodded and walked towards the door.

He pushed open the door.

The organized battalion stood upright in the cold wind outside.

Each person’s face flashed with bright fighting spirit. They did not retreat in the cold wind, their backs straight and their gazes heated.

Gu Liang Dao looked at the battalion that he had created, the faces of his subordinates who had followed him for so many years. He was filled with emotion.

He suppressed his excitement and said, “Ten years ago, we were defeated, ten years later, we fight again.”

Thinking of the terrible defeat ten years ago, everyone’s breathing became heavy and their expressions twisted.

“What we lost ten years ago, we will take back with our hands ten years later.”

Gu Liang Dao’s gaze was like a blade that slowly swept through as he said, emphasizing each word, “We will win!”

“Win!” “Win!” “Win!”

The tsunami of shouts echoed in the code wind. Everyone within it felt as though their blood suddenly started to burn.

“Depart!” Gu Liang Dao was the first to move.

Yang Yuan Hao looked carefully on the paper crane on his hand as though there was something growing on the paper crane. He had been in sitting this position for the better half of an hour.

This guy making such a great fuss upon his first reappearance.

Lin Qian had terrible luck to encounter an opponent like this, so pitiful … …

Yang Yuan Hao muttered inside. However, he had an expression of schadenfreude. Four hours ago, he had received the news that Kun Lun was unstoppable against Tian Huan.

Alright, the villain will have their own opponents … …

Yang Yuan Hao comforted himself. He knew very well that both he and Gu Liang Dao had lost the ability to remain neutral. The world becoming united could not be stopped. They could only join a side.

Originally, he had thought that Kun Lun’s unification of the four realms was certain. Who would have expected that Zuo Mo, who had disappeared for ten years, would suddenly reappear and disrupt the situation.

If there was no Zuo Mo, then Kun Lun was unstoppable.

Zuo Mo being alive didn’t just meant that the powerful Mo Cloud Sea would not collapse, there was something else more important. Zuo Mo’s existence would form an even stronger alliance.

The alliance of Gu Liang Dao, the Four Minor Dhyana Sects, and Mo Cloud Sea would be a strong alliance.

Even Li Xian Er and the others of North Tian Huan were potential allies for this alliance.

Yang Yuan Hao had formed an unspoken agreement with Zuo Mo all those years ago. He had been prepared to side with Mo Cloud Sea in the past. However, he hadn’t done so after Zuo Mo disappeared. But he still had helped Gongsun Cha conquer Xi Xuan at the crucial moment.

Gu Liang Dao had great ambitions in the past. That defeat ten years ago had crushed his hopes. In Yang Yuan Hao’s opinion, Gu Liang Dao would side with Mo Cloud Sea.

If they sided with Mo Cloud Sea, then Mo Cloud Sea would have four top battle generals, one more than Kun Lun.

Mo Cloud Sea would become the only choice for the factions that could not side with Kun Lun or disliked Kun Lun.

When Yang Yuan Hao had received Zuo Mo’s paper crane, he had started to prepare to lead the Four Minor Dhyana Sects to join Mo Cloud Sea.

However … …

Zuo Mo’s plan … … was really devious … …

A thread of flame rose on Yang Yuan Hao’s hand and consumed the paper crane. Not even ashes were left.

Among the flames, Yang Yuan Hao stood up.

He had not been idle in these ten years!

Li Xian Er’s face was ashen.

Mi Shuang had been defeated!

Defeated by Mi Nan. Li Xian Er knww the difference in skill between Mi Nan and Mu Shuang was not large. In the past years, both of them had exchanged victories and defeats.

Yet Mi Nan who had been resupplied was stronger, and Mu Shuang’s battalion was in remnants. They didn’t even have enough shen equipment.

Mi Nan was familiar with Tian Huan’s tactics. Possessing an absolute advantage, his attacks came in suffocating waves.

Mu Shuang could not stop Mi Nan’s attack and successively lost.

For ten years, the battle between North and South Tian Huan had never stopped. No one in Tian Huan could accept that Tian Huan had split. Even tired to the bone, they still persisted.

Li Xian Er was bewildered.

In these years, she hadn’t given up. She had cultivated day and night. While she had not reached god-level, she had successfully reached pseudo god-level. In another five or six years, she would be able to enter god-level.

If she was god-level, Tian Huan would be able to fight back!

Li Xian Er was filled with self-recrimination.

Gongye Xiao Rong walked in. The handsome youth of the past now had a mature aura. There was no marks of the pride of the past. He noticed Li Xian Er’s expression and sighed inside.

“Little Shimei, do not blame yourself,” he comforted softly, “As long as we have a clear conscience …”

Liang Xian Er raised her head and looked at Gongye Xiao Rong. She said determinedly, “Shixiong, do not comfort me. As long as there is a chance, I will not give up!”

A hint of admiration flashed through Gongye Xiao Rong’s gaze. He nodded and said, “That is right! Little Shimei, it seems that we cannot stop Kun Lun with our own strength.”

“Shixiong means we should recruit some allies?” Li Xian Er reacted quickly.

“Yes! At this time, the only one that has the strength to help us is Mo Cloud Sea,” Gongye Xiao Rong said gravely. “Shimei, please go to Mo Cloud Sea. I believed that Lil’ Miss Gongsun understands that without the lips, the teeth will feel cold.”

“Alright!” Li Xian Er did not hesitate and nodded briskly.

“Elder Mu and I will try to gain time for Shimei to negotiate,” Gongye Xiao Rong said gravely.

Seeing Gongye Xiao Rong’s grave countenance, Li Xian Er suddenly realized. Elder Mu and Xiao Rong Shixiong were prepared to sacrifice themselves. Tears streaming down, Li Xian Er bit her lips to stop the sobs from coming out. She wiped her tears, raised her head and said with determination, “I will persuade Mo Cloud Sea.”

“Then I will rely on Shimei,” Gongye Xiao Rong patted Li Xian Er’s shoulder and turned to leave.

Li Xian Er finally could not stop herself and sobbed!

The army was vast.

The Nether Realm’s campaign had not concealed their actions but was as public as possible.

When the army of five hundred thousand flew through the sky and covered it, the land would darken under their shadows. The troops that seemed endless made people unable to muster up any resistance.

Everywhere they passed, there was only trembling and terror.

Zuo Mo used Shi’s chariot. It had been stored in Nether King Palace and naturally became Zuo Mo’s property now.

This Nether King Chariot that was famed throughout the Nether Realm was enormous and like a small mobile palace. Seeing the Nether King Chariot, Zuo Mo found that while his golden chariot looked grand, it was still lacking in magnificence compared to this chariot.

The Nether King Chariot was extremely stable when it flew.

Inside the chariot, Zuo Mo sat on the throne, and the commanders gathered below him. People noticed that a female mask-wearing guard was next to King, and secretly speculated to her identity and origins.

An Mo was in charge of the strategic meeting.

An Mo and Liang Wei had worked together to make this war plan. Liang Wei knew Hundred Savage Realm better than An Mo. Zuo Mo could not point out any problems in the plan the two had made.

However, unlike the calm they showed, An Mo and Liang Wei were extremely nervous. It was the first time the two commanded such a large scale war and they couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Their first target was the Mo Marshal Alliance.

When the enormous army of the Nether King that seemed to be endless appeared on the horizon at the border, all of Hundred Savage Realm was stunned.

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