World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Three – God-level!

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Three – God-level!

A wisp of fire suddenly jumped inside of Luo Li’s body that was gradually turning ethereal. His fading body was like cotton soaked in oil and started to burn with a woosh.

The flames followed along the chain between the two and spread towards Wo Li.

Wo Li suddenly turned her head and looked at Luo Li covered in flames.

Her cool eyes became gentle and then became determined.

Ever since she was created, she knew that she was his sword. The sword should be strong, sharp, only then could she protect him.

She knew his thoughts and resolve just like she understood his emotions.

Surviving together, never abandoning each other.

She was his sword, she was here to help him fulfill his duties.

The flames quickly spread to her along the chains. She was born for him, from him, and her heart was unusually calm at being able to turn into dust in his flames.

The flames burrowed into her body. Powerful shen power formed in her body like a roiling volcano.

“Luo Li!”

Her lips parted slightly, her murmured filled with soft emotion. That even fainter figure in the flames seemed to hear her murmur and shook slightly.

The fire became dimmer and dimmer, the chain was burnt into dust. The last wisp of flame entered her body, and she could feel that familiar presence inside her body. He had not left.

“Never to be parted!”

Wo Li’s face became determined again. She was the sword, she had to complete his last wishes!

His wishes were her wishes!

His duty was her duty!

Living and dying together, never apart!

Another figure flew into the air.

Chief Elder made a slight sound of surprise. It was a sword spirit! It was the first time he saw such a life-like sword spirit. What shocked him the most was that the sword spirit did not seem any different compare with a living person.

This was impossible!

Even Kun Lun could not make a sword spirit become like a living person. Sword spirits were created from sword scriptures, no one could create other people, even god-level experts definitely could not!

These people from Mo Cloud Sea … … they were really a group of freaks!

Chief Elder was not very surprised by Ceng Lian’er’s abilities. It had been known a long time ago that Ceng Lian’er had the complete inheritance of the moon shen power. Many sects had secretly desired to capture Ceng Lian’er and get the moon shen power from her. In the end, they had to give up on their desire due to the strength of Mo Cloud Sea.

The Moon Shen Temple had not been as powerful as the Sun Shen Temple but their line of succession had not been broken. In any era, they maintained their own inheritance. This alone was a proof of their power.

Looking at the sky, Chief Elder’s mind finally was affected.

A sun, a full moon, a bloody sky, combined they formed an eerie picture. Even Chief Elder had never seen such a picture.

This time, it really was troublesome!

He felt slight regret. He should have left a bit earlier.

Now, he was surrounded by six people. While none of them were god-level, but each of them were just a step away from god-level.

Chief Elder would naturally not fear if it was just one or two of them, but six at once, and each of them with eerie and strange powers, Chief Elder immediately felt a great pressure.

Also … …

Chief Elder glanced at a non-descript corner in the distance out of the corner of his eye.

Kun Lun’s people wanted to take advantage of the chaos.

Chief Elder noticed Lin Qian and the people from Kun Lun hiding when he entered god-level. The presence of Lin Qian’s Immemorial Shen Sword was too strong. If he used this opportunity to kill Lin Qian and these people, then no one could stop Tian Huan from dominating.

But Chief Elder was very wary of the sword in Lin Qian’s hands. Normal people might not know about this sword, but how could Chief Elder not? The Immemorial Shen Sword combined with the soul of the previous Kun Lun sect leader allowed the power of this sword to reach a terrifying level. Even if a god-level was touched by this sword, it would be dangerous.

Therefore, Chief Elder’s mind moved and he had thought of a wonderful idea.

If he closed off and then detonated Central Plains Jie, Lin Qian could probably escape using the power of the Immemorial Sword. However, he would definitely pay a significant price, and the other people with him would die.

Wounded, Lin Qian would have to go into seclusion for many years after returning to Kun Lun in order to recover.

Those years would be enough for him to lead Tian Huan to conquer the lands.

But before that, he had to leave this place alive.

Chief Elder remained on alert for Lin Qian who had been in hiding in wait all this time.

Lin Qian with his Immemorial Shen Sword was like a poisonous snake. If he showed any weakness, this poisonous snake would bare its fangs and inject the venom into the body of the enemy.

In Chief Elder’s view, Lin Qian was undoubtedly the greatest threat. These people from Mo Cloud Sea would definitely die, meaning Lin Qian’s goal could only be him!

Consequently, even though he had been fighting the group of Mo Cloud Sea, Chief Elder’s mind was on guard against Lin Qian attacks. However, these people from Mo Cloud Sea astounded Chief Elder.

He suddenly found that leaving would not be as easy after being surrounded by these six people.

If he could not leave in ten hours, the collapsing Central Plains would bury him as well.

Zuo Mo and the other five people did not know the thoughts of Chief Elder. Their bloodlust had taken over.

