World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Ninety Eight – Strong Attack

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Ninety Eight – Strong Attack

When Bie Han saw the terrible state of Gongye Xiao Rong Battalion, he was astounded. A battalion that suffered this level of casualties could be said to be crippled, but their faces gave him pause. Their faces were filled with sorrow and pain, but also with hate and spirit.

Bie Han nodded inwardly. This battalion was not crippled.

When Bie Han saw Gongye Xiao Rong’s calm expression, it proved the conclusion he reached. . While he looked exhausted and fragile, his gaze was filled with determination.

“Leave this to us, go rest.”

Bie Han’s voice had a hint of respect. This had nothing to do with strength. The kind of spirit and determination it took to still hold on and think of ways to force the enemy back in such a disadvantageous battle was worthy of respect.

“Alright.” Gongye Xiao Rong looked at Bie Han. He felt sadness. Tian Huan had declined and died. Mo Cloud Sea was like the sun in the sky. The change was something that people who were inside Tian Huan felt more deeply.

Bie Han seemed to see what Gongye Xiao Rong was thinking and said, “Your equipment and resources have arrived. Pick your own soldiers. If you are fast, you can still return to this big war.”

Bie Han’s tone was cold, but Gongye Xiao Rong could hear the care inside it.

Gongye Xiao Rong became alert. Bie Han was right. This war had just started. If they finished recovering fast enough, they could still make it in time.

This battle was important to him and Tian Huan.

“Man thanks!” Gongye Xiao Rong bowed solemnly to Bie Han.

Bie Han nodded and then turned around expressionlessly to leave.

Bie Han glanced at the ruined battlefield and didn’t have any intentions of setting up seal formation defense lines. He was not skilled in defense and he didn’t need defense.

“Find the position of Mu Xuan Battalion,” Bie Han said coldly.

Dozens of scouts disappeared into the air.

He did not stay where he was but ordered Sin Battalion to advance. He sent out scouts along the way in search of Mu Xuan’s position.

Soon, the scouts found Mu Xuan.

Mu Xuan Battalion was advancing murderously. After recovering their shen power, how could Mu Xuan Battalion accept their defeat.

However, Mu Xuan had a deep impression from last time. She reflected deeply and had learned her lesson. No top battle general was easy to deal with. Even if the enemy did not have the same manpower, she should never assume the other did not have the ability to retaliate.

Mu Xuan became more wary after she was bitten by Gongye Xiao Rong when she had the advantage of manpower. While she had returned this time, she was not careless.

Large numbers of scouts were sent out.

Soon, the scouts of both sides met in skirmishes.

Mu Xuan quickly learned that there was an unknown battalion that was moving in her direction. She became even more wary. Someone that knew her strength and still dared to come over was not a normal person.

She became even more wary but did not retreat.

Soon, she saw the enemy battalion.

Mu Xuan’s expression became grave.

Bie Han’s Sin Battalion!

They came so quickly!

“What do they want to do?” Youxi Ya Ke looked dazedly at the battalions that were gathering in front of the formation and murmured.

The battalions flowed and gathered.

The troops were coming constantly as though it was endless.

Everyone, including Youxi Ya Ke was stunned by the scene. In a short period of time, over sixty thousand people had gathered in front of them.

What kind of joke was this?

Any average battalion here was just two to three thousand people. Sixty thousand people, that meant the enemy had gathered about thirty battalions here.

Youxi Ya Ke’s eyes were experienced. From the presence that these sixty thousand exuded, they were not normal battalions! They were well trained, they may be lacking compared to his Youxi Battalion but at least comparable to the battalions of his subordinates.

Even more importantly, numbers!

The defense line that Youxi Ya Ke was stationed at was only twenty thousand people. Youxi Battalion was only five thousand strong. The other fifteen thousand were from various elite battalions.

Suddenly, Youxi Ya Ke shook and called over his second in command. He howled, “Go ask what the situation at the other places are like?”

Youxi Ya Ke released his hand. The second in command scrambled to contact the other battalions. Youxi Ya Ke looked dazedly at the terrifying group of battalions with a dark expression. He murmured, “We cannot be this unlucky, is my place the break point?”

If that was the case, then it would be terrible!

Soon, the second in command rushed back and reported with an ashen face of the situations of the other battalions.

Youxi Ya Ke was stunned.

There was an astounding number of enemies gathered at each battalion’s base, all of them elite forces.

When he calculated the number, he suddenly shook. His face turned ashen. The enemy had put more than three hundred thousand elite troops into the first wave of attacks!

It was so … … so terrifying!

No one knew about their own situation better than Youxi Ya Ke. Hundred Savage Realm had fought endlessly for years, and the expenditure of their battalions had been astounding. While they said they had gathered three hundred thousand, about one hundred thousand of this were just normal battalions.

Battalions were not judged just by numbers, their training and skill level was even more important. Usually, battalions were divided into three ranks.

