World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Seven – Each Person’s Intentions

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Seven – Each Person’s Intentions

The hand breaking through the ice grabbed the ice dragon.

The red burning sun flows hissed when they came into contact with the ice dragon. A ball of mist rose. The clear scales started to melt rapidly. The ice dragon struggled fiercely in Zuo Mo’s hand. Yet Zuo Mo’s fingers were a steel trap and did not budge at all.

The ice dragon twisted furiously as it continued to spit out ice breaths at Zuo Mo.

The ice continued to grow thicker but no matter how it struggled, it was unable to break free of his grip.

The sun shen fire in Zuo Mo’s hand became even hotter and more wild. The golden sun shen fire covered the ice dragon. The ice dragon melted at a visible rate. With a wail, it turned into a ball of mist and disappeared into the air.

The ice breath shen dragon glyph turned into a handful of fragments and also dissipated.

A pillar of fire flew out of Zuo Mo’s hand towards the shen water glyph.

The figure standing on top of the shen water glyph had been fighting with the sun shen fire. She had not expected the situation to change abruptly. The pillar of fire brutally crashed onto her body. With a great explosion, the shen glyph shattered.

The surrounding seal scripts seemed to be swept by a wave of air, clearing off a large area.

The pressure on Zuo Mo lessened. The shen fire on his body grew. The ice turned into mist sizzling and turning into vapor.

The shen ice was unique and should have been the one kind of shen ice that could stop the great majority of shen fires. However, the ice dragon and the sun shen fire were not on the same level after all.

The burning sun flows became even more active in Zuo Mo’s body and started to rampage again. The shen ice could not last one blow in front of the rampaging sun shen fire. But Zuo Mo had pretended to be trapped by the ice to lure the ice dragon closer to deliver a killing blow!

That ice dragon was truly too intelligent. When Zuo Mo’s consciousness had been floating in the sea of flame, he thought of this idea.

After defeating two shen glyphs, the burning sun flow seemed to be in an excited state as though it had defeated a great enemy. Consequently, Zuo Mo’s consciousness was pulled into the sea of flame again.

Damn it … …

The extreme temperature caused Zuo Mo’s consciousness to blur again.

The sea of glyphs turned and several shen glyphs appeared.

It was easy to find remains of shen glyphs on the market. Many people would sell them. The price was high for the average person, but they really were not too expensive to a big sect like Tian Huan. If Chief Elder wasn’t peerless in his study of shen glyphs, the remnants of shen glyphs would have only be collected and kept stored in a corner of Tian Huan.

But at this time, these collected shen glyphs all showed their power.

The sun crystal seed was not a common object. Even in the vast, desolate, and empty endless void that was also in its own way rich in all kinds of things, the sun was forever one of the conquerors!

It had a long lifespan, unrivalled light and heat. Accumulated and purified over millions of years, the power inside it was astounding abundant and pure.

When a few more shen glyphs flew close, the burning sun flows in Zuo Mo’s body immediately reacted. With Zuo Mo as the center, the wave of fire spread in all directions.


The burning and bright golden wave of flame caused all the seal scripts it passed through to burn to dust or light aflame.

The shen glyphs that had all caught fire released light to fight against the sun shen fire.


The domineering and bright sun shen fire was full of destructive power.

Chief Elder finally was sure what was inside Zuo Mo’s body! A sun crystal seed, it definitely was the sun crystal seed! The legendary relic of the Sun Tribe!

His eyes were wide as he looked at Zuo Mo like he saw a ghost.

Sun crystal seed!

The relic of the Sun Tribe that had dominated the ancient era. Even in the ancient era, it was one of the world’s greatest treasures! The legends said that the sun crystal seed was made from a sealed sun. Was it really a sun … …

Chief Elder felt a chill.

He should have thought of this a long time ago. Such endless sun shen fire. Except for that legendary sun crystal seed, what other thing had such presence?

Looking at Zuo Mo who seemed to be made of fire, Chief Elder had an even stronger feeling of danger.

When his gaze landed on the sun glyph that appeared on Zuo Mo’s body, he sighed slightly. The sun glyph on Zuo Mo’s body was not complete, meaning he could not express all the power of the sun crystal seed.

There was still a chance!

The sun crystal seed was powerful, but it was inanimate and it did have weaknesses.

It was a pity that his shen glyphs were all partially restored from remnants that he found in the xiuzhe world. These shen glyphs were not the top tier. Maybe after this battle, he would go into the endless void to find those even more powerful shen glyphs.

But this was enough to deal with these people!

Chief Elder was full of confidence!

The blood sword trembled in Wei Sheng’s hand. Hiss hiss hiss, several sword energies flashed and disappeared.

Several hair-thin black energies appeared on the shen glyph in front of him. The shen glyph lit up with blinding light. Snap, the shen glyph that just lit up shattered like fireworks.

Wei Sheng did not pause. He flashed and disappeared like a bloody shadow.

He was extremely fast, the sword in his hand moving casually. His sword essence surged and then an area of several dozen zhang would be enclosed within and the seal scripts inside would shatter.

The God-Killing Blood Sword gave a sharp wail. It was extremely excited. How many years had it been since it had fought such an enjoyable battle? It smelt the scent of blood, the scent of a god-level.