Fire coming all over his body, Zuo Mo was like a furious lion that madly attacked. There seemed to be a vast and surging power inside his body like a sea of fire that made him a wild beast that did not know weariness.

If Zuo Mo’s consciousness was clear, then the Chief Elder would probably have trouble just facing Zuo Mo alone.

Zuo Mo was like a sun, there seemed to be endless light and heat inside his body. For some unknown reason, Zuo Mo could resonate with the sun above. A full sun burned above their heads. Under the sunlight, Zuo Mo became even more powerful.

Wei Sheng who had been taken over by the God-Killing Blood Sword swelled with murderousness that had hid for tens of thousands of years. Also, the sword was more experienced than Wei Sheng in battle. The blood of those god-level experts had contained their fighting instincts before death.

He casually swung and every move was astoundingly powerful.

The thick tang of blood contained terrifying power.

Compared to Zuo Mo who was not mentally in control, Wei Sheng was a bigger threat.

Chief Elder had just dodged a sun shen axe when three bloody floods formed by three sword essences howled towards him from three different directions like pythons.

If he was hit by one of them, even with the shen glyph protecting his body, it would not be a good experience.

More importantly, he would lose the initiative.

The shen glyph flashed under his feet and Chief Elder disappeared from where he stood.

He had just appeared three hundred zhang away when the threads falling from the moon imperceptibly shook. Chief Elder seemed to detect it and hurriedly dodged again. Just as he disappeared, a curved blade cut through where he had just been.

When Chief Elder’s figure reappeared, A Gui’s attack silently appeared behind his back.

Chief Elder felt a thread of anger at being forced into such a sorry state. He snorted. Countless shen glyphs appeared behind his back. With a woosh, they swept towards A Gui.

The Undying Shen Punishment was very troublesome, but it was just a little troublesome!

Chief Elder was full of murderousness. He would show these people what a god-level expert was!

The furiously growing shen glyphs were like vines that immediately wrapped around A Gui. These dark green shen glyphs were peerless in their strength. While the bone daggers in A Gui’s hands could cut them off, they grew quickly! In a blink, A Gui was wrapped up by the shen glyph that was like a furiously growing patch of grass.

Wo Li’s sword essence had reached Chief Elder’s face.

Chief Elder’s expression changed slightly and he retreated.

This sword energy that seemed to be covered in dust was made from dozens of layers of life and death energy! It was the first time Chief Elder had encountered such a strange sword essence. Between life and death, between intangibility and tangibility, layer after layer, there an unique sword essence like this in the world!

Chief Elder pointed with his fingers.

A shen glyphy suddenly appeared and split into two to reveal a thin opening that was black and bottomless. It was a crack into the endless void!

Wo Li’s sword essence disappeared into the endless void.

Chief Elder relaxed slightly. Even if it was between life and death, between intangibility and tangibility, there would be only one fate for it after being sucked into the endless void.

The feeling of stickiness once again appeared which made Chief Elder’s body still. Wei Sheng’s sword essence just barely brushed past him and he had a cold sweat from the shock.

Chief Elder’s eyes flashed with cold light. The ground underneath Zong Ru’s feet split apart without any warning or sound. Boom, large waves of burning red hot lava erupted from the crack and the lava swallowed Zong Ru.

The pillar of lava was more than a hundred zhang tall like an enormous dragon!

The dragon fire then landed heavily and smashed into the lava below. The lava seemed to be alive. It grabbed Zong Ru and pulled him down deeper.

The crack on the ground fused back together.

The sun, moon, and bloody sky above made Chief Elder extremely uncomfortable. He snorted coldly. He did not seem to move but the rivers, lakes, and oceans of the Central Plains started to boil. Steam rose up, and turned into mist that gathered in the sky.

Black clouds covered the sky once again.

The moonlight threads were cut off, the sun’s fire burned at the cloud layer, but the cloud layer became thicker and thick until it completely separated the sun and moon from the land below. The world became dark again.

The lightning snakes danced in the black clouds even more intensely than before.

Chief Elder’s gaze moved to Wei Sheng and he felt a wave of murderousness. So what if it was the God-Killing Blood Sword? It was from tens of thousands of years ago, did you still think it still is that era?


Facing the blood sword essence, he suddenly reached out a hand.


In that moment, thousands of bolts of lightning came from the cloud layer and landed on Chief Elder’s palm. There seemed to be a layer of silver liquid flowing on Chief Elder’s palm that was so bright no one could look directly at it.

Chief Elder’s hand moved slightly. The silver fluids started to retreat from his arm towards his wrist and then from his sword to his finger.

Thousands of bolts of lightning formed a round and scorchingly bright silver ball that appeared in front of Chief Elder’s finger.

Chief Elder flicked, and the silver ball which gave off a terrifying presence flew towards the incoming bloody sword essence!

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