The strongest top battalions were all lead by the famed battle generals. The difference in numbers between these top battalions was great large. For example, Bie Han’s Sin Battalion was always around three thousand people, while at the other end Mu Xuan Battalion was ten thousand. However, at that level, what was important was the collective fighting power, and not numbers.

The second rank was the elite battalions. On average, these battalions were weaker than top battalions, but were stronger than normal battalions. It could be said that the elite battalions relied on numbers. The numbers determined the difference in power between opponents. Elite battalions usually did not vary greatly in their skill. They fought based on numbers.

The third rank was the normal battalions. They were usually the local garrisons, and acted as reserves for elite battalions.

Hundred Savage Realm had fought among itself for ten years, while Nether Realm had rested for ten years. The difference was completely on display now.

Youxi Ya Ke’s heart continued to sink. His battalion was the strongest of the Mo Shen Temple next to Chief Mo God. The Mo Shen Temple had two top battalions. The Chief Mo God lead one, Youxi Ya Ke lead the other, but the difference the number of elite battalions was too high.

Top battalions were trump cards. They either decided the battle or they were used as intimidation. Elite battalions were the main forces in war and were usually the battalions that were exhausted the fastest. In the ten years of internal conflict, Hundred Savage Realm’s elite battalions suffered significant losses. This didn’t just lower the number of elite battalions, it also decreased the skill level of the elite battalions.

Cultivation needed time. The training of an acceptable elite soldier took time.

The enemy knew their weakness!

And used the simplest and most direct method, a strong attack!

And an attack on all fronts!

Fighting with more than three hundred thousand people!

Youxi Ya Ke’s mouth tasted bitter. He could see the problem but he didn’t have a solution.

The battalions’ shadows stretched out like a forest. Each face flashed with heated fighting spirit. There was only one person in their field of view—the unparalleled king wearing the bronze mask.

This battalion was over fifty thousand people. They were lead by ten gold battle generals, each of which was a lord of a region or the leader of a clan. They had been through hundreds of battles, were experienced and reliable. They were shrouded in killing intent and were authoritative.

There was glory in having King personally leading them, the ten gold battle generals were extremely excited. When they learned that their battalions had been picked to be led by King personally, everyone knew how rare a chance this was, and they decided they would fight to the death.

These fifty thousand were the elite of the elite. Each person would be the absolute strongest of an area. Also, each of them had at least ten years of experience in a battalion.

This meant that no matter if it was individual power, or combat training, they were some of the best.

The entire place was silent and filled with killing intent.

These fifty thousand would be led by Zuo Mo. This was the first time Zuo Mo was leading such a large battalion. His gaze was as usual as he swept across the battalion. His mind was unaffected.

“King, they are in their position!”

The second in command next to Zuo Mo reported loudly.

Everyone heard this and their fighting spirits rose!

An Mo and Liang Wei were both participating in this battle. Due to this, they arranged a second in command to communicate with the battalions for Zuo Mo.

It was about to start!

This battle was crucial for Zuo Mo. It as not just important for Zuo Mo’s empire, it would also greatly change the structure of the world. Strangely, Zuo Mo’s heart was calm. It was not affected at all by the great battle about to start.

Without realizing it, he had reached a position of power that he didn’t even dare to think about in the past. But Zuo Mo who was maturing by the day became even more composed.


Zuo Mo’s icy order was like a spark that immediately ignited this unprecedented campaign.

A defense line of five jie, an army of three hundred and fifty thousand attacking simultaneously!

The defense line exploded. The scene of an army of three hundred and fifty thousand attacking at once was almost unimaginable.

The shen power of three hundred and fifty thousand gathered on the thirty five thousand mo captains, then to the seven thousand mo colonels, and then to the seven hundred silver battle generals.

The shen techniques with their astounding power covered the entire defense line.

The shen technique each silver battle general released was different. Some sprayed fatal nether mist that immediately covered a range of a hundred li, others were bright, grand, and came like a storm that robbed life, some were silent and caused immediate death.

What was even more stunning was the attacks of gold battle generals.

The shen power that could destroy the land allowed them to release the strongest of shen techniques. Their powerful control allowed them to easily control the pace of the battle.

Boom boom boom!

Grey blade energies hundreds of zhang long with long tails trailing behind as they smashed on the light shield of the defense line. The light shield made from jinzhi wavered violently.

Before they recovered, the grey mists dozens of zhang tall turned into skulls, packed rains of candles, and white screaming fist energies and other things that smashed against the light barrier.

The light shield was like a fragile bubble that immediately shattered.

No one had experienced such a terrifying attack, a barrage of such intensity! The shen power of three hundred and fifty thousand was furiously send into the battlefield as though it didn’t cost anything in a spectacular display!

The impenetrable five jie defense line wavered under the fires of battle.

Zuo Mo knew it was time for him to attack.

He unhooked the King’s Horn from his waist.

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