Suddenly, a strange howl came from nearby.

The other came quickly. Before the howl ended, a blurry shadow seemed to appeared in front of Wei Sheng out of thin air.

Wei Sheng’s expression was calm. The blood sword in his hand shook and stabbed.

The shadow swung and then disappeared.

So fast!

Wei Sheng’s brow furrowed slightly, his body turning and his right leg following along to take half a step forward. The blood sword swung at the place he had just been.

A burning light formed at the tip of his sword.


A clear sound like metal grinding against metal caused Wei Sheng’s ears to tingle.

That shadow also paused.

Wei Sheng finally saw what this was. It was an ape-like creature half a man’s height. Its entire body was covered in a layer of black smoke, its limbs extremely long. At its fingertips were two bloody curved bone daggers that looked like sickles.

Little Double Sickle Ghost!

The Little Double Sickle Ghost were hunters that lived in the endless void. They were wary and vicious and easily moved through the endless void.

Wei Sheng did not hesitate. The sword essence shot towards the other.

Yet what occurred astounded him. The Little Double Sickle Ghost wailed and sucked that hair-thin void sword essence that could cut everything into its stomach.

What Wei Sheng did not know was that the Little Double Sickle Ghost was born knowing how to use the endless void. Using void cracks to cut, slice, and counter it was something it was familiar with.

Wei Sheng’s expression did not change as sword essence erupted!

The Little Double Sickle Ghost had an expression of mockery. It opened its mouth and sucked. The sword essence was sucked into its mouth.

Wei Sheng’s expression was calm as he shook the blood sword. Numerous sword essences sprouted out!

The mockery on the face of the Little Double Sickle Ghost grew even greater. Just like previously, it opened its mouth and the sword essences flew towards its mouth.

Dealing with void cracks was as simple as eating.

Then its expression froze on its face.

A dot of light lit up in its stomach. Suddenly, a rice-sized dot of light exploded in its stomach!

The peerlessly sharp sword essence exploded.

The stomach of the Little Double Sickle Ghost was cut up. The ghost wailed before it turned into mist and dissipated in the air.

Wei Sheng had detected its weakness after observing him a long time ago. When he found the Little Double Sickle Ghost could consume cracks of the endless void, he first used the void sword essence to lure it into consuming more and then mixed in a compressed sword essence among the flood of void sword essences.

The Little Double Sickle Ghost immediately fell for it.

Wei Sheng didn’t look at the Little Double Sickle Ghost’s fading body. His figure flashed like lightning as he travelled through the seal scripts and shen glyphs in search of the chief elder.

He knew that they would win only if they found and defeated the Chief Elder.

Otherwise, the endless glyph sea could exhaust them and lead to their deaths. If Chief Elder dragged it on until the Central Plains collapsed, everyone would die together, that was also a solution.

But Wei Sheng still had a thread of hope.

If they could kill Chief Elder soon enough, maybe they could fight for a chance for Shidi to escape.

Unlike Zuo Mo who was fighting in the sea of flames, everyone else was clear-minded.

Mo Cloud Sea had an unique way to communicate between them. At this time, everyone was stronger than usual. Even in the sea of glyphs, Wei Sheng was still able to communicate his thoughts to everyone else.

Other than A Gui, everyone else immediately responded.

Wei Sheng had no attention to spare as he charged into the center of the glyph sea. He was not skilled in forming plans. He was only skilled in one thing, fighting.

Wei Sheng passed through the glyphs like lightning.

After defeating a few dozen shen glyphs that blocked his path, Wei Sheng finally saw Chief Elder.

At the same time, three figures entered his view. Zong Ru, Ceng Lian Er, and Wo Li. He saw a flash of purple light out of the corner of his eyes, A Gui!

Everyone had arrived!

Chief Elder looked calmly at the five people that had charged over.

Compared to just now, the five had even stronger presences. Chief Elder’s mouth couldn’t help but curve. He could feel that other than Wei Sheng, everyone else had greatly expended their power.

Burning shen power could increase their strength, but it would wring out every thread of potential.

Those that burned shen power would feel that they were more powerful than they ever had been. This feeling of power would numb them so that they would not be sparing with their shen power. Also, burning shen power was for when their lives were on the line, who would hold back?

Of the five, three were at the end of their ropes. Wei Sheng still had most of his abilities, and A Gui the majority of her power.

The shen glyphs in the glyph sea were made from the remnants of shen glyphs he collected. The great majority were not strong. However, even the weakest shen glyph was still a shen glyph. They definitely had expended a great portion of shen power to reach him.

There were six shen glyphs floating around him. These six shen glyphs were the strongest of the shen glyphs he had collected and were his ultimate move.

Wei Sheng and the others did not know that Chief Elder had been preparing these six shen glyphs for escaping the jie’s collapse. The six shen glyphs would protect the chief elder when the Central Plains crumbled. While he could escape with his life, it was not possible to travel through the completely undamaged. He would likely have to recover for ten years. So until he had to, Chief Elder did not want to use these glyphs.

Wei Sheng and the others’ intentions of finishing the battle quickly was also what he wanted.

Confident that the five people could not defeat him, Chief Elder raised his head and glanced at the ball of fire in the distant part of the glyph sea.

If there were any uncertain factors … …

Only that person … …